My Awakening


By johnd7102000

I am a freshman in our local community college, still living at home. I was a pretty mediocre high school student and I was definitely not part of the "in" group at our school. I am 18 years old, 5' 8" in height and weigh about 120 pounds. I have really light skin -- I can never get a tan --with light brown sandy hair. My eyes are blue, very blue. People tell me I'm good looking, but I've always been ashamed of my weak, skinny body.

When I was in high school I always noticed the big, muscular guys swaggering down the halls flexing their arms at each other. They ruled the school. In gym class I would keep my tee shirt on, covering my skinny little body. The big guys took off their shirts and paraded around flexing their muscles for all to see. I got really jealous as I watched the twitching caps of muscle on their shoulders, their big strong arms with biceps that flexed into muscular balls, their huge muscular chests with wide lats and bulging pecs, and their washboard abs. Their legs were big pistons of muscle, strong and fast. They dominated the skinny guys like me in gym class, laughing at how weak we were. I was just a little nerd, pushed aside by these big guys like a little insect. I felt so insignificant compared to them.

I remember one day in gym class we had to run around the track four times. I was wearing my baggy tee shirt and jogged around with the other weak, slow guys. During the fourth lap, a few of the big athletic guys started to pass us. Not only were they muscular, they were fast. They had big strong legs that pushed their muscular bodies ahead way faster then my skinny legs could push me. They were running so fast they were lapping us after three laps. I looked over to my left and saw that a guy named Josh had slowed down and was running right next to me. Of course he wasn't wearing a shirt, just his gym shorts and some sneakers with no socks. Josh was just an inch taller than me but he was packed with muscle. He smiled at me as I looked over at his body. He was sweating hard from the three laps of fast running. His skin was glistening with sweat. I watched how his chest and abs expanded and contracted as he took his heavy breaths. His six pack abs looked so buff and strong as he ran. The pecs on his chest were red from all the blood pumping through his body, pumped by his big, strong athletic heart. I could see the fibers of muscle bulging up under his erect nipples. His big arms were pumping back and forth, helping his body run like a deer, although now he wasn't running hard for him at all. His triceps bulged out on the back of his arms as he pumped. I looked down at his legs and marveled at how big and thick they were compared to my skinny little straws. His calves bulged with muscle with every step. I looked at my calves which looked like little twigs. I looked up and saw his face. He was laughing as he saw me looking at my skinny little body and then at his huge battering ram of solid muscle. I looked down and watched his shoulder. It was red and pumped too, and glistening with sweat. I couldn't believe how much muscle he had in his shoulder. There must have been two or three inches of solid muscle sitting on top of his already wide shoulder bones. With each pump of his arm, the striations of muscle in his delt twitched and flexed, showing all the fibers of muscle bulging underneath his paper thin skin. I had nothing but bone in my shoulder. No muscle at all. I kept staring at his shoulder and he started laughing harder. Then he moved closer to me and pressed his big muscular shoulder up against my bony little shoulder. Even through my tee shirt I could feel the hot muscle pushing against my bone. He continued to pump his arm and I could feel all that muscle flexing right against my body. I had never before felt anything like this in my life. We ran like this for about a half a minute as he laughed and said "Feel some real muscle. You sure ain't got any." I knew he could feel my bone against his muscle. Then he pushed harder to my side. I tried to resist his force with my legs and chest, but he just pushed harder and I kept going over to the right. "Fuckin' weak," he laughed. Finally he gave me a big push with his giant shoulder and I fell over onto the ground. "Fucking little weakling," he yelled as he picked up his speed and ran down the track back at full speed. I sat on the ground looking at his thick pumping legs and his big wide shoulders and muscular back as he ran down the track laughing. I felt so pathetic and helpless. I was so jealous of Josh.

So this is how is spent my high school years. Sitting on my butt, wishing that I could be big and muscular like Josh, who was running away laughing at my pathetic weakness. I never got invited to any parties. They were for the jocks and their jock loving girlfriends. Nerds like me didn’t have any social life. I never dated any girls in high school. I had quite a few friends who were girls, but I never got up the nerve to date any of them. I figured I was a late bloomer. Frankly, I wasn't that attracted to girls yet.

After I started college, I got pretty lonely since most of my nerdy high school friends were gone. Late one night I was at a local Denny's restaurant eating a hamburger and reading one of my class books. I stayed at the restaurant a long time. Hell, I didn't have anything better to do. I went to this restaurant several times a week. I guess you could say I was a regular customer. The waitress who served me every night was Debbie. Once in awhile Debbie would take a break and sit down at my table and talk to me. She was 21 years old and had moved to town a couple of months before she met me. I thought she was pretty good looking. She had light brown hair, almost the same color as mine, dark blue eyes and light skin. She told me she had a lot of boy friends in high school and after she graduated. Obviously she was totally different from me, having all that sexual experience while I had none. That night I confided to her that I had never had a girl friend, that I was a virgin. She looked at me with a look of pity in her eyes. She wrapped her arm around my shoulder and said, "Stay here until after my shift is over. Then you can come over to my apartment." Oh my god, I thought to myself. I was being propositioned by Debbie. I gulped. "Sure," I said, my hands trembling.

It seemed like a week before Debbie's shift was over. I was so nervous. I watched her walk around the restaurant, thinking what it would be like to fuck her. She had nice boobs and a good body. Most guys would have had rock hard cocks knowing what was about to happen. However, my own cock was only medium hard. Maybe it was because I was so nervous. When her shift was over, she came over and sat at my table. “I’ve never dated a skinny little guy like you before,” she said. “Maybe it will be kind of fun.” She wrapped her arms around my chest and lifted me off my seat. Then she kissed me, giving me the only loving kiss I had ever had. I was so excited. She moved her hand down to my cock, which now was totally hard. My cock is only five inches long but it was really hard. I had never been treated this way by anyone in my life. She squeezed my cock. “I’m gonna teach little virgin boy how to have some great sex,” she whispered in my ear. We left the restaurant and went over to her apartment.

“Have a drink,” she said as she opened the refrigerator and pulled out two beers. We sat down on her couch and talked for awhile, drinking the beer. Then she reached over and pulled off my shirt. “God, you are so skinny,” she said. “I think I got more muscle that you do.” She raised her arm and flexed her bicep. A ball of muscle appeared, a much bigger ball than I was expecting. I flexed my bicep next to hers and by God her bicep was bigger. I felt the muscle and it was pretty hard. Just as hard as mine. “I guess I built my muscles lifting dishes all day,” she said. She moved her arm around and I noticed muscle flexing in her shoulder too, muscle that was bigger and harder than mine. My cock got really hard as I looked at her muscular arms and shoulders. “Take off my shirt and bra,” she said. I reached over and unbuttoned her shirt. Then I released her bra and it fell off her body. Her boobs were big and very firm. ”Suck ‘em,” she ordered and I immediately started sucking her big tits. My hands ran over her body, feeling her warm flesh and feeling her muscles flex. I was really getting into having sex with Debbie. After a few minutes, she reached over, released my belt and pulled down my zipper. “Take off your pants,” she said as she took off her own. She reached for my arm and dragged me into the bedroom. We were now both totally nude. We stood before the full length mirror in her bedroom and looked at our bodies. She was bigger and more muscular than I was. She was an inch taller and weighed 10 pounds more than me. “You are so fucking skinny,” she said as she grabbed my five inch cock.

She reached in her drawer and pulled out a condom. I looked at it in awe. I had never used a condom before. I opened the package and slowly put it on. It was an easy fit since my cock was so small. Debbie didn’t say anything about the size of my cock, but I knew she had had some bigger ones before. She grabbed me and pulled me onto her bed, where she started kissing me wildly and rubbing her body all over mine. I was on the bottom and she was on the top. She maneuvered her crotch on top of my cock and then lowered it so my cock went into her vagina. Then she started gyrating and grunting, feeling my little cock inside her vagina. I was watching her body move, watching her muscles twitch and flex. I started gyrating my own hips, pushing my cock inside her vagina. After a few minutes, Debbie started groaning loudly, almost screaming, as she came. For some reason, I had a hard time cumming, but I finally did. Then she collapsed on me. I had finished my first sexual encounter.

Debbie and I became boyfriend and girlfriend. Several times a week we would go over to her apartment and have sex. She taught me all sorts of different ways to do it. She was always much more aggressive than I was, telling me what to do as we had sex together. I followed her orders. I liked the sex, but I never came as fast as Debbie did. She told me I didn’t seem to be as interested in her boobs as other guys were. But I knew I liked her muscles. After a few months, I noticed Debbie started making excuses as to why we couldn’t get together. Instead of having sex three or four times a week, it was down to one time a week. Finally she sat down with me and told me she was breaking up. She said I was a real nice guy but she needed more of a man. I nodded, knowing I sure wasn’t much of a man. Fuck, she was bigger than I was. So we broke up and I was alone again.

A couple weeks after we broke up, I realized I had left a few of my college books at Debbie’s apartment. I needed to study for the final so I needed the books. I went over to her apartment and knocked on the door. There was no response so I knocked again. Finally the door jerked open. I looked at the person who opened the door and my mouth dropped open. Before me stood the biggest, most muscular young guy I had ever seen. He was about 6’ 2” tall, six inches taller than me, and he was solid muscle. He had dark brown hair, cut short, and brown eyes. He was standing there wearing only some gym shorts so his whole body was exposed. His skin was dark, very tan, and he was so muscular I couldn’t believe it. His face was ruggedly handsome and he had a day’s growth of black stubble covering his strong jaw and chin. His neck was huge, very thick and muscular, as big around as his head. He had gigantic traps bulging away from his neck to his incredibly wide shoulders which were capped with inches of solid muscle. He had absolutely no fat on his body so I could see the fibers of muscle in his shoulders twitching with every move of his arms. His shoulders were way bigger than Josh’s. Under his shoulders were slabs of muscle forming his lats, big thick wings that cascaded down from his wide shoulders to his narrow hips. His chest was gigantic with huge pec muscles pushing out his fully erect nipples. Under those mountainous pecs was an eight pack of rock hard ab muscles. They looked like a corrugated iron washboard. Compared to the huge size of his chest his waist was small, small but packed with solid muscle. His flexor muscles looked like they were carved in marble, slashing down from his narrow hips to his crotch, which was almost visible below his low-hanging shorts. His arms hung at his sides like huge hams. Veins covered his gigantic biceps and his huge muscular forearms. In less than ten seconds my cock was harder than it had ever been in my life. I looked down at his legs and just about creamed in my pants. His legs were huge. Huge slabs of muscle covered with veins, more muscle in one of those legs than I had in my whole body. His calves were gigantic and covered with veins, cut so much I could see every fiber of muscle bulging, pushing out his paper thin skin. His whole body was covered with sweat, like he had just finished a workout. His tan skin was shimmering with a healthy glow. He had no hair on his body except the black hair on his rugged face and in his armpits. And I was sure his pubic hair was black also.

I looked back up at his drop dead handsome face. “Whaddya want?” he said derisively looking at my puny little body. I could hardly speak. “Is Debbie here,” I stammered. “No, she’s working.” I thought about this for a few seconds. Debbie always worked the night shift. Why was she working now? “I thought she worked the night shift,” I said. “She’s working an extra shift,” said the huge muscle stud. “I need lots of food and supplements so she’s earning some extra money.” I kind of stammered. “Who are you?” He looked down at me, kind of flexing his muscles even though he was just standing there. “I’m her boyfriend, punk. What’s it to you?” I stared at his chest and abs which were covered with sweat. He saw me staring and flexed his pecs, which rippled with striated muscle. “I was her boyfriend before,” I muttered, staring at his muscles. “I came over to pick up some books I left here.”

A big sneer came over his face. “Oh, so you’re little John. Debbie told me all about you. The puny little virgin who had never had sex. Fuck, you’re even punier that I thought.” He looked me up and down my body and then at my light brown hair and blue eyes. “Fuck, you look like a girl. You ain’t got no muscle on your body at all. Nothin’ but skin and bone and flab.” He reached out with his two huge arms, put his hands in my armpits and lifted me off the ground. “Like a fuckin’ feather,” he said as he lifted me up and down like I was nothing. “I bet I weighed as much as you when I was 12 years old. I started lifting weights then and started packing on the muscle real fast. Now I weigh 240. Two hundred forty pounds of solid muscle. I was the biggest, strongest guy in my whole school.” I wondered how old he was. His face looked young but he had the body of a huge bodybuilder. He started switching arms, lifting me with his right arm and then with his left arm. “Fuckin’ strong delts,” he said as he watched his big muscles lift me like a feather as I watched those huge delt muscles bulge with muscle like I had never seen before. Then he put me down and he sneered again. He flexed his arm right in my face. “Twenty-one inches,” he said as he stared at his huge muscle. “Whadda you got? Ten inches? Fuck what a little wuss.” I gulped as I stared at his enormous arm and I figured he must be in his twenties. He grabbed my arm and squeezed. He squeezed real hard and I cried out in pain. “Fuck, you ain’t got no muscle at all. Just a puny bone. I don’t know how Debbie ever put up with a puny runt like you. Fuck she’s great. What fantastic boobs she has. And that butt. God we have sex three or four times a day. I just fuck her constantly.”

He started rubbing his cock under his shorts thinking about it. I was taken aback about how much sex this huge guy had with Debbie, since I only had sex a few times a week. “Trouble is, since she’s been working so much to pay for my food, we can only do it about twice a day. So I’m horny all the time.” He kept rubbing his cock. He rubbed his hand over his massive pecs and abs. “Fuckin’ sweaty. I just ran back from the gym. Had a great delt workout this morning. Thirty sets with big weights. Gonna get huge.” He flexed his delts and lowered his torso so his right delt was right next to my face. “Fucking huge,” he said. “I did one arm presses with 200 pound dumbbells. My delts are so fucking big and strong.” Almost impulsively, I ran my fingers over the hard muscle. I looked up into the huge kid’s eyes to make sure he wasn’t going to smash me for feeling his muscles. But he was watching his huge delt muscle flex and unflex at his will. I could feel the individual fibers of rock hard muscle as he flexed. I pressed in hard but I couldn’t make a dent in the thick fibers that were bulging from his shoulders. “Hard as rock,” he said watching his muscle keep my fingers from even making a dent.

Then he stopped flexing and looked at me again, up and down my little body. He looked into my blue eyes. I was frozen as I looked at his dark, handsome face for a few seconds. I guessed he must be Italian with his dark brown hair and brown eyes and his rugged good looks. “Come in and find your fucking books,” he said as he rubbed his cock. I walked in and saw the jock’s training clothes all over the living room. The place smelled like male sweat, like a locker room. The guy must sweat a lot when he works out and then he tosses his sweaty clothes around the apartment. Obviously he didn’t like to wear clothes when he was home. In the kitchen there were cans and jars of supplements lining the counter. He saw me looking and said “I eat eight times a day. Plus I eat supplements all the time. I’m eatin’ lots of good food and tons of protein supplements every day. Tons of beef, chicken and fish. Lots of protein and creatine. You gotta eat right to pack on the muscle.” He grabbed a blender container that was full of a white liquid. “Just made this protein shake,” he said as he lifted the container with his huge arm. His bicep and forearm flexed as he lifted it to his mouth. I couldn’t believe the size of those muscles. Then he started drinking, gluggging down the liquid in big swallows. I watched his neck as he drank. His neck muscles were enormous. In about 10 seconds he had finished drinking a quart of thick liquid. “Yeah,” he said as he rubbed his sweat covered washboard abs, moving his paper thin skin over the shredded muscle. “Feels good to eat. I’m always fucking hungry. Debbie can’t believe how much I eat.” I nodded my head, looking at his huge body. “I don’t have time to work. I work out twice a day and eat and fuck when I’m not working out.” He said this very matter of factly, like it was perfectly normal to spend your whole day working out, eating and fucking. I thought about the fact that Debbie was now working a double shift so this big dude could pack more muscle on his huge body. “Debbie loves my muscles. She wants me to get even bigger and stronger. She loves my cock too.” He pulled down his shorts and showed me his cock, like this was very normal. I guess big men like him show off everything. It was semi-hard and looked like a big fire hose hanging down from his crotch. “Twelve inches when I’m hard,” he said proudly. “I’ve had a big cock since I started puberty at 12. I fucked my first girl when I was 13. I fucked almost every girl in my grade at school, and a lot of older and younger ones too. They just go wild over my body and cock. When I put this big weapon inside Debbie, she goes crazy, yelling ‘Oh Tony, oh Tony!” My own cock was rock hard as I listened to this young stud brag about his body and sex life. Now I knew his name was Tony •

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