Growing Boys at Umich


By iciss

Mike, who’d transformed into a mega-hung, super-muscled wet dream of a frat boy, was on the verge of explosion when we heard a voice from behind him, sounding alarmed. “Dude! What the fuck?”

I looked up to see Ian Delahanty, Mike’s 20-year-old junior frat brother, staring in shock at his buddy getting a tight hand job from another guy. Ian’s green eyes were wide with horror to begin with, but as he took in Mike’s bulked up physique, gorgeous face, and incredibly thick frat stud prick, now sprung free of his boxers and rising freely up to smack against Mike’s ripped eight-pack, the look changed a little. Ian shared check-in duties with Mike, but had been busy flirting with some girl. Now he stared in awe and growing desire at his frat brother, his pale Irish complexion reddening like Mike had, and his own nicely built body tensing beneath his tight orange and blue striped polo and jeans.

“Hey, buddy,” Mike said, his voice dripping with masculine hotness. He took a few steps toward Ian, and his friend didn’t move, his eyes flitting between Mike’s model-like face and cock bigger than a porn star’s. Mike slipped the gray t-shirt off as well as he continued his approach, the fabric sliding beautifully over each ridge of his cut abs, over the prominent bulge of his pecs and the soft nubs of his large nipples, over his powerfully swollen guns and neck. By the time he’d gotten close enough to Ian that the other junior frat boy realized the new lust he felt for his hot bro, his leaking dick was already in Ian’s hand, and moments later, their lips were coming softly together in a kiss that the two straight hunks would never have thought possible just a few minutes before.

I watched with deep interest, stroking my own cock hard, as the two frat hunks went at it. Ian worshipped his buddy’s transformed body, licking down from his squared jaw over his muscled and thickly veined neck, to his bulging pecs and perky nipples. Mike moaned softly as his frat brother kissed and sucked on the large nips, running his hands through Ian’s shaggy, dirty blond hair. But Ian soon continued down past Mike’s ripped eight-pack to his exposed 10.5-inch college stud cock, and without a moment of hesitation the stud straight boy slipped the dripping meat into his mouth.

He sucked hard, making his hung buddy grunt in deep pleasure, working over his cock like a seasoned pro. Ian had never even thought about hooking up with another guy before, but the lust raging through his head had obliterated his desire for women, and he had totally changed into a cock-hungry frat fag desperate to get as much of his formerly straight friend’s massive dick into his throat as possible.

And it was as Ian’s hands wrapped around Mike’s tight ass to clutch and squeeze at the muscle that his body began to change too. As he gripped his frat bro’s muscle butt, his arms swelled and thickened, the biceps and triceps pressing harder and harder into the sleeves of his blue and orange polo. Unlike Mike’s, it didn’t rip, but it looked like it wanted to as Ian’s pecs blossomed into the fabric at his chest as well, and his traps rose up to meet his expanding neck. The stripes spread wider under pressure from the growing and hardening muscle of the hunky junior’s increasingly bulky torso.

With the improved power in his neck and throat, Ian was able to get the entire mass of Mike’s nearly 11-inch dick all the way down, and Mike began to groan louder as he felt his balls churn and a huge load begin rising up into his engorged cock. The top frat hunk’s pecs and eight-pack were clenching as he neared climax, his entire torso a muscular work of art that was so hot in the throes of his first gay fuck that I could barely hold my own load in. Below him, Ian’s own body was still changing, his back and shoulders widening to strain the polo even more and his ass tightening and rounding into a gorgeous muscle butt beneath the sagged jeans. This guy who’d been looking for a cheap fuck with a girl a few minutes ago was now totally consumed with sucking a hot load out of his jacked and hung frat brother.

He was about to get his wish—Mike half-moaned, half-yelled as he felt his dick swell suddenly and begin firing shots of creamy frat stud cum deep into his friend’s tight throat. Ian swallowed it all happily, the muscles of his neck and chest clenching as he worked to get the massive college hunk's load all the way down. In the end it was too much, and a stream of frat boy cream spilled out from Ian’s sexy lips over his tight jaw and squared chin. But luckily for him, Mike’s huge balls were soon spent, and the first junior I turned pulled his dick out and fell back into his chair, letting Ian’s own still-transforming body tumble backward.

I kept watching in awe as Ian kept changing and growing, now lying on his back on the floor. His dirty blond hair had gotten a little longer and shaggier, to the point where his hair alone was fucking hot. His blue eyes were beautiful, and his face, though smeared with some of Mike Caldwell’s cum, was stark and manly. His torso was clenching and thrusting upward as he continued to change—at one point, Ian actually reached with both hands to the center of his blue and orange polo and grabbed the opening at the top, pulling with the newfound strength of his enormous biceps and forearms, and tore the shirt apart, throwing the tatters to the side as his pecs and guns swelled further into his white undershirt, the definition of each individual muscle of his arms and the tight bulge of his nipples visible beneath its fabric.

His hands traveled all over his body as he grew, first feeling his bulked up pecs, then shoving his shirt up to run his fingers through the new definition of his incredible eight-pack. Finally they dipped down into his jeans, where a sizable bulge had already begun to grow. But as Ian jacked his frat dick harder and harder, it grew with increasing speed. It had probably only been an average 6.5-incher before he sucked Mike’s dick and swallowed his frat brother’s cum, but now it was growing to rival his buddy’s. The outline of its mass was clearer as it pushed past 8 inches, then past 9, snaking farther down the leg of his jeans. Ian moaned in pleasure, one hand gripping his thick pecs as the other continued stroking his expanding cock, now feeling its mass swell to 10 thick inches. Even Mike, still wasted from his own explosion a minute or so before, had opened his eyes and was watching with intense interest as his buddy continued changing.

Ian’s legs had grown more muscular and swollen into the denim of his jeans as well, and I could tell as he rolled a little to his side at one point that his ass had only gotten hottter, its tight muscular bulges just begging for a thick cock. But it was Ian’s own massive dick that was occupying our attention now as he unbuckled his black belt, unzipped the jeans, and continued stroking it through his tight gray boxer briefs. A little bit closer to escaping from Ian’s pants, the swollen, dripping prick felt free to grow another inch, its broad head rising up 11 inches from its base to poke out past the waistband at the top of his underwear. Finally he ripped the briefs off his body, his biceps flexing hard as he did it, and jacked his massive dick freely.

“Fuck…” Ian was whispering to himself, “so fuckin’ big, such a huge fuckin’ cock…” The transformed frat hunk could only stare at his own oversized dick in amazement as it stiffened, making his whole muscular body tighten up with it, then exploded in eight long, hard shots of state school frat stud cum. The shots landed on his chest, on his face, on the floor behind him. It was another thirty seconds before Ian’s huge 11-inch monster had finally finished spewing his hot load. And by that time, Mike had gotten sufficiently worked up again that he’d walked over and knelt on the ground above his buddy, stroking his chest and easing his jeans the rest of the way off, spitting on his own hard dick for lube as he lined it up with his frat brother’s tight virgin hole. Still recovering from his self-induced orgasm, Ian could only close his eyes in pleasure as Mike leaned down and kissed his friend as he slipped his dick carefully into Ian’s untouched ass.

I decided to let the two boys get to know each other a little better and wandered deeper into the gym. •

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