SuperCop Story: Joe, The Turning Back Home


By mutador

At home, Amanda sneaked inside their parents' bedroom, she knew they were not that careful, and left everything unlocked so she easily got in. She tried to open the drawer where her father kept the device but it was locked indeed. Nothing she couldn't handle, Brock had taught her how, she took a clip from her hair and bent it, played around with it inside the drawer's keyhole until something seemed to snap in, and “voila!” it was opened. The nice shinny metal sphere was there as expected. Amanda took it and quickly got out of the room trying no to be seen. Tom was casually getting out of his bedroom “Hey! Am, what do you have there?” “None of your business, idiot”, and she ran down the stairs and outside the house. Tom thought there was something odd about her.

Jorge flew down with the guy in his hands, it was an old building, he checked it with his x-rays, there seemed to have been an office but it was abandoned now. It looked more like a computer center than the office of a dealer. He got in with the guy, the guy said it was the place, he didn't know why they'd left. Apparently a spy had informed about Jorge's moves and gave them time to leave, but it looked like they'd left quickly, the computers were on and Jorge was sure they had information on where to locate the place where they kept the drugs for distribution and where the main leader of the gang was hiding. He tried to hack on them but it was impossible, he was not a computer expert and all the documents had codes and protections. Jorge flew with the “delivery boy” to the main police station where he got him jailed; He went for Sarah at the counter, “Sarah, do we have a computer technician on duty?” “Yes I'm sure we do, Officer Lorny, office 26” “Ok, I'll pay him a visit” Jorge got into the guys' office, he was busy typing in the computer. Jorge took a few mighty steps towards Lorny. The geek looked up at the huge man, he couldn't believe his eyes, Jorge's huge thighs' distinct muscles ballooned as he stepped on the ground, the extraordinary barreled torso's pecs bounced up and down erotically, his arms stretching the t-shirt's fabric impossibly, and the look of the fists Jorge liked to put in his hips while he spread his upper-body showing off his lats. Lorny regained composure and stood up quickly, he greeted in formal way. Jorge greeted back, “I need your service, there are a couple computers I need you to hack” “As you say, Sir, give me the address and I'll be there shortly”, the small guy said. “There is no time for that”, and Jorge caught the nerdy guy from under the armpits to his surprise and took him outside, quickly arriving to the dealer's office by flight. He sat the guy in front of one of the machines “Can you access this? I need to find where do they keep the drugs and where do they hide” “Well, I'm familiarized with this type of system, they usually have a backdoor you know”, the guy tried on some key combinations but it was useless. “We might try brute force, you know...”, Lorny said and smiled, then added “bet you have a lot of brute force in there” and grabbed one of Jorge's huge forearms. Jorge gave a cocky but firm look at the guy , “Just kidding”, Lorny said, “we should try entering some password, maybe we're lucky, usually female names work best” “I see, ok, well, let's try Susan” Lorny typed in but nothing... “Don't you know another, maybe a longer one, I don't know” “Mmm, I dunno, why don't you try 'Amanda'”. The geek entered the name in the keyboard and after a few flashes a long stream of information passed through the screen, the computer went blank. “Oh geez! This kind of protection sucks! Now we lost all the data, sorry, nothing can be done” “That was enough Lorny, the text said where the dealers are”, “What? You were able to read ...”, before the geek could finish the sentence Jorge had flown away. In a few instants he was hovering over a warehouse, it seemed pretty regular, he checked it with his x-rays, inside were big bags full of white powder with the mark FLOUR on them “How smart, that's how they cheated on me”... he thought. He also detected that in lower levels there was a basement where they kept the real dealer's office and that hiding inside the building were about eight gangsters with all kinds of weapons. Joe descended on the ground slowly, the guys looked tough and if he'd been a regular cop he would have asked for reinforcements, but now he wasn't the least intimidated, he actually thought he might be too much for them. He turned on the radio anyway and reported his position, saying he would call for reinforcements if needed. By the moment he didn't want to risk the life of the weak regular cops while he could easily take care of the matter all by himself. He felt confident and didn't surprise at all when the gang appeared. He walked towards them, the men were intimidated by Jorge but they tried to hide it. One of the guys looked pretty tough and stood in the center of the group, carrying a machine gun in his hands, “Hey stop there ya cop, this is as far as you go” “You're supposed to stop me?”, said Jorge defiantly, “Come on then”. One of the guys got close to him with a baseball bat, he hit Jorge in the head with it as hard as he could, Jorge just looked down at the smaller guy while the bat broke in two pieces without the cop even feeling it. The guy looked puzzled at the piece of bat in his hands. Almost simultaneously another guy came in with a crowbar, Jorge got rid of the bat guy hitting him with his elbow, the guy flew like ninety feet away, while with his remaining hand easily caught the crowbar the other guy was hitting him with. He bent the thing in his hands in front of the second guy's face and threw it away, then hit the guy with the back of his hand in the head, the guy fell in the ground and slid away a considerable distance. Jorge was being careful, like when playing with kids, he didn't want to kill the guys but he couldn't help getting them spread all over with his coups, they were so light! One of the guys tried to cut him with his knife but he quickly seized his wrist, forced him to throw the knife and gripped so tight the guy went on his knees moaning with the pain. Another guy that looked pretty big, thought he was going to take care and approached him, then tried to punch him in the belly, big mistake, the guy must have saved the mightiest blow of his whole life for Joe, but when his hand hit Jorge's skin his bones certainly broke, he screamed and threw himself in the ground while Jorge was barely feeling a slight tickle in his powerful ab muscles. There was a guy who looked like a martial arts fighter, tried to impress him kicking all over around him, Jorge just looked at him completely still and unconcerned. When the guy tried to kick Jorge's head the big cop grabbed his leg and held him upside down, he shook the guy a little just to make him know who was the boss and then threw him away. A remaining guy was carrying a steel pipe, Jorge faced him giving him a severe look, then beamed his heat-vision at the pipe, immediately it turned red and the guy dropped it on the floor where the steel melted. The guy was so scared he ran away. The leader of the band was still there, looking much less confident now, watching around to see if he could find a way to scape, he knew he couldn't escape the supercop. Jorge walked towards him and the guy began shooting at him with his machine gun, bullets bounced in Jorge's powerful chest without him even budging as he walked. When the supercop was close enough he reached with his hand the tip of the machine gun and bent it over with his fingers so it wouldn't bother anymore. The guy dropped it. Jorge just stood in front of the guy without even touching him, his fists in his heaps and his torso all spread out. “So, you're going to tell me who is your boss now”, Jorge affirmed. “Hey cop, calm down, I don't have no fucking boss; besides..” “WoWowow”, Jorge interrupted taking a few steps towards the guy who answered taking a few steps back, “first thing I'm not 'cop', to you I'm Mr. Officer or Sir, and second, watch your language when you address to me”, he boomed at the guy with his deep commanding voice while he extended his index finger to the guy's chest and lightly pushed forward while advancing towards him; enough to make the guy retreat in fear, “Is it clear?” “Yes”, the guy replied, almost trembling. “Yes what?”, Jorge's muscled figure seemed to increase in size as he grew tense and moved forward some more. “Yes, Sir”, the guy murmured. Jorge relaxed but still looked at the guy pretty tough. “So, now, who's behind all this?” Then he noticed a motorcycle approaching, Brock was riding it and Amanda was behind him, they parked in front of Jorge and the guy. Brock rode off The guy pointed at Brock and said “him”. Brock quickly took the sphere out of his jacket and pressed its button, when Jorge had noticed what the young man was about to do he wanted to avoid it, running superfast towards him but his powers were already gone by then and he stumbled. “You can take care now, he's not superstrong anymore!”, Brock shouted at the guys. The leader of the gang smiled, jumped on Jorge and landed a kick in his shoulder, destroying his radio transmitter. It was a big commotion, it had been a long time since he felt anything like that, and Jorge was astonished. Then the other men who had recovered from Jorge's (maybe too careful) reprimand, threw on him, punching and kicking. Jorge couldn't believe it, it was so easy before to beat the crap out of them and now there was nothing he could do. The big guy with the broken right hand even managed to bring him to his feet and punched at his face with his left hand saying “this is for my broken hand, idiot”, Jorge almost fell unconscious but the rest of the guys grabbed him “Take him inside”, Brock ordered coldly. The eight guys were in the task. Jorge tried to resist, and it was no that easy for the guys to take him in because he was still a pretty big and strong guy, but not a superman anymore, and Brock took care it remained like that walking very close to him with the device. Once there the men tied Joe's limbs to huge gridlocks chained to a wall, once tied, some even spitted on him and insulted him. Jorge was used to easily break from this ties so he at first tensed and pulled with all his might, but it was useless, he couldn't break free without his superpowers.

Brock left the sphere on a table close to Joe, Amanda embraced Brock, cheerful, “Haha, now this is a lesson for you, huh!”, she shouted at Joe while she caressed Brock, “I can't believe you're doing this to me”, said Joe to Amanda, looking firmly into her eyes. Amanda ignored her father. “We did it quite good, didn't we? Now I don't think my dad is going to piss us off anymore!”, she whispered to Brock's ear. “Yes, I'll take care of that, baby”, Brock pulled out a gun and aimed right at the middle of Joe's chest.

Tom and Juan were talking in their bedroom. Susan appeared, “kids, do you have any idea why dad didn't come back for dinner?” “I don't know mom”, replied Juan. Susan walked to a window, opened it, and shouted at the sky “Jorge, come over!” amplifying her voice with the palms of his hands. She waited for a couple moments. “Damn! He should pick this up with his superhearing”, she pointed. “Are you sure?”, asked Juan. “Yes, normally it takes just a few seconds for him to appear when I call him this way, what could be happening?”, she looked worried. “Mom, I don't want you to worry but I think he could be in danger and maybe Amanda is involved, I've seen her walking away with the device”, Tom said to his mother. “The device? Do you guys know what it is?”, Susan was puzzled. “Of course mom, I mean, it's obviously some sort of thing that takes out dad's powers so you both can fuck”, Tom confessed. “Why don't we go to the station, maybe they know where he is?”, suggested Juan. The family then went to the police station, once there they explained the receptionist Jorge could be in danger but everyone hardly believed them at first, Sarah, the girl at the counter said “what could possible put him in danger, he almost rips this counter away with his hand the other day” “Why don't you try and call him on the radio?”, said Tom. “Fine. You'll see he's ok!” Sarah maneuvered a radio in front of her, “Joe, this is Central Station, do you hear me?”, then waited for the response, but she just got an electronic hum. “Repeat, Central Station calling Joe, do you hear me?”, but nothing happened. “I know there's something wrong, if he were right you wouldn't even need the radio to contact him”, added Susan dramatically. “It's ok”, said Sarah, and walked towards the chief's office, carrying a folder in her hands. A moment later she said “a patrol is going to the position were he reported for the last time to check out”. “Thanks”, Susan said. “Wait”, added Tom, “we wanna go!”. “Of course you're not going”, said Sarah, then called for the unit on the radio and told Joe's position out loud. “That's all we need”, Juan said and pulled his brother's arm, Tom followed him outside. “Wait kids!” Susan shouted.

“Hey! We never talked about this!”, Amanda said while jumping away from Brock. “Babe, what did you expect? Have a cup of coffee and remain friends? This is real life”, said Brock to her while shaking his head mockingly. Then Brock aimed again and as he was pulling the trigger Amanda jumped on him making him fall on the ground while the gunshot hit the wall. “This is the end now”, Brock said while taking her violently away. “I'm done with this kids play, I knew from the start you didn't have the guts; you two grab her!”, said Brock and the guys did as ordered, Amanda was puzzled, she shouted and insulted Brock. Suddenly, the sound of a cop vehicle's siren could be heard. Outside the warehouse, the cops parked and descended from the vehicle and walked towards the entrance. Inside Brock pointed at two of his guys for the door. To their surprise the cops found two guys coming out of the warehouse very well armed. One carried a big military machinegun and the other a shotgun. The guy with the machinegun began shooting, bullets hit the cop's legs, making them fall on the ground. Inside, Joe could catch a glimpse of the scene through the door and twisted trying to break free, if he only could get a hold of the device and turn it off! He would give those guys a lesson! Brock was pleased. One of the cops called for reinforcements on the radio just before the shotgun fella shot him pretty bad, killing him. The other cop was laying there, grunting from the pain; one of the bullies approached him and began kicking at him.

Tom and Juan descended from a taxi cab a few blocks away from the warehouse then ran the whole way to it. “I think we should be careful, they might be expecting someone to come and rescue him”, said Tom to his younger brother. They sneaked in very cautiously, trying to cover with bushes and trees that surrounded the area. They got close enough to one of the lateral walls of the warehouse so they were able to catch a few glimpses of what was happening inside. They saw the two guys attacking the cops and could overhear how Amanda insulted Brock while he just seemed to laugh.

Suddenly, buzzing from the sky the kids saw two big supermen who landed in the area, one of them looked really big, he was Pablo. Pablo first tried to get close to the guys, but one of them began shooting him with the machine gun. At first bullets bounced off his body but as he got close he began to really feel the pain from them until he saw some blood pouring off his skin, this forced him to walk back, his skin cured immediately. The other superman tried to beam with his heat-vision at the machine gun but it was pointless, the heat ray seemed to diminish its power in the vicinity of the power-cancelling device. Both big men were clueless and tried to remain distant from the area, they could be of no help. A couple patrols came in too and regular cops appeared, they shielded with their cars and began shooting with their guns at the bullies. The men retreated a little but then Brock came out to a window carrying Amanda, he was almost strangling her, he put a gun in her temple and shouted at the cops “You better keep your distance or forget about her and her dad!”. This momentarily kept the officers from attempting further actions.

Behind the bushes, Juan was eager to go and help his dad, Tom was grabbing him. “What are we waiting for?”, Juan demanded. “Don't be an idiot, do you want to get us both killed?!”, Tom shouted at his younger brother. “Don't be a coward!!”, Juan screamed and released from his brothers grab. “Wait!”, shouted Tom and ran after him. Juan reached the wall of the warehouse and couldn't avoid being detected by the two guys. The shotgun guy began to move to his position. In desperation, Tom ran towards his brother. As he got close to the wall he felt really odd. Juan was looking at his brother unable to believe what he was seeing. Tom couldn't understand the situation at first but for the look in Juan's face he realized something was going on. Suddenly, he began to feel really powerful, as he got close to the warehouse he could feel a surge of strength coming into his body. Juan could clearly see the way his brother's physique began to change. In a few instants Tom was getting taller, his body was growing wider and muscles began to spring madly all over him, destroying his clothes that shred into bits falling over the ground. When Tom reached Juan he looked completely different: from his 5'9” (1,75m) his height rose to 6'1” (1,85m), he was huge like a 280 lbs (125 kg) bodybuilder and he looked manly as hell. His only clothes were a pair of tight shorts that could resist the transformation, his huge chest was bare, heavily muscled and coated in dark blond hair. “What the fuck!”, he screamed while looking at himself, his voice had changed too, it had lost any trace of childishness and became the voice of a big full grown man. The bully appeared in front of them and aimed at Juan with his shotgun. The guy shot, but Tom quickly stood in front of his brother and the shot bounced off his chest. Then grabbed the shotgun off the puzzled guy an bent it in his hands. The guy got close to him and tried to punch him but he was faster and pushed the guy away with his hand about a block. Tom had understood he would now be able to control the situation. The guy with the machinegun approached too, shooting pointlessly at Tom's impenetrable chest, and the new young superman was able to get rid of him just as easily. Then Tom turned around to face Juan and grabbed him from his belt, “This is for your own good, bro”, Tom said and then threw his brother away to a straw pile pretty far where he softly fell; there he could be safe. Tom threw himself over the warehouse's concrete wall, destroying it with the power of his new body; in between crumbles entered the place. Joe was shocked, he thought it was another superman, but that could not be possible, since the device took away anyone else's powers as well as his. When dust settled he could clearly see his son's face on top of that muscleman's body. “Tom!”, Joe screamed, “What ...!” Before he could finish the word Tom had already taken away Brock's gun and freed his sister from his grab, then held Brock pretty firmly, enveloping his neck with one of his now powerful arms. “Tom, disable the device and go away, I don't want you to take risks!”, Jorge asked Tom, pointing with his head at the apparatus that was laying on a table in front of him. The other guys from the gang were puzzled but they had guns in their hands. Tom knew that if he disabled the device he would be lost. Brock, feeling threatened, ordered the guys to shot at Joe and Amanda. One of the guys aimed at Joe and the other at Amanda. “You better let me go buddy, or your sister and father are both fried!”, Brock said Tom. Tom sped away like a blur, took the device and the guy who was aiming at Amanda before he could pull the trigger; then, grabbing both firmly in his hands and at a speed only a superman could see, he ran throw the warehouse making a huge hole in it and going far enough so the device was out of the range of his father. Joe quickly felt his powers coming back. The guy who was aiming at him finally pulled the trigger but when the bullet hit Jorge it was too late, Joe's chest was invulnerable. The big man easily broke free from the chains, once he stood on the ground he took a deep breath and blew powerfully at the guy, this created such a hurricane the guy flew away like a kite. Brock was trying to grab Amanda but Jorge quickly appeared in front of them and grabbed him, easily lifting him off the ground. The regular cops and the other supermen came in. Jorge gave Brock to the regular cops who would jail him. Pablo greeted Jorge affectionately, he was really happy his friend was alright. “Hey Jorge! What happened to ya? Couldn't handle a couple little fellas?!”, Pablo mocked between chuckles. “Haha, I'd like to see you in my place”, said Jorge laughing and punched at Pablo's shoulder with a strength of about fifty tons the other supercop had no problem to handle. “Just kidding fella, look at you! You're really big!”, Pablo pointed cheerfully. The third supercop said “Ouh”, and suddenly the three supermen felt real bad. Tom approached to them superspeeding, carrying the device in his hands. He had already given the bad guys to the regular cops. “Tom, could you please turn this off?”, Joe asked his son. “Aww... it just feels so good!”, Tom said and then pushed the red button in the device. “For Christ's sake!”, said Pablo, the three men felt relieved when their strength came back. Quickly, Tom's muscles got depleted, his physique shortened and narrowed back to his original self. Jorge took the device off his son's hands and turned it into bits with his fingers “this is not going to bother us anymore”, he said while the device seemed to disintegrate itself. “You did a good job there, kid!”, Pablo congratulated Tom. Juan arrived and stood next to his brother. “Well,” Tom looked at his brother, “it's not just thanks to me, if it wasn't for Juan I would have never had the courage to get close to the warehouse in the first place” “Then, congratulations you too little pal! You've been very brave and we'll make sure there is a good report about your actions in the Supermen Council!”, said Pablo to Juan. Meanwhile Amanda was pretty nervous, being counseled by a police psychologist. Another patrol arrived, Susan got off quickly from it and ran to her husband. They hugged. “Oh honey!”, she shouted you're finally alright. They explained to her how Tom and Juan had rescued him. “Baby, finally I had to destroy the device, it was too dangerous for us”, said Jorge to his wife in an embrace while gently touching her chin with his fingers. “Oh, don't worry love, we'll find a way!”, she said still happy for him. They all, including Amanda, went back home.

The following day Jorge woke up in the morning, darn, it felt good to have the powers back. He felt real bad he wouldn't be able to have sex with Susan, but also he wondered how Tom must feel now he tasted what being a superman felt like, he should be feeling awful. He walked down the stairs then Tom walked behind him. “Tom, how are you feeling this morning?”, he asked while affectionately embraced him with his immense arm. “I feel good, ya know, just... normal” Jorge began to prepare breakfast. Some time later the kids and Susan all came down the stairs and they sat at the table, having their most important family meal. While they were eating Amanda came down shyly. “Amanda, come sit with us!”, Jorge said from the table. She walked hesitantly and sat by them, then Jorge served some food for her. “Dad, I know I've been a idiot”, she said almost about to cry. “It's ok honey, it's ok”, Jorge tried to calm her. “I'm terribly sorry for what I've done, I've been such a fool” Jorge got close to her and let her head lay in his immense chest while he gently caressed it. “It's ok Am, I know how kids are, I'm not mad at you”, Jorge's superman-modified mind was completely full of compassion; maybe it was because he felt so powerful he couldn't help see the rest of the people as helpless. “You've been so good to me, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry...”, she kept repeating while crying. “It's ok”, said Jorge, “We're all going to eat and have a nice morning, I get to work, we go on with our lives, nothing to worry about!”, he finally calmed her down and let go from his chest. The radio beeped at Jorge's shoulder, “Jorge reporting” “There is a message from Supermen's council, Sir” “And what does it say?” “You must go immediately to the Central Superman Training Camp and carry your two sons” “Understood”.

“Well kids, looks like we're for a trip this morning”, said Jorge as he stood up. “How are we going there?”, asked Tom. “I'll take ya”, then he grabbed Tom's belt and picked him up, then did the same with Juan. “See you later, we're going to the Superman's Central”, said to Susan and Am, then flew away carrying his two boys. In about an hour and a half he had crossed the whole country to the Central. He could normally do it in just fifteen minutes but he couldn't fly so fast in fear he could hurt his kids with the excessive friction of the air. When he descended, he found a modest congregation waiting for them, Tancredi, another scientist and Pablo. The guys greeted them and they walked together to the labs. “Jorge, we have good news”, said one of the superman-scientists. Jorge was intrigued. “We've found a way you can have sexual intercourse with regular people without any risks”, the scientist said. “Really? How is it possible?” The scientist perused his coat's pocket and picked out a ring. “With this! This ring is a micro power-disabling device, you will wear it all the time so nobody can take it away from you, and it gets activated with your thoughts, and only yours so nobody else can can turn it on even if it's stolen” “Amazing!” “It has another advantage, the field it generates only affects the wearer so there is no risk for other supermen in the vicinity even if they touch you, wanna try it on?” “OF COURSE!” And the scientist handed the ring to Joe. Joe put it on, then closed his eyes and took his strength away, “Darn! Feels awful, but it's ok!”, then he returned his strength. “Feels good to have the control, Thank you so much!”, he said cheerfully to Tancredi. “There is another thing, Jorge, I need you to step in this platform”. There was a round metal platform. Jorge did as asked. The computer began beeping. “We've noticed that your powers have been increasing since you left the academy.” “Well, I must admit I've noticed it too”, Joe replied while bending one of his arms and feeling the peak. “Now we developed a system and a scale to compare the power of supermen. The computer is now cataloging your abilities and determining where in the scale to put you”, the computer continued beeping as Tancredi finished the sentence. “There it is, come look at this”, he said to the other scientist. “Amazing!”, the other super-scientist exclaimed. “What's it?”, Jorge said trying to look interested. Tancredi turned away from the computer and said “You're 14.6 in the scale, Jorge” “Is that good or bad?” “Hella good! Let me explain, we created this scaled based on Clark Kent, the original superman, he is 10” “This means I'm stronger than him?” “Way stronger, this means you're among the strongest supermen and it seems you're still growing” “I've always been a late-bloomer” “ You're 6'4½” (1.94m) now, you grew an inch in height since you left the training camp, and you were 430 (193 Kg) pounds... forget about it you're 495 (222 Kg) pounds according to the computer” “What!?” “The computer doesn't lie, according to our records, when you left the academy you were already an excellent l1.3 in the scale, this is a dramatic increase and the studies say that you're still growing, very slowly but still growing” “Wow, I didn't expect this”, Jorge said. “Hey, our dad is the biggest!”, Juan shouted. “You already knew this?”, Jorge said to Pablo. “Well, I didn't have all the details but I realized you were getting really big”, he replied “Your friend Pablo now is 12.7 in the scale, Jorge, just as powerful as when he left the academy”, Tancredi said, “you're both incredible specimens, the normal for a graduated superman is around 6 or 7 in the scale”. “This means I'm twice as strong as the standard?”, Jorge asked. “No, the scale is exponential, it means you're 2 exponent 7 times stronger than a 7 point superman, that is around 128 times” “Jesus!” “There is more”, Tancredi said. “Let me continue”, Pablo asked the scientist. “Come over here Tom” Tom did as ordered. “I intervened with the high supermen council and thanks to my report they decided to award you with a prize we hope you will appreciate, Would you please, Tancredi?” The scientist pulled out a box and inside there was another ring. “This is for you, Tom”, Tancredi said and handed the ring to Tom, “it's just been configured with your mental patterns and will work in your body without risks to the rest of the supermen”, the scientist added. Tom put the ring in his finger and it seemed to fit real nice. “Just think about activating it, but may I suggest you take your clothings away”, Tancredi explained. Tom did so, took out his clothes and just stood there in a pair of shorts. He thought about activating the ring and very quickly his figure began to magnify, he felt the strength and the power coming to him, his muscles bulging and his frame widening and getting taller, his face turning more mature and handsome, until it stopped. He felt awesome. He was still smaller than his father and Pablo, but almost comparable to the scientist. “This is awesome!”, Joe screamed. “Jesus Tom, you look awesome!”, Juan shouted loud. “Well, let me explain this”, said Tancredi, “there is a strange mutation in your constitution that makes you react with superpowers to the ring's electromagnetic waves, we've studied the effect and it's not as strong as when supermen are really converted, but we've realized with your genetic material you'd be an incredibly powerful superman if you get a real conversion, that is if you turn into a cop someday”. “Oh I understand, can I have the superman sign on my chest?”, Tom asked eagerly with a deeper voice.. “I'm afraid that will be possible only when you turn into a cop”, said Pablo. “Wow, anyway, this is great, how can I thank you?”, asked the young man. “Hehe, there is no need to say thanks”, said Pablo, “you're now an official superman apprentice and side-kick, your father here will be your tutor”, Pablo explained. “Would you please stand in the platform, Tom?”, asked Tancredi and Tom did so. The computer beeped quickly. “Here we are, not bad, you're 3.7 in the scale boy” “Ow, I expected it would be a bit more” “Don't worry son, we have time for improvement!”, said Jorge. “Let me tell you 3.7 is great”, the scientist added, “ all you did the other day you were 3.7 all the time, a 3.7 can pick up an airplane”, Tancredi explained. “Ok, that sounds good!”, Tom said. “Now, the three of you must come, we have another surprise”, said Pablo.

All of them walked outside to the central yard, there was a big meeting of supermen, even Jorge's wife Susan was brought there for the occasion. “Get over the stage”, Pablo said Jorge, Juan and the new transformed Tom. The place was neatly decorated with S signs all over. The Sarge, Majors and a couple Captains were in the stage already. The Sarge took the mike and talked to everyone about the bravery Juan and Tom had shown, congratulated Joe for having such great sons. Then called Juan next to him. When Juan got close he said “for your bravery, we know that thanks to you the life of a superman and most important the safety of the city of Buenos Aires were preserved; we give you this special medal”, said the Sarge, Juan inclined and the big superman put the huge heavy platinum medal around his neck. Juan was incredibly happy. And the Sarge added, “we know that you inherited your father's genetics as well as your brother, if you ever become a cop you will honorably be converted into one of us”. Then the Sarge gave Juan the mike and the boy thanked everyone. Then the mike was given to Tom, he said with his now manly voice: “Well, I have nothing more to say but thanks, this is an amazing gift you're giving to me; I commit to help my father and the supermen in general to maintain safety and justice. I'm convinced that from now on our lives are going to be very different.” Hand claps were heard all over. •

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