SuperCop Story: Joe, The Turning Back Home


By mutador

DISCLAIMER: The story you're about to read is loosely based on Absman420's "The New Supermen" stories, but it must not be considered a continuation or sequel of any sort, due to key plot differences and disagreements between the authors.

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: This is the longest musclegrowth piece I've written so far, and it took easily a month or more to write, thanks Absman for the inspiration despite our differences!

He woke up from the unnecessary sleep, though he didn't really need it, sleeping gave him that extra dose of power to feel just some more his hyper strength and masculinity. He rose from bed without using his hands, as he usually did, using his flying abilities which he now perfectly controlled. Since his transformation he slept with a pair of briefs very snug to his heavily muscled ass and tightened at the front by his big dick. He was one of the select few who had their own quarters, it was so because of his size and strength. Who would have said that of the flabby old Joe! He was the second strongest supercop and the second faster too! Actually he was the one with the best combination of speed and strength in the whole place. As he let his feet gently touch the bedroom's floor, he took a good glance of himself at the full-length mirror by his bed. His immense figure was impressive, at 6'3 1/2” (1.91m) his frame supported twice as much muscle as any bodybuilder he'd ever seen. He made a double biceps pose and also turned around to see if everything was right, checked his butt and the thickness of his legs, damn, he would bet he was bigger than yesterday. He thought maybe he'd grown overnight, it was still probable, only a month after the transformation he was not at the peak of it and there was still room for growth and strengthening, not that he needed any!

Joe also gave a look at his face, stubble had grown as he slept, thick and strong as himself. He looked at his face, darn, he was looking good!, his blue eyes gleamed in front of the mirror, instead of his 54, he looked to be in his late thirties: his formerly bald head was now populated with strong short black hair in many places, he'd just reverted to the incipient baldness he'd had just twenty years before. This made him look even more manly than if his head had been completely full. His double chin had disappeared, replaced by a more protruding divided chin and a stronger jaw. The bridge of his nose had always been strong and squared, that remained the same, still increasing his masculine looks, but the tip of his nose that had started to point downward in his senior years was now erect and perfect, like magically fixed. He looked even better than at younger ages!

He just smiled and blasted a beam of his powerful heat vision to the mirror, the ray bounced back to his face where every little hair melted away. “Wow”, he exclaimed, rubbing his face with his hand in satisfaction. “This is what I call a good shave”, said in a voice that made the walls rumble. He could have left his beard as it was cause he thought it made him look great, but today was a special occasion, the day when he was going back home. It took him about two seconds to dress, yeah, he took it a little slow this morning, he was leaving anyway. With a flash he appeared at the breakfast table like the other supermen though some chose not to use their superspeed to get at it.

Darn, he got a good serving for the pleasure of it. The rest of the day went on as usual, only he and the men who got transformed the same day as him were leaving to their hometowns so they were happy and relaxed. They did the usual jog of 200 kilometers and the flight of a couple thousand miles at max speed just to warm up for the day. Joe couldn't stop thinking how cool it was going to be when his kids and his wife saw him arriving home, buzzing through the air, he wanted to see the look in their eyes at the moment they get a close gasp at his new physique.

It was midday, after lunch they went away, it was Joe's last clothes change, he chose his outfit pretty cautiously, he wanted something that showed his new self, he picked a tight black t-shirt that seemed about to burst at the front pressed by his huge pecs and at the seams stretched by his upper-arms. He also wore short pants, snug in the butt and the enormous bulging thighs, much like the uniform supercops were going to be using in town. Then came the moment to part, they greeted each other and promised to stay in touch. Joe and Pablo flew together, for a moment they tried to outspeed each other but they realized they couldn't, though right now Pablo was slightly stronger than him, they were equal in flying speed. They talked about how many things they could do to improve their hometown, Pablo said there were never gonna be any more crime 100 squares around were he'd be patrolling and Joe doubled it saying 200 squares. Well, their fantasies weren't so far from reality, they could easily fly or run 20 kilometers in a matter of seconds.

It took them very little time to arrive to Buenos Aires, they just had to cross the whole country, which took them easily half an hour flying at supersonic speeds. Once they were close they slowed down and each one separated to go to their duty places. Since both were top-notch supermen, the authorities had decided that Joe and Pablo were too much just for Buenos Aires. This usually happened when two supermen came from the same area, specially in this case when each one of these could do the job of two or three other regular ones. For example, it required two or sometimes three supermen to pick-up a fully loaded cargo ship at the dock, while both Joe and Pablo could do that almost single-handedly. That's the reason why Joe was in charge of Buenos Aires and Pablo was assigned to Mendoza.

Joe slowly descended upon the street of his house, it was in Barracas. Imagine what Mrs. Caldanho, the old neighbor who was watering the plants in her garden, thought when suddenly a huge muscle man wearing a tight t-shirt and short pants came flying from the air, smiling broadly. She kind of froze in her stance, water dripping without stop onto the ground. Joe noticed her and descended very kindly just in front of her, “Hey, Mrs. Caldanho, everything alright?”, She took a moment to adjust and then said “Joe! is that you?” Despite his changes, Joe was still easily recognizable, he was only a perfected and enhanced version of himself. “Yes, mam, it's me, watch out the plants”, he reached down to the woman's water can and gently guided it upward with his fingers. “oh, yes” she muttered, “you must be careful, too much water is no good, ya know...”, Joe said in a voice that made the lady tremble. She was pretty short, the top of her head not even reaching his pectorals, so he had to almost crouch to talk to her. He greeted her and left her just as puzzled, then walked to his front door. “Damn”, he thought, he'd forgotten his keys, he rejoiced at the thought that he could easily rip the door away single-handedly, but he didn't want to have to fix it later so he knocked at it with the knuckle of his index finger, trying to be gentle not to accidentally slam it to pieces. Even so, from the inside it sounded like someone wanted to take the door down. “Oh damn!” Susan shouted at her sons in the upper floor, “who's hitting our door like that!”, she was working out in the living room and as easily as she jumped and jived with the home video she made a quick trotter to the front door. When she finally opened the door she was amazed, a huge guy was covering all her eyesight, “Who the fuck!”, she exclaimed, “Honey!”. Joe entered the place, smiling, he had to look down at her as with almost everyone in his neighborhood now. He'd been a couple inches taller than her before, but now her eyes met at the level of his nipples. She couldn't believe it, extended her hands to reach for each one of the big upper arms, trying to assimilate her husband's physique that was so wide as she'd never seen, she cupped her palms at his pecs, and also run them over his meaty thighs covered with manly fur as well as his arms. “Is this you?”, she asked in amazement. “Yes, it's me honey”, Joe replied. “Oh my god, you sound like an announcer, and you look so fucking gorgeous! I'm gonna be the envy of the whole neighborhood!”, she yelled! Susan didn't look bad herself, she was 48 and she was in charge of aerobics and dance classes at the gym so she kept in very good shape, actually Joe had been worried lately his wife might deserve someone better than him. Now it was going to be very hard for her to find someone better. With a grin, Joe put his big left hand under her ass and lifted her up to her surprise, she grabbed his huge biceps and triceps to keep balance and made a “Wow”. Joe kept her that way as if it was no effort for him, she shouted, “Come and see dad, kids!”. They had 4 sons, Amanda was 22 and about to leave home, Tom who was 17, Juan at 13 and Vicky at just 10, they flew down the stairs. First of them was Juan, “Oh fucking man! What happened to ya, is this ya?” The rest of the family arrived, “Yeah!”, Joe said and bent his free arm, his huge upper arm tensed into a mass as big as one and a half bowling balls and surely a thousand times more dense and hard than that. Tom was the only one who could reach for a caress, and run his hand while saying “Wow, watch my big dad!”, then Joe chuckled and put his arm back down. Tom just started pretending he was a boxer, jumping back and forth and landing a few punches at the Joe's now relaxed upper-arm and shoulder. “Punch as hard as you want buddy, I don't feel a damn thing”, Joe said confidently. Tom kept punching and Juan punched at his belly in a similar fashion. “That too”, Joe said and laughed. At the same time, Vicky was trying to envelop Joe's thigh, but it was too big around for her 10-year-old girl arms. “So, now they make the cops big, huh?”, Amanda asked defiantly, she didn't seem so happy. Joe put his wife down and walked towards Amanda, standing in front of her, “Amanda, dear, how you've been?” The rest of the family followed behind. Joe tried to reach for Amanda's shoulder for a caress but she quickly removed it, “Let go! You freak!” “Oh, honey, why do you act like that?”, Susan asked while reaching to hug her husband's upper-arm which she didn't seem to be able to let go. Joe was puzzled and took a few steps towards Amanda who was by the dinning table. “I'm just saying he doesn't look like my dad, he's a freak, and that's it! What do you think you're gonna do, reduce crime? You can kill someone, you're like a monster!” “Honey, you're wrong, you mustn't worry ”, Joe said calmly and picked up a chair, “Why don't we sit down and talk, honey?” and took a few steps towards her. She stepped back violently, “Don't get close to me, you phenomenon!” “What's wrong with you? I'm your dad, I'm not a monster!”, he replied. “Yes, you are!”, she defied. All this made Joe nervous, and he accidentally turned the chair in his hands into pieces. “See what I mean!”, Amanda said pointing at the squeezed chair in Joe's hands and rushhed upstairs to her bedroom. Joe just let the remnants fall on the floor, and looked at his wife concerned. “Jesus”, he said “what's wrong with her?”, he wasn't mad, since his transformation it took a lot to make him angry thus his heart was full of compassion and concern for his daughter, instead of anger. Susan tried to calm him down, saying maybe it was reasonable that their daughter needed some time to adjust to changes, that everything was going to get fixed the following day. Then his other sons asked him to show them what he could do, so they spent the rest of the afternoon looking at him flying and lifting up heavy stuff.

The following day Joe was going on duty, all the kids were taking breakfast at the dinner table, except Amanda, when Joe rushed down the stairs. The look of him still amazed them, he was wearing just a pair of shorts, his furry chest completely bare, his gargantuan muscles bulging and bouncing as he moved. He decided not to shave that morning and sported the thick stubble he knew his wife and kids liked on him. Joe was carrying a plaid shirt in his hands, “Honey, guess I'll need new clothes”, he said showing the shirt to Susan who was preparing breakfast at the kitchen, “Remember when this fitted on me?”, he said with a grin, then he showed her and the kids how the sleeve of his old shirt couldn't get past his enormous forearm, he pulled and the sleeve ripped open at the seams. Joe saw the look of enjoyment and amazement in their faces, “Want me to try the pants?”, he asked then with a wheezing of superspeed he went back and forth from the bedroom carrying a worn-out pair of jeans in his hands. He compared the length of the old trousers with the length of his new legs holding them to his side, and noticed the old pants lacked at least 5 good inches. He tried one leg on but couldn't get it past the calves, and with a pull, ripped it open at the seams as well. He buzzed back and forth once more and appeared dressed like the day before, tight T-shirt and short pants. He opened the fridge and took some eggs and beacon, Susan put a hand on his big pectorals (as if she could be able to stop him) and said she was going to take care of his breakfast. “All right then, but I'll get a cup of coffee while you make it”, he said. “Oops, I'm afraid its cold”, said her and pointed at the coffee machine. Joe took the jar with coffee in his hand and got it close to his nose, he smelled kindly “Mmm, honey you make the most delicious coffee, only I prefer it hot”, he then gave a serious look at it and beamed a powerful ray of heat vision, it took just a second to bring the fluid to a little less than boiling point, then he served some coffee for him and the kids. He didn't forget to fill a cup for Amanda, who ran down the stairs already dressed and ready to go, “Hey, Amanda, come here have some coffee with your old man”, he said handing her the cup, “Stay away from me, you freak!”, she motioned to the doorway. “Where are you going?”, Joe asked. “It's none of your business”, she hed out and closed the door behind her. He could've used his speed to reach for her but he thought maybe it was best if she didn't feel he was controlling her, then maybe she'll understand everything was alright. Besides, there was not much chance to hide from him now, using his flying abilities, superhearing and supervision he could find her in seconds no matter where she'd gone. He sat down and had a big breakfast, eating very fast and large, Tom looked concerned at the way his father was eating, “Dad, aren't you afraid you may gain weight?”, he asked. “Don't worry son, no matter how much I eat my powers will keep my body just the same” “Awesome” “Besides, how much weight can I gain? I already weigh 430 pounds (193 kg) !!”, They laughed, “I still can't believe how big your arms are”, Juan pointed, “would you mind a little arm wrestling with me?” Joe was surprised, “Are you sure, son? I don't think...” “Oh, come on! Just to play...” Joe smiled and put his elbow on the table, his enormous bulging arm in wrestling position, with his palm open, “start whenever you want, son”. Juan put his comparatively tiny hand in his dad's grip, Joe closed his palm extra-carefully, he was concerned he might hurt his kid. “come on, buddy”, Joe said with a grin. Juan began to push, desperately trying to move his dad's arm, it was impossible, like it was carved out of stone. Joe was just looking at his unmovable arm and his son straining against it, as if he wasn't even involved in the wrestle, Juan moaned and used his other hand to support himself and put his whole body in the effort. “Hey, that is cheating! Dad's other arm is not on the table”, Tom pointed. “Haha, let him do as he wants”, Joe calmed Tom down, “Actually, why don't you stand up and use both your hands”, he recommended Juan. Juan did as he was said and put both his hands and his legs into the pushing, but it was to no avail. “Tom, why don't you help your brother?” Tom just grabbed Joe's fist with both hands and started pulling with all his might to help his younger brother. The big dad was still amazed at how effortless it was to keep his hand in place. “Mmm, guess it's my turn to take your hands down, isn't it? Just tell me if you get hurt or something and I'll stop immediately, I don't want my kids injured”, with this he gently and very slowly pushed their hands towards the table and when they touched it, he released the grip and took away his arm. They laughed. “Wow, that was great!!”, Juan shouted. Tom was chuckling and thinking how strong their dad must be, they'd seen him performing strength feats but they hadn't had a palpable feeling of his strength until that moment. “Guess you're not gonna upset your Dad from now on, do ya?”, Joe asked mockingly. “No way, Sir!”, said Tom and made a military greeting at his dad between cheers. Joe flew away to the central police station to report. It took him about two seconds because he got distracted watching and memorizing every place in town from the sky. When he walked into the station he was surprised, everything seemed so small, all the men looked so thin, weak and short (he'd got used to the supermen training camp). As he strode in the other cops looked at him in amazement, he walked to the counter and put his hands on it, dropping his weight, he quickly realized the counter was fragile and it was about to break and removed his hands. It took officer Sarah Candle a moment to adjust when she saw the big man. “Joe?! is this you?”. “Sarah, wassup! Any news since I've been gone?”, “Oh my god, you're HUGE!”, she said and put a hand on his arm. Another officer as old as Joe had heard Sarah's scream and got close “Joe! Hey buddy, welcome back MAN!” Officer McLong got to his side and patted Joe as hard as he could in the back. “Jesus man, you're a rock!” “Hey wassup, pal!”, Joe smiled broadly and turned around to face his old pal, they'd had the same height before, but now Joe had to look down on him “Jeez, long time no see”, Joe put one of his big hands on McLong's shoulder and gripped affectionately, then let go. “Ouch!”, McLong muttered and then massaged his shoulder. “Oh oh, sorry pal, are you ok? Tried to be gentle”. “It's ok, it's ok”, said McLong while still rubbing his shoulder. Joe beamed his shoulder with his x-ray vision and assured “ You mustn't worry, nothing is broken in there, pal.” Other cops passed by and greeted him, asked him to flex his new muscles and touched him, all in all a warm welcome for the big man. Officer Candle instructed him to go to the locker room, where she showed him his special clothes. She pulled out a pair of shorts and a huge short-sleeved shirt, she tried to extend it but it was so big she barely could with the length of her arms, “As you see, we've taken your new measurements into account, these are made of special materials that don't tear apart with heat, aren't pierced by bullets and also will stretch to fit your muscles, in case you grow some more, as it may be probable”. “Do you think I'll get even bigger?” “There have been cases, we don't know, in any case when you bend your arms or legs you need your clothes to stretch a lot as I see” “No doubt about it”. “These slippers are also unbreakable, specially designed for superspeed running”. “Cool!” “That's it” “No weapons?” “Why would you need a weapon?” “That's true” “Besides, as I see you've got a big weapon in there already”, she said pointing at Joe's crotch. Joe looked down and smiled, both laughed. “Take your time and dress”, she went out of the room. In just a second Joe appeared behind her dressed in new clothes with shield and all. The uniform was black and made out of a fabric that resembled that of regular uniforms, letters “BPD” were printed in his back, he had a radio on his right shoulder. “Wow, you're fast”, she gave a look at Joe, the new outfit seemed to jut out his awesome physique. “Well, now you're introduced and are wearing your shield I must submit to your orders”, she said and greeted at the big man in tough military way. “It's ok”, he greeted back, “I allow you to return to your duties officer”. “As you say, Sir, remember you must see the Station Chief and he will show you your office”. “I already know, thank you, you can leave now”. “Thanks, Sir”. This is something they were instructed to in the Academy, all supermen became automatically the highest police authority in town. This was made so for logical reasons, it was ridiculous that a man capable of kicking the whole police station to outer space had to submit to a regular guy he could easily snap like a twig. In some cases, the Chief of Police of the town was genetically capable of being turned into a supercop, but those were odd cases, superman's formula required the subject to have certain genetic mutations that only less than five percent of the male population possessed. In this case Joe had not been the chief of police and had been actually four steps below in the rank, so this was a big promotion for him. The Chief still remained in charge but Joe was named Major Commander of the force and the chief had to obey and report to him. He walked to the Chief's office, he was going to knock, but then remembered he was boss now, apparently the door was locked but he didn't notice and when he pushed at it, it ripped open, and in a moment he was standing inside holding up the door in his hand by the knob. “Oops”, he exclaimed, noticing how light the door felt in his hand.

Officer Donald Scheuring was focused on some papers and found himself interrupted: “I told not to be disturb...!” he shouted but stopped in mid sentence when he saw what was in front of him. “Hello Don, wassup”, he said to the chief, damn, he always wanted to treat him this informal way. Don stood up, impressed by this sudden demonstration of power by Joe, and greeted in formal fashion, “Sorry Sir, you're welcome”. “It's ok, Don, you can relax”, said Joe while laying the door against the wall, “Get that fixed later”, he ordered looking at Don, signaling the door, enjoying the fact he was giving orders to the man who'd been giving them to him for years. Joe just stood in front of Don's desk with his hands in his hips in proud stance. Don walked towards him and extended his hand, when he was about to touch Joe he asked respectfully “May I...?” “Sure”, Joe replied, and Don put his hand in his huge upper-arm, giving it a caress. “Jesus, I must admit I'm impressed”, Don said. “Hehe, I bet you are, Don” “How strong are you?” “More than you imagine”, said Joe and put a hand at Don's belt and lifted him off the ground. “Wowow”, Don got a little scared, Joe laughed and played around with him in the air. “Would you take me down, Sir”, Don asked respectfully. “Of course”, Joe put him gently down, “show me my office now.” The office was in a special floor, on top of the station, it was specially built and designed for and by supermen, “This is your office, Sir”, Don said, “I haven't been able to enter, Sir, I suspect it's none of my business what's in it, but would you mind if I take a look with you, Commander?”. “It's ok, Don, you can come with me”. The office wasn't locked in any conventional way, no keyhole, no number pad, retina scan devices, voice recognition or security card interface. Don took the door's handle and tried to move it unsuccessfully, “Darn, who knows how this door works!” “Let me try”, said Joe, grabbed the handle and easily pulled, opening the door like it weighed nothing. It was just that the door was so heavy only a superman could move it. “Heh, guess you need to work those arms out at the gym some more, little Don”, joked Joe as he patted Don on the back making him stumble into the office. The place was huge, easily six or seven times bigger than Don's office, it was all very slick and stylish, computers and screens all over with simultaneous streams of information only a superman's mind could absorb. It seemed to have no windows. Don was amazed. Joe said “hey, this is very dark, how do we OPEN WINDOWS”? While he said that he heard some computer tingling sound and big windows opened lighting the place beautifully. “Great!” Joe screamed, “CLOSE WINDOWS”, and everything closed back down. “OPEN WINDOWS”, Don said but the computer didn't do as said. “Well, seems it only works with a real man's voice, OPEN WINDOWS”, said Joe while chuckling and the windows opened. “All right now, then...”, said Joe directing to Don, “as you may understand I'm in charge of many of the decisions and resolutions you have been taking before, thus, I want a report on your security strategy and future projections by seventeen hundred”. “By seventeen hundred?”, Don looked worried. “Yes, and it better be thorough, can you make it?”, asked Joe defiantly. “Yes, ...” A silence built up and Joe's eyes froze on the smaller guy for a moment. “... Sir”. “Very good, you're dismissed to your duties, officer”. “All right, Commander”.

Joe was pleased, he walked around his office feeling his heaving muscles bouncing on him, rubbing the tight uniform. He thought he could go for a quick fly around town and check the place. Just as he thought about flying a circular opening appeared in the ceiling of his office. Just the size for him to pass. He flied through it into the Buenos Aires's sky. He raised himself pretty high to have a good global view of his area, checked the trains, the ships that were coming and going, the airport, the buildings, he realized he could focus in an area and using his supervision get a clear view of what was happening in any place 100 miles away from him. He could also penetrate any building with his eyes, and if he made the effort he could use his superhearing to detect and distinguish whatever anyone was saying no matter how in a whispering tone it was said. As he was perusing the dock, he detected some trouble and flew there in a snap. A group of men were working in a big container, trying to prevent it from falling in the ground. Apparently one of the chains of the crane that was transporting it broke and there was a high risk the remaining links could not stand. The men surprised as they saw Joe arriving at incredible speed, he kept hovering beside them, they were in awe not only because the supercop was flying like superman but also because of his size. “Hi guys, I'm the new chief of police, my name is Jorge Bullder”, he explained, “but you can call me Joe, I'm at your service”. “And what can you do?”, asked one of the men, who stood out from the crew looking fat and tough. “This”, Joe flew under the container and single-handedly lifted it until it unhooked, he then held it balanced in his right hand while got back close to the men, still hovering in the air, “So, Where do you want to put it?” The guys that were awestruck had to regain breath to speak. Then one of them shouted and signaled an empty spot in the dock's container lot. Joe easily flew there and gently dropped the container that must have weighted around ten tons in the floor. The group of men came close to him and some of them even dared to pat him in the back and shoulders, he greeted them and flew away.

Joe thought he was going to be a busy supercop, but he was too fast and efficient and there were very few occasions when a superman was really needed, so he had plenty of free time. He spent his leisure time thinking about how to make the city police better or enjoying it with his kids and wife. Instead of spending the whole day patrolling or in the station, he went back and forth from home to the street then to the station anytime with complete freedom. Since he was the boss nobody was going to tell him what to do, and he was so fast it took him just one second to zip from place to place. He kept his radio on at all times and people from the 911 called him when there was a superman-class emergency reported in town. Even early in the mornings when everyone was asleep there was a vibration system in his radio that woke him up to go on duty.

He decided he would have lunch at home while he waited for the reports Don had to make for him. In an instant he arrived home, when he was landing he realized the front yard's grass wasn't mowed, actually it was a mess. He gave a quick x-ray glance at the house and found Tom, Juan and Vicky had just arrived from school and were preparing for dinner and Amanda was locked in her bedroom. Susan was cooking at the kitchen. He got in the house, “Hey everyone!”, the kids were already coming down. The TV was on, it was the news: “Finally, Buenos Aires has its supercop, today he helped a group of workers with an unstable container at the dock”, said the announcer while interviews with the dock workers were shown “He's the biggest guy I've ever seen”, said a fat guy “I bet he's stronger than the original superman”, added a guy by him. Pics of him appeared on screen, so many Jorge wondered who'd taken them! “Hey look! Dad's in the news!”, said Vicky proudly. “Hehe, I'll be there often I guess”, Joe said. Susan called everyone for dinner, including Amanda, who seemed to ignore her. The kids and Joe sat at the table, the big dad had a huge serving of food. When everyone looked at him he replied, “You know how much I like eating and now I can eat as much as I want!” “It's ok honey, you must eat, I want you big and strong”, Susan said while giving Jorge's upper-arm a good grab. Joe ate quick and the kids too, then they talked a little at the table, “Hey, what happened with the lawn in my absence boys?”, Jorge asked in a friendly but firm way. “Nobody dared mow it?” “No, dad, it's just that..., remember we lent the mower to Mr. Charleston?”, replied Tom. “Yes, and what with that?” “Well, he didn't want to give it back to us” “Really? How unusual of him...” The doorbell rang in Mr. Charleston's house, he hurried to the door, when he opened it a figure of immense size was standing in front of him, the tip of Charly's head barely reached the man's adam's apple. When he recognized him as Joe he faked a smile “Joe, it's you, I've seen you in the news, congratulations pal!” “Thank you buddy, may I come in?”, Jorge asked politely. “Of course”, said Charleston, almost trembling. “How've things come out lately Charly? Everything alright?” “Yes, well, some money problems, but everything else is ok” Jorge put a hand on his left shoulder, it was so heavy Mr Charleston went weak on the knees and almost fell in the ground “Remember about the grass mower I lent you”, Jorge removed his hand. “A mower?” “Yeah, you know, that big expensive one we had just bought...”, as he spoke Jorge used his hands to emphasize his words, Charleston couldn't help but follow the huge arms with his eyes, just thinking how powerful they must've been. “Uh! I remember! Well... umm...I don't have it”, replied the man almost in a whisper. “You don't have it?”, Jorge's muscles grew tense, suddenly his already big figure increased in size, he put his hands in his hips. He did a quick x-ray examination of his neighbor's house. “Yes, you don't have it”, he said while taking a couple steps towards Charleston, “I guess there's a good explanation”, he said while Charleston took some steps back. “Well, I...” “What's this inside your pants?”, said Jorge and picked the guy up like a scarecrow, turned him around in the air and with his free hand took a little bag out of the guys pocket. The bag had some white powder. “Are you on drugs?” “I can explain it.” “You better, I can get you in jail for this! You sold my mower to buy drugs?” “Calm down, pal!” Joe realized what he was doing and that with his immense power he could hurt the guy, so he softly let him stand on his feet again, then he chilled out and talked in a calm way. “Charly, are you aware that you're sick? I mean, you need help, but you must understand I can't just overlook this, though I don't necessary have to put you in jail” “Would you let me go then?” “Not at all!”, all of a sudden Joe looked concerned and inadvertently picked Charleston up again. “Wowowow”, Charly panicked. Joe smiled and put him back down. “I'm taking you to a rehab center Char...” “Can I refuse...?” “I'm afraid you have no option, you better tell me who sold you this or I'll get you straight to jail”, Joe was still holding him pretty firmly and there was no way to escape from him. “Well I don't know, I mean, there are many guys selling it to me, I switch dealers, some get cheap, others are more expensive, I don't have just one” “Where do you buy it then?”, asked Joe in a concerned manner. Charly told him where were the best areas of the city to get drugs. Then he walked him outside, did a slight jump, Charleston surprised and suddenly they were flying. Joe took him to the center in just a few instants.

Back home, the kids asked Joe about the mower, he had to explain he couldn't get it back... “He dared not give it to you?”, asked Tom, obviously surprised at Charleston's bravery. “Haha, no, it's not that, he didn't have it”, replied Joe slightly chuckling. “And what did you do to him, just let him go? If I were you I would've crushed his skull with my hands” “If you were me you wouldn't want to do that, besides he had a drug problem” “He sold the mower to buy drugs? And you let him go?!” “No, I took him with me...” “Ah,... now I understand, you put him in jail!”, Tom said now happy to know his dad's authority had been preserved. “Yeah, sort of...” “Cool! And how are we going to cut the lawn?” “Mmm... I guess I have an idea, stand back”, with this Joe put a hand on Tom and Juan's chests and dragged them back, almost lifting them off the ground. He gave a focused look at the lawn and shot a wide ray of heat vision at it, it was a brief instant, but enough to burn the grass that looked completely carbonized, then he took a deep breath and blew at it like a hurricane, the wind took the ashes away and there it was, the grass looked like it had been carefully chopped. “Wow!”, shouted Juan, amazed. “Don't think you will be relieved from having to mow the lawn now! This is a special occasion, next time you'll have to do it by yourselves”, said Jorge firmly.

Joe flew back to the Station and to his office, and sat in front of his desk, watching at the computer screen and absorbing the flood of information. The comfortable armchair he was sitting in was bigger than the normal size, yet he was pleased at the way his huge muscled body fitted tightly in. He heard a bell ringing, he looked at the intercom monitor, it was Don. Joe thought about the door opening and it quickly opened at his mental command, Don came in. “Sir, I brought you the report you asked for”, said Don, Joe stood up in front of the smaller man who was still surprised by his size and took the report from his hands. “Thanks, sergeant”, said Jorge and quickly flipped the pages of the report in front of his face. Then he handed it back. “Aren't you going to read it?”, Don looked puzzled. Jorge said with a grin, “I already read it and memorized it, sergeant. Not a bad job for someone of your capacities!” “Well, thank you, Sir” “What I noticed is that there is no mention about the drug problem the city seems to be undergoing, I must ask you for an addendum addressing this subject” “Of course Sir, you will have it as soon as possible” “Hope very soon is possible” “Ok, Sir, as you wish” “Dismissed” “Thanks” With this Don left the room. There was something wrong about this and Jorge knew it, all around he'd been receiving reports on crimes associated with drug abuse and yet there was no mention of that in the report, he wondered why Don didn't include an analysis of one of the worst security problems of the city. Jorge decided he would take the matter in his hands, he would start with the heaviest and more dangerous drugs like crack and heroine, then go for cocaine. Jorge didn't mind much about weed, he always thought they'd better legalize it, he actually was a consumer in the seventies and even until recently he would smoke a joint now and then.

Jorge decided he should go for another round in town, let people know him better. He flew away and descended slowly in a crowded avenue. People noticed his descent, gathered and signaled at him. A superman was not something as new as before, people already knew the original superman, what they liked about Jorge was that he looked like a regular guy, like it was your father or brother who got superpowers, and that it was all theirs, it was Buenos Aires's. Once in the ground he greeted the small crowd, some even got the chance to grab his huge upper arms and talk to him. He noticed two guys from a moving company carrying a fridge with great difficulty, he stood by them and offered help, then put a hand under the fridge and the men surprised at how it seemed to float away from their grab. There was a lady outside instructing at the guys, Jorge asked her “Where'd this go, madam?” The woman pointed at a spot inside her house and Jorge single handedly took the fridge in like it was made out of cardboard. The men and the lady thanked him and he continued walking down the avenue, his huge muscles bouncing up and down with every step, people looking at him, some even knew him from before his transformation and greeted him. He noticed there was a street lamp bent over, apparently a truck had crashed on it or something. He steadied the base of the street lamp's pole with his hand, and with the other he easily straightened it, the steel squealed loudly as he bent the metal back to its original shape with his hands. He suddenly picked up something with his super-hearing, then buzzed quickly inside a bank a block away. Some kind of hostage situation had started. There was a guy with a shotgun pointing at the people who were throwing themselves on the floor. Another guy was harassing a cashier with a bag, asking her to fill it with money. The guy with the shotgun just saw a huge man appearing in front of him, and hesitated with the surprise. This gave Jorge time to seize the shotgun from the guy's hands, then with the easy and confident movement of his powerful arms he bended and twisted the barrel until it was just metal crap. He picked up the guy like a scarecrow, the other guy was too busy with the cashier and when he turned around to see his partner it was too late, Jorge was in front of him and had grabbed him. He had to leave the bag and the money. Then he heard a car starting outside and rushed powerfully out carrying both the burglars in his hands. He appeared right in front of the car, it had already started and crashed in his knees which prevented it from advancing. The driver pushed the accelerator but it was to no avail, the wheels turned and turned against the pavement and soon the smell of burned rubber was in the air. Jorge lifted a foot and trod violently in the car's front with it, making a huge and deep dent and completely destroying the engine. This took the wheels to a stop, the driver was paralyzed, the big cop put the two guys inside the car, then picked up the vehicle and flew it all the way to the nearest police station. “Another job well done”, he thought. It was evening and he flew back home. Once there he helped his wife fix some dinner, while the kids were doing homework. “I'm concerned about Amanda”, he said to Susan. “Well, I'm a little concerned too, but I think she'll be alright” “Mmm, she's talking on the phone now, with a guy” “How do you know?, Do you read minds too?”, Susan asked in surprise. “Heh, no, I have superhearing, remember, I can hear everything they say” “And what do they say?” “His name is Brock, she says him 'honey', and they talk about how they're gonna be kissing.” “Isn't that romantic?” “He says he's coming to pick her up in about half an hour.” “Don't worry darling, I know the way we raised her, she knows how to take care of herself.” “I hope so.” They continued with the dinner, then several minutes later Amanda came down the stairs. She looked at her father with despise and went in front of the TV. Jorge walked close to her. In the screen there was a report on how the drug problem was disrupting life in town. There were interviews with the parents of the drug addicts and they showed images of street fights and drug rehab clinics. “Honey, I know you're dating with a guy” “It's none of your business” “I know he's coming now, I'd like to meet this guy, would you introduce him to us?” “You were spying my phone call? What do you use your powers for, gossiping?” “Well, know what Am, if you don't let me talk to the guy then I won't let you go with him.” “You can't forbid me to go, I have age to live alone already” “Yes but you live at my house and you go by my rules, is it clear young lady?”, he said this while putting his hands in his hips and expanding his torso, Amanda had to admit being intimidated. Then the doorbell rang. She stood up and rushed to the front door. Jorge whizzed quickly and appeared in front of her, his gargantuan figure covering her whole eyesight. “I'll open”, he said down to his daughter, turned around and opened the front door. The guy was outside and almost fainted when the door opened and all he could see was a huge muscled torso in a tight shirt and enormous bulging arms turning the door for him. He looked up at the large fella and couldn't believe it was the new supercop everyone was talking about in town. Jorge beamed him with x-rays and noticed he was clean, no drugs, weapons, knifes or anything unusual. “You must be Brock, come in”, Jorge said with his deep earth shaking voice and gave a good look at the guy, Brock was almost a head shorter than him but pretty well built and very good looking. “My name is Jorge, I'm Amanda's father”, Jorge boomed at the kid and extended his huge meaty hand. The boy took it and Jorge gripped at him pretty tight making the kid's hand crack. Jorge was pleased at the look of concern in the boy's face but he didn't really want to get his bones broken so he released and Brock took his hand out quickly, then the youngster tried to take the soreness out of it by shaking it in the air and massaging it. “You got a pretty good grip in there, Sir” Jorge smiled and closed the door behind the guy. “So you ride, uh?”, Jorge said to the guy regarding the harley that was parked outside. “Yup, Sir” “Be careful with that one, specially when my daughter is on it... And, what do you do?” The guy trembled and hesitated, “I... I work at a warehouse, Sir” “Uhm... at a wharehouse?” “Yeah, ya know, I move cargo in and out, that sorta thing” “Maybe I can help you move the heavy load some day, don't you think?”, said Jorge while bending his right arm into a ball of dense superpowerful muscle. “Wow sure”, the kid replied. “Ok, we'll see, and where are you two going?”, Jorge asked. “Enough Dad! It's none of your business! What are you trying to do, control us?”, Amanda replied furiously. “W.. we are going to the cinema, then for some dancing, ya know... nothing out of the ordinary.. Sir”, Brock said. “The cinema, mm.. it's ok”, Jorge smiled. “I hate you”, Amanda says. Jorge tried to ignore his daughter's strong temper, “Ok, well, have a good time”, Jorge said to them, then extended his hand to Brock again with a smile. Brock took his hands away and smiled “Woow, I prefer not to, Sir!” Jorge said “It's ok” between chuckles and patted at the guy's shoulder, this took Brock off balance but within a few seconds he recovered, then walked away massaging his sore shoulder and rode on his bike, Amanda rode behind him. When they were already speeding up, Amanda asked him “Why did you have to tell him where do we go? I mean, you don't have to do it, we're adults” “Am, did you see your dad lately? The guy is a fucking colossus, his upper arm is as big around as my rib cage, he could crush me like a grape if I refused to talk to him”. Amanda kept quiet and they sped away quickly.

At home, Susan got close to Jorge, he said “I'm going after them and see where they go”, as he was motioning out of the house Susan said “Stop! Honey... you must trust your daughter, you're going to make things worse if they realize you know where they'd been, I'm sure they didn't lie”. He thought she was right, but he also thought it was a good night for air-patrolling anyway, maybe he'd find some drug dealers. He went out flying and took a pretty high spot above town. There he couldn't help but give a brief look at his daughter with his vision powers, they didn't lie, they were entering a cinema as they had said. He then decided to fly down into a pretty abandoned spot in town, where he clearly saw a guy selling drugs. He descended behind the drug dealer, the buyer saw him and quickly run away, Jorge let the buyer go and grabbed tightly at the dealer. It was just a kid, he almost pees in his pants at the look of the supercop. “Hey buddy, caught ya”, Jorge said to the kid. The boy tried to mumble he wasn't doing anything illegal, Jorge smiled and picked him up by his jacket's collar then looked at him with x-rays and put a hand in a pocket where he took out several packets with crack. “I guess this is illegal”, Jorge said and the kid didn't reply. “Tell you what, you tell me who sells this to you and I let you go”, Jorge proposed confidently. “They'd kill me if I do that” “I will protect you, otherwise I have to take you in”, then Jorge put the guy down but was still grabbing him. The kid looked concerned, he wasn't sure what to do. “The way I see it, you don't have many options little pal” “Ok, I'll tell you”. The boy told him who was dealing the drugs for him, Jorge flew there, still carrying the boy in his arms, just in case he gave a false address. He x-rayed the place and found clear signs that they were dealing drugs, then let the kid in a far spot to protect him and went back to the place. It was an apartment in a fancy spot in town, nothing that looked suspicious. He entered the building in a conventional way, supersped stairs up, and got to the 5th floor, there he knocked. He noticed with his x-rays that the door was of reinforced steel but made to look conventional. Despite his powerful knocking nobody came out. He shouted “Police! Come out! You're under arrest!”. He knocked a few more times, “If you don't come out I'll have to enter by force”, screamed Jorge with his rumbling voice. Inside the guys were busy trying to hide the evidence of drugs, they had been doing some splitting up and a couple kids were there waiting for their part to sell in the streets. Suddenly they heard a loud crack, the door and part of the wall ripped away, held firmly by one of Joe's mighty hands. He gave a few earthshaking steps in and threw the door and the piece of wall away casually. “What do we have in here? I'm afraid, you're all under arrest” “It's a mistake, Sir, you won't find anything unusual in here”, said the guy that looked like the boss (more like a capo mafia), since there were no drugs or anything like that in sight. “Guess having a little alcohol constitutes no illegal act”, the man said pointing at a couple bottles of beer. Jorge smiled and walked towards a big metal trunk, heavily locked. He picked it up with his hand (it weighed 200 pounds the least) and with the other he grabbed the big lock, pressed, and turned it into bits, then opened the trunk and flipped it upside down letting packets of cocaine and crack fall on the floor. Jorge then threw the trunk away and proceeded to call for reinforcements. “While my partners are coming, I want to know a couple of things”, he walked confidently towards the guy who looked like the leader, grabbed tight under one of his armpits lifting him up almost inadvertently. “First of all, I know you're just an intermediary, I want to know who's selling to you” “I don't know” “You're kidding me?”, Jorge tightened his grip and lifted the guy off the floor. “No no, please, take me down, I met this guy in the Internet, he told me to leave the money in a trash can in Rivadavia park and he would send one of his guys to take the cash and put the merchandise in, I've been doing this for a couple of months” Jorge took the guy flying away through the window “you're gonna tell me just the right spot”, they flew above the park and the guy pointed at a trash can “this is the place”, they descended, “Mmm, it's ok, hope for your own good you're not lying to me”, Jorge replied, “Now you're going to jail and I'll know where to find you in case you lied” “It's the truth, Sir” “And when is the next delivery scheduled for?” “We do this once a week, today was the one for this week, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait” “You better not lie”, Jorge didn't yet trust the guy but flew him back to the apartment where the regular cops had arrived, and gave the guy to them for arresting.

Joe returned home, all through dinner he looked upset, and he answered just yes or no to his kid's and wife's questions. He sat on the couch, which squealed by the weight of his heavy physique. He picked up the remote control to watch some TV, unable to find a channel to please him he flipped through the buttons, “how boring” he said, and in a rush of anger crushed the remote between his fingers. Susan got close to him “Honey, what's wrong?” “It's nothing.” “Come on, I know you, I don't have x-ray vision but you can't hide your feelings from me.” “Well, I thought I was going to end this whole drug traffic thing tonight” “And what prevented it?” “I can't really find the main source of the drugs, with all this powers and I can't find it, they seem to have found a way to hide it from me” “Don't you have a clue or something?” “Yes, well, if I climb up the ladder of dealers I know I will find it but it will take time.” “Well, you know honey, you're incredibly powerful, but you're not a god; you're being too hard on yourself.” “Yes, could be” “Besides, You know I've been missing you all this months you've been away”, with this Susan started massaging his husband's pecs and caressing one of his enormous shoulders “maybe I can help you relax”, she added. “Honey, uhmm”, Jorge felt uncomfortable. “Last night I did a lot of effort to refrain from jumping on you, you're looking so hot; and don't think I didn't notice that your dick is easily twice as big and fat”, she said taking a hand down to his crotch, noticing that his husband's dick was getting hard. “I'm sorry honey,” he motioned her gently away, taking her hands away. “What's wrong?” “It's not that easy sweetheart, there are certain risks to take into account, I'm maybe too powerful to get laid with you” “What do you mean?, you love me, you wouldn't hurt me!” “That's true honey, but I make a lot of things without even realizing, my prostate gland is so powerful I can dig a hole in a wall with my ejaculation, when I thrust my dick back and forth I gain a speed you won't be able to take” “And what if you slow down just for me?” “I can't guarantee I will be able to do that... until I find a way to have safe sex with you I'm not going to touch you honey, I'm sorry.” “We'll overcome this, we'll find a way” “I want you to know that I will understand it if you find substitutes” “How dare you! I'd never do that! May we kiss, don't we?” “Yeah, I guess there's no danger in kissing” And they did so.

The following days Jorge patrolled the city trying to find new clues regarding the location of the main dealers but to no avail. In the back of his mind, the subject of sex with Susan persisted and kept worrying him, he thought he'd better ask for advice in the superman's Internet forum that had been recently open, maybe his superpals could help him, he thought he mustn't be the only one with a wife to please. In the forum every other supermen told him they were refraining from sex with their wives until further notice, some chose to jack off or have sex with other supermen. Jorge had even arranged meetings with a couple other supermen who remembered him from the Academy and were eager to fuck with him. Then, when he wasn't expecting it, a private message appeared in his screen, they said there was an experimental device that could help him and they needed supermen for testing, he had to fly to the supermen's headquarters for further details. He thought he had nothing to lose so he sped away to the headquarters, flew across the country in about half an hour. When he appeared he met another superman who recognized him and instructed him were to go. He got into a lab where other supermen were working. “Hey, I didn't know this place”, he said to the men in lab coats, these guys were supermen scientists obviously because their tight labcoats couldn't hide their enormous physiques. “Hello Joe, pal, How'd things been going lately?”, said one of the scientists. Joe recognized him finally, it was Tancredi, one of his pals from the academy. “Hey man! What's up! What happened to you I thought you were a cop!” “Yeah, well, they wanted to create a team of super-scientists and they enrolled me... you know I always liked science and with this super-intelligence we have everything seems so easy now... Hey! Look at you! I bet you look bigger than last time!!”. “You think so? Think I might be growing?” “I'm sure man, you're taller and more muscled, I wonder just how strong you must be” “More than I would like to, sometimes. But, geez! What do you guys do?” “Certainly much more than regular scientists, we already found the cure to almost every illness, including AIDS” “Amazing” “We've also thought about the problems other supermen could have...” “Well, you know, this issue is bothering me...” “Oh yeah, well, we have something here that could help you” “Really?” Tancredi's voice instructed the computer to open a locker, inside it was a spherical device, it was made out of chromed steel, very shinny and seemed to have a red button. Tancredi took the thing in his hands and showed it to Joe. “Well, I'm going to show you how it works, but I must warn you it won't feel good”, with this Tancredi pushed the red button, the device shone and hummed slightly. Suddenly Joe felt a little weary, he moved his hands and then his legs and realized he felt his limbs heavier. “Hey!”, he exclaimed. Moving his hands took some effort actually, he was used to effortless motion. “What's this?”, Jorge said, he looked around trying to use his x-ray vision and also checked if he could get flying thrust, but he couldn't. “Feels awful, doesn't it? This is what this device does, we've found a special secret combination of electromagnetic wavelengths that cancels our powers” “What the fuck!?” “It won't kill you, but it will just take out your superstrength, invulnerability, visual capacities, fly capacities, making you just like a big and strong but regular man” “This means I can have sex with regular people?” “Yes” “That's right, well, isn't this dangerous? I mean, there were no means to take our power away before, not even kryptonite” “This is the only device in existence, it was made to be effective in the range of a small room only, and if someone tries to disassemble it in order to find how it works it will destroy itself” “Now please turn it off!” Tancredi pushed the red button again and the device stopped glowing. Both supermen found their strength coming back. “Wow, feels much better”, screamed Jorge. “Now take the device and give it a try, but be careful, nobody must know this exists!”, said Tancredi and handed Jorge the apparatus. “Thanks buddy”, with this Jorge flew back home with the device in his hands.

That night after dinner, Susan found Jorge more cheerful and talkative than usual, she also realized he was physically much closer to her, touching her now and then like he used to do before his transformation. He picked her up and took her to the couch where they sat by each other, she was surprised, he enveloped her with his huge arm, she caressed it. They turned the TV on, there was an aerobics teacher bouncing in the screen, behind him a bunch of athletic guys were mimicking his moves. “Geez, they look so hot!”, she said. Then Jorge remembered, “Hey! You know that guy don't you? You two shared a class, didn't you?” “Oh yeah! I've seen him now and then... think his name is Nathan” “Just now and then, uh?”, Jorge interrogated suspiciously. “Yes, I mean...” “I understand honey, you don't have to hide it, so many months without me and you got these athletic looking guys available” “You know I wouldn't do that to you Jorge! I'm not that kind of girl” “Know what, I don't care what you've done in my absence, cause tonite I will show you what a real man is”, then he bent his right arm in front of her face. “Is Nathan's as big as this one?”, he asked. “Honey, you know he's not”, Susan chuckled while massaging Jorge's big upper-arm. “He's not even a fourth the size, is he?” “He's not even an eighth, sweetheart, he's not even in the same league as you” “Would you like to fuck with this mammoth of a man?” “But you said...” “Well, I have a surprise”, he put his hand under her butt and stood, lifting her up, she grabbed his huge shoulder for balance and he took her to their bedroom. He let her lay on the bed, closed the bedroom door and took the sphere device out of a drawer. He pressed the red button and put the thing over the night table. Darn, it didn't feel well at first, but within a few minutes he grew accustomed. He laid himself on the bed next to her. Darn, he wasn't super now, but he was still big and heavy to make the bed squeal, and with his size, even as a regular man he could easily win any strongman competition. “What's this honey?” “This thing turns me temporarily into a regular man so we can fuck” She immediately jumped over him. It caught him by surprise, though even as a regular guy he could easily take her weight, as a superman he wouldn't even budge. Then she started punching at his huge pecs as hard as she could. “This is for making me wait so long”, she cried. “Hey, hey, stop it, you're hurting me” he said between laughs. Even without superpowers his wife's punches didn't hurt him, but he had forgotten how pain felt, no matter how little. He grabber her, he could get ahold as hard as he wanted now, he wasn't going to squeeze her, and they began fucking. Amanda came home, she was walking upstairs to her bedroom when she heard the moans and groans of her parents orgasm, she thought it was disgusting, then she realized there was an unusual glow and humming sound coming out of the bedroom. “How disgusting of you too! Is everything alright?”, she asked and knocked at the door. None of them could notice her, even Joe without his powers could be easily caught by surprise. The bedroom door was unlocked, so she easily entered just when they had finished their orgasms. As they saw her, they tried to hide grabbing their sheets close to their bodies. “Amanda! Go away!”, Susan screamed authoritatively. Jorge remembered about the device that was glowing and reached for it and turned it off quickly. He felt ecstatic as his powers came back fast, making him feel a million times the man he'd been a second before and he couldn't help but shout a loud “Wow”. This caught Amanda's attention but she didn't mention anything about it. “Ok, sorry I guess you're adults, can do anything you want”, and she went away wondering what that weird device was for.

During the week their lives went on as usual, only difference was they had sex every night. Nor Tom or Juan cared about it, they thought their parents deserved to do it, nor they cared about the faint glow coming from their bedroom while they fucked.

It was the day of Jorge and Susan's second sexual intercourse, Tom and Jon shared a single bedroom, which was in the opposite side of the house, Amanda's bedroom was next to their parents' so she got all the groans and moans. Their shared bathroom happened to be next to Jorge and Sue's room. In the middle of the night while the glow was coming out of their parents' room Tom woke up in desperate need for a pee, he got inside the bathroom and began to piss, darn it felt good. But it wasn't just the piss, there was something more, something made him feel real good. When he grabbed his dick to direct the stream, he could swear it was a little thicker, “what the fuck!”, he thought, but he was still a little asleep so he didn't care much, he folded his dick back and turned back to bed, once there he was feeling the same as usual and his dick felt the same size as ever, he thought it may have been a crazy dream.

Amanda wasn't home that night, she was laying in a field with Brock, looking at the stars and talking. “Know something? I saw something weird last night”, Amanda pointed to her boyfriend. “Weird like what?” “My parents were having sex” “What's unusual about that? They're supposed to” “Yeah, I know, but since my dad had come back I'd never noticed them fucking” “That sounds reasonable, imagine this... a superman must have super orgasms, maybe your mother can't take them” “And how do you know so much?” “I don't know, I just suppose”, replied Brock. “But apparently, they've found a way to disable my father's superpowers, cause they sounded like they were having sex like crazy” “Really?”, Brock seemed interested. “Yeah, I saw something weird, you know like a metallic sphere, it glowed and all, my dad turned it off quickly and it stopped glowing, he just screamed like he was relieved”, she said while knotting it all in her head. “Maybe it's some kind of device that takes his powers away”, Brock completed. Amanda's eyes seemed to light up in the night.

The day has come, a week had passed since the last merchandise delivery. Jorge was hovering among the park, he had taken care the money was carefully deposited in the trash can as usual, and was waiting for the guy to come and take the drugs. Then a suspicious fella appeared, carrying a bag, he looked like a vagabond, he walked directly to the trash can and perused inside with his hands until he took the money and put the bag with drugs. Jorge appeared quickly from behind a tree, descended and grabbed the guy. It took the man by surprise, he was not an old vagabond as he first looked like but a big healthy young man disguised for the task. “Hey! What the fuck!” “Gotcha fella, now you better take me where your boss is” “I don't know anything” “Are you sure?”, Jorge had lost his patience, he grabbed the guy at his upper-arms, picked him up and pressed him with his hands to make him feel his power. “You better tell me, I'm not gonna be nice”, and Jorge gripped tighter, some cracking sound was getting heard. “Ok, ok”, said the guy in suffering, then Jorge loosened his grip a little. “There is a guy”, the man continued, “I don't know his name, I could never talk to him directly, I go to his office, and a few of his employees give me the merchandise to carry for a small fee, I make my living out of it”, the man said almost in between sorrows. “Ok, you're going to take me to this guy's office”, and Joe took the guy for a flight. •

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