Coach's Formula, The

The Other Brother.


By Shade

That same Saturday, sometime in the late afternoon…

It took Ryan some time to make it back from the woods. He’d peddled his dirt bike back home, feeling the power coursing through his legs as he exerted effort, pushing the bike to its limits of its steel and rubber manufacture.

He knew he needed to work out. David had demonstrated that at least. He needed to workout fast.

Half subconsciously he found himself at the school gym. There would be enough iron there to work the formula through his system. Once Brandon had left Ryan had started drinking cans, savoring the addictive taste on his tongue. He had no idea how many he’d consumed before he felt like he was going to vomit. His body just couldn’t process so many at one time. Now he was desperate to exert some of the new power he knew was contained within him.

The school doors were open, which was not surprising considering the number of school activities that occurred on a Saturday. He went in and headed straight for the gym, pulling off his shirt as he walked through the doors.

The place was empty, but the remains of David’s earlier workout were apparent, massive weight still racked on the bench. A workout which for David had just been a light warm-up for his real workout with the Coach.

Like all gyms there was a bank of mirrors around the room for the occupants to check out their form or, as was more usually the case in that gym, to admire their growing physiques. Ryan paused for a minute to examine his reflection. He had a very good body. It was glistening from sweat from the exertion of peddling the bike. He peeled off his shirt and saw the play of his young muscles, the movement of the fibers, the way they bunched and flexed. He did a couple experimental movements to look at his size and form. College bodybuilders would envy this body, he knew. And he was only going to make it that much bigger.

Anger and jealousy at David pushed him further.

Ryan started with his chest: his favorite body part. He used the weight David had left on the bar, impatient to see what would happen. The more he lifted the more powerful he became. Every angle of his chest was hit and he watched it swell after bench press after bench press, chest flies and dips with twice his body weight.

He felt invincible. He felt incredibly powerful.

Then the real growth began in earnest. His young teenage body filled with power and he felt himself grow as he studied his reflection carefully and waited.

Within a few seconds, his chest expanded before his eyes, bulging, getting thicker, wider, and denser. The pain was excruciating. The pain was good. It feed him, it made him feel alive. He was awash in wonder and admiration. He was on fire. Ryan could feel the change in his muscles. He could see it get thicker and harder, as it filled out to the maximum of his genetic potential and going even further. He started at his reflection. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“Fuck yeah!” he hollered. No one had anything on his side chest pose.

He couldn’t help but getting completely hard. He responded by flexing his left pec, then his right, then both at once. The flexing felt so fucking good. The muscles bunched up and moved.

Then he ran through powerful lifts and squats, all with extremely heavy weights. His legs twitched violently and uncontrollably. The thighs expanded, separating into cords of muscles, each one bulging out, demanding attention. The shorts that he’d worn all morning began to be pushed aside by his quads and hams, which needed the room to grow. His calves tightened, igniting with growth, exploding under his skin, bulging outward with obvious thickness. He watched it develop and turned his legs this way and that to flex and show off these new diamonds. He was in a state of ecstasy.

He knew he should be tired, but he wasn’t even breathing heavily. It was time for his back, putting himself through every back workout he could think of, demanding more reps of himself. During the workout, Ryan kept looking at his reflection in the mirror, thinking of David’s huge muscles. Focusing on having a body like his, wanting to have a body like his, to be as freakishly muscular as him. To be like the Coach. Bigger maybe.

He could feel the growth of his back. Arms being pushed out and upwards, shoulder blades moving farther apart to accommodate the growing mass.

Even his smell was intoxicating, and he enjoyed the feeling of running his hands over his titanium muscles. He turned to look at his back in the mirror and could only see half of it. But what he saw floored him. His lats flared out past his shoulders, covered in bulging muscles, his lower back was a column of thick mass that looked bulletproof. The immense back a counterpoint to his swollen chest.

He felt amazingly wide, and in combination with his huge chest, the entire sense of himself had grown with his newfound power. He could feel it intensely. Incredible size.

But not yet perfect, still so much to do. He rolled through neck, shoulders, abs and arms next, blasting Herculean set after set, then put his hands together and flexed a most muscular.

He already looked like a fucking muscle freak. So fucking awesome, so fucking hot.

Ryan drank in the sight of his entire body, his muscles beyond anything he’d ever dreamed of, veins snaking all over his arms. He was turned on by the sight of his own chest in a way he’d never felt before. Ryan flexed it playfully, watching the muscles ripple obediently at his command.

“Fuck yeah!!!” he shouted.

The growth in his shoulders and arms then began together. Looking down he was able to watch first hand, without the benefit of the mirror, the growth on his own body. His arms stretched out in front of him and his arms enlarged as the muscle condensed with muscle. The arms grew in double-time, the triceps forming a ferocious horseshoe mass that hung from Ryan’s upper arms, the biceps elongated and changed, forming peaks of muscle. His forearms bulged madly as well, writhing like pythons.

He felt a tight sensation in his stomach, almost bending him over. His reflection in the mirror showed bricks of abdominal muscles, rising from under his skin, trying to break free. There were deep ridges between them and razor sharp intercostals. Ryan now had an impenetrable fortress of muscle where his smooth six pack used to be.

His workout itself was done, but not the growth in his muscles. Massive amounts of formula still coursed through his veins, filling him, charging the cells of his muscles, making them denser and stronger. His muscles continued to expand before his eyes to make him even more massive than he had been a minute before, although the growth was slowing. Ryan’s torso expanded, growing wider as his shoulders and lats added inch after inch of muscle, and growing thicker as his already huge pecs expanded outwards while with the slabs of muscle on his upper back grew the opposite direction. His biceps and triceps strained against his skin, looking flexed even though his arms were hanging down at his sides to the extent his new lats would allow. His immense thighs were thickening, adding more and more beef, forcing him to change his stance so as to make room for the increased mass of his legs. His calves were growing also, their diamond heads getting wider and thicker with each second. Only his waist seemed unchanged though his abdominal muscles were becoming ever more packed, cut and defined. All over, his body seemed to be expanding outwards, adding pound after pound of muscle mass.

Then Ryan raised his arms up into a double biceps pose and looked at each in turn. He could barely contain himself. The sensation in his newly rock-hard body was insanely hot. He loosened his shorts and groped his new engorged member, noticing how much bigger and thicker it had become. Even his hands were bigger.

He was a fucking muscle stud now.

His cock was at full staff. It was big and thick and as he stood there he could feel it pulse, his balls churning, needing release. One stroke and he spurted a jet halfway across the room.

Like David before him, Ryan was suddenly filled with a feeling of profound satisfaction, and total arrogance.

“Oh my god” said a voice behind him.

Ryan turned and noticed one of the cheerleaders standing in the doorway. Her name was Mandy. Ryan looked over at her and smiled widely, as she was already doing the same in his direction.

“Ryan,” she said recognizing him, “You…are…so…huge!”

“I’ve been working out,” he replied cocky as all hell.

Ryan was feeling incredibly horny at that moment. His gave fell over Mandy as she involuntarily pushed back her platinum blonde hair. She was a sight, hard bodied with all the right curves. Her bright blue eyes sparkled. This girl was definitely the sort of fantasy that Ryan had had many times wanking off late into the night. To say she was attractive was an understatement. Involuntarily her hands slid down her legs. She licked her lips, obviously getting turned on watching him grow.

Ryan flexed his arms and chest once more for Mandy’s benefit and he felt a rush of power as formula flowed through them making the bulging slightly bigger. Mandy noticed every detail, wanting to get a closer look! She’d never been so turned on. She felt herself go weak in the knees.

“Nice abs!” she cooed, now moving steadily closer to him.

Crossing the room she reached her hand out and rubbed his newfound abdominal muscles, marveling at the steely warmth. Each muscle was insanely ripped and inhumanly large. She couldn’t keep her eyes from wandered all over his body. He was so much like his brother that she momentarily wondered what this new secret of the high school football team was. Ryan’s definition was mind boggling; he was become more cut as she watched, even denser. Inclining her head towards his chest, she could hear the heartbeat the pumped the supercharged blood through his veins to feed more energy into his muscles. His once loose shorts were also nearing a breaking point as his legs grew with size.

“You are so fucking hot,” she sighed, almost drooling.

She looked up into his handsome face. And he was gorgeous, even more so than he’d been earlier. Her gaze left his magnetic eyes and traveled down his naked chest to rest upon his thick, exposed dick, which by now was pointing straight out from his hips.

She let her hand wander over it and he felt an intense jolt as her warm fingers grazed him.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Ryan said graciously, meaning every word.

Feeling entitled, he put his giant hand on her ass cheeks and lifted her up to his face with ease. She was looking him eye to eye and she was over a foot off the ground. Ryan felt the anticipation and his cock pulsed and got hard enough to punch through steel. The humongous meat had to be bigger than anyone else’s, Mandy thought, long and super thick. It went from merely running parallel with the floor to pointing skyward the Empire State Building, and the tip of it was now wedged between Mandy’s available ass.

She immediately leaned back, allowing his strong arms to easily support her and she pulled off her cheerleader’s top. Mandy had a nice build, taut and muscular from practice. Her tits spilled down, full and bulging. Other than the blowjob that Karly had given him before all that happened with David, this was the closest he had come to popping his cheery for the first time. Mandy groaned and moaned as she was enjoying this as much as Ryan was. All thoughts of Karly evaporated as she reached up and began to massage her breasts with her free hand. Ryan grinned down at her as he flexed his cock.

“Baby!” she moaned, “You are my fucking fantasy. Your muscles are so fucking hot.”

He put her down and peered deeply up at him with her best bedroom eyes, brooking no compromise.

“I need you to fuck me with that thing,” she said, “Stick that big cock in me.”

“You are one sexy little bitch, you know that?” Ryan said, as she lay her down on the floor.

Ryan knelt down as well, pulling her skirt and panties off in anticipation. Mandy gripped his cock and stroked it. She stuck her finger into her cunt at the same time. Her fingers only went halfway around him.

She felt an intense orgasm wash over her just from experiencing the awesome power and heat of his body. Mandy arched her back and squealed as she creamed just looking at him.

Ryan knelt over her, positioning himself to enter her body, pushing the head of his dick against the opening of her snatch. He pushed inside, sliding into her, aided by her own cum, slowly, but with determination. The walls of her pussy had to stretch and the lips of her hole hugged his cock tightly.

“Oh yeah!” he moaned loudly, as Mandy made chirping sounds of ecstasy.

Catching his reflection in a mirror, Ryan enjoyed the pleasure of watching his new body in action. Watching himself fucking this girl. The awesome sight of all that muscle. The sight of that beautiful bitch impaled on his cock. Mandy wrapped her own strong legs around his waist, and started to fondle his chest, grabbing his nipples as he pumped her, the length of his cock warm with her pussy juice on its entire length.

Mandy was silenced by his increased thrusting, overcome with the feelings of pleasure inside her. She pushed her legs up into the air as she worked the cock with her own muscular insides. She’d had a lot of practice and she had a lot of control. Ryan fucked her thoroughly, but without imagination as he thrust faster and deeper, unsure of what he was doing, seeking only his own pleasure. He hit her deepest parts out of sheer size, but it was all the same to Mandy. It felt good. She wrapped her legs around his waist again and pulled him in and out in rhythm to his thrusts, groaning on each one. Ryan felt her cunt tighten as he grew slightly inside her. Mandy hollered in pleasure and pain as Ryan pushed even deeper into her moist, dripping confined. Her whole body shook as her last orgasm finally gave way. Her cum leaking like a faucet upon the floor. She moaned and grunted more, and finally went limp, breathing hard.

Ryan wanted, no needed to cum. Ryan’s thick cock pistoned inside her for a few more strokes, but he finally felt her spasm and then he felt his own balls explode. Unable to contain himself any longer he let loose his load, his cannon shooting volley after volley. His cock throbbing with power, the intensity of the experience almost caused Mandy to pass out. He juices flowed into her as he pumped more and more into her for several minutes.

When he finished, he finally felt his lust was sated for the moment. But he needed to find David. •

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