Coach's Formula, The

Tabula Rosa III.


By Shade

That same Saturday, also around noon…

Prior to drinking the cans, David Martin’s body had never been through puberty. It was strange that a 16 year old boy was in effect still the same as when he was 11, but it was true. The best doctors had been unable to explain to his parents why. His glands simply hadn’t started to secret the necessary hormones. Everyone concluded that it had been environmental, rather than genetic, especially considering the robust early onset of puberty in his two younger brothers. Ted, at 12, was already like a young high schooler himself, working out every day under the sharp eye of his father and his brother Ryan.

But the changes that accompanied the cans had done something to David that nature had apparently not intended or not yet intended. The cans had started him off with increased size and muscle mass of course, but also David began to experience an increased libido. He’d even popped his cherry finally. But what David and everyone else didn’t realize was that it wasn’t until that Saturday, after two hours spent fucking Georgia Manning half blind during the morning, that his hormones began to be secreted in earnest.

David sensed the difference as he stared at himself in the full length mirror in the high school locker room. It was the subtle growth of hair on his dick and chin that caught his attention. He rubbed his hands over his face and felt the bristling of a beard for the first time. His new public hair also cast a dark stain over his massive cock and balls, and his balls had started to hurt. But it was a pleasant sort of pain, like a gentle pressure.

He even had a few wisps of hair on his chest that hadn’t been there this time yesterday.

David was pleased. And a little turned on. His cock started to harden.

With his physical maturity catching up to his emotional maturity, David was still shocked to believe that he could cum so much. He figured this must be what was meant when they said teenage boys reached their sexual peak at 18. As it was he was getting horned up nearly 24/7.

So while Ryan and Brandon were stealing cans from Coach McCready’s secret stash. David had just finished a ‘light’ warm up set in the gym. Breaking every record in the process using every plate available. This was how David prepared for his real workouts with the Coach.

He’d lost track of all the cans he’d drank since this adventure had started. But he knew that his growth had slowed. Three days ago he’d moved every piece of iron in the gym and realized that none of it was the least bit challenging to him any longer.

His own power was intoxicating and as he considered it in his mind. He watched his reflection in the mirror, another man entirely, his muscles rippling with every movement, his cock growing very hard indeed. He began to work it with his right hand in time with his reflection, his left arm flexed for his satisfaction.

It was like playing a fine violin, the pleasure it brought him was exquisite and soon he erupted jets of white cum in front of him like a garden hose, spraying several feet in the air. It was amazing. His proportions were so perfect he looked like a drawing of a superhero out of a comic book.

David tore himself away from the muscle god reflected in the mirror and went to put on his shorts for his workout with the Coach. His parents had bought him all new clothes, but with his rate of growth over the last three weeks, most were already uncomfortably tight. He decided to wear just the gym shorts anyway, pulling them tightly over his round ass and ample package. No point in wearing the shirt, it’d just rip to shreds anyway.

He had five cans of formula in his locker where the Coach had left them. He popped the lid on each one and drank them in succession. When he was done, he used his mighty fist to wad the aluminum can up into a tiny ball of metal.

When he was finished he walked out into the daylight and headed for the woods behind the school. Both he and the Coach knew that he’d never get a good workout in the gym anymore.

After walking about a mile to the clearing where the Coach had shown him to go, he found the big man standing there waiting for him. McCready was the only man who was infinitely more impressive than David. And McCready, like David, was only in shorts. His shirts were all custom tailored to wrap around his chest and he wasn’t going to damage one just to impress some punk kid. David was totally enraptured by the Coach’s chest. I mean his thick neck, massive legs and enormous arms were beyond compare, but if the Coach had one body part he really loved it would be his chest. It was thick and square cut. A valley like the Grand Canyon running between two slabs of Grade A beef.

The Coach smiled at David.

That was never a good sign.

“You ready for the big time boy,” he said, “Cause you ain’t never gonna get a good workout with mere weights anymore.”

“I’m ready,” said David, a hint of his old timidity creeping back into him.

“Good,” said McCready, “Very good.”

Without warning he ran up to David faster than David would have guessed a man of his size could and he punched David hard in the gut. David was thrown back and slammed into the tree behind him with such force the tree groaned.

“Shit,” cried David, winded but not hurt, “What’d you do that for?”

“You gotta learn what your body can take, son,” said the Coach, “Don’t be such a fucking pussy. If I’d put any real weight behind that punch I’d have broke you in two.”

David felt a steely nerve build up inside him, “I don’t think so,” he told the Coach.

“You think you’ve got what it takes?” asked McCready, “Bring it on then.”

David used his powerful legs to leap the distance between the Coach and himself in seconds. He punched the Coach hard in the abs. The Coach didn’t move. It was like hitting a wall. In fact, David’s hand actually hurt.

“What a fucking girl,” said the Coach, “Your little brother hits harder. Fucking punch me!”

David suddenly felt raged sweep over him out of nowhere. He poured on his power and laid into McCready alternating the pounding with his powerful fists. His force was so severe that the Coach actually took several steps back, momentarily overcome with the force of the blows. Finally David’s energy wore down. He backed away when he realized he was having no effect. The Coach’s abs seemed harder than ever.

“Man,” said the Coach, “That’s the best ab workout I’ve had in three years. I bet you’ve gotten a lot stronger too.”

David realized that rather than feeling tired, he was energized. He also had a good pump and had swelled in size somewhat. His abs where like titanium where the Coach had hit him earlier.

“See that boulder?” asked the Coach. David nodded. “Pick it up.”

David walked over the boulder. It was bigger around than he and the Coach together. He struggled at first to get a hold of it. When he couldn’t get a grip on it, he used his fingers to dig into the granite. After a couple minutes there was a cracking sound as the stone gave way, his fingers sinking into the rock. He groaned under the immense weight and then, finally, it came free. He felt his back and arms burn with the weight. He brought it around and carried it ten feet before he set it down with a great thud.

This time the Coach did not smile.

“Punch it!” he roared.

David pulled his arm back and let fly. The stone groaned but did not give.

The Coach pushed David hard. “I said punch it you little pansy ass momma’s boy! Fucking wimp!”

David pushed past the Coach pulled his fist back and hit the boulder dead on. Then again. Then again. Finally on his third try his knuckles made contact with the hard stone and then kept going. Granite dust swirled around him and the heavy boulder groaned and cracked in three pieces.

The Coach smiled again, he’d gotten hard himself watching David at work.

Power flowed through his veins. David felt so big and bad. He stretched out his arms and they looked huge to him. They were not even flexed and yet they were huge. A thick vein ran the length of his biceps, branching off and feeding the growing, thickening muscle. David’s massive traps bulged out and up behind his thick bull neck. So much power, so much fucking power.

His body was pumped beyond anything imaginable. His breathing was deep and powerful, and his cock pressed straight up and hard against his abs. He looked over at his Coach, and then headed straight for the older man.

The Coach was prepared for this.

He had never seen a man as jacked and cocky as David was right then, but he was still bigger and stronger. The formula had coursed through him for years. He understood the feelings David was having, as the formula and testosterone worked in his veins. David had strength and muscle size that a normal man could never even dream of. But so did the Coach.

They clashed like two titans. David poured on all his power, but in the end the Coach wrestled him into submission. Where David was big, the Coach was bigger. He needed David’s power to feed his own. No thing, no one, could give McCready a workout like this anymore. No one but David.

David let out a primal scream of frustration at being stopped. He felt the Coach pull his shorts down exposing his ass. His frustration was intolerable and for just a moment the Coach wasn’t sure he could hold him down. But he felt a reserve of strength well up from deep within. In the end, clearly, Martin was no match for him. But oh, it made the Coach strong. His biceps becoming harder than he ever though possible.

“Now, you’re gonna get fucked,” said McCready, pushing his big shaft into David’s virgin ass.

At first, David clamped up, but something in David wanted it. McCready pressed David further onto his rock hard member, and inserted himself deeply into the student. He slid in and out, in and out, plowing him with superhuman strength. David’s rage melted into overwhelming pleasure, his eyes glazing over. The just like it seemed it would never end the Coach finished off inside David with a massive explosion of cum. They laid together, their sweat rolling off them in the midday sun, until McCready rolled off David and sat up.

“That’s enough of a workout for today,” he told David, “You should go take a shower. We’ll meet back here tomorrow.”

David headed back to the locker room. His ass hurt, but already he could feel it healing, his glutes becoming stronger as he walked. One day he would overpower McCready, then that sweet ass would be his.

David turned on the water and stepped under it to wash away the sweat of the day. Just then he felt a pain in his balls, sharp at first. Soon it was overpowering. He crumpled up and lay on the floor screaming in agony, but no one was around to hear him.

After five full minutes of torture the pain passed leaving David exhausted. He lay on the floor as he felt his energy return to him. Salty tears dripped down his face to mix with the water from the shower as it headed for the drain. •

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