Coach's Formula, The

Tabula Rosa I.


By Shade

Earlier that day, the same Saturday, around 9:00am

David woke up for the first time in his life having no clue whatsoever as to where he was or what he had done the night before. He did realize that he was in bed and that a blonde girl was lying next to him. He was aware, rather comfortably in fact, of how close his soft cock was to her pussy. And he had the vaguest of feelings that itd been there before.

He paused for a moment to reflect on his life. Hed changed over the last three weeks. More than just physically. His growing dick was evidence of that. Before this had started hed been small and weak. A few weeks ago hed been as long hard as Ted was soft. And Ted wasnt even in high school yet. But now he was long and thick, and David had even had occasion to measure it at nine long inches. With the improved body and new wave of self confidence, David also was aware of a new way of thinking. He was still a top rate student, smart as a whip, but there was something new in his attitude and his view of the world. It was more than having the body, it was a sense of understanding his body and feeling entitled to it and the opportunities it brought him.

Finding those cans had been no accident. It had been destiny.

David spooned against his new bunkmate and felt his long weapon force its way gently between her closed thighs. He knew what he wanted and where he had to go to get at it. And she gave in, waking pleasantly.

Oh, baby, she moaned, long and slow, still half asleep.

David responded to her, wanting her sex very badly. Needing to feel complete. Her silky smooth pussy enveloped him again. David reached over her to massage her breast, as he moved slowly in and out of her, picking up momentum as his dick found its home and drove its way there with emphasis.

Let me roll over, she said after a few minutes, I want to see your face.

When she turned, David was a little surprised and pleased to see that it was Georgia Manning. The head cheerleader. She only dated the very elite males at the school and, as far as even hed heard, shed never given it up to anyone. Not even the schools quarterback.

In seconds he was back inside her, harder than ever now. Hed climbed on top of her for some good old-fashioned missionary fucking. David reflected on how her pussy gripped his meat like a milking machine, and he began to really fuck her hard. She just moaned. But what else could she do? She had his cock fucking her.

Her tits bounced back and forth to the rhythm of his thrusts. Georgia gasped as an orgasm washed over her. David felt pretty good with himself. His dick continued to slide in and out of her, his balls bounced off her ass, a pleasant slapping noise accompanying the whole thing. He opened his eyes, looking down on her. She was so beautiful. He maintained eye contact as he slowly slid all the way out of her. Then he slid back into her, just as slowly, and she arched slightly, let out a quiet moan. David continued sliding in and out of her that way, truly making love to her.

He could feel his cock growing as it always did when he had sex or even jacked off. Slowly but surely he new he was adding length and girth. His juices were churning inside his balls. He felt his muscle growing too, ever so surely in steady increments. It was like the sex was feeding him as his cock was feeding her hungry pussy. David bent down to her mouth to kiss her, and they kissed passionately, tongues exploring as he continued to thrust softly into her.

Then David did something hed only seen done, until that point, in the pornos Chet had shown him after a football party last weekend. He pulled out of Georgia, rolled over onto his back, and held his dick straight up in the air as an invitation.

She scrambled on top of him, reached underneath her and positioned him for access. Georgia pressed her swollen lips against his dick and slowly engulfed him once again. He loved her heat. In no time, she held him completely inside her. David reached up and grabbed onto her wonderful breasts. She continued to hold his dick inside her as he kissed her tits. She began to subtly raise and drop her ass on his lap, pulling his dick a couple inches out of her before sucking him back inside her.

Inevitably she began to slide her pussy up more of his cock, amazed with his length. Looking down David could see the pink lips of her pussy being pulled outward with each of the long strokes, before sliding back into her.

She really started to moan and call out as the intensity increased. He grabbed her tiny waist and slammed her up and down, driving her harder. She held still as he continued to pile drive her, but her tits bounced up and down violently with each impact. She was helpless, nothing more than a doll in his arms, forcing the poor girl down over and over again. Faster and faster, not letting anything subside. She collapsed on top of him and just went along for the ride.

She gasped. It took a few minutes, but just when she had recovered enough to resume the work, David rolled them onto their sides.

His dick never left her insides, still in between her legs. He slowed the pace, looking deep into her eyes. His hands caressed her smooth curves, feeling every inch of her.

Finally, his balls stopped churning and just exploded with everything he had. There was no time to stop and pull out.

They collapsed against each other momentarily sated. David loved fucking. He loved how it made him even bigger when he came. It was the only thing that gave him more pleasure than moving iron.

But after a few minutes Georgia asked, Can we do that again?

David smiled and nodded. •

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