Coach's Formula, The

David Gets Bigger.


By Shade

About twenty-five minutes later�

�David� said Ryan pleadingly, �Please let me down.�

He was feeling completely dominated and couldn�t understand how his brother had managed to manhandle him in this fashion. Even considering both of their sudden growth spurts that week, David was still only about 10 pounds heavier than Ryan. But even as Ryan watched his brother was getting bigger. The arm that held Ryan in the air grew more ripped. The biceps inflating ever so slightly with each passing second, adding a fraction of an inch every few minutes.

David may have been multitalented, and he may have had an impressively improved physique, but he was still only two handed. He finished the last can from the box that he was drinking and crushed it into a tight little ball like a piece of paper. Now that he�d finished twenty-four cans from that box and the five spare remaining cans, he needed to get into the remaining box to get at the last twenty-four. He set Ryan down and ripped open the final box.

As Ryan reached for a can, David grabbed his forearm in his mighty grip, causing Ryan to freeze as an expression of intense pain crossed his face.

�No, bro, sorry,� he said gruffly, �Those are for me.�

David released Ryan to begin drinking the next box. All Ryan could do was stand back and watch his brother drink can after can. It was the first time that he�d actually gotten a good look at his brother since this morning in the shower. David was bigger than he�d been earlier. He was filling out. Looking him in the eye, Ryan could tell that he was at least six feet by now, if not surpassing that. He had the thick neck of a college wrestler. It tapered in sculpted shoulders and down into thick, corded arms. As David held the can up to his mouth to drink, his biceps curled into massive round cannonballs. His forearms rippled with power. His chest was thick, like two mountainous slabs of meat. The shirt he had put on stretched painfully over his pecs, strained to the limit. And Ryan knew the shirt, one of his own in fact, was an extra large.

After a few minutes, David had finished with the second box. Crumpled cans were scattered everywhere across the floor. He�d just consumed two boxes, the five remaining from yesterday and the twenty-five he�d had last night. 78 in total. He felt like an unstoppable machine.

�Oh, fuck yeah!� he shouted, flexing his muscles into a dazzling most muscular display.

All of David�s most extreme fantasies were coming true in one wonderful weekend. He felt the formula, super concentrated, pulse through his veins.

David�s body swayed from side to side as his ever growing thighs worked to get around each other, he went into the weight room where he could use the most sophisticated equipment available to him.

�Go ahead and put some weight on this thing,� he told Ryan.

Ryan, chastened, moved over to the weight bench where David had just lain down. He put four 45 pound plates on the bar, but David after hoisting it and doing an experimental rep told him, �It too light, little bro.�

Ryan obediently approached the bar. He glanced at the 180 pounds that he�d placed there, stacked equally on either side of the bar and went to grab more.

�More!� cried out David in a deep voice.

Ryan kept grabbing all the plates he could find and piled them on, at David�s continued commands, not understanding his older brother�s newfound strength. Finally David seemed satisfied with the last of the new weights in place. He hefted the bar. He felt the increased strength course through his improved muscles. Even though it was a huge weight he barely felt it at first. Pumping out reps as he pressed over 450 pounds above his mountainous chest.

His enormous pecs bunched up into huge masses as he benched, surprising even him with their growing size. With every rep they became even larger as blood rushed to the muscles and caused them to expand under the influence of the formula. His chest swelled beyond belief. He slammed out ten, twenty, thirty reps with this weight without feeling a thing, but by the time he reached fifty, strong as he was � his muscles were burning like the sun. With a shout he finished his set and dropped the bar onto the rack with a large crash.

�Jesus fucking Christ!� said Ryan in awe.

The present size of David�s arms and legs which were now bigger even than before. And Ryan was stupefied. David stood up, getting off the bench and went behind the bar, still racked with weight. Even though it was a huge weight he barely felt it as he pulled it up to his waist and then curled it up to his shelf-like chest. His big cannonball biceps ballooned as he curled.

�Fuck�, said Ryan, blown away by the gigantic size of David�s arms.

With a satisfied grin David brought both his arms up and flexed them forcing Ryan to look with wonder from one bicep to the other.

�You like these big fuckers?� David asked in a low voice.

�Yeah,� said Ryan without meaning to.

�Fuck you bro, you ain�t seen nothing yet.�

As Ryan watched in wonder he saw David growing, his muscles expanding slowly, but steadily before his eyes to make him even more massive than he had been before. David�s torso expanded in all directions, growing wider as his shoulders and lats added inch after inch of muscle, and grew thicker as his already huge pecs expanded outwards while with the slabs of muscle on his upper back grew the opposite direction. His biceps and triceps strained against his skin, looking flexed even though his arms were hanging down to his sides to the extent his increasing lats would allow. His immense thighs were thickening, adding more and more beef, forcing him to change his stance so as to make room for the increased mass of his legs. His calves were growing also, their diamond heads getting wider and thicker with each second. Only his waist seemed unchanged though his abdominal muscles were becoming ever more packed, cut and defined. All over, his body seemed to be expanding outwards, adding pound after pound of muscle mass.

�Fuck yeah!� David yelled, doing a most muscular pose.

It was too much and the tightly stretched shirt shredded into a thousand little pieces as he flexed body part after body part. He was bigger by far than any bodybuilder he had seen in any magazine. With a laugh he pulled down the front of his tightly stretched shorts, letting his even larger dick flop out. It was only half hard but must have been at least eight inches long already. It was an effort to get it and his king sized balls stuffed back into his trunks but he managed, though with their increased size, not to mention his larger ass also stretching the suit, he wasn�t sure things were going to hold.

�Damn,� said David, �That�s the second shirt today. I owe you a new one bro.�

David was absolutely massive. Ryan was completed speechless. But they were both taken aback when they heard a voice say, �Very impressive Mr. Martin, very impressive indeed.�

Ryan and David looked to see Coach McCready silhouetted in the doorway.

Coach McCready, his chest bare, was looking huge. David sized him up. In all of his euphoric muscular glory, he�d forgotten how he�d first been introduced to the formula in the first place.

The Coach was a stunning man. He had blond hair, blue eyes and an amazingly handsome face. But David barely took note of these, his attention was captured by the massive physique the Coach was sporting. It easily surpassed his own. The Coach�s neck was a thick column of muscle, wider than his head, which was attached to shoulders incredibly broad and thick. His chest was beyond huge, each pec massive, striated and so developed that both nipples pointed straight down to the ground. His arms were simply unimaginable, with biceps pumped and ready. His lats were so wide they pressed against his striated triceps and forced his arms to hang away from his body. But his waist cut in so much he appeared almost top heavy. The rows of abdominal muscles that lined his stomach were hard and deep and formed ten lines of ridges across his midsection. His mammoth quads and jutting calves almost finished the picture but the bulge at his crotch was the finale to the huge man.

�You found my formula I see,� said Coach McCready. •

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