Coach's Formula, The

Ryan Finds Out.


By Shade

Saturday, the next morning…

Ted had just come down to the basement for his morning workout. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The basement was a mess and there was a strange guy standing in the middle of it.

No wait a second, it was his brother David. David? He was bigger than David. This guy was a like a teenage bodybuilder. He obviously worked out. Hell he was as bigger than Ryan.

But there could be no doubt that was David’s face. Or at least it was a healthier, fuller, handsomer version of David’s face.

“Good morning, little bro,” David said, again like David, but deeper.

It was like the dweeb had finally hit puberty or something. About time, Ted thought.

“What happened to you?” Ted asked him.

“Growth spurt, I guess,” said David, “Dude, I feel great.”

Dude? Did David just say dude? Ted was feeling a little lost right then. He’d heard about the twilight zone, and figured this was it.

“Wait till mom and dad see you,” said Ted. Then he realized something, “Oh shit, mom and dad went to Uncle Joe’s for the weekend.”

“They did?” asked David, as if in a dream, “They’re gone?”

“Yeah, they left just fifteen minutes ago. They won’t be back until tomorrow night.”

“Well I’m going to go take a shower, and then I’m going to the school gym, I think I’ve outgrown this one.”

And Ted moved aside as his much bigger older brother pushed past him to go upstairs. He checked out the bench and saw that every heavy plate in the basement was stacked on it. Amazing.

He needed to tell Ryan.

Ryan meanwhile was still asleep feeling a pleasant sense of exhaustion from last night. Yesterday, during third period Karly Jones had given him a blowjob. She was a sophomore. He was feeling very content and was hoping that encounter would lead to more exciting ones in the future. He was sort of half awake and half in a dream of fucking Karly when his bedroom door burst open and Ted can in shouting.

“Ryan, dude, come quick,” he said urgently.

“What is it you little shit?” Ryan growled irritably, “I told you not to come in here before noon.”

“It’s David.”

Ryan sat bolt upright. Fuck, his fragile big brother must have hurt himself or something. His dad had put the fear of god in him and told him he needed to look after his brother. He also remembered his parents had left for the weekend.

“He’s in the bathroom.”

Ted was obviously in a totally agitated state. What the fuck was going on? He got out bed wearing only his boxers and rushed to the bathroom. The door was ajar and the shower was running. Had David slipped in the shower?

Just then the shower turned off and the shower door opened. A man stepped out. Ryan instantly felt on guard. This guy looked like he could play college football, and Ryan measured him up. Then Ryan realized that he was looking not at some intruder, but at his older brother. Or some facsimile of him at any rate.

“David, what the hell happened?”

“It’s me Ry, in the flesh, all 195 pounds actually,” said David with a devil’s grin, spread from ear to ear. “What do you think?”

David swept his arms up into a double biceps pose and Ryan involuntarily took a deep breath and a step back. It was a very impressive sight and a much more dazzling display of masculinity than any he would have been able to put on with his own arms. When he’d put his arms up the towel he’d been holding around his waist fell and it revealed that David had grown very much in the night, all over.

“But how the hell did you get so big?”

“You can find out later if you want. I intend to go and get bigger. I don’t think my growth spurt is done yet actually. First I need to borrow some of your clothes though, mine are too small.”

David could feel the formula still fueling him. He had so much more energy to burn. He grabbed the stunned Ryan by the arms, picked him up and moved him physically out of the way, so that he could go get dressed.

Ryan just stood there, watching his brother walk by him.

He may be a dumb jock, Ryan realized that, but he knew that there had to be some way his brother got so big, so fast. He went into David’s room and found twenty-four empty cans that looked suspiciously familiar lying scattered on the bedroom floor. Suddenly it clicked. Ryan knew when he’d drank those cans this week that he’d put on some serious muscle in a short period of time. He’d weighed himself this week and found that he’d gained about twenty pounds of muscle and lost excess fat too. He didn’t think the cans were a steroid because the more he’d worked out over the week; the growth had begun to slow. Obviously drinking a lot of them could make you really big.

Then he heard the truck engine rev up. Shit, David had taken the spare keys. Where was he going? It didn’t take Ryan too long to realize that it had to be the gym.

He put on some jeans and a shirt, got on his bike and started peddling as fast as his muscular young thighs would take him. He didn’t realize that even as he was peddling, he was adding about five pounds of muscle to them.

When he finally made it to the school, the door to the locker rooms was open. Forcibly opened by the look of it. He went inside and found David near Coach McCready’s office. Many empty cans were scattered around him on the floor. It looked like he was making his way through a box of the formula.

Ryan realized he was missing his chance. He ran over to his brother shouting “No!” But it was too late for all that. For all the good it did him, his now much bigger, older brother easily lifted Ryan up by the shirt collar with one hand and used the other to throw back more of the cans. •

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