By msclrough

Russ roared as the sensual feeling of raw muscle flowed through him. Ben watched as the magnificent Russ started to lose mass and shrink. His disappointment at the sight was quickly replaced with the sharpness of enduring raw strength seep into his own body. Ben looked at his arms and could see them swell with size right before his eyes. Russ had already given him 25 pounds of muscle the day before, and here he was blessing Ben with even more incredible mass. Ben switched between watching his 16 inch arms grow to 17.5 inches around, to watching Russ with grateful and lustful eyes. Ben's athletic build swelled to a muscular silhouette. His pecs swelled to beefy 42 inches thick. He flexed his muscle and felt the power flow directly into his flesh, making him bigger, stronger and harder. By the time Russ finished fitting Ben with additional muscle, Ben had gained another 25 pounds, stood an inch taller, and weighted 210 pounds.

Russ racked the squat bar he was using to stimulate the flow of muscle power and took in the sight of the brawnier Ben. The sight excited him, but he was too wiped out to do anything about it. Ben took a few moments to acknowledge his added mass. He flexed his arms and felt their size, weight, and hardness. He ran his hands over his pecs and punched the balled up muscle with his fist.

Russ watched as he recovered from the strain. Ben took in the new growth much better than the night before. He already looked prepared to take in even more. Russ smiled with pride and a bit of lust as he continued to watch the younger stud play with his muscular body.

After several minutes passed, the older man pushed himself up to his feet and directed his charge to the locker room, "Let's get cleaned up."

"Thank you, Sir," was all that Ben could think of to say.

Russ put his arm around the smaller man and smiled, "You don't have to call me sir."

"I think I want to," Ben replied, and the two men entered the locker room together.

Russ turned on the showers and found that his broad chest spanned two shower heads, so he used two instead of one to wash off the dirt and sweat from his thick body and rejuvenate his energy. Ben stood behind Russ and let the warm water cascade over his muscled body. He looked down and watched the rivers of water form and flow down the valley between his pecs, again mesmerized by his own newfound size.

Without turning off the water, Russ turned around, took in a deep breath and sighed. He then walked over to Ben and embraced him in his big arms. "I'm sorry son," He whispered as he tightened his grip on Ben.

Russ's bear hug on Ben sent a sharp pain through Ben's body. Ben tried to cry out, but found that he could not find any breath in his lungs. Ben started to panic only to find himself flying through the air and into the hard tile of the shower room.

"What the fuck?" Ben cried out.

"Shut up, runt," Russ growled as he picked up Ben by his neck and pinned him to the wall. Russ made a fist and slammed the massive rock into Ben's hard abs. Russ continued the beatdown as the smaller guy squealed in pain.

Russ could feel the energy building. He both wanted to stop and needed to continue. The power grew within him once again. Even under the stress and pain of Russ's punches, Ben could sense it too. Russ was growing again. The feelings of great strength and power flowed to Russ's arm, each punch accentuating the feelings of power. Russ flexed his arm, feeling the muscle swell with each mighty blow. Russ wanted more, and that meant more punishment for Ben.

Russ threw Ben across the room again, slamming all 210 pounds of him into the opposite wall. Ben collapsed onto the floor. Ben looked up and saw Russ standing on the far side of the gang shower, just a bit bigger than his standard size. The exit was just behind Ben; he could run or stay with Russ.

Ben cleared his throat as the thoughts of the last day raced through his mind. He thought of his former self, a tall skinny guy who lusted after men with twice as much muscle. Now he was that kind of guy, and it was all due to Russ. "Fuck," he thought to himself, "I can tough it out." Though he felt his body was broken in two, Ben got to his feet, turned his back to the exit and faced Russ with a cocky stance.

Russ looked down at the smaller man with violent approval.

Ben took everything Russ threw at him with silent submission. The punches, kicks, and throws grew harder and more violent with each moment that passed. Russ felt the now familiar feelings of growing strength and power. Russ's arms swelled with wider and denser muscle. Already thick thighs grew thicker and thicker, fighting for space and rubbing against each other with each movement. His yard wide shoulders broadened and rose as they filled with greater mass. Russ slammed his entire 450 pound weight into Ben, nearly crushing the smaller man.

Ben tried to focus on Russ and occupy his mind with the awesome display of muscle and strength, but the pain he endured was too great to ignore. Soon, Ben's will began to falter; he started to feel a great urgency to escape. Panicked thoughts raced through his mind, "Why the fuck am I trusting this guy? He's going to kill me. I need to get out of here." Ben tried to cry out, but he found himself unable to speak. Ben pulled his mind back into control and noticed that Russ had stopped. He looked up and saw the massive image that he had come to expect from Russ.

Once again, Russ filled Ben's vision with a wide expanse of thick furry muscle. He had stopped hurting Ben, and Ben could see why. Russ had attained the same size he had earlier in the day and was now standing back, away from Ben to give the young man time to catch his breath. Ben tried to move, but his muscles refused and sent sharp pains in response.

Finally Russ broke the silence, "You make me very proud." Russ walked slowly over to the crumpled and severely pummeled Ben, putting his sturdy hands on the shaking shoulders of Ben. Russ let out a deep gutteral roar, and picked Ben up off the floor, easily manhandling the 210 pound Ben.

Ben groaned and tried to move, but found he simply could not.

Russ held Ben tight and pressed their bodies together, face-to-face and pec-to-pec. He flexed his rugged muscle and pressed his beefy mass against Ben in a tight bear hug. Russ felt Ben's breath exhale as he concentrated on flexing his own muscle without completely crushing Ben.

Ben's eyes snapped open. The surge of strength from Russ to Ben flowed directly from Russ's hulking chest into Ben's muscular torso. Ben felt Russ's solid arms constrict around his chest as his body grew in Russ's arms. Russ flexed harder and the stream of mass increased the rate of Ben's growth. Russ diminished in size, but remained a stout 350, while Ben topped off at 235. •

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