By rockhopper

I can find out nearly anything I want to know without much trouble. When Adam gave me my powers, that included near-omniscience. What happened to Amelia Earhart? I know. Who built the statues on Easter Island? I know. With my mind I can search through time and space to find nearly anything. And to think I used to be impressed with Google!

But I was blocked in one area. Adam, the magnificent Adam, who brought me to this incredible life, did not allow me to know any more about his life and origins than he would tell me. I didn�t know how he became immortal or anything else about the rest of our kind.

I never argued the point: His mysteriousness made him all the more sexy.

So I had no idea who this other man who seemed to be everywhere was.

He was about my height�shorter than Adam, definitely. His hair was sort of a dirty blond and his skin was tanned to almost the shade of a walnut. His clean-shaven face was as beautiful as I could imagine. I generally prefer men with facial hair, like Adam, but this man�s face seemed perfect without. I couldn�t get a good look at his body.

I would see glimpses of him almost everywhere we went. I could tell he wasn�t mortal. If he were surely I would know all about him. Could this be another of our kind? Adam was the only one I had ever met. I said nothing. Adam knew my thoughts, but he said nothing either.

This went on for about a month. Finally, one afternoon Adam and I were sitting at a caf� in Paris when, suddenly, the man in question was sitting at the table with us. He was wearing a white shirt of the kind seen only on International Male cover models, open to the navel. His body was perfectly formed, every muscle as defined and hard as Adam�s but his build was much slighter. He appeared to be the same age that Adam appeared to be, but that really means little.

�Adam!� he smiled, dimples forming as he spoke. �It really has been too long!�

�Yes, it has.�

�And who is this beautiful flower of no-longer-mere-manhood?�

�This is Peter.�

�Peter.� he smiled again. When he said my name, I felt something so powerful within me. It was like meeting Adam all over again. �I see you�ve been wondering about me.�

�He has,� Adam grinned. �It�s all he�s thought about for weeks.�

�But I...� I began. I knew, as powerful as I was, I was still no match for either of them.

�Allow me to introduce myself. You may call me Jake. Adam first knew me as Jacobus, but that�s so Middle Ages.�

�Jake. It�s a pleasure. You�ll have to forgive me...�

�I know. You�ve never met another of our kind before. Surely you knew you and Adam weren�t the only ones.�

�I guess I knew it, but it never has come up. Every time I thought to ask, I just wouldn�t�I wouldn�t want to...� I glared at Adam who smiled and winked at me. Even if I didn�t like that he could still manipulate me on one level, I found it incredibly sexy on another.

�Perhaps it is time you knew more, my dear,� Peter nodded to Jake. �Peter, where do new members of our race come from?�

I felt like a child asking about the birds and the bees. �I�m guessing we�re not begotten in the usual way.�

�Well, let�s put it this way,� Jake said, taking my hand. �How did you become one of us?�

�I was born human and Adam...Adam! You were born human too!�

�As was Jake and as were we all. Reproduction in the human way is not in our nature. For one thing it involves women!�

�Are�are all of us gay?�

�That�s what the humans call it,� Jake said as he looked into the sky and saw a threatening looking cloud nearby. Without missing a beat, he blew the cloud away and continued, �but we are all male. None us has desire for women.�

�How many of us are there?�

�As many as are needed,� Jake said as he puffed a breath in the direction of a very attractive young man who was walking by on the sidewalk whose clothes immediately disappeared, unbeknownst to him and, apparently to the notice of only Jake, Adam and me. �But there are not many,� he turned to see the nude man walking away from us and snapped his fingers. The man�s clothes reappeared as if they had never been gone. Jake loved being enigmatic as much as Adam, but he also seemed to revel in his power a little more.

Adam turned to Jake. �Was I this clueless?�

�You were worse,� Jake giggled.

�You�re older than Adam, Jake?�

�You could say that. By several centuries. But I knew he would be the right one.�

�The right one?�

�Peter, Jacobus�Jake�is the one who transformed me.�

I shook my head. This was so much to take in.

�Oh, there�ll be more,� said a grinning Jake as he gestured and a passing man walking a dog became a man being walked by a dog for about ten seconds.

�You transformed Adam the same we he did me?�

�That�s how it�s done, dear,� Adam explained.

�Oh, don�t worry, sweets,� Jake winked. �Adam and I ended centuries ago�and we were never in love. I prefer to be alone�

�But you did...� I nodded.

�Could you resist this gorgeous face?� Jake stroked Adam�s cheek. �Or this yummy body?� he patted Adam�s right pec.

�Jake!� I started.

�Oh, Peter,� Adam chuckled. �Don�t be such a prude!�

�You�re no longer human, Peter,� Jake added, as three passing inline skaters spent fifteen seconds as dragonflies. �There are some human ideas you need to let go.�

�Don�t you find Jake attractive, Peter?� Adam in turn stroked Jake�s face.

�Well, of course! He�s beautiful!�

�Why thank you!� Jake blinked.

�I mean�I mean, what am I supposed to say?� I was beginning to get flustered. I wasn�t used to feeling so out of control any more.

Adam and Jake both began to laugh. �Peter,� Adam said, �you know I wouldn�t hurt you. And neither will Jake.�

�It�s all right,� Jake said as he placed my hand on his chest. Although his pecs weren�t nearly as big as Adam�s, they were just as hard. As he placed my hand there, he opened his mind to mine, much as Adam had done just before he transformed me. Next thing I knew, Jake and I were kissing.

�Are you boys going to keep all the fun to yourselves?� Adam smiled.

�Of course not, old friend,� Jake giggled. �Let�s blow this place before we teach the humans more than they need to know.�

In the next instant all three of us were floating naked in mid-air. Adam was resplendent in the sunlight reflecting off his magnificent torso. Jake�s lean, hard build was intriguing, but something seemed to be happening. �Come and touch me, Peter�.

As I touched his arm, its muscles began to grow right before my eyes. �I generally prefer to manifest in a leaner body, but I know what you really like.� His biceps, triceps and delts grew to match and even surpass Adam�s. Jake nodded and I again touched his chest. His pecs inflated under my hand. They already were perfectly shaped, but they now had increased in size to the point that I could barely fit my hand around one. Knowing me and what I really liked, he bounced them for me. And with each bounce, every other muscle in his body grew until he had a physique that would make a Greek statue envious. He had just the perfect amount of hair to look manly without it being too much. He also grew about a foot taller. He was now bigger than Adam. I could see why in some cultures, our kind were thought to be gods.

�Come here, both of you,� Jake gestured and we both floated over to him, Adam on his right and I on his left. He wrapped one strong arm around me and the other around Adam. We both kissed his chest, one on each pec. He bounced the one on my side. He then kissed Adam and then me. Then Adam backed off. I nested my face between Jake�s enormous pecs. He continued to bounce them, caressing my face with his chest. With each bounce, Jake�s body grew even more. I couldn�t comprehend how large he was. He looked down at me and smiled that beautiful smile, nearly filling my field of vision. I then felt being lifted. Jake cradled me in his arm as if I were a doll. He spoke in my mind. �Little one, you have no idea the joy I have that Adam has you now. He has needed someone for so long.�

I looked up and saw Adam, looming nearby about the same size as Jake�again, I couldn�t really tell how big. Jake moved me back to his chest, where I clung to his pecs. Adam began to move closer to us and the next thing I knew, I was completely surrounded by four enormous pecs. Jake and Adam were pressed up against each other, completely surrounding me. All four pecs flexed in unison and in the next instant, I felt my surroundings changing. Jake and Adam had both swallowed me up. I was simultaneously inside Jake and Adam. I could feel the power that pulsed through every fibre of their beings. If ever in my life I have felt overwhelmed, this was it: I was overwhelmed with ecstasy.

I couldn�t keep my human form. I began to melt. I lost my form completely. In one burst of incredible pleasure, I became entirely liquid.

I emerged from Adam and Jake still in liquid form. I don�t have words to described how I left their bodies. It was like I emerged from every part of them at once.

Then we three were all there. Adam and Jake had returned to their normal size. We all held each other, just floating there for what seemed a century.

And all at once, we were back at the caf� as if we had never left. No time had gone by at all.

�Adam,� I grinned, �can Jake come and visit more often?�

They both laughed.

Jake began caressing my ear. �Oh, sweet Peter. All that we just did: That was just saying hello!� •

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