Stranger Within


By Braun1 and muscle4life

Ric's mind was barely working, “Oh, man, it feels like he's pushing a fence post up my ass. It is just so hard.” The blond hunk thought he would scream, his mouth wide opened when his first topper shoved that pole in completely, but no sound actually came out of his mouth, because right there Ric found himself in complete ecstasy. “He is even more beautiful fucking me, if a beast can be beautiful. He is so powerful. That’s so much manly, so much power! Oh yes, fuck me.” Ric’s thoughts invaded by his flooding orgasm again, spunk flew over his head. The big man bent down, attacking Ric's chest again. His face was so rough he was actually leaving beard burns on Ric's smooth chest.

Ric’s newfound voice echoed in the room as he managed to finally scream. “Fuck Me You Fucking Muscle God!! Harder! Fuck Me Harder! Oh man, this cock is hard as steel!”

The big man leaned back, easily lifting Rick off of the desk with the power of his cock alone, Ric gasped as he was being “towed” by that immense cock back to the weight area. The hairy topper easily held Ric by his waist, shoving his cock even deeper into Sullivan’s guts, all the way up to the bench press where he comfortably took a seat and resumed slamming his monster cock in and out that precious cherry muscle butt.

That enormously muscular stranger manhandled Ric as if he weighed nothing. He seemed focused, a deeply concentration look was written all over his face. The only sounds he produced was those loud, sensual grunts. The symphony of those manly sounds joined by Ric's own moans, besides the sound of two huge balls slapping against Sullivan’s ass, listened like a powerful mantra of sex and manhood, which could only be enchanted by two fantastically hot men in the heat of their own lust.

Ric's mind felt blank except for one recurrent thought “Oh, fuck, I'm cumming again!!” Once again their groaning symphony is interrupted by Ric’s loud yell, “Arrrrrrggghhhh!!!” The cum flew everywhere, even spreading all over the big man's chest. Ric's last thought before passing out from sheer bliss is, “Oh, God, Never Stop!”

The blond hunk woke up at once, feeling his sore muscles, he needed painkillers desperately, his body aching because of the rough sexual assault – the bright side was that the pain and the rushing feeling in his head were the proof that Ric did not hallucinate, the incredible hot moments and greatest orgasms he had indeed happened in that very room.

The unmistakable sounds brought Ric back to this incredible reality – Sullivan was seeing but he couldn’t believe his very eyes, the massive strange man who had just pounded his ass mercilessly was right back to the action right in front of him.

The green eyed behemoth stood completely naked and hard, his cock still wet from Sullivan’s ass, but nonetheless he held Donny firmly, he was actually being much more aggressive than a few moments ago. Mariano just moaned and cried out of pain and of pleasure, as the man used his enormous body against his much smaller frame to crush him against the wall, holding him by the chin.

"You fucking twisted shrimp! You want a piece of this muscle just like your friend over there huh? You two can team up and yet you cannot even begin to please a muscle god like me, but I’m gonna wear you two out, like the bitches you are, just to prove that you can't even come to my level!” Donny just obliged sacred as the massive man just ripped through his pants and pressed his cock inside his butt, the hairy man went deeper and deeper on Mariano’s ass. All the time as he fucked the amateur bodybuilder, the hairy stranger flexed his muscles, enjoying the view of his massive looks more than the ride inside Donny’s ass. Suddenly he noticed the shocked Sullivan already hard again.

“Hey coach? Back from your siesta? What you think? I caught that little faggot watching our fuck and jerking his little cock so I decided to give him a little ride on his own, since you're not man enough to please me…” – Those words suddenly felt a little too harsh on Ric, but he couldn’t care less for that right then – he was once again being dragged by that man’s intense sexual turmoil.

“He wore me out and didn't even cum himself. Now he is pounding Donny into the wall” – Ric thought as he sat up feeling suddenly very empty. The blond man walked over to hot coupling duo, noticing that he was indeed enchanted with that giant his overwhelming huge muscles and he couldn’t help but worship his muscle as he fucks Donny into oblivion.

"You are a God man." Said Sullivan stroking the man’s shoulders, feeling just how massive and hard they are, true muscle must feel only like that. They looked even bigger than before. Ric carved his teeth on that impossibly hard muscular back, causing the green eyed monster to moan very loud, but yet he didn’t lose a stroke of his fucking.

"You are so fucking huge. Who are you man? What can I call you Sir??” Ric said as he worshipped the hairy god, licking his way down his back to his hairy ass. The stranger ignored that question, he continued fucking Donny with violent abandon, but nonetheless Sullivan couldn’t stop licking up his sweat. It tasted like ambrosia; Ric wanted to feel that intense flavor each time more vividly.

Suddenly, the giant just unplugged his tool from Donny’s body. The guy was used and totally spent like a rag doll; the green eyed monster simply laughed as he threw Donny naked to the side. Meanwhile, Ric stood there on his knees, admiring the walk on that powerful figure, looking up at those huge pecs as they bounced powerfully closer to his desiring mouth.

The stranger stopped for a moment, facing his blond worshipper with his hands on his hips. He was still rough, still powerful, but there was also something gracious about him. With a mean grin in his corky lips, he just walked around the gym, until he spotted something, he steps toward the gym equipment, precisely to the heaviest equipment on the room, the leg press machine, the two appliances were massive and fully loaded, but it didn’t stop the hulking man, he bent over, holding the machines by the supports.

Even though they were bolted to the ground with concrete reinforcement, the hairy man had no trouble to overcome whatever obstacle in his way. He casually lifted the machines, one on each hand as he looked for a seat, which he found at the bench on his left side, taking this opportunity to enjoy the view of his cock once again. Ric looked at the monster, noticing it was nearly 20" long.

The hairy stranger then faced Sullivan for a moment, and then back at his cock with a very demanding gaze "Suck me while I train those guns you little shrimp, if you make me cum, maybe, just maybe I can tell you my name!" – He ordered as he started curling the massive equipment, while his cock throbbed in the rhythm of his heartbeat, the behemoth grinned as he noticed Ric’s mouth eager to please him, the massive man nods in approval when Sullivan’s mouth was finally around his cock with an intense desire to savor his juice.

“I've never even dreamed of such a cock” – Thought Sullivan as the monster throbbed with thick veins inside his mouth. It felt like someone had taken a cock and inflated it by injecting it with steel. It was like hot steel, actually more like molten steel. And as soon as the blond coach tasted that cock, he knew he had to make his “master” cum. Sullivan was on his knees and stroked the hairy man’s pillar sized legs, enjoying his sensual exploration to squeeze the uncanny huge balls. Then he noticed he would need both hands on that pole, since his mouth was busy with the head. Just getting the head in his mouth was a huge challenge for Ric, but he mastered such hard yet delicious task with such eager and voracity, he accidentally provoked an unexpected reaction from the hairy muscle god.

"NO FUCKING TEETH RUNT" He growled at Ric, placing his hand at the base of his neck, at that moment, the trainer thought he was going to piss himself, but fortunately, the green eyed monster simply adjusted Sullivan’s stance on his tool, throwing his head back as he once more felt the delightful pleasure of the blowjob. Ric knew his vision field was not very privileged right now, but the enormous size on the behemoth’s massive biceps actually made it possible for him to glimpse at the veiny peaks, even from down the crotch of that powerful stranger. At each impressive rep, Ric could swear they were growing bigger. The hairy man casually looked down with a grin in his lips, he enjoyed the fact that Sullivan witnessing his guns swelling bigger and harder with each rep, there was now no doubt.

“His arms are fucking growing! This guy is getting bigger!” Ric’s mind didn’t bother with questions at that moment. The stranger behemoth was indeed getting bigger, more muscular, and that brought the blond trainer once more over the edge – “Oh god. Oh damn. I'm cumming again!” - Sullivan managed to gather all his strength to stroke and squeeze the enormous tool he had to please. Then, he pulled on the gargantuan balls. “What is it going to take to make this monster cum?”

Ric resourced to more aggressive stimulation, so even though the man warned him not to do so, Sullivan started to lick and to take really big bites along the monstrous sized cock, from the base to the head each time he attacked the tool more vigorously trying to make it squeeze the precious juice, and finally complete the task to please his master’s cock, repeating that desperate movements with fading enthusiasm, his muscles and stamina losing the battle against this maniac muscle monster with steel hard cock and everlasting libido. The stronger he squeezed the faster his enormous partner curled the machinery, his muscles showing an even bigger size and his strength proving to be beyond anything Sullivan could imagine.

Suddenly, Ric could feel the grossly oversized balls begin to rise. His focus was now completely on this magnificent cock, for sure the biggest cock in the world. Sullivan actually wanted to be fucked again by that pile driver, but he was in fact too weak to voice his burning desire. “Oh fuck, why don’t you cum you monster motherfucker?” – gasped the blond exhausted man in a sudden surge of anger. Ric was noticeably frustrated, shaking vigorously the enormous cock in his hand.

The green eyed gorgeous behemoth kept curling the leg press machines like they were mere dumbbells over and over, he laughed as Ric tried all his best, but he seemed to be quickly losing his faith on his own capability to please such endurance and determination.

Although the cock was actually hard and throbbing, the copious pre cum dripping continuously from the mushroom sized cock head worked hard on his cock, Ric felt that pleasing this obelisk of manhood was beyond his own powers, after so much struggling and successive orgasms, Sullivan was almost passing out, so tired he felt. Surprisingly, the hairy man finally showed some compassion toward Sullivan. Dropping the machines heavily at the ground, breaking most of the concrete around them, the man simply reached for the blond guy, picking by the waist him easier than the first time.

Facing Sullivan’s ravished expression, the behemoth actually seemed to recognize Sullivan’s honest attempts, the massive muscles on his legs spread wider, as Ric was lifted higher. Like he had read Ric’s mind, the hairy man just positioned his massive cock up and easily lifting the 230 pounds weight like it was a mere feather, and once again, he plunged his cock into Sullivan’s ass, and he felt once more ass the obviously bigger length, the augmented thickness, the impossibly increased hardness of that veined muscular cock for complete.

Ric faced the marvelous sculpture on the behemoth’s pecs and abdomen, the sheer width of his shoulders, and finally to the enormity of those pumped veined biceps. The green eyes on the stranger seem to glow as he noticed just how enchanted Ric was about his monstrous muscularity. Enjoying that dumb expression on Sullivan, the hairy man brought his arm very close to Ric’s head and flexed the monstrous gun literally rubbing the muscle on the face of his worshipper, the peak was so high it grew over the blond head of Sullivan, and as the trainer realizes that he screams in a weak voice as his newest orgasm drained the remaining energy on his body, but much to his surprise, while his body was still tingling from that intense pleasure, Ric felt something happening inside him.

The gargantuan stranger’s face twisted as his tongue licked his thin lips, after that he grinned down at Ric, his whole body seemed to shake in some kind of muscle earthquake. The man grabbed Ric’s chin and attacked his mouth, with a burning desire, like he wanted to reach Sullivan’s very soul with his tongue. Ric didn’t know what he actually felt but it was something beyond human orgasm, because as the torrent of cum flushed from that enormous head, the hairy man threw his head back and enjoyed let go a primal roar, the sound of is just so intense you simply feel it running down your legs, and creaming both of you. He threw his head back to fully enjoy his orgasm with a primal roar. The windows shook with that roar reverberation, Ric smiled, as he seemed to share that orgasm, even though he knew his cock and balls were actually completely dry, but feeling the hairy man’s copious orgasm running down his legs as that enormous tool still poured the thick rich cream, Ric actually acknowledged his body going numb out of such pleasure. Then, as he still poured inside the blond man, the stranger lifted the much smaller man from his shaft, allowing the volleys of cum to fly free around the room, covering their bodies with the rich warmth.

“My name is HANK, and from now on, you are my bitch, Ric Sullivan” – Said the man with a deep powerful voice that demanded to be respected. He faced the coach for a few moments, before he simply dropped the man he had just fucked to ground.

Standing up with somehow revigorated energy, the man walked toward Mariano’s laying body. Picking the other man’s limp figure, he didn’t hesitate for a moment, while he proceeded to the main door, holding Donny by his neck and thighs, the brunette snapped out of his post sex trance when Hank shouted at him.

“And if you ever get close to my bitch again, I’m gonna beat you into pulp, pencil neck! Ya heard me shrimp?" Donny nodded nervously, so Hank just grinned – “Good, now GET LOST!" – Said the massive monster as he threw the other man onto the dark street. Ric didn’t find any strength to question that harsh attitude. Donny literally crawled away. Hank had totally turned the cocky stud into a whimpering simpleton. Well, he wasn't far from simpleton anyway, but now he's had a cock that he couldn't satisfy.

Ric felt really dizzy of such lust he carried for that man, he felt warm all over and his ass felt like it was glowing. Ric had never been anyone's bitch, but if Hank wanted him there was not going to be any use arguing. He actually didn’t want to argue with Hank about being his “bitch”.

While the biggest and most massive man in the world approached back at Sullivan, the trainer looked up at his new lover with an exhausted smile in his face. There was no way he could help feeling proud about the fact that Hank was jealousy about him and Donny – “So, Mister Hank, will it be in your place, or mine?”

Hank was indeed even bigger, his muscles got hairier and even thicker, glowing with his manly sweat pouring from the monstrous physique. The green eyed monstrously muscular man nodded his head as he sat down at the bench, squeezing into Donny’s clothes which were tossed on the floor next to his gym bag. For such a massive man, he had a tremendous grace when moving, his enormous muscles didn’t seem to interfere with his movements.

Ric waited patiently for his answer, but, surprisingly, after that rough and twisted demonstration of affection, Hank didn’t seem to share Ric’s enthusiasm about their “relationship”.

“Some ground rules Ric: you never ask anything, you just do what I tell you to do. Plus, although you are my bitch, we are no fucking hubbies, so don’t you expect any fidelity from this guy here, finally, I have your phone and whenever I call you, you'd better be right here and just please me, or if I find out you’re with any other guy I’ll crush him in front of you, and then I’ll simply walk away to find another bitch for me!”

“Yes, Sir, I understand.” Ric said while he pondered “What else was there to say? No questions, be available. I sure hope he wants me soon because I am already feeling empty.”

Satisfied with Sullivan’s total submission, Hank just stood up proud turning his massive back on his so-called bitch “Farewell, shrimp, I’ll see you around...” said the man as he left without even kissing him goodbye, a kiss that Hank wouldn’t dare to ask for.

“The more I look at him the more he seems familiar. There’s something in the eyes. I sensed he actually felt something for me, but I still couldn't ever remember meeting someone like him. Not even remotely like him.” Ric stood there completely puzzled about the whole situation, as he gathered his strength to clean up the mess and head home; he still had a full busy day tomorrow.

When he finally got home, Ric was beyond exhaustion; his body felt sore all over, it was like Hank had given him the hardest routine of all! Although his body was destroyed, his mind refused to surrender to the sandman, especially when he heard the message on his machine.

“Erm…, hey Ric, this is Henry Mitchell, I wondered if we could meet tomorrow morning, I really think it would be better for me to change my workout to the morning, I hope it’s okay with you, please if you get this message in time, don’t bother phoning me, because I am just sat here waiting for instructions”

“Damn, what am I going to do about Henry? If Hank was going to be calling anytime, how can I just let the little guy down and go meet him? I'd really need to set him up with another trainer, I… need to phone him…” Although he bravely tried, Ric’s body finally won the battle with his mind and soon, he drifted into hot dreams of his massive powerful Hank… •

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