Stranger Within


By Braun1 and muscle4life

This is a collaborate story by me (muscl4life) and Braun1, based on a role-playing series we had (and will always dwell among the hottest sessions I've ever had). Since we both felt it turned out much better than we orginally expected, we decided to have some extra work to change it into the story format. I hope you guys enjoy it. The theme is actually very simple, but excellent nonetheless - I don't even have to fill you in more details if I tell you in advance that it is a revisitation to the classic "Dr. Jekill and Mister Hyde", and frankly, I think this is much better than my poorly written story.

Ric Sullivan, an amateur bodybuilder, owned a very nice medium sized gym, dedicated to advance fitness conditioning, was mostly known by his professional peers for being particularly strict about his trainees’ profiles. He usually trained those guys who he believed have potential to reach a professional career as a bodybuilder (something that he had always dreamed but never actually reached), so everybody got surprised by the fact that he was personally supervising this new skinny guy, who clearly was not a future bodybuilding star. Some people said it actually happened because the little guy happened to be very loaded, and Ric couldn't resist such temptation to get some good money, especially when he was still in delicate financial situation because of the opening of his own gym.

In any case, they've been training for almost two years now.

Henry Mitchell, PhD, had dark brown hair almost black and pale skin, big green eyes and a very intense look, like he was constantly thinking, a guy who could actually solve the mysteries of the world while he did the most mundane things; however, he had always considered himself as the “forgettable” type.

No matter how hard he tried, apparently people seem to forget about him very easily, they never recognized him on the street, a fact that caused Henry to pass by awkward situations in order to remember the exact circumstances where they have met before, something that lately has been followed by something like “Oh, is that you? WOW but you look so different now…” – Henry knew that it could mean his hard efforts would be finally showing, but he preferred to believe that the person actually never paid enough attention on him before and now is just using a lame excuse to cover his or her lack of politeness.

Dr. Mitchell did gain a considerable amount of lean, muscular weight in the short term of two years, which would be formidable for any guy who went from skinny unshaped 130 pounds to ripped and much stronger 157 pounds. At his 5'7" tall frame he does look in a much better shape, but due to his very reserved dressing style and extremely timid behavior his surprisingly lean physique with defined muscles remain hidden to the world at large.

Such dramatic change only happened thanks to the work of Ric.

Like every other day he trained, Henry watched carefully while the blond stud across from him performs. Today it was chest day for Ric, the flat bench one of his favorite exercises. Henry thought -"He's always so calm, so focused, how he can be so strong? God, look at those muscles, he's so powerful and yet he focuses on each detail of his work out, I can't max even a third of the weight he's doing for warm up! I'm such a wimp!” – The slender man turned his head back to the display of his ergonomic bike, noticing the torturing time of his ride was almost over.

Right in front of Henry, his personal trainer was just finishing his set while his pupil finished his cardio for the day. Ric pondered - “The warm up feels good, but I can't get out of my head the feeling that I must be doing something wrong with Henry. He does the work, he says he eats what I tell him, and he is a really nice guy. I hate that he's not making his goals, but if things don't change soon. Well, I think he might need another trainer because what I'm doing obviously isn't working. Oh man, he's watching me again” – Moving on to inclines the strong professional trainer pressed the weight, seeing the powerful image, Sullivan’s natural reaction was admiring his own reflection, like most of the people in the weight room.

Once, the timer beeped Henry stopped, cleaning the sweat on his face, before he walked toward his massive trainer, as most of the times displaying a timid smile, failing to disguise his discomfort about being observed by the other gym members

“Two more....ugh. One more…YEAH!” Ric stood tall adjusting his stance for a few moments – “Ok, enough warm up. Man my pecs feel good tonight.”

Ric knew that he received complimentary stares, at his muscles, and was constantly being observed by the gym members. He smiled and greeted his fellow associates with friendly gestures, as he toweled his strong build.

At 34 years old, Ric Sullivan was clearly an example of dedication and determination toward having self-realization through bodybuilding – at 6'2" tall and about 230 pounds of very proportionate, symmetrical, disciplined muscle, this gorgeous male specimen had perfectly tanned skin almost through the whole year, Sullivan hasd clean cut and modern styled sandy hair, with very intense blue eyes, and masculine features, especially his square jaw and high cheekbones, his physique is smooth thanks to constant shaving sessions.

Ric loaded up Henry's next to heaviest bench while the Doctor walked closer to start his weight lifting routine. The strong trainer moved behind the bench, standing there smiling, as he bent lower to grab the plates, his chiseled sculpted muscles clearly showing through the tight design of training shorts. Ric’s granite hard bubble butt became perfectly noticeable, such a delightful view would not remain overlooked by the very perceptive eyes of a science man, however, Ric stood up much faster than one would suppose, judging by the impressive size of his physique. The blond hunk actually was able to notice his pupil’s amazed look over his legs and butt, however he just decided to play cool.

"Before we get started, could you give me a spot, sport?"

"S-sure, Ric, I guess... I can" – “Oh my god he knows I was looking at him, oh shit!”

Sullivan’s work outs were usually the longest among the trainers; he always adopted a very severe routine, maximizing every aspect of the session, in order to make it worth for the trainee.

Ric had noticed that Henry was excessively shy around others, and it clearly kept him from getting everything he can from his workouts, and since that was his gym after all, the trainer clearly doesn't mind the fact that it would be better if he kept working more with Henry in order to get him to do get better results, and it really worked. Henry’s complexion was much healthier, his muscles clearly showing a good pump, although nothing compared to Ric's own condition, the slightest efforts he does in order to guide Henry, clearly made Sullivan’s impressive figure literally glow in its tanned perfection.

Noticing his pupil finished the last rep waiting for his next orientation, Ric smiled as he brought up the bar back to the rack. – “You’re doing great kid! Let me just show you how to do a more concentrated rep, can you please help me here?” – The trainer grinned, tapping his shoulder just before he started his new series, although he was just trying to be friendly to Henry, Ric immediately regret his choice of words – “I know he's not a kid, but he looks like one. Damn! There I go again. He'd be so hot if I could get him to bulk up some…”

Although, Henry’s progress was not deniable, and he surely was really trying his best, like he always behaved about everything in his life, Ric still had doubt about training Henry, mostly because he feared to discover that he indeed wasn’t capable of adjusting the level of intensity on his routines to someone who was not a high-performance athlete.

Ric pressed through the weight – “I really don't need the help but make it looks like I'm struggling a bit with the last couple of reps. I'm hoping to motivate him.” The last rep is almost done but Ric stopped at the middle holding the weight and staring at Henry – “See what I mean? This really helps improving the results on each rep!” – Dr. Mitchell, in his mind, just wanted to kiss that powerful man and get the hell out of the gym.

"Oh my God, look at his shoulders! I could build a house over them, and he's so nice to everybody, he even smells so nice" – How many times Henry wanted to worship the beauty and the power of Ric’s physique but due to his lack of courage to declare his feelings toward the trainer, the young scientist once again felt the frustration with the words which actually came from his mouth.

“Ric, I... hope you don't mind, but I think we'll need to finish a little earlier today, I still need to go by my office and check on some experiments... (Oh, no! I mentioned "experiments”, now he will know I’m a total science geek)”

Before the trainer had any chance to answer, Henry slapped his own thigh, in a weakly impersonation of his strong personal trainer – “Oh what the crap! Sport, slap a couple more 45's on here and that will be my last set, then we can call it a night." Henry said trying not to sound like he was actually trying to quit the work out earlier, he knew the trainer hated when he came up with excuses for not dedicating to his commitment to the increase of his physical condition.

Ric smiled a bit surprised by being suddenly impersonated by such a shy guy, pulling his shirt off to swipe his sweaty forehead. – “Cool, just one more set, and you’re free to go, genius!". Henry performed the exercises as Ric showed him, trying to squeeze every ounce of strength of his tired muscles. When Ric asked for extra reps, Henry actually failed to perform more than one, which forced the trainer to grab the weight and set it on the floor before he could hurt himself.

Ric quickly checked on his pupil, his massive body atop of Henry’s much more slender figure, his capable hands checking on his muscles to see if he had pulled anything. His caring worried expression – “Are you okay? Is anything hurting?” – When the blond trainer was finally sure that Henry is doing okay, just lowered down to the ground and grabbed the bar to put it back on the rack, giving the student a clear view of his impressive bulge.

“Oh god, he’s got such a thick cock! I still have dreams about that cock!” – Henry considered for a second, but then he just felt the urge to get out of that awkward situation, while Ric arranged everything back on its place. While the client grabbed his stuff, he never failed to notice of disappointment on his trainer – “He knows I’ve checked his bulge many times during his work out, he knows I’ve seen him soaping that massive cock, He knows I’m so much into his muscles, and if he doesn't repel me it's because he's a very nice guy, but what if he thinks that enough is enough?!"

Ric was not very happy on his side either – “Man, I could have gotten this kid hurt! What if I push things beyond his capacity? Why does he always look like he just lost his puppy?” – "Henry, I know you've made good gains, but you were aware that I usually work with the builders. I thought that's what you wanted. I just don't know if I'm the right trainer for you. Are you sure it is still what you want? I'll try to think of some solution, if it is what you want.”

Henry closed his bag – “Oh GOD he's dumping me as a client! He already knows I'm a failure! No, I can't just let him think that I am not worthy of his work, that I’m a loser! I need to change that! I really need!!"

"Ric... Please don't quit on me!” – The slender man came closer, touching the massive warm chest of his trainer, which felt pumped to the max – “I need you, man, you’ve proved to me I can do things I never thought possible before; I don’t know if I’ll keep the same motivation with another trainer! Look, Ric, about my gains, I just want you to know that... I know it's not your fault! God you made me grow from 125 to 157 that's much more than I thought I could ever weigh, and my stats improved a lot, so I really know that you're the greatest trainer"

"Well said, man, thanks for your appreciation of my work!” Ric acknowledged putting his hand on the shoulder of his trainee, feeling the much slender man flinching in a mix of embarrassment and pain – “He did almost get hurt this time, I need to pay closer attention to this guy!” – "If that's what you want, I won't give up on you. But, you have to believe in yourself. You have to want it more than anything. I'll work up a new routine for your next workout and we'll start working on some power lifting moves. Maybe that will pack on some size. But I stink and so do you, we both need a shower." – The muscular personal trainer said going toward the locker room. Henry took his time to admire the view of this incredible man as he walked away; his shoulders so broad, the back so thick, the ass, just so powerfully perfect.

After grabbing their towels and shower gear, Henry and Ric entered the shower area. To Henry, that was always the favorite, yet the most delicate time of training with Ric. Showering with a tremendous hunk, like his trainer, was always a dangerous situation, because no matter how hard he tried, Henry just couldn’t keep himself from getting a boner, and he might be “forgettable” as a person, but his endowment was clearly far from that. After all, not many guys had 9 inch long hard thick dicks – “He knows I’m so much into his muscles, I hope I can keep it under control." Henry looks at those massive muscles oh the object of his lust – "Oh my love, one day I swear I’ll tell you all the things I dream for us, even if I know I am not worthy to be around such a powerful muscle god!" – the slim guy fantasized with his eyes closed while his hands explored the hardness of his own ripped physique.

Ric opened all the shower heads in order to get the hot water into its maximum flow, soon the whole area was filled with the steam, which served as a good “curtain” for, surprisingly, both of the guys. Ric’s wandering eye had noticed the improvements on his trainee’s physique

“Not bad at all, I wish I could find him more attractive, though. He's such a good guy, but I really need someone that can at least be my equal, someone who I can work with and who truly understands what it is like to be committed to body building”.

The trainer disregarded Henry’s physical assets, until the scientist turned around – “DAMN! That kid has the biggest cock I’ve seen in a long time! I still can’t believe such tiny guy has a monster like that between his legs!”

Unaware of that fact, Henry just rinsed his ripped lean muscles, causing his big cock to shake noticeably between his thin legs, meanwhile Ric continued with his own thoughts unaware of Mitchell’s hidden agenda.

“He knows I’ve checked his bulge many times during his work out… I still think I could have some casual fun with him, but this guy is so closed, so uptight that I can’t take any chances with him, he might just freak out if I come on to him, and what if he gets scared? I can’t risk losing him as a client, the gym still is not paying itself, and the personal training appointments have gotten harder to get ever since I came out to the bodybuilding world.”

Ric tried to concentrate on just taking his shower, rinsing his thick slabs of muscle pecs, feeling that even though he had shaved less than three days, he already felt the harsh sensation of his thick body hair growing like weed again, just to remind the blond bodybuilder that he would soon need to have another round of his apparently eternal battle against his furry nature.

Henry could feel himself plump up a watching the water cascading down the back of his beautiful trainer, but he did notice Ric's gaze at him not only once, but over a couple of times paying special attention to his body, including the surprise look at Sullivan’s face as the trainer noticed Mitchell’s hardening cock. Henry quickly turned away, back into the flow of the water thinking, "If only, if only....." However, the hardness of his engorged member made Henry snap out of his daydream, before Ric noticed his complete boner; Henry just stormed out of the weight room and heads to his car.

After all he was still a scientist working for one of the greatest studies about the impact of hormonal effects at the male organism. The same studies he had personally brought to a whole new level with his current experiments.

Henry felt that he was very close to reach an important breakthrough, thus his constant preoccupation about the latest batch of the artificial testosterone complex, obtained by genetically altered human cells kept in a special culture environment.

Mitchell still needed to stabilize the testosterone artificial chemical substitute’s imbalance, but after a few hours on the machines, the levels should be ready for new manipulation. If his calculations were right as he hoped they were, men with under developed male characteristics would be able to get much safer, less invasive and much more efficient treatment. But it also meant another sleepless night for Dr. Mitchell, spending all of his available time at that sterilized and uncomfortable laboratory complex, with very little human contact whatsoever – “Henry Mitchell and his busy social life!” – pondered the scientist starting his car heading to his work place at ChemTech Labs.

The next training day, Henry’s appearance was not really good. It’s been quite a busy day, because everything has gone wrong on the laboratory for the last 25 hours, his experiments didn’t work quite well as he expected; Mitchell stumbled across a very serious problem that might not be able to be solved. Something had gone clearly wrong, and judging by the tired expression on the scientist, Mitchell spent the latest hours trying to work on something to solve the problem. His eyes were heavy, the hair was a mess, but there was nothing that would force him to skip a workout appointment with Ric, not after all that shameful scene, Henry would just prove to his trainer that he could dedicate him as much as any other client.

Dr. Mitchell came straight from the lab, so it meant that he never went home not either for taking a bath or changing his gym clothes, he just figured that would lose too much time, so he bought some new clothes at the mall – After all, his work outs were at 8 o’clock precisely, and Rick hated when his clients were late for his appointments, so Henry did not get the emails or the voice messages Ric let for him changing the training for a bit later, since now he would be training a new client up to 9 pm. Something Dr. Mitchell would have to find out the worst possible way.

When Henry got to the gym, he saw Ric spotting to this incredibly built stud. Henry’s photographic memory promptly recognized that amazing specimen of male grace as Donny Mariano, at 23 years old, this 5’10” 260 pounds of incredibly chiseled muscles was the new hot sensation of amateur bodybuilding, a perfect match for Ric’s favorite profile. The striking looks on that spiked haired brunette young man clearly intimidated Henry’s behavior – although he wasn’t the kind of guy who made a scene, Henry was noticeably embarrassed about the whole situation.

The view of Ric and Donny seemed to be taken out of any instructional video – they were in perfectly tuned into the hardcore working out style. Donny kept repeating extra reps just as Ric just complimented him “Yeah, dude! One more, that’s it! Gimme one more champ.” – said the blond trainer to his newest trainee. Henry just watched in awe noticing how energetic that duel was. The whole gym seemed to orbit around their magnificent session. The music was loud, and once Donny was done with one exercise he enjoyed the opportunity to look at his pumped reflection at the mirror, narcissistically contemplating his tremendous physique. Ric greeted him with a loud “high-five” just in time to notice Henry’s pale figure in the corner. Sullivan then walked closer, looking at his watch.

“Uh, hi sport. Didn't you get my messages? I postponed our work out to 9 because I need to work with Donny now. He's training for the Nationals and asked me to help him harden up for the show. I hope that’s not an inconvenient for you..." – Ric rested his massive sweaty hands on Henry’s shoulders, which cause the scientist to instantly blush.

Nonetheless, Henry just stood there quiet looking at Donny's signature – his impressive legs, according to the material Dr. Mitchell read about that young promising bodybuilder, he rivaled the pro stars in both size and definition. Those pillars were indeed huge after an exhausting pump they look amazingly powerful, so Donny just amused himself by flexing his pillars.

“DAMN! Look at these fucking thighs, aren’t they simply the expression of the word Power? Donny’s legs are bigger than mine, this kid is gonna be star I tell you sport” – Ric said as he noticed the direction of Henry’s intense gaze – “Someday, if you take my advise more seriously, you can have a pair of huge tree trunks like these, Henry!” – Ric tapped Henry’s shoulder, unintentionally making his smaller pupil feel even worse about himself.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your 'client' Ric? Or is he trying to get a mental picture of my legs?” Donny said in a loud tone, without looking directly into Henry’s face – “Doesn't look like he's been in a gym lately” – Mariano concluded in a cocky low tone.

Sullivan smiled embarrassed while he thought -“Yep Donny can be an asshole, but he has a great ass”, in any case, Ric tried to overlook the arrogant attitude of his new trainee – “Donny Mariano, future pro bodybuilder, I want you to meet my other trainee, Doctor Henry Mitchell, he’s a very brilliant man!” – Those two trainees couldn’t be more different. Henry extended his hand – “I think I read some great articles about you, Donny”- but the brunette just kept holding his towel around his thick neck – “"Yeah, that's me squirt. I hope you don't mind me stealing your trainer for a while, but I'm told he's the best. And so far I couldn't agree more." – Mariano smirks giving Henry a condescending look.

“Donny can be a real jerk sometimes, but I can’t deny that pounding his ass after a workout is an incredible feeling, he just couldn't get enough of my fat cock, and pairing with him is sure a good thing to promote my gym. I just wish I could sew his mouth shut and he'd be perfect” – Ric smiles a bit trying to make things less awkward, noticing the clear stress on his much smaller pupil – “Man, Henry looks really bad. He doesn't look like he has slept since he has been here before”, he knew that the best thing was rescheduling Henry’s training so he wouldn’t have met the arrogant Donny, which could mean even more stress on the shy man.

“Henry, you look like you are coming down with something. Why don't you take today off, and just grab a steam and go home and get some sleep. You do know sleep is important to gaining, don’t you?” – Sullivan said something Henry never heard expected to hear from him before, Ric was letting him go without any training at all, and after all the sacrifices he had to make in order to attend the gym tonight, really built Henry’s anger inside his mind.

"Sure, because this way you can stay with your big jerk and work on his premium sized muscles, I can’t believe I could be working on that damn culture all along, instead of humiliating myself in front of those muscle heads! Oh why nothing works for me in my life! My projects are simply not responding to anything I try, and now not even working out is a time where I can actually relieve the stress and the frustrations from work!" – However, like he’d trained himself his whole life Mitchell just smiled and agrees along with his hunk trainer – “Sure, Ric, I… Should get home although the staff have already paged me twice since I left... I can come back tomorrow, how long will you spend with Donny anyway?”

Before Ric replied to that Donny broke in, “Well, buddy Boy, the contest is in three weeks, but if it works out well, Ric might just spend all his free time with me, after all these real muscles needs his wisdom to get even bigger, plus you clearly don’t qualify for his special services like I do!” – once he noticed that they can’t be seen by other gym members from that spot, the hunky massive man discretely cupped Ric’s butt, acting in a very territorial attitude, something that clearly ticked the nerves on Ric – “If Donny pats my ass one more time, I might just slug him. But the money is great and the sex ain't a bad bonus, I just can’t let that opportunity pass as well”

“I'll call your cell tomorrow, Henry. But buddy, you really look like you could use some sleep," said Ric trying to comfort Henry’s, while Donny was spending his time flexing that championship body, completely dragging the trainer’s attention – “Damn he looks so fine. His tan is coming in, and he’s starting to really look cut. That’s hard to concentrate when he keeps flexing this ass at me. I gotta focus not to bone up right there in the gym.”

Ric didn’t even notice when Henry left the gym – “Poor guy, I know he’s gotta a crush on me, he looked so sad, but was that a flash of anger before? I wish he would have said something. I just wish he'd stand up for himself once. I'll have to remember to set the alarm on my phone so I remember to call him.” Sullivan returned his attention to Mariano when the obnoxious muscle hunk just yelled – “Come on Coach, I’m losing my pump here!”

Henry just slams the door on his car - "Shoot! They're together! That massive moron is doing my love! How could he? How DARE he? How could you do this to me Rick? I love you, you know that! We almost kissed that night, I felt you... It's because of my puny muscles, if I were like that Donny guy, you'd be all over me, and would never pay attention to that imbecile!" – Mitchell’s eyes fired with anger, but most of all, with the idea that races through his brilliant mind. He just entered his car and proceeded to the lab. Would he finally be able to do what he’s been trying to do all along? Well, for just a tenth of the appreciation Ric showed toward that hunky jerk, he would go much deeper!

Hours later, Ric and Donny were still finishing their work out. Since his new pupil needed special attention on posing techniques, they would do it better in private, but that was just the decoy story they told the staff in order to get alone in the gym and finally have the wild sex only two massive men like Ric and Donny could.

The last employees were gone, and they were about to close their doors, when something from outside caught their attention, a loud noise at the street, but Ric assumed it was something going outside his gym, so he just returned to the back part of the building to finally pound Donny’s ass like he had desired all day long.

“You Rick Sullivan?" – A powerful voice filled the gym, such a powerful tone the windows seemed to vibrate as it echoed through the weight room. Ric’s mind was still focused on getting everything set for his upcoming sex party, so he just didn’t pay much attention for the colossal figure that suddenly eclipsed the light that came from the foyer.

“Yeah, that's m-m-m-me!!!" – “Holly cow he has to be the biggest man I've ever seen!” Ric’s shock expression revealed how stunned he got by that incredible view – The owner of such powerful voice was truly a new definition for the word “powerhouse” - a massive bulk filled the whole doorframe, when he finally got through the door! Ric’s jaw dropped in awe.

“WOW, is it really only ONE MAN? He sure looks like a whole bunch of them!” – Sullivan kept staring as the massive unknown figure approached. At 6'10" this man exceeded the most exaggerated measurements on width, hardness and muscularity! His arms were gargantuan, his chest simply mountainous, his abs so popped out like boulders, his legs so thick they made his waist seem even thinner. His incredibly wide bowling ball sized shoulders also increased the narrowness aspect of his hips, only accentuating the typical comic book styled shape on that incredible specimen.

With dark hair, at shoulder length, thick sideburns and a killer tan, that man had the most intense green eyes ever; his features were stunningly perfect, with very strong Italian build and a huge wrestler's neck! His deltoids were so developed, his biceps had perfect "cobra" veins to emphasize their gargantuan proportions and his legs managed to be so thick many guys wished they could have chests half that big

The massive stranger wore a very tight white under armor shirt and spandex pants, noticeably at least fours sizes smaller than they should be to contain such massive bulk, which looked very odd because a man with his size would have to buy much bigger clothes; the very tight spandex pants were barely covering his massive bulge. Through the flimsy fabric you could see dark thick hair coming through his chest, although his massive muscles couldn’t deny his obvious knowledge about bodybuilding. The length and thickness of the hair on his body indicated that he has not competed in a long time. Or did he?

Even Donnie was completely shocked by such massive muscles. He leaned forward to whisper in Ric's ear, “I sure hope he doesn't shave, or I'm fucked in this contest.” Ric barely heard him, because the trainer experienced something compelling him toward that mountainous man. The man was just that... all man. All sex. – Ric only needed a quick glimpse at his crotch to confirm the enormous bulging which attested the size of that package. He clearly also had a very thick foot of cock compressed in those spandex pants. “And, fuck, just look at his legs. They are as big as Donny's chest. Oh, damn, I'm hard as a rock.” Ric dived deeper in the tourbillion of thoughts and sensations the wonderful body of the dark stranger provoked in him, but eventually he seemed to find his voice. “Erm I mean…hmm…. What can I do for you -sir-?” Coach Sullivan reached out his strong big hand to shake the giant's paw entirely engulfed. The squeeze was actually painful, but Ric wouldn’t let that man notice he was in fact hurting him that easily, so Ric tried to resist as the dark powerful man examined him from head to toe.

His voice is so deep, it would be like Barry White singing soprano, “I heard you were the best, but if you are training this -wimp-, I guess I'm wasting my time.” The stud turned to leave; Ric noticed he also got a firm spectacular ass packed into those tight pants. “Oh, My, God, Now that is a power ass, if ever one existed.”

Ric knew he had to stop this one of a kind man from leaving; he could be his ticket to bodybuilding stardom, and hopefully much more!

“Wait, I'm sure we can work out something. Let's talk. What are you looking to achieve? Most men would be happy with all you have already.” – Sullivan said trying to smooth his way up with the dark Italian massive stud; but in reality Ric’s gaze couldn’t stop scanning every inch, of the impeccable physique on that gargantuan man. Donny was barely a memory at that point. Ric kept thinking “If Donny is a super heavyweight, then this man is a super male.”

The big man took his powerful hands on his narrow hips, towering over Ric's head, who had to take two steps back, in order to focus on the stranger’s face. Those deep green eyes seemed to look deep inside of him. “Well, for starters, I'm never gonna be big enough for my taste…” – said the green eyed monster down at Ric, and without taking his eyes of the blond trainer, he seemed to notice Donny’s awe about his remarkable endowment – “and you’d better take a picture of my cock, it may last longer!” The sound of his deep laughter filled the empty free weight area.

The hairy stranger strutted over to Donny taking time to emphasize their whole foot in height difference. Normally, that would count in favor to Donny because not many tall guys kept the same muscularity level that Mariano’s 5’10” frame carried, but in that case not only the stranger towered Mariano by exactly one foot, but he surely had more than compensated the height difference with sheer massiveness – the stranger body simply dwarfed Donny’s impressive physique in such obvious way, the shorter guy passed by a skinny little toddler next to the powerful dark haired man.

“You're the guy from the mags? Shit, they REALLY had to use lots of Photoshop on you. Isn’t that right, you runt?” Disdained the mind blowing bulky hairy man, taking the opportunity to flex his 27” guns, making sure he laughed when Donny simply dropped his bag on the ground staring and without any reaction to such overpowering view.

“Yeah, take a look at these, little man! You’d better believe it squirt! Those are not synthol guns, they are the fucking real deal!” Donny was completely spellbound, his only reaction was nodding his head a couple of times, with a dumb expression printed in his face, such funny look lasted for a few seconds, until he suddenly noticed the embarrassing fact that the stranger behemoth wasn’t paying attention to him anymore, so Mariano enjoyed the view of the enormous muscles bulging as he walked.

The big man took a good look around the gym, and then he stopped at the squat rack where Donny had been working. The bar was still loaded. “This is what you are using for squats?” Donny jumped inside his pants, that powerful yell suddenly took him from some kind of trance. Feeling that he was being summoned by that immense master, Donny just rushed closer to the dark haired stranger. Even if Donny was 250#, he looked incredibly small next to the humongous stud.

Rick found himself in a sudden puzzle. That incredible creature filled with muscles was using the gym like he owned it, but at the same time Sullivan was worried about his possible reaction “He saw me checking him out. Holy fuck, he's going to pound me into the ground. I'll be an oil spot on the parking lot by morning. Damn, he's going to curl that bar.”

The big man lifted the bar off the rack easily stepping back, preparing to lift the considerable weight. His huge biceps stretched as he lowered the bar, the veins of his arms and chest also swollen and his arms slowly and deliberately curled the bar in perfect forms. Each repetition seemed to be taken straight out of a revolutionary training routine. The ball of his biceps muscle just grew and hardened even more as the weight rose. That impossible strong man was curling almost 600# like it was a 50# bar.

Ric just couldn’t believe that the big man wanted to be his client. The blond trainer was simply stunned by the sheer power possessed in this man's body. His whole torso seemed to pump from the curls. He was rock solid, no swaying, complete perfect form. Ric realized he’d been hard ever since that man arrive and he had came in his own shorts, embarrassing him completely in front of the bronze muscle god.

The guy did an unbelievable amount 50 reps with the weight, and then in a single movement, he handled all of that weight in one fucking arm. Looking down at Donny, the massive bulk of this stranger filled the vision of the young bodybuilder, who just couldn’t resist anymore, cumming in his pants, without even touching himself.

“Yeah, you fucking runt. These muscles are too hot for you? You can’t handle all this man? Get the fuck out of here, you little shrimp,” said the monstrous muscle man stomping the ground and scaring Donny as if he were a little scrawny runt.

The dark haired man turned his enormous bulk back to Ric, taking the opportunity to check out his new “trainer” from head to toe - “Listen here – 'coach', I want the same 'plan' that little dweeb was getting, which means I will also have access to that nice ass of yours!” The powerful stranger grabbed the bar easily bending it like it was fresh donut dough and tosses it to the ground. It rang and clattered across the floor landing very close to Ric’s feet who just gulped.

“Um, Yeah, I mean, Ah. Sure. Um. What did you say?” - “Damn,” Ric tried to process all the information that hunk dropped on him – “How the fuck did he know what Donny and I were up to. Did he call me 'coach'? Oh shit, what have I got myself into? If I train that monster too, when am I gonna have time for Henry?” Ric's mind was racing even though he was at the verge of orgasm, a tourbillion of images and sensations flooded his thoughts as the look on the stranger’s eyes noticed he was in fact enjoying the silent worship treatment Ric’s hard showed him. The look on his rugged face was scaring, but there was nothing sexier in the world at that moment, the monster just came closer and cupped Ric’s crotch with his enormous paw, squeezing it not really tight but just enough to make Sullivan’s balls ache in such good way, his load was not very far from creaming his jock. Then, the powerful paw moved onto Ric’s solid muscle butt.

“W-w-why don't we go back to the office and discuss your program? I'm not sure I can do much to help you. You are obviously already way past my level.” Ric was still trying to memorize every inch of this super stud. - “I always top, but if this fucker wants my ass, then damn, it is his. I just hope I have a shot at the big man's too. What an ass.” - Ric's head was working overtime.

The big man strongly placed his arm around Ric's shoulder, letting him feel the weight of that powerful limb. It was so heavy it almost made Ric's knees buckle as they walked toward the office. He noticed a couple of janitors still cleaning the office area and he roared at them. “You dudes, get the hell out of here! Coach and I are gonna discuss work out techniques.” The green eyed hunk grinned down at Ric, “Yeah, like they would believe I'm not gonna fuck you in the ass with this pile driver!” To emphasize his meaning, the huge man held his enormous cock through his shorts to give Ric an even clearer view about how massive it really was. His arm tightened around Ric's shoulders and he turned the blond muscle trainer around, easily carrying him on his gargantuan arms.

“Fuck, Ric, I really wanted to do this for a long time!”

Said such powerful gorgeous man as he kissed Sullivan passionately, feeling the still impressive yet much smaller body as his violent tongue assault stole the very last ounce of air from the blond man’s lungs. Ric haf never been more excited in his life, but part of him was confused too “wanted it for a long time-?? Who is this guy? I would have known if I had met him before. And damn. That cock, a foot long and still mostly flaccid. When did his shorts disappear?”

Ric was still being powerfully kissed enjoying his feel of the stud's powerful body.

Everywhere he could reach, was solid and hairy. The stud's forearms were like bridge cables. His pectorals were like boulders, but warm, very warm, and that smell. His smell. It was sending Ric over the edge of sensory overload as he shot again, and again. Ric's jock was soaking with cum and all the big man did was kissing him.

“Oh, Fuck, who is this guy?” Ric's mind was boggled.

For the big man to carry Ric's body was like an adult carrying a little boy. He simply put him over the bench and stood up, “Shit coach, you have a nice bubble butt!” He grinned as he stroked his massive tool. It had to be over 15” and he was also incredibly thick. That cock looked almost muscular itself! Ric knew bodybuilders were supposed to shave, but all that hair failed to hide one ounce of those massive muscles. In fact, given the majestic furry cover over the impressive muscles, they simply look even bigger.

“Oh Yeah, open up for a REAL cock, little guy!” His weight was something Ric had never felt before. It felt like the hardest cargo that he ever handled in the gym. The big man pounded his cock into Ric’s butt with no mercy. Ric felt the pain, but it was quickly replaced by the pleasure of feeling all of that cock inside his own body. The stud laughed as he kept pounding Ric's ass, flexing his guns, proving his male superiority. He leaned over Ric's smaller muscled body and took a bit on his huge nipples. He massaged Ric's large pecs; stroke his hair with unexpected tenderness. The hairy muscleman just looked into Ric's eyes and for one single moment, Ric almost felt like he has seen that look of admiration before, but that only lasted for that instant soon the massive stud was back to his rough sexual assault, plunging his cock harder and harder, deeper and deeper into Sullivan’s up-to-that-point-virgin ass. •

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