By xythan_shadow

“Holy Shit! I want to suck that ‘till my jaw is sore!” was the first thought that came to Jim’s mind. Mule stepped forward slightly and Jim said weakly, “Nibble and rub it.”

Mule nodded and Jim slowly went to his knees. Adjusting himself on the couch pillows, he slowly approached Mule’s crotch. Jim peered and looked intently at the blue shorts, the cuts of muscle extending downward from the leg holes, and of course, the distance the bulge stuck out from his body. Jim wanted to knock Mule down and suck him to orgasmic bliss, but Mule’s command of “Slowly, everything must be done slowly” reinforced his control.

Jim started not with the meat of it all, but instead went to the quads. He started to nibble right at the point where his leg was uncovered by the fabric of the boxers. Jim used his teeth to grab the short hairs around the boxers and gently tugged them. Jim licked his fingers and ran his along the grooves of Mule’s leg.

Jim looked up at Mule past the muscular pec shelf and towards his chiseled jaw, seeking approval and asked, “Am I doing this ok Mule?”

Mule opened his eyes and tilted his head forward to look at Jim. Panting slightly, he caught his breath and muttered, “Fuck yeah little man, you’re doing great. Just keep going with your feelings.”

Mule flexed the quads even more and did a modified most-muscular pose for Jim. Jim looked up into the amazing cavern that Mule’s chest made and immediately took his left hand up to it while his right remained at the quad.

Constantly looking at Mule to make sure he was doing it right, Jim slowly became more and more confident as Mule gazed at him with a look of endorsement.

“How does that feel cub? These legs can squat over 650 lbs and leg press almost 2k. Feel all that power, those muscles rippling, the raw fury contained in each tree trunk? You like it don’t you?”

“May I lick them?”

Mule nodded and relaxed the pose briefly, switched legs and flexed his left quad. Jim felt more comfortable in wrapping his arms around the meaty limb. He started by grasping the leg and giving it gentle kisses. Then, using his tongue, he slowly licked the crevices in Mule’s massive leg, giving the muscles a massage. Taking his hand from Mule’s chest, he worked his way to the hamstrings, gripping the firm muscle and acquiring a low growl from him.

Jim dismounted the couch after spending a few minutes caressing Mule’s humongous thigh and moved down to the floor to spend more time with his diamond shaped calves.

“How’s the view down there buddy?” Mule’s deep voice rumbled.

Jim didn’t respond verbally, but instead let his tongue work its way into the groove of Mule’s calves. Jim licked as Mule started to perform calf raises and growled, “Yeah, these babies are so fucking strong. 1000 lbs are nothing to these mothers. I have to do 60 raises with the stack just to start feeling it.”

Jim held his tongue and hands on the muscle and enthralled himself in just the feeling of the thick beefy calf flex and relax under his touch. The flexing of this huge muscle god turned him on even more and soon, Jim was back to the boxers. Placing his hands around the elastic at both sides of Mule’s hips, he grasped the cotton firmly. Using his teeth, he nibbled around Mule’s copious cock. Mule started to groan and Jim noticed a spot of pre forming around the head of the bulge. Jim placed his lips near the hot meat and sucked, acquiring a sample of Mule’s cream through his boxers. The suction created by Jim’s mouth and the friction of the fabric around Mule’s swollen head caused him to thrust forward slightly a few times, his cock desperately wanting to fuck Jim’s mouth.

“Fuck man, you’re doing one hell of a job. You’re going to tease me into shootin’,” Mule panted.

Jim took that as his cue. He slowly moved back towards the waistband, nibbling the shaft as he went. Grasping the waistband with his teeth, he slowly drew them down. As the boxers went down, Mule’s pubic bush was revealed to Jim’s nose. He caught a whiff of it, and smelling a musk that made him harder, Jim pushed his face closer. Then slowly, Mule’s cock began to be exposed. At this distance, Jim’s nose ran along the shaft. He could see the blood coursing through the meaty rod and he could smell the precum drip from it. Finally, Jim had the boxers below the lengthy head and freed Mule’s meat from its confines. In appreciation, Mule’s cock sprung upward, its uncut head bobbing and glowing red. Mule quickly took the boxers off, kicking them to the side and slid his hand down his cock once. This allowed Jim to fully absorb the length and breadth of the tool Mule was packing. Mule’s hand, which was huge compared to his hand, looked almost small when grasping his cock. Mule could probably place both his hands end to end gripping his shaft and still have an inch or so room before touching the head. And the head, that glorious uncut head. So shiny, so thick, so juicy. Jim’s thoughts were running rampant through his head as he looked up at Mule.

“So Jim, why are you still dressed?”

Jim looked up at Mule then down at the floor. “I’m not nearly as buffed or fucking hot as you. You don’t wanna see me naked.”

“You think that matters to me? If it did, you think I’d be standing here, hard as fuck and fucking naked? Now get naked. That is, unless you want me to get dressed.”

Jim never ripped off his clothes so quick in his life. A few seconds later, he was out of his jeans and briefs waiting for Mule’s disapproval. But it never came. Mule walked up to Jim, engulfed the smaller guy in a huge hug and grabbed Jim’s ass.

“Fuck yeah, that’s a nice ass you got.” He licked a finger and slowly poked and prodded his way around Jim’s furry hole. Jim moaned but in his mind he wasn’t ready to lose his cherry.

“I’m sorry Mule, I don’t think I’m ready to get fucked in the ass just yet.” Jim hung his head, preparing for the worst.

“That’s ok Jim. Being fucked is a big step and I can wait for you to get more comfortable with it all,” Mule smiled. Jim looked up and grinned, excited that his big bear wasn’t too upset.

“Go get me my duffel bag from the room,” Mule ordered.

Jim broke the embrace and ran off to the room. Grabbing Mule’s giant bag with both hands, he rushed back to the den to see a naked muscle god lying prone on the beige carpet. He rolled to his side and said, “Lay the bag here.”

Jim did what he was told, setting the bag near Mule’s upper body. He stood still and at attention while Mule rummaged around the bag. Finally, Mule pulled out a small packet of a clear liquid. Rolling to his back, he handed Jim the packet.

“Sit here,” Mule commanded, pointing to his massive chest. Jim smiled, then straddled and lowered himself on his chest. He looked back to see that his weight wasn’t even bothering Mule, which in turn made Jim even harder.

“Now, open that pack and spread a little on my fingers.” Jim did as he was told, smelling a scent similar to strawberries. Mule pinched the thick liquid between his fingers and rubbed them around a bit, spreading the substance all over his index and middle finger.

“Ok, now pour some on my dick. Don’t worry, it’s an editable lube that I’ve found recently.” Jim smiled and slowly let the viscous substance drip slowly from the pack onto the head of the massive cock. Once the head was thoroughly drenched, Jim tossed the empty packet aside. Gripping the head with both hands, Jim slowly slid them down, spreading the lube in an even coat down the meaty shaft. Mule moaned and arched his back slightly as Jim went lower and lower onto his cock. Jim was enjoying jerking the huge man off, but suddenly, a cold finger went into his ass, followed by a warm, sensual feeling as Mule probed Jim’s virgin hole. Jim moaned as he stroked Mule’s shaft and Mule slowly slid his index finger in and out of Jim. Mule’s cock was slick with lube and pre, and the moist meat called to Jim. He leaned down and put the tip into his mouth. He tasted Mule’s essence combined with a light hint of strawberry. Jim couldn’t mouth the entire rod, but nevertheless was content with just sucking the first few inches of the mighty meat stick. Slowly at first, Jim moved his head up and down, the luscious cock moving in and out of his mouth. Then Mule slid his middle finger in to join his index. Feeling Mule rub his prostrate, Jim redoubled his efforts as his cock hardened and leaked freely.

Jim couldn’t help but wiggle his butt as Mule worked his hole with the two meaty fingers. The pressure and stimulation from Mule’s fingers, combined with the moans from the big guy along with the thick head in Jim’s mouth proved to be too much stimuli for Jim to handle. He took Mule’s meat as deep as he could and came over Mule’s stomach without even touching himself.

Mule reached his left hand around and gripped Jim’s cock. Jim moaned as he sucked the big guy, feeling his rough hands grip his shaft and surprisingly feeling himself get hard again.

“Fucking hot cub man. Yeah, I’m really not going to let you go as easily as that other guy,” Mule moaned. Mule arched his back a bit more and started to fuck Jim’s mouth. Jim in response, matched Mule’s rhythm and thrust himself deeper onto his giant meat rod. The closer it got to the back of his throat, the harder he had to fight his gag reflex, but the rough and firm hand of Mule on his cock and the two thick fingers in his ass made it progressively easier to ignore his natural reactions. Jim let one hand slide to Mule’s tennis ball sized sack and began to fondle them gently. That was all it took to push Mule over the edge. He thrust upward with such force that Jim thought the back of his head would be run through by searing hot man meat. Then came the flood of Mule’s cum, rushing its way into Jim’s throat, powering its way down his gullet and filling his stomach with manhood. It was so much cum that Jim had trouble swallowing it all and some dribbled out the corners of his mouth, down the throbbing shaft and into the patch of sweaty cock fur.

Mule thrust a few more times, discharging the remaining contents of his balls while Jim greedily lapped up the muscle god’s fluid. Mule’s hot breath warmed Jim’s back as the big man panted from the endeavor. “Fuck.”

Jim didn’t need to hear anymore than that to know he did a good job. He smiled like he just won a gold medal at the Olympics. And each additional “Fuck” from Mule only reaffirmed his delight.



“Holy fuck”

“Fuck man, that was good.”

Jim felt better than he had in an exceptionally long time. He leaned back and turned slightly to kiss Mule. Mule took his hand that was stroking Jim’s cock and grabbed the back of Jim’s neck, drug him in and gave him a kiss full of passion and delight. Then Jim just leaned back, enjoying the firmness of Mule’s body.

About thirty minutes later, Mule looked at the clock. “Damn, I got a seminar in about an hour. I don’t know if you’ll be allowed in, but I’ll check for ya cub.”

Jim curled up against Mule. “That’s ok, I’ll just spend a little time down in the casino for a while while you find out if it’s ok. I guess we should start cleaning up.”

Jim got up and stretched himself out as Mule rose from the carpet. Jim got aroused again just watching the giant rise to his full height and his cock pointed forward in agreement. “Yeah, I was going to suggest that we shower together, but it looks like we wouldn’t get anything done.”

Both of the guys burst into laughter. After a few moments, Jim looked around for his clothes. He picked up his pants, boxers and shirt and began to walk to the back of the room.

“Dude, you don’t have any clothes, do you?”

“I got these,” Jim said as he held up his only set of clothes.

“Damn man, that’s sure as hell not going to work.” Mule bent over at his waist and began to rummage around his bag. Jim stood there and stared at Mule’s perfect ass and Mule turned slightly to catch Jim staring. Mule then started to shake the bubble butt back and forth. They both laughed a bit and Mule stood up with a t-shirt in his hand. Tossing the shirt to Jim, he said, “Here ya go little man. It’s one of the shirts I wear when I want to hulk out of something. It might be a little big on you, but it’s better than what you’ve been wearing. Wish I had some extra shorts, but I everything I have would look like Capri pants on ya.”

Jim smiled and hugged the big guy’s torso. “Thanks big buddy. You’re the greatest.”

Mule chucked and rubbed Jim’s head. “Now go on, go shower up.”

Jim nodded and went off the bedroom. Hopping in the huge shower, he turned on the hot water. Letting the warmth seep into his bones, he recanted the week’s events. From the depths of despair to the height of ecstasy, what was the whole cause of this drastic change. Somehow, he knew that it was because of the coin. He turned off the water and spread a towel over the floor so he wouldn’t drip all over the clean tile. Grabbing a hand cloth, he dried his hands and reached into his pants that were lying on the sink. He pulled out the coin and held it up to the light. It sparkled slightly and the glint soothed him. He pulled it closer to him, examining it in closer detail. The bicep on the coin seemed bigger than he last he looked at it, plus it felt warmer. He brought it closer to his chest and hugged it. Soon as it made contact with his skin, he felt the warmth flow through his entire body. It felt good, comforting and familiar. Suddenly, he knew what he should do while Mule did his convention thing.

Jim got dressed and went by Mule’s room. Sticking his head in, he shouted, “Going downstairs big man, catch me before you head in.” A gruffy, masculine voice responded, “Better not go any further than that sexy, I’m not letting you go.” They both laughed and Jim quickly rounded the corner and peeked into the bathroom to see his muscle god wet and pumped. It was just a moment but it instantly got him hard. But, Jim tore his attention from the showering behemoth and resumed his mission.

Jim headed to the casino area. Now, like any good southern guy, he smiled and greeted everyone en route. He even thought to himself, “You know, I might be wrong for swearin’ off women just because of that one bitch.” But as he walked through the gambling hall, not one woman even responded to his polite and sincere greeting. Most snubbed their noses at him. Jim sniffed himself and the new shirt that Mule gave him. “What’s wrong with me? I don’t smell or anything. Well fuck it.”

He headed to the craps table and bet 5 of his 20 dollars. After a couple dozen wins, he was up to 10 thousand dollars. Then he started getting attention. Ironically enough, a few of the ladies he greeted on his way in and was snubbed by started to try and snuggle up to him. But by this time, Jim was exceptionally jaded. He flat out said to them, “Oh, so now y’all wanna to talk to me, huh? I come in and greet you proper-like, and you ignore me just because I ain’t look like shit. Don’t think I didn’t notice.”

The ladies stammered to try and recover, but Jim cut them off. “Besides, I’m here with someone,” he commented as he waved down Mule. Mule swaggered over to him, causing jaws to drop to the floor as he crossed the room. When he arrived at Jim, he gave him a long, intense kiss and then greeted the ladies.

“Hello ladies, hope you’ve been treating my guy here well.”

The ladies couldn’t do anything but stand and stare at Mule’s awesome physique as Jim responded, “Don’t worry ‘bout them big guy, they were just leaving.”

They frowned and pouted apologetically, but Jim turned his back towards them and resumed his game. “Look big guy, my luck is still holding out. I’m up 10k.”

“Wow, you are lucky. Make sure not to go overboard or anything, you don’t want to blow it all on a silly wager.”

“Don’t worry, I’m only betting half the pot each time. I’m lucky but not crazy.”

“Cool beans. Well, I’m off to the main hall to our first seminar. I’ll catch this sexy ass later,” Mule growled as he squeezed Jim’s ass. Jim chuckled and hugged the big man back before he went to the conference hall.

Soon after Mule left, Jim was up to 50 thousand dollars. Then a few gentlemen in suits came up to him and gruffly took the dice from him. “What the fuck?” Jim almost shouted, but maintained his composure. The big man that took the dice from him, threw them down the table. They landed on 3. The croupier slid the dice back to the guy. He rolled again, this time landing on snake eyes. Again and again he rolled coming up with numbers like 4, 11, 8, 5, 9, 7, 3, and other random results before he stopped. Jim stood there, slightly aroused and slightly intimidated by these two thugs. The one that was rolling the dice handed them to Jim and said, “Roll.” Jim was apprehensive about what was going on, but did what he was told, and again, rolled a 7.

“Come with us sir, please,” one of the big guys said to Jim, gripping his arm fairly tightly.

Jim winced in pain and said to the croupier, “I’ll be back and I know exactly how much I have there.” They walked into a back area, through some halls and into this white room with a table and chair. The big guys sat him down and the nicest of the three spoke up.

“I’ms gonna be honest with ya. We’s think yous been cheatin’ us tonight. The boss man don’t likes bein cheated.”

Jim leaned back in the chair and relaxed a bit, “And why does your boss think I’ve been cheating him.”

“He thinks either yous the luckiest guy in the world, or yous been cheating him. If yous been cheating him, he’s not going to be ‘happy’. And ifs the boss ain’t happy, wes ain’t happy. And ifs wes ain’t happy, wes got to take it out on somebodys. And todays, “ he leaned forward a bit, flexing his forearms and imposing himself a bit, “that somebodys is yous.”

Jim naturally tensed up, but then relaxed. He realized that he had nothing to fear because he was being completely honest. “I assure you gentlemen, I’m just exceptionally lucky as of late. If there’s anything I can do to help prove this to your boss, I’ll be willing to help.”

As soon as he said that, he heard a pair of latex gloves snap behind him. “Wes was hopin’ yous would cooperates. Wes needs yous to take off all your clothes.”

Jim was kinda shy about taking his clothes off in front of these massive thugs, but he controlled himself and willed his half-hard cock soft. He took off the over sided shirt Mule gave him, his socks and shoes, then his pants and his boxers. Laying them all over the table, he stood away from them covering himself with his hands. As two of the guys rummaged through his clothes, the third one with the rubber gloves began to grope Jim in his most private places. When Mule was fingering his ass, it felt beyond good, but when this guy roughly felt up Jim’s ass, Jim couldn’t help but to shudder and tighten up. But that didn’t stop the thug’s cavity search. A few moments later, the search stopped and the big thug said, “Open ya mouth.”

Jim opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could and wiggled his tongue around, showing he was hiding nothing. The guy looked for a moment, then turned around and said, “He ain’t got nothin’ on him.”

The other thugs, finishing up their search of Jim’s clothes, responded “Ain’t nothin’ in his clothes either. Just his wallet and a little cash. Wes sorry bout this man, but ya know, wes gots ta make sures yous ain’t cheatin’ the boss.”

Jim nodded and got dressed quickly. The thugs were a lot more polite to him now that he proved himself, escorting him back to the table. They nodded to the croupier and he slid the dice back to Jim.

Hours later, Jim was a millionaire.

The next day, Jim woke up from a beautiful dream to the sounds of grunting and rock music coming from Mule’s room. Jim got out of bed, already boned up and worked his way to Mule’s room to see the giant guy doing one armed pushups. Jim smiled and then went inside and laid himself on top of Mule’s massive back. Not even breaking his rhythm, Mule growled, “Morning sexy, how’s my little cub?”

Jim responded, “I have something to tell you after you finish.”

Mule grunted in agreement. He did another 50 with his left arm before switching to his right for a set of 100, all with Jim along for the ride before stopping. Jim got off Mule’s back as he stood to his full height. He grabbed a towel and began to dry off his sweat sheened body. Jim’s rod poked its head out of his boxers and Mule looked down and smiled. Stepping forward, he took Jim’s cock in his hand and said in a sultry voice, “So beautiful, what is it you wanna talk about?”

Jim’s eyes rolled back in his head. But even through the immense pleasure, he demanded focus from his lust filled brain. “Let’s go to the kitchen and talk while we eat.”

Jim lead the way with Mule right behind him, grabbing his ass and rubbing his half hard cock against Jim. When they got there, Mule sat down to the spread that room service left and starting chowing. Jim ate a bit slower and then went into the tale about his adventure from the night before, including every detail from the search to his newfound wealth. •

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