By xythan_shadow

Dozer was sad to hear Jim wanting to leave, but he understood that he had to find his own way. Giving him one last hug, Dozer stopped the cab at a random place on the strip to let Jim out. They said their goodbyes, promised to find each other again, and Dozer was off, continuing onward to California.

Jim stood on the Vegas strip and looked around fumbling with the coin in his pocket. He was about to enter the casino right in front of him, but something felt wrong. He looked around and went to one down the street a bit. This looked to be the fanciest one in the area. Something felt right and he walked through the sliding doors. As soon as he entered the luxurious interior, horns and whistles blared and balloons and confetti fell down from the ceiling.

“Congratulations sir!” A hyper-active young lady ran up to Jim. “You’re our 1 millionth patron! You are the winner of a week’s stay at our fabulous casino in our presidential suite!”

Jim couldn’t believe his luck. Not a moment in town, no where to stay and nothing to do, he had already solved his first issue. The young lady led Jim to the counter where they had him sign miscellaneous forms to claim his prize. As they were inputting Jim’s information, he looked around the front desk area. His gaze fell upon a massive bodybuilder, bigger than his wife’s new boyfriend, bigger than Dozer, even bigger than he could imagine. He was complaining to the hotel manager who seemed to have overbooked a local convention that he was supposed to be attending.

Jim felt the need to speak up. He was so lucky to begin with, why not share his good fortune with someone else. “Hey, if it’s no big deal, I seem to have a room, and I’ll be willing to share it with you,” Jim interjected.

The mammoth muscle man turned toward Jim and Jim almost fell where he stood. The man’s face was beyond beautiful. There was a level of masculine that he had never knew existed before Dozer, and what stood before him now completely overshadowed Dozer’s natural ruggedness.

He had a 5 o’clock shadow and a square face, but what hit Jim most was the sapphire eyes. They were filled with wisdom, yet a jovial innocence that Jim’s never seen. His smile lit up the area even though he was going through so much difficulty. He was wearing a grey Starter sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up to the middle of his biceps. But Jim doubted any fabric on earth could hide his size. He had his arms folded and was leaning on the desk. His meaty arms were bigger than Jim’s head and were covered in a layer of hair that looked like it was just growing back. His chest hung over his arms like two beef pillows that Jim desired to sleep on.

He stood to his full height and Jim had to grab the counter to maintain his balance. This guy dwarfed Dozer as much as Dozer dwarfed him. He had to be at least 6’8’’. He strode over to Jim with a gait that exuded confidence and manliness. He looked down at Jim, not in arrogance, but in a gentle and thankful gaze and said, “Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to impose on you.”

Jim caught his breath and looked up at the behemoth, barely seeing his face past the huge pecs that jutted away from his chest. “I’m quite sure. I mean, for all intensive purposes, I shouldn’t even have a room. But I guess I was lucky today and it would be just wrong of me not to share my luck.”

The giant smiled and held out his hand. “Thanks a lot, I didn’t want to have to try and find another hotel in this area. The name’s Brian, but my friends call me Mule.”

Jim extended his arm and placed his hand in Mule’s grip. His gaze drifted to where their two hands met and it was like watching a baby put their hands into an adult’s palm. “I’m Jim” he coughed out, his throat dry from the comparison of the two.

“Well Jim, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m glad that you were lucky today and that luck spread to me.” Mule laughed with a deep chuckle.

“Here you are sir, you’re room is on the 32nd floor, Room A”

“Whoa, 32nd? That’s the penthouse!” Mule exclaimed.

“I’m guessing that’s a good thing,” Jim causally responded.

“I’ve never stayed in a penthouse.”

“Neither have I. Guess this will be a first for both of us.”

The unlikely duo headed toward the elevator. Rounding the area, they entered a glass enclosure specifically designated for penthouse use only. As Jim went to insert his keycard to activate the elevator, he stifled a laugh. Mule looked at him and said, “What’s so funny?”

Jim pointed at the sign and said, “It says ‘Weight Limit Two Tons’. I hope we’ll be ok.

Mule grabbed Jim in a headlock and started to give him a mock noogie, “You calling me fat?”

Jim laughed, “No, quite the opposite, I think you don’t have an ounce of fat on ya, just I’m worried that you’re two tons of muscle.”

Mule released Jim and chucked, “Not two tons of muscle, but definitely two tons of fun.”

They arrived on the 32nd floor with no incidents. Jim got off the elevator first and saw there were only two doors on the whole floor, A and B.

Mule tapped Jim on the shoulder, “Hey man, don’t you have any luggage?”

Jim turned around and saw only a slab of stomach and the underside of Mule’s massive chest. Drooling for just a moment, he looked upward and responded, “No, I didn’t bring anything. This was more of an ‘impulse’ journey.”

Mule remarked, “Dude, that’s friggen crazy, coming to Vegas with nothing. What are you going to do for clothes?”

“Haven’t decided yet.”

Mule shook his head and followed Jim down the hallway to Room A.

Jim inserted his card and, after he heard the door clicked, twisted the knob and entered the room. He let loose a low whistle and Mule followed suit. “This is the best looking room I’ve even been in!” Mule exclaimed.

The room, or should they say apartment, was massive. The living room area alone was larger than all the other rooms in the hotel. There were two suede couches sitting facing a flat panel HD TV mounted to the far wall. To the left of that was a wall of glass doors leading to the balcony. The duo walked around, exploring their accommodations for the week. They found the master bedroom and it’s gigantic bed, the master shower big enough to fit three people Mule’s size, the guest rooms, the kitchen, and the game room.

Mule put his giant duffel bag into the largest guest room and the two made their way back to the living room. Jim sat down and took off the shirt he was wearing for a few days now.

“Whoa man, that’s some mighty fine chest fur you got there,” Mule remarked, “You’re real lucky, I always wanted some chest hair like that.”

“What are you talking about? Lucky? Bah. I’d kill to have your height and muscles.”

“So, you like muscles?”

Jim wasn’t sure how to proceed. Part of him didn’t want to offend the big guy, and part of him wanted to explore some more like he did with Dozer. Finally, he came out and said it, “Yeah, when it comes to big guys and muscles, I’m a,” Jim thought back to what Dozer called him, “Yeah, I’m a cub when it comes to big guys like you.”

“Really now? Well come here.” Mule walked over to the largest couch. “Stand up here,” the behemoth ordered.

Jim was confused and speechless but did as he was told. Even standing on the couch, Jim’s head barely reached Mule’s shoulders.

“Remove this,” Mule bellowed, pointing at the sweatshirt. Jim looked at Mule questioningly but Mule nodded gently at him. Jim grasped the fabric near the bottom and pulled upward, struggling to get the normally stretchy material past Mule’s wing-like lats. After a few moments of twisting and turning the shirt, he got it up over the shoulders where Mule took over. Taking it completely off, he tossed it to the side.

Jim looked at this giant, no god. He was wearing a skin tight white T-shirt under the sweatshirt. It was slightly sweat stained and clung to his skin like Saran Wrap. Jim could see the meaty pecs and luscious nipples poke through the fabric, his giant arms threatening to burst the sleeves and a wall of abdominal muscles that could stop a bullet.

Jim moaned slightly and went to feel the mound of flesh that was Mule’s pec, but Mule stopped him.

“Can I please?” Jim begged.

“Not yet little man. I know what you need. Just follow my orders as best you can and I promise you, it’ll all be worth it,” Mule grunted.

“But I don’t know what I’m doing. This is only my second time with a guy.”

Mule grabbed the back of Jim’s neck and drew him in for a kiss. After a brief moment of passion, he whispered, “That’ll make this all the sweeter. Now, be a good boy and follow my directions.”

Mule grasped the T-shirt at the collar, and with a slow and deliberate motion, tore it straight down the middle to reveal the bounty of muscle hidden within.

“Now, remove this.”

Jim’s cock hardened as he fumbled to grab the shirt. Mule took his hands and guided Jim up his godlike torso. Directing Jim like a conductor would direct an orchestra, he moved Jim’s hands towards the top of the shirt.

“Slowly, everything should be done slowly.”

Jim nodded and he grabbed the shirt at the top and slowly separated it, revealing more and more of Mule’s chest. When his arm span was too short to completely take it off, Jim moved to the left side, slowly drawing that side of the shirt off the giant arm and down to the back. He then moved to the other side, drawing that side down, allowing the shredded material to fall to the floor. Jim stood there and looked at the massive chest before him, slowly rising and falling as Mule took deep breaths.

“Ok Jim, now tell me, what do you want to do with what’s before you?” Mule whispered.

“I want…I want to feel them.” Jim muttered.

“Go ahead.”

Jim place one hand gingerly on a swollen pec. Looking up at Mule and seeing him nod approvingly; Jim began to rub it in a circular motion.

“That’s right little guy, how does it feel? This chest can press 415 lbs for reps easy. Think about how much power that is. And that chest hair, feels good now that it’s growing back. Don’t you think so?”

Jim nodded and then looked up. He wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Mule understood his look though and said, “Keep going, what do you want to do next?”

Jim said, “I think I want to feel your arms.”

Mule smiled and did a single arm flex and brought it down to Jim. Jim cupped his hand over the massive peak, running his hands along the veins. Jim squeezed, trying to move the muscle, but to no avail.

“Uh huh little guy, how does that feel? You like these fucking guns? 22 inches cold of raw manhood right there. These babies can curl 120 lbs easily. You like that, don’t you, thinking bout me curling those huge dumbbells, these boys getting pumped and bigger.”

Jim continued to squeeze the hard muscle. “How did you get so big and strong?” he inquired.

“Hard work and dedication ever since I was in High School. All natural too, that’s why I’m here. It’s a natural bodybuilder’s convention.”

“I’d give anything to be this big.”

“It’s tough work man, but I’m sure you can do it. Just stick with me for a while and I’ll show you how it’s done. Plus you’ll get to see more of this.” Mule flexed his pecs and instinctively Jim ran his hands back towards the bouncing muscle. “What do you want to do now?” Mule inquired.

“I think…I think I need to lick them.”

“Good boy, go with that feeling. Just tell me what you want to do.”

Jim started by licking around where his hands were, the nipples of Mule’s chest. He could taste a layer of sweat and his 3 day facial growth was tickled by the fuzz that was returning to Mule’s chest. Jim stopped to place his ear against Mule’s chest and to listen to Mule’s heart as Mule commented on every body part and action.

“Yeah, listen to that muscle heart, pumping blood to every thick muscle in my body. You gotta have a strong heart to run a machine like this. You got a good tongue, you’re a natural at worship.”

Jim looked up at Mule and saw the obvious pleasure in his expression. He wasn’t just saying this for Jim’s feelings; Mule actually thought that Jim was doing a good job. Jim stood on his tiptoes to give Mule a kiss, which Mule gladly accepted and readily returned. Jim then let his tongue run down Mule’s face, feeling the 5 o’clock shadow, down to his massive traps bulging with veins and onward to the primed peaks of Mule’s guns.

Jim kneaded and licked, kissed and caressed the bulge for minutes before switching to the other arm and repeating the process.

“Boy, you got me so hard and hot. Damn, you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“No, Dozer was the first guy I’ve ever been with and it wasn’t like this, but I so enjoyed that blowjob I gave him and the hand job he gave me.”

“I’m surprised he let you go, you’re a hot little fuck.” Mule grunted as he stepped slightly away from Jim. Jim looked up at the big man expectantly as he bent over to remove his sweatpants. Jim licked his lips as he saw the thick cords of Mule’s quads and hamstrings flex as he took off the pants. As Mule kicked them to the side, Jim could see the Big Dog’s boxer shorts Mule wore and the amusing catch phrase “All Muscle” printed over the button fly.

“That’s very fitting for you big guy,” Jim remarked.

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet. But that’ll come soon enough. Now, seeing this huge bulge,” Mule said as he adjusted his enormous package, “what do you want to do with it?” •

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