By xythan_shadow

“7 again!”

“Ladies and gentlemen we are witnessing history in the making. This man is the luckiest man in the world.”

Jim smiled and collected his winnings. 100 million dollars in one night he thought. The hotel provided security for him as he returned to his room. Of course, they were being a lot more pleasant after they checked him and made sure he didn’t have anything that would be considered cheating. Nope, he didn’t need anything like that. He had his coin. And his life was different from the moment he found the lucky metal.

************************************************** *****

6 months ago, Jim’s life was in shambles. He had gained a few dozen pounds and he found out his girlfriend was fucking this young horse-cocked bodybuilder every night while he worked to pay the bills. What hurt most was the way she broke up with him.

“I never really loved you Jim. I just loved having someone take care of me and Hank. You were a lousy lay, a fat fucker and your 5 inches could never compare to Hank’s 13 inch cock.”

He fell deep into depression soon after that. He looked at himself every day, her words echoing through his head. Fat Fucker, 5 inches, never really loved you. He lost his job and soon after was evicted from his apartment.

He was walking aimlessly afterwards and saw his former fiancé across the street with the biggest guy he’s ever seen. Standing at least 6’5’’ tall, he was wider than two of him put together. But even at a distance, you could see every rip and striation on his body. He wore no shirt on this warm summer afternoon, and his arms bulged outward, proof of years in the gym. His pecs sat upon his chest like a carpenter laid shelf, sticking out far enough to create a visible crevice below them. His abs were a six pack of hard muscle, ripped and meaty. And finally, his eyes led him down to his obvious pride and joy. Stuck in a pair of gym shorts was the biggest bulge he had ever seen. She had one hand around his torso, barely reaching the center of his back and the other slowly stroking his mammoth cock. He watched from across the street as they walked, the 13 inch beast slowly rising against his shorts and him looking down at her with lust in his eyes.

After that, Jim took off running. He ran to the edge of town where there was a bridge that led to the next county. This bridge crossed a large ravine and was often used for illegal base jumping. But what Jim had in mind wasn’t base jumping. He had hit his limit. What was there left for him in his life? His only love left him for some guy that look infinitely better than he and obviously could pleasure her in ways he couldn’t begin to imagine. Who would want to have him, he was a fat fuck with a 5 inch dick? No one would, that’s who.

He approached the edge and leaned over to look the abyss in the eye. Sighing what he thought would be his final breath; he stepped over the rail. But as he went to lean back and fall to his demise, he noticed something on the ground. It was a 20 dollar bill lying on the ground with some coin object on top. 20 dollars is unusual to find in an area like this, but the coin seemed to draw his attention more so. Something about that coin seemed to call to him. The glint and shine under the rising moon and fading sun seemed to make him feel more peaceful. So much so that he stepped back over the rail and picked up the coin and bill. Stuffing the cash into his pocket, he examined the coin. It wasn’t any type of currency he’s ever seen, which intrigued him even more. On both sides of the coin was simply a massive veined arm in a bicep flex pose. He was about to drop it back to the ground, but there was something different about it. It felt warm and soothing, like it was meant for him.

He started walking down the road, twirling the object in his hand when he heard a tractor trailer’s horn blare. He turned to see this big red truck approaching him and he stepped to the side to let it pass freely. But the truck slowed to a stop next to him and the cab door opened.

“Need a lift buddy?” a burly voice from inside the cab grunted.

“I reckon I do,” Jim responded as he stuffed the coin into his pocked and made his way into the towering machine.

Inside the cab was a man that for some reason made Jim feel funny. He felt comfortable, yet slightly horny and aroused for a straight guy. The trucker looked like one of those guys you would see in a power lifting competition. His whole body was thick with muscle, covered in a layer of brown hair and slightly ripped but not to the point where he looked like a bodybuilder. He sat in his leather seat with his flannel wifebeater on, buttons undone to relieve himself of the sticky heat as he drove. He wore a pair of jeans that were tight around his massive legs and a belt buckle that said “Dozer”. As soon as he read that, Dozer held out his massive hand and greeted Jim as he sat in the seat next to him.

“The name’s Dozer,” he grunted with a voice that dripped with masculinity.

“Hi, I’m Jim.”

“So Jim, where are you headed?”

Up until a few minutes ago, he thought he was taking a one-way trip to a rocky valley, but now the thought of killing himself seemed to be a stupid idea. “You know what Dozer, I don’t care where I go. I just need to be somewhere else.”

“Hmmm. Mind if I make an observation?” Dozer responded as he continued to drive down the highway.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Your wife slash girlfriend just left you for a younger man and took everything you owned?”

“Yeah, ‘cept she was my fiancé and she left for a younger, more hung, bigger, buffed man. The bitch used me for 5 years to finance his growth and her spending.”

“Fuck man, I know how it is. My wife was the same way. I said fuck ‘em all and now I’m out here on the road. And I’ve got to say, life’s never been better. Got a sweet setup in the back and I’m in the best shape of my life. It’s amazing what a drastic change will do for your life and self-confidence.”

“You mean you weren’t always this size?” Jim inquired, not noticing his cock starting to fill with blood.

“No man, I used to weigh like 300 lbs of fat. I came home one day early from the factory and there she was fucking some college wrestler. I didn’t hate the kid for it. He obviously didn’t know that she was married because every picture and sign of me was put away. Too bad too. The kid was a good guy, I still talk to him every now and again. Anyway, I divorced the lying bitch, but she got the house in the settlement. I used my part to buy Big Red here, decked it out and hit the road. Never looked back. And trust me, life is a lot better for me because of it. Don’t worry man, you’re luck is bound to change for the better.”

They chatted for a while before Jim gathered enough courage to ask him one question that was burning at his mind. “So Dozer, what do you do when, you know, you need to ummm, relieve yourself?”

Dozer turned his head to look at Jim and smiled. Jim looked at Dozer’s bearded face and saw a warm and inviting smile. Bluntly, Dozer responded, “Never had to worry, guys at the truck stops take care of me.”

“You mean you’re…”

“That’s right, been that way since I left the wife.”

“But I’d…”

“You’d never know unless I told you?

“Yeah, I mean, you’re huge and manly, I would’ve never guessed you’re gay.”

“Yeah, I’m a bear. That’s a gay guy who doesn’t act like one of those feminine types.”

“So, umm, how is it? You know, being gay.”

“Oh man, it’s great. Sure there’s people that get all uptight about it, but no one says shit to me about it. Plus, guys really know how to get other guys off. I mean, you have to have a cock to really know how to work one. My wife ain’t shit compared to some of the cubs I’ve fucked along the way.”

Jim looked down Dozer slightly. In the warm, mechanical blue glow of the electronics of the truck, he could see Dozer’s manhood bulge against the jeans. Something inside Jim stirred, waking up his own manhood and slowly stripped away his inhibitions.

“You know, you might be right.”

“What was that?” Dozer said, slightly shocked.

“I mean, why the hell not. I mean, women are bitches, nothing but money grubbing whores. What’s wrong with getting off with another guy?”

“Whoa man, this isn’t something you take lightly. You gotta be sure you want this. I mean I didn’t decide I was gay until….”

Dozer never finished his sentence. Jim had carefully flung himself towards Dozer’s bulge, quickly unzipped his pants and tried to rip them off.

“Whoa there! I’m trying to drive here and that’s going to make it real difficult.”

“Well pull over, I want to try something and I want to try it with you.”

“Well, aren’t you just the horny little fella?”

Dozer made his way to the next off ramp with Jim nibbling away at his crotch. He had trouble putting the truck into park with the distractions, but finally had the rig shut off. He put his hand on Jim’s head and brought him up to eye level. “You sure about this?” he inquired.

Jim nodded his head yes. Dozer got up and pulled back the curtains to reveal a sleeping area. It was a lot larger than it looked with a queen size bed, a fridge, a TV, and some dumbbells. He led Jim to the bed and started to strip, first with his boots, then his jeans revealing his white briefs which made his package look even bigger. Then the wifebeater came off revealing more of his torso, thick and hairy. Finally, Dozer pulled down the briefs to let his cock spring up, ready for action. Dozer laid spread eagle across the bed and said in a gruff voice, “Get to work then cub.”

A hunger Jim never knew he had consumed him. He ravenously attacked Dozer’s body, licking and nibbling every thick muscle he found. He licked the biceps, huge and meaty, the pecs bristling with power and he sucked the balls and cock like an expert. Dozer moaned and twisted as Jim worked like he’s never have before. Thirty minutes into it, Jim clamped onto Dozer’s throbbing tool with both hands, barely gripping the massive shaft and began to lick and suck the pulsating meat. Jim worked it masterfully, sending waves of pleasure through Dozer, servicing him like he’s always wanted to be serviced. Dozer’s grunts and moans and “That’s right cub, suck that cock” and “Damn, that’s a good cub,” only reinforced Jim’s desire to please Dozer. An hour later, Dozer exploded in a volcano of euphoric delight and Jim took pleasure in lapping it up.

After Dozer recovered, he brought Jim up onto the bed. Stripping him naked, he laid Jim’s back to his furry stomach. While Jim was a fairly big, Dozer almost dwarfed him. Jim’s head laid on one of the massive pecs of Dozer, and he reached down and began to stroke Jim’s cock. First slowly, then gradually increasing the pace, it wasn’t long before Jim also came violently. After the orgasm, Dozer hugged Jim with his massive right arm. Reaching out with his left, he grabbed a towel and used it to clean up them real quick. Then tossing the rag aside, Dozer embraced the smaller Jim in a tight and protective hug and they both fell asleep, naked and smiling.

The next morning, Jim awoke from the most restful sleep he’s ever had. He saw himself sucking on the nipple of Dozer and Dozer looking down on him smiling.

“Looks like you had a lot of feelings built up there cub,” Dozer laughed.

“I guess I did.” Jim responded.

Dozer unlocked his massive arms, allowing Jim to get up. He put on his briefs and jeans as Jim also got dressed. A few moments later, they were back on the road. They stopped at a truck stop soon after to shower before hitting the road. It was hard for Jim to keep his hands from distracting Dozer too much, but they shared a few kisses here and there and a couple of gropes. Finally, they started to go through Vegas. Something reminded him of the 20 dollars he had in his pocket and he felt the urge that this was his stop. •

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