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I kept pushing Dan to squeeze another biceps curl, his veins almost popping out so engorged they were – “Damn, look at you, you’re gonna scare the judges!” – That’s part of my job as Dan Jones trainer – since he’s got his pro card, he’s been the new sensation on bodybuilding shows everywhere, he’s gonna become one of the greatest athletes ever! And I’m proud of being part of his team – Dan is a 25 year old fireman, who’s got seriously into weight training since he was 14, and his genetics are really good – not to mention his natural powerful look at 6’6” tall weighing close to 280 pounds on season rippled muscles with only 5% b.f, 22” guns, 52” chest, 28” legs, 8 pack tremendous washboard abdominal muscles, Dan is sure to win any show he decides to take part.

My name is Ray Barnes, I met Dan when he was still a teen bodybuilder, he was the perfect subject to test the new training routines and nutritional programs I’ve been developing since I graduated – being a bodybuilder myself always helped to focus on the athlete’s needs and feelings from dieting for a show or simply keeping his body lean even off-season – so you’re talking to a 6’4” 240 pounds muscle man, at the age of 35 I still impress the audience when I go on stage, but my main dedication is Dan – because he’s got everything to succeed.

Or at least, that’s what I used to think – That Friday it all changed.

We were training alone on that night – many bodybuilders like to train away from curious people, fans or rivals, and Dan was no exception to that – we had an agreement with the gym owner so we could train from 11 pm until we wanted, it was a great thing having the whole place just for the two of us – Dan always got better results when I kept screaming and ordering him like he was still at the firefighter’s corporation…

So, there we were, two huge muscle men, drenched in sweat, listening to loud rock music, the noise of the heavy metal plates clinching against each other, as Dan kept moaning and managing to perform all those extra reps I kept pushing him to make, in sum, just another regular Friday night on our lives…so far

Dan was actually the one who noticed there was someone at the front door – probably another reporter, trying to figure out Dan’s special training program, so instead of just ignoring him I decided it was time to give the press something to nibble on, we had to enjoy Dan’s effect on the media while it still lasted, to my own surprise when I got to the front door, there was no reporter, but this kid – he should be a teenager, not very tall, dressed in big dark overcoat – which was really odd since it was a humid hot night – I should just get rid of him, and get back to work.

When I got closer to the door, noticed this kid who really looked big for his height, in fact he looked extremely developed for a teenager. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally saw the thickness of that kid’s frame – he was massive, even though his body was still covered by that ridiculous coat – “May I help you?”

“You’re Ray Barnes, right? Dan Jones’ coach?” He asked with his big hazel eyes – that kid had a strong Latin-American features, light olive complexion, short brown hair, full thick lips, pointy nose – I couldn’t actually see his neck, but he seemed really wide and muscular with big spread shoulders.

“Yes, what do you want from me kid? It’s late and you should be home!”

“My name is Emanuel but my friends call me Manny.” He grins – “I know you’re training with Dan secretly on this gym, I’m his biggest fan, I just wondered… you see, I came from a long distance to see him, I just wanted to…”

“I’m sorry Manny, but Dan won’t be available, he’s training hard for the next show, and you should know how moody bodybuilders are during these days, if you want an autograph, just slide the paper under the door, and I’ll see if he can…”

“No, I don’ want an autograph, I just wanted to work out with him” he added “I’m into bodybuilding myself, and I wanted to train with my idol tonight, I live very far from here, just wanted to…”

“Sorry kid, Dan’s workouts are his life, he takes them way too seriously to waste a night with you, so you’d better go home now…” I said already turning my back on that kid. He tried to ask me once more, but it would be useless.

“Who was at the door?” Dan asked dipping on his cold isotonic drink – “Just another fan of yours, he wanted me to let him train with you tonight” I replied grinning.

“Poor kid, you should have just let me give him an autograph, Ray…” Dan said as he got back to the bench, I simply waved my head “We’re just 5 weeks ahead of the contest, you’re gonna be the biggest bodybuilder that ever got up on a stage, so we can’t waste your precious time over some teenager baby sitting work out!”

We were still laughing of my comment when, a few moments later, a low polite tone interrupted us – “Excuse me?” we turned our backs quickly and there was Many, with all his great teenager physique, holding his hands inside that ridiculous heavy coat, his red backwards baseball cap, really tight spandex black pants. Under a better lighting, I couldn’t help to notice that Manny looked REALLY thick and above everything, extremely wide for a muscular teenager, he had the looks of a gymnast, but his frame seemed much wider, his incredible developed physique really impressed me, and as far as I could tell, it also surprised Dan.

Before we asked how the hell he got inside, the massive teenager just anticipated our probable reactions – “The door was opened, you must have forgotten to lock it back when you returned, mister Barnes!” Manny smiled a little, stepping forward and cleaning his big sweat hands on his coat, offering them to a somewhat dumb folded Dan Jones.

“Mister Jones, I’m a great fan of yours! My name is Emanuel, but my friends call me Manny! I’ve come from a long way just to see you, I just wanted to have one work out with you, just that, please?” the boy shook hands with Dan, but the 6’6” 280 pounds remained silent – “Oh, erm… okay – I guess I could do some exercises with you…” Dan said answered looking at me with a puzzled look on his face – we were two big adult men, it seemed too rude to kick a teenager fan who managed to fulfill his desire to be close to his idol. I sighed – “Okay Manny, but just 30 minutes, it’s getting too late and we don’t want any trouble with your parents”

He looked at me, with big happy glowing eyes – “Oh don’t worry, I don’t live with them anymore! It won’t take long, I just wanted to train with you Dan!” Manny said looking back at his idol, who just smiled – “Yeah, Ray, let this kid train those big muscles! He looks pretty big for his age!” he answered trying to sound the cool guy.

Manny’s face showed how proud he was with that comment – “Thanks, Dan, I try my best, I have all the magazines you ever appeared!”

“I’m glad to know that, Manny, now let’s work out!” Dan tapped the teenager’s shoulder – “Shall we start warming up?”

“Sure, can I take of my coat? I like to train more comfortably!” We both answered yes.

He unzipped his coat, maneuvering his thick frame to get rid of the tight clothing, even though that was supposed to be a really bag overcoat – “Can you give me a hand Dan? My arms are stuck, can you pull the coat?” He asked turning his massive back on Ray, who just looked at me, Dan tried once, twice, but that coat was really so tight on Manny’s body, it simply wouldn’t come out!” I went to help Dan – each one grabbed one arm, stretching the fabric as most as we could, finally managed to pull the coat out of Manny’s freaking physique.

“Thanks guys!” He said turning back to our astonished looks.

That teenager, that kid, he was simply the most muscular man I’ve ever seen in 20 years of bodybuilding. We both gasped at the sight of Manny.

Turned out that was indeed a baggy overcoat, even for Dan it would be pretty roomier, now we realized why it was so tight on Manny, his muscles were simply not human.

He stood there, arms relaxed at his vast lats, this kid could not belong to human race, his muscles were just uncanny – Though he was much shorter than me or Dan, his muscles looked twice thicker than the most massive bodybuilder you can imagine – not just that those muscles were not simply big, they were ripped and cut to the max! you could trace every engorged python-sized insanely huge veins underneath the flimsy olive skin of that stupendous body. Manny was bare-chested, two massive slabs of the most powerful pectoral muscles I’ve ever laid my eyes on, the thickest nipples, I swear I counted 10 packs on his super thick abdominal structure, each muscle seemed liked a sculptured masterpiece on the hardest rock, glistening with confidence, irradiating power.

Then came his shoulders, they were simply basketball sized shoulders, so thick, round, massive and huge, and especially, they were so wide, so extremely apart from each other, Manny looked much wider than he was tall. His lats looked like he had wings on his own, so thick and muscular, the traps and deltoids jutting from his body, precisely at ear level, although his legs were still covered by the spandex pants, I now could devise the massive veins which also covered his muscle pillars, they bulged and flexed with mere effort.

Just the look on Manny’s biceps was rather unbelievable even for a man used to see huge muscles for a long time, his arms were so thick, they simply couldn’t rest in less than 120 degree angle, the base of the triceps along with the peak of the biceps made those massive limbs look really amazing for someone on such a tender age, the mountainous oak trunk sized guns held their mighty position as Manny casually looked up at me and Dan – he had this big brilliant silver necklace, thick links around his thick neck, the rich accessory complemented his super heavy and dense pectorals, who jutted out of his body creating the very sensation that Manny couldn’t see much over his pecs.

“Are you guys alright?” Manny asked, realizing both Dan and myself drifted away with the view of his most impressive body – “Something wrong?” the tone on his voice his caring voice tone gently woke us up from our trance.

Dan was the first to ask – “Manny? How old are you exactly?”

“I’m gonna be 18 in 9 days!” he replied with a certain proud.

“Do you happen to know just how tall and heavy you are?” I just had to ask.

“Well, last time I checked I was 5’6” and ¾ tall, weighing 439 pounds, but it was a long time ago!” Many had a serious look on his face – “When was that?” Dan asked – “Three days ago, when I left home!”

“You gotta be kidding us! Is that some kind of sick joke?” I couldn’t keep listening to that bunch of non-sense answers, sure that kid was big, but he couldn’t be 439 pounds, not at his height, not at his age, not in this world!

Manny looked at me intensely – “Take it easy bro, you wouldn’t like to see me pissed with you, I’m just answering the questions you two had, and I’m being honest you, I’m 5’6 and ¾ inches tall, 439 pounds heavy until three days ago!” The teenager held his arms aside his impressive body – “I am not a liar, Mister Barnes!”

We decided to check that – and how surprised we were when we found out that kid was actually over 450 pounds now! His muscles looked way too big and grotesque to be human – we just sat in front of him in shock – “HOW?” it was all we could mutter. •

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