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“Back when the chaos reigned, mankind was about to destroy itself. That’s when the Pantheon resurged from the ashes and conducted the flock into happiness.

They called us names and said we spread the sin, but all we did was spreading the love among mankind – love that would take no reward or compensation, unselfish love.

From the Gospels of Andrew, book 1 chapter 3.

I know that my size scares most of you, but those who really learn that I am here to love, won’t fear my gargantuan features, those who learn the value of my words won’t fear for the strength of my arm, for I can only protect you from the harms of the mean hordes.

Yes, that was once my name. But I’ve had many names over the ages – Andrew, Beloved, Forgiver, chose the one which suits you the best.

I once had been a mortal like you, and I know how it feels to be so fragile, and yet so hopeful. I once feared for my life, but it had changed now. When I met Spartan, he wasn’t a man anymore, but he forced himself to pass as one, and it almost consumed his soul. The God of Gods was already marked to walk his path, but he didn’t want to leave behind his beloved ones – but he had brought us into his wings, and we all shared the glory of his wisdom.

Back on the first night, we marched into the core of the greatest of human cities, we revealed to the people the contents of our mission, the godhood that embraced us and how we wanted to help them. Spartan himself offered to dialogue, but the men were afraid of us.

They were scared, and they resented our choices. They wanted to destroy us before even considering our offer – the Holly war begun in the First night. But Spartan wouldn’t let it become a war. He saved the innocents with our help, we proved that we didn’t want to cause any harm. We only wanted to save mankind from itself. Many listened to our pleadings, but many others refused to believe, because men were weak, and men betrayed their goals. Spartan had been betrayed once, and he knew the pain of that.

For two weeks the world tried to destroy us with their every weapon, so we headed to the desert where there were less people, even so, we avoided their losses and they were thankful for our actions. Everywhere they tried to destroy us, we gathered new faithful people, they wanted the pain and the suffering to end, they wanted a happy simple life.

Then we had to act – we destroyed their weapons and proved they were useless against us. Men cried when the realized our muscles were stronger than missiles. Finally, men had nothing else to attack us, so they listened to our words, and their mind opened to our teachings.

They finally understood that even though we had the power to take whatever we wanted, the most important was realizing that we were there to help. Everything would remain the same – every man, child and woman free the way they were born, free to think and to express his thoughts, free to believe in whatever he wanted. Free to love whoever he wanted.

But no longer would power allow injustice – no longer would the stronger prevail over the weaker if he wasn’t the rightful one. Spartan would guarantee that. Because he wasn’t a man like many thought. He was the God of Gods – and he knew the secrets of the power, revealed to him during the Ascension.

Generations have passed and the promise of Spartan and Pantheon remained. The legacy of a peaceful earth, the powerful gods to protect people from the nature disasters, the blissful rituals of enlightening that many men had undergone, the worship to the Gods of Pantheon no longer met objection.

We Gods were pleased with mankind as well. Though we never demanded worship, it only made us stronger and more capable of attending to the prayers of the faithful. The pilgrims marched like we did back the first night in the search of our massive bodies that can be bigger than mountains when we want, but we are always immense at any human standards. Many mortals had witnessed the mating ritual between two or more Gods, and they will be marked for life, carrying a sparkle of that manly love with them.

The period of glory lasted for over three thousand years. The peace reigned and the planet healed itself from the abuses of previous ages, but still the dangers were still existent, because the Gods knew when the life on this planet needed to be sowed along the universe – spreading the gifts and the wisdom with them. We Gods decided that it was time to let mankind walk on its own legs again, and we would explore the cosmos in the search of a new beginning, a new mission that only our massive muscles would accomplish. We would need a new evolution in order to reach such powerful task, and Spartan once again surprised me after all these years. His power increases everyday, and before this era ends, he’ll be so powerful that he’ll lead us into the promise of a new begging where we can spread our mission again.

So, faithful ones the promise proved itself true, and mankind trusted Pantheon and its gods. And now you should learn more about the gods of the Pantheon, but no lesson will be truly learned if you don’t search for them with noble intentions, letting your love for our huge muscles guide you through the many blessing we can offer you.

The words of Andrew Spartan.

The End •

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