By Muscl4life

Andrew wasn’t still at the size of the other agents, but at the moment I held him firmly looking directly into his eyes, his body grew faster, much faster then it had grows so far. I knew why, Andrew was controlling his own growth pace, he wanted to please me, like it was the first time we fucked, he wanted me inside him and he needed to get bigger and more muscular for that. His body grew just like mine each passing second – his blond hair got lighter and his eyes glowed in lust, his pale skin assumed a tanned tone, pumped and crossed by huge veins. I moaned as he grew bigger than the other agents, still packing on the size to quickly reach my standards. I knew what he wanted, I knew what he meant I and I meant the same.

We fucked. For the first time we have actually fucked. Fucking with that monstrous sized Andrew can only be described as reaching the gates of Heaven. I felt his muscular back, so wide, so perfect, his arms were just as thick as mine. His muscles were monstrous proportionate, everything in his body resembled mine. He was my brother in muscles, my lover in his soul and my partner in his life! I could feel each time I thrust my cock inside him, he groaned in pleasure, only to scream my name in his new deep voice! The once fragile Andrew was gone, now I looked at a Pantheon monster sized member, but the man I loved was still there, fucking me with his soul, desiring me with the flame of his very life.

I didn’t have time to feel what was happening at our surroundings, but the overwhelming heat that attacked me and Andy soon spread all over the legions – a giant orgy, or an orgy of giants took place while me and Andrew still took our time exploring our bodies.

“I love you Matt! I support everything you decided!”

“But we still have to count with their support!”

“I know they will trust you, they will put some resistance first, but your wisdom and kindness will prove to be valuable.”

“We are discussing such serious details while our bodies are having the fuck of our lives! How shallow are we?”

“Don’t call that shallow – we can do many things at the same time, we are enjoying our passion and still discussing important details, that’s what life partners do!”

“What would I ever do without you?”

“You can’t know that now, I won’t leave you ever again!”

“Andy? Are you feeling this?”

“Yeah, I thought it was you…”

“No, babe, I think it’s us”

“Really? Already?”

“I can only imagine – are you ready?”

“At your side I don’t have fear.”

I commanded my legions to commune with us! I wanted them to feel exactly what I was about to unveil, and they had to be there with us, the power was just too big to be revealed to just me and Andrew. I felt every single cock and mouth kissing us, and each kiss given echoed in the mind, and senses of the rest, multiplying the love, the lust, the desire. Mutual love, mutual objectives, we were ready to face our destiny.

The sound of our combined orgasm exploded in the room. I felt that Andy held my lips against his at some point, muffling the sound and draining my passion inside him. I replied by fucking him even harder. And then it happened again. Each cock that fucked me, each mouth that sucked on my cock, each hand that groped my nipples, each kiss that my skin received felt like the creation of a star in this new universe.

Andy assumed his role in my life like he promised me.

I felt him inside my heart and soul.

And he demanded one only thing.

I felt the power increasing within my muscles. Growing bigger wasn’t enough to say, I was growing in all directions, sizes and possibilities. I felt Andy there with me and I let him guide me through this latest change, it wasn’t anything you can possibly describe in such mundane words.

I felt my body surpassing anything Zeus or anyone else thought as exceptional, and I only felt it was natural for me. I could feel each one of my fellow members and I allowed them to feel me in them… I wanted us to experience this – they would feel true pleasure just like me and Andrew.

The reaction was simply ecstasy. We all merged into one huge combination of muscles and feelings, our minds reached new levels of conscience, our data increased and our muscles expanded, our strength grew beyond explanation and survey methods. I knew exactly how every single one of my companions felt, and I loved them for sharing it with me, together we learned so much, and together we would prevail.

Along with my peers, I witnessed the extent of my powers, and along with them I accepted my fate.

I embraced my true self.

As the bliss dissipated from our powerful minds, we were able to realize where our bodies laid, completely changed while we fed on the power of our revelation. The growth had spread to all my fellow members. I mentally called each one by his name, and they replied. One by one they stood tall and proud. The surroundings had been destroyed but the staff had evacuated the building when it was still safe – and I could feel each one of them bearing lots of questions. But that’s the nature of human life – answers aren’t the goal, the questions are always the objective.

My fellow partners looked at me – Samson, the smallest among them was 25’10” tall of monstrous proportions, but well over 22’ tall wide and such insane endowment we could only mean the incarnation of power. Those were my loyal legions that understood the true meaning of our Ascension.

Magnus’ grin remained the same, even though he was 28’ tall of gargantuan sized muscles to frame his monstrous bulk which weighed now 50,358 pounds. His beauty only felt warmer to my eyes as his beloved twins joined him, at 26’tall, 47,247 pounds Castor and Polux were the solution for Magnus mundane problems, two companions to watch for his restless soul.

Zion and Onyx had found themselves when we communed with the ultimate power – they were two young men who discovered the power at the same time, sharing their emotions at such point that their love happened as a natural consequence. Since both of them had reached 27’tall 48,655 pounds in gargantuan muscle size, they were the balance between power, youth and determination I needed for the new Pantheon.

Haven and Zeus also replied to my call – At 26’4” tall, 51,357 pounds Haven was the massive muscle bear turned into flawless muscle monster god, with dark fur spread all over his behemoth proportions, Zeus, on the other hand, was smooth with his silky long hair reaching to the middle of his back, his tanned Indian skin only accentuated his serene look, by all means a 16 year old teenager who was 25’8” tall and weighed 49,112 pounds, he no longer resembled the cold-hearted leader that once commanded Pantheon. They were the experience needed in this new era, but they also meant the hope in renovation, the goodness of risking and taking chances into the unexplored, the adventure or reinterpreting the same old facts.

Finally I called for my partner, the love of my previous life that now stood in front of me. He was perfect, amazingly beautiful, more powerful than this planet can hold, and the most responsible among us that was my Andrew, who stood at 35’ tall weighing 125,257 pounds of my perfect tanned muscles, his hair was golden and had the perfect length and his muscles carved in the hardest stone to please my lust and to warm my heart.

“Beloved, you conducted us through the ways of power, and now we are here to help you, we are here to walk with you and start a new era…”

The words of my beloved filled my heart with pride. I stood tall, towering over them at 52’ tall, but already 50’ wide, weighing 6,258,745 pounds that meant I was indeed the most monstrous, grotesque, insanely freaky creature that could ever exist.

Only now I wasn’t a creature anymore. That ended during the Ascension – that’s when my true fate had been revealed to me and my peers. That’s when I embraced my divinity. I was born a man in this world, but now I was a God.

Along with my companions, I shared the secrets of the Power within our own universe. The revelation allowed us to fulfill the goals of our mission – and that was about to begin.

“The ascension drew their attention to us, like you had anticipated, Spartan”

“Yes, Andrew, now we let them come to us”

“The news are already spreading the event in the dock area, it won’t take much longer to the first people gather around us. The authorities were also called. I can sense people getting scared with the rumors…”

“Zeus, they will get through this, once we reveal ourselves to them. Our power and muscles will only increase from now on, there’s nothing they can do to stop us, but we are not here to exploit them – we just need their acceptance and cooperation, we are here to help them.” “We stand together with you, Spartan, you are our leader in this mission and we trust your wisdom. Let the new era begin!”

“So we’ll do, Magnus – Follow me, my beloved companions, let’s march gloriously and reveal the world the truth of our divine beings.

My companions walked in front of me, because I filled most of the streets with my immense figure – a giant among other giants, we stood so massively powerful. I knew that most people would never recognize the beauty of my new size, but they were still mundane, they didn’t have the mind to understand. What they needed to understand was the need to cooperate, because tyranny was not within my plans, I’d rather let them destroy themselves than becoming a merciless ruler like Poseidon or Hades wanted to be. My mission became at that point, my muscles and my power took me into this path, and I wouldn’t resign such honor.

The New Era begun that very night. •

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