By Muscl4life

I ran with Andy and the rookies to the nearest exit, I would keep them at safe and then we would finally get rid of the Renegades, I felt Andy’s protests, but I couldn’t risk his life over mine, whatever the plans they had for me Andy was more important.

“Listen to me your giant knucklehead!” Andy’s shout really caught me off guard. I stopped in the middle of the hall, as he pointed to the cameras “You really think they would let you get away so easily?” I considered his words. The obnoxious glow in Poseidon’s face and the whole Chronos theory, when suddenly something caught my attention, it was a slight but undeniable willingly movement on Zion’s left pectoral – Onyx and Zion were not just left there with Andy, they were his KEEPERS!

*** “You used the whole “Pandora’s box virus” as field operation, to gather as much information possible, to see if the agents would be able to overcome your control!” Magnus voiced to Poseidon as I realized the exactly same thought. The grin on his perfect features actually got me scared.

“We had to make some very important tests, even though Pandora’s box was just a prototype of our main object, it still was perfect to be sent as our field test version” – To our very shock it was not Poseidon speaking, but it was the exact same voice tone, with same mannerism and modulation but coming from Rhodes’ own mouth!

“This was the only way we could really test the level of the firewall system of the second generation members; Samson’s unexpected optimization was surely an obstacle that exposed our operation a bit too soon, and a similar result happened with Castor and Polux, but it was a very strategic opportunity fate threw us, and we couldn’t waste the chance to finally establish our dominion.” – Yamamoto spoke on the same way as Hades would have said, while the Elder himself just stood watching with a big grin in his smooth face.

Poseidon finally spoke by himself – “Unlike cases we’ve mentioned before, you from the third generation showed an innate immunity against Pandora’s Box, but it also proved to be another lucky strike! With Roger’s latest information on your systems, we could actually work on the real thing with every important details…” – Haven, Zeus and Magnus found themselves surrounded by second-generation agents copycatting the actions of the Renegade Elders.

“When we realized that we could finally take control of the most precious of Zeus’ belongings, his precious so-called offspring, the plan was actually very easy; we would only have to lure your noble intentions towards those you care for…” – all the agents spoke at the same time, amplifying Hades and Poseidon’s voice through the room.

*** “After all you would always come back to save your rookie friends and your precious lover wouldn’t you, Matthew?” – The sound of Poseidon’s voice filled the room, as I looked to Andy’s shocked face, I noticed it was Onyx speaking. His young form slipped through my still spellbound massive form. Both of them used their agile members and my ultra hard muscles to jump out of me, landing perfectly on the ground before me.

I realized mesmerized that the Elders had managed to spread their dominance over third-generation members, multiplying their reach onto the newest technology in Pantheon. I held my stance – “Zion, Onyx, I know they couldn’t wipe you out of them, you have to fight against them!” I said trying to call out their true identities from within their minds.

Onyx/Poseidon laughed with his hands on his hips – “It’s useless to try, Spartan! Once we’ve administrated Chronos into their system we took over control. Unlike Pandora’s box, this is not some artificial virus created with ridiculous technology. This is the pure evolution of our own systems, foolish Son of Zeus! We now have the response for the ridiculous third-generation, and we will prove that we are the one destined to rule!” – Those words no longer belonged to a scientist, that was the speech of a maniac, and like every maniac he was just trying to hide his own weakness.

Zion looked at me with the same grin of Hades – “All that time you never got close from truth huh, Spartan? You were always so full of your own miserable self, that you didn’t pay attention to the important details, how easily we manipulated each of you just using your enormous ego! Each time we sent you to play superheroes, each time you located a new “prospective member” we were there gathering information and preparing our final blow that would bring us to our deserved final glory!”

Although I was much bigger and stronger, I found myself completely stunned by the fact that I couldn’t fight my “brothers” – if it was already too hard for me trying not to hurt the “zombiefied” agents, I had just realized that Hades and Poseidon were just playing with us all along. Onyx and Zion, they were just kids until such little time ago, what have we done to their lives? I kept trying to rationalize a way to recover my fellow agents’ control over their own bodies. Meanwhile, Haven, Zeus and Magnus were also in a complicated situation, surrounded by the original Renegades and their mind-controlled back up army.

I’ve never seen Zeus so angry and disappointed before – “What have you done to those honorable men, they’re our brothers!?!” – He kept asking while Haven and Magnus protected his massive, and yet much smaller frame, using their mountainous stats to block the reach of the surrounding enemies. Nonetheless, the Renegades just kept their ground; the faces on each controlled agent now displayed the same grin of Haden’s or Poseidon’s mockery.

“Brothers? I don’t think so, Dashwood, after all we are not carriers like the rest of you, and that was the reason of our victory after all!” – The speech had the impression of Hades’ tone, but it was split between many agents.

“We are just claiming what is righteously ours, Zeus, the power you promised us can finally be achieved. Through these powerful vessels we will be able to resist this curse your failure sentenced us, while we’ll use your knowledge to keep searching on the cure for the Touch. The powerful bodies of the interacted carriers will conduct us through the new Pantheon era!” – The most horrifying detail about the behavior of the controlled agents was that they seem to alternate the characters of Hades and Poseidon between them, which showed us that there wasn’t a division made between them, the Renegades controlled the members at the same time now…

“NEVER! I will never surrender to your megalomaniac intensions! My work will never be yours…” – Zeus said trying to escape from his muscle protectors and charge against the Renegades, which took a really fast reaction from Magnus and Haven to get him before it was too late. Any uncalculated action might cost us the victory.

All the agents in the complex laughed at the same time. I looked at the figures of my companions, and felt the heartbeat of Andy increasing as they approached me – “Oh that’s a shame old man!” – Poseidon started in his arrogant voice – “If you refuse to cooperate, where else can we find all the data you’ve accumulated through all these years?”

“I think I can answer that, Poseidon” – Hades said through Zion’s once innocent figure, the same gestures on the Renegade made him look so creepy – “This big guy here next to me has all the data of our geezer friend, and I’m sure once we take over system we’ll be able to collect everything we need!”

I didn’t need the input of my companions to guess that Zeus seemed like he had been stabbed in his own heart – “That’s why you wanted Spartan? Only because he has all my data!”

“Retrieving the latest data about Pandora’s Box and your immunity against its systems, we were able to update Chronos, in order to make it more efficient – it was just a matter of acting before the optimization…” – Luther said possessed by Poseidon, his eyes had lost his innocent, friendly glow, they were intense and determined, just like the maniac stare Poseidon used upstairs with the other part of my team.

“Well you can’t occupy our minds now, you miserable bastards, because we’re optimized!” – Magnus bragged as he pushed a few of the agents surrounding him to keep his movement space.

“Your friend Magnus’ got a point, Agent Spartan” – It was Zion now that showed Poseidon’s manners – “We can’t break through their defenses while they’re at optimized state”

“But it doesn’t mean we can’t manipulate you like we’ve done for quite some time!” – Hades spoke through Onyx, while the agents upstairs grouped even tighter around Magnus, Zeus and Haven.

“After all, we already have your “little brothers” and if you don’t cooperate, we can simply shut down their systems for good! We’re gonna create such damage at their own organisms, you’ll never be able to recuperate them!” - They both spoke through Luther and Zion’s mouths.

“However, we still offer you a much more reasonable alternative, primogenital of the Third-generation. You let us in the legacy you’ve unrightfully acquired and we’ll spare the three friends that joined you in this vain mission, plus the little guy in your arms. Give us the data and you can walk out of here” – The Renegade spoke through all their stolen vessels at the same time, trying to call all their cards on their favor to intimidate me.

The situation was clear in my mind now. Pantheon was divided ever since its beginning – Zeus wanted to develop a cure for the Touch analyzing the evolution on the new specimens he recruited while the Renegades only wanted to use us as guinea pigs, regardless our feelings and emotions.

Such division remained silent until the Renegades decided to unveil their true intentions, in a despicable betrayal scheme; they used Rhodes and Samson as a decoy to spread their newest spyware into the third generation members with the only intention to upgrade their precious Chronos, but since it actually failed, they resourced to more direct approach, using their true weapon, Hades and Poseidon now aimed at my acquired knowledge over Zeus’ studies to accomplish their final goal which was overcoming their decaying condition.

With that theatrical conclusion, they had finally come clear about their expectations around our ongoing negotiation – They knew I would never allow them to keep the rookies as their vessels if there was something I could do about that, which also meant that they didn’t establish full control over Zion neither Onyx, much likely all of the other members. Could this mean that “Chronos” had some potential vaccine, and its nasty effects cured?

I pondered about the relationship between information and misinformation between enemies, keeping the secret about your strategy’s structure only seconds to making sure that your enemy only has access to truncated and contradictory information, especially if he is convinced that he acquired that information by his own methods.

In disregard of everything they bragged about this Chronos backup system, the logical conclusion I could gather was that the Renegades were not actually counting on this system to solve their decaying problem; they still needed me to overcome their peculiar malfunction.

In other words, they are not cured, because the Touch still manifested into their original bodies, besides, even though it is apparent that they can spread through the agents systems like some kind of overruling protocol, it didn’t mean they had actually permanently dominated their bodies, nor managed to transfer their complete minds over the new vessels. If that really happened why would they still need the data from Zeus?

The speed of our combined minds took us to an unanimous decision – whatever they were truly hiding from us, we shouldn’t call their bluff yet, but it didn’t mean we couldn’t test our theories for a bit. I looked down at Zion and Onyx possessed by the Renegades, deep down we all feared we would still be wrong about that, but we needed to make sure about our real chances.

“So Spartan, have you come to a conclusion yet?” – The rookies asked at the same time, while Haven and Magnus heard the same question from the second-generation members and the original enemies. The phenomenal forms of our bodies couldn’t be contained by the current resistance we encountered – especially my ultra-massive proportions easily swept the controlled much smaller bodies of our rookies. Their struggling attempt was much weaker than we had anticipated.

I used my free arm to pound Zion and Onyx into the ground stomping at their back as I ran toward the corridor. I knew it wouldn’t be able to hurt them, but the distraction would serve to our cause. I looked at Andy’s puzzled face, but he truly showed that he trusted me on protecting his fragile life. I felt that Magnus and Haven also had not much trouble getting through their own obstacles, we ran through the galleries for a while, making sure that our followers soon were back on our tail.

The Renegades and their little army quite soon gathered our two groups, just like we wanted. At the same time, Haven and Magnus stomped the foundations on the floors beneath them.

“Don’t worry, blondie, we’ll be out of here soon!” – The words came out of my mind as I gentle pressed my enormous hand against Andrew’s body, slightly making him fit into the enormous space between my pectoral muscles and my abdomen, making sure his head was protected on my the space between those enormous shelves of muscle. Then, after he was protected, I extended my arm and made a fist jumping up with a great impulsion to break through two sets of floors. Instead of just escaping from the complex like we knew we could, one goal still remained to be achieved – overcoming the Renegades and their Chronos menace.

I broke my way through the rock as my massive body protected Andy’s delicate one, feeling his breathing near my skin again also made me so relieved, even though he wasn’t safe from total danger. He just hugged onto any part of the humongous surface of my body, although it was my arm breaking the rocks, I still had to maintain control over the pressure I absorbed from the impact against the rock, especially about the power around his skeleton, and so my pecs and abs wouldn’t crush the most precious person in my life – the amount of destruction produced an incredibly sound, which unfortunately scared Andy more than he was, I could feel his limbs involuntarily shaking at each new floor I broke through, including the muffled screams which quickly changed into groans of a sudden unexpected pleasure to Andy’s own embarrassment.

The whole action only took less than fifteen seconds but I could sense it was putting a lot of strain on my poor little Andy. Although I could feel his dripping cock hard against my muscles, I knew that his mind was lost between the fear for his own life and the excitement about such huge massive guys fighting, showing off inhuman powers. Andrew’s orgasm could have as many meanings as possible. He just sighed as I finally stood up, so he could see the lights again. His clothes in bad shape but they were at least dry, except for the big spot around his groin.

Andy’s reaction was just adorable. I opened my hands that way he could seat on the huge paw to regain his breath, that’s when he noticed that my fellow Pantheon members had also joined us. Andy’s shocked gaze was prepared to absorb the powerful images of at Magnus, Zeus and Haven’s massive bodies surrounding his little frame. Their faces showed their consternation about the whole scenario, but at the same time they were happy to see Andy, the only civilian into this whole mess, was unharmed. Haven’s big paw petted his head, while Andy just tried to absorb the massive sizes on our bodies. His already cum-stained pants get their wet spot renewed as Magnus speaks on his ears with his husky warm breath – “You are one lucky little guy, Andy, have you seen how much muscle around you? You think you can handle all this muscle, little man?”

“Now that was a low blow, Magnus” I said as I hugged my little guy – “It is okay Andy you know he was just being funny. We’re not gonna force you into anything you don’t want to do…” – I petted his panting form, as his cock spew sperm onto his plastered clothes – “It is alright, sweetie, I just wished I could join you in this pleasure…”

Zeus looked at Magnus – “We don’t have time for your jokes, member, I still don’t know what you three were thinking when you attacked those guys. It clearly won’t stop them; they’ll be here in any moment. What will be our course of action gentlemen?” – Haven approached his beloved man and gently brought him to his side, explaining him very fast because we didn’t want to scare Andy.

“Are you sure this can actually work? Even being something that simple?”

Magnus’ grin told me he would love to give that answer – “No offense, sir but the simplest ideas are the most effective!” He said as we heard the rushed steps of the Renegade’s army getting closer to us. Following our plan, we ran through the corridors until we reached a much larger room quite in the center of the internal series of caves, so there would be enough space for our intents. Soon, like we expected, the Renegade army of controlled agents gathered around us, with very vague expressions, a nice trick to remember us that they weren’t in control of their own acts.

The last ones to arrive were exactly Hades and Poseidon, followed by Zion and Onyx. The Renegades calmly walked around the immense circle – “That was a regrettable loss of our precious time, Spartan, there’s no point in trying to escape. We know that you wouldn’t leave your colleagues behind.” – Hades concluded crossing his arms.

“Bottom line: do you accept the terms of our agreement?” – Poseidon said through Zion’s mouth. (I noticed that he had to focus for perhaps just small fraction of second, but that was just what I needed to know).

I took a deep breath, focusing my systems, I had to access the rookies systems coping the exact frequency the Renegades use to transmit their orders, that would avoid any kind of firewall Chronos might have established into Steven and Luther’s internal systems – “I have your answer, Renegades” – I said walking through the second-generation controlled agents. Like I expected the Renegades sent their third-generation “puppets” at my encounter, for they wouldn’t risk their own necks against my enormous power. Onyx and Zion approached me, one from each side, their faces completely blank from emotions.

“Don’t you try anything smart, Matt, you know that we control your rookie friends, and there’s nothing you can do about that!” – Hades spoke from his place back there as Poseidon paid attention to my every movement. I felt Magnus and Haven ready to back me up – “Third-generation Members Luther Onyx and Steven Zion, this is a direct command from your Team Leader….”

“That’s useless you sentimental fool! They are ours! ALL OF THEM!”- The mouths on my rookie friends pronounced the words the Renegades themselves commanded, which meant their connection had been established, that was my chance to strike.

“ENTER OPTIMIZATION LEVEL 7 NOW!” – My voice echoed through the chamber, smashing the reining silence with its deep tone. To the Renegades very surprise, Zion and Onyx’ bodies twisted, their faces assuming a very painful expression. Suddenly, it was like their eyes regained their lively glint. Each rookie struggled against their domination, as their optimization went further. They dropped to their knees for a brief moment, that lasted through a whole century to our group, but right after that Onyx looked back at me with the same hopeful expression I’ve seen back when he accepted joining Pantheon’s forces. Steve also had appositive assurance on his beautiful features.

They were back! •

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