By Muscl4life

I looked back at Magnus, who already prepared himself to enter optimization, Zeus kept on monitoring Kurt’s signs – his big thumbs up meant that he had achieved a peaceful condition. Looking back at my fellow member, I was shocked to the speed in which the changes happened.

Kurt’s pale complexion, though tanned from the rain forest, gained a sudden ardor, the wrinkles, age marks and freckles gradually disappeared, the skin tightened around his body as the muscles grew thicker, bigger, fuller.

The area around his neck also developed from saggy and wrinkled – the muscles of his neck, shoulders and deltoids grew faster, inflating and filling the room with powerful flesh and muscle, soon, his neck built into something really thick and powerful.

His shoulders were a bit narrow, curved down, suddenly the bones snapped, widening themselves, changing his posture adjusted, regaining the youth, the glow. Next, his pecs filled through the ruined clothing he wore, his nipples raised and grew longer, thicker, so much bigger they ripped through the poor fabric, with muscular shelves of pectoral plates building atop and around his chest, while his abdominal muscles popping out, the skin retracting firmer, making his whole body adjust to his raging rejuvenating process.

Zeus watched closer as his own eyes couldn’t believe – “The nanos are making him younger! They’re rebuilding everything that had already been destroyed with the aging process!” – I looked closer to Kurt, who had his eyes closed now, the little expression lines got smoother as his muscles grew stronger, younger. The hair on his head somehow got smoother, longer, silkier, the shade of brown darkened like the ebony, growing so shinny, so deeply rich and luxurious. I gasped as his chest hair, which had been scarce and white, suddenly became thicker, pouring in the middle of his chest and retreating from his back and neck, his muscles increased faster as his body hair grew longer, in beautiful brilliant locks that swirled around his muscular growing chest.

The muscles on his legs also thickened, as well as his many scars healed from thin air, the injury on his ankle simply got restored within a few seconds, the calves grew thicker, the muscles had so much definition it was like he never had any body fat at all! The longer his bones grew the wider and bigger his thighs filled the impressive size of his lower body. I watched amazed as Kurt simply lifted his powerful legs breaking the titanium restraints, the same happening to the ones which once imprisoned his upper body. The man who stood up in front of me was definitely the same one that entered the process. The once balding top head now filled with such brilliant long black hair, his high cheekbones now framed by a respectable fur that gave him so much respect, his thin lips grew fuller, the pinky tone of his complexion gained a healthy glow, the shade of his eyes went from pale grin into fearsome deep blue. I watched the man completely reborn. His muscles, his body and his soul glowed in energetic vibe. I grinned down at him, knowing that his mind was adjusting, accepting the changes, he was ready for his training.

I kneeled in front of him – that was the face of a man who now had the vigor returned to his experienced mind, he showed that he was ready for anything that might happen from that moment on. I grinned and reached his mouth for his fist “Spartan”. The reaction sent his body into fire. I felt him hugging me tightly, the immensity of my muscles simply hugging and engulfing his now ripped, vascular, masterpiece of muscular body. I allowed my system to upgrade his own databank, through the process I saw everything that went with his previous life. The crush for Sedgwick Dashwood, the loneliness he felt for all this years, his fascination for the adaptation power of the nature, the fear he felt when Polux almost got him killed, the jealous he felt from Andy and me, the happiness he had when he found out the truth about Zeus.

The images filled my mind, as I held him tighter, feeling his body already entering optimization process, I signed for Magnus to bring me one of the feeding tubes, which he smartly noticed and attended me, I injected the needle through his veins while they were relaxed enough. The enormous pleasure Kurt felt was nothing next to what he was about to feel I let my kiss perform its magic, draining all the information I could from him, feeling my brain drenching in years of advanced studies of biology, the experience, the practice, everything seemed to merge like it was my own life passing in my mind’s eye.

I grinned when the process was done, the kiss lasted for a couple of minutes more than it actually needed but we were enjoying each other so much. I finally let him go of me – the grace in which he stood up was just indescribable, his muscles flowed in such a captivating rhythm, it was like he could control everyone’s attention. His firm, majestic steps proceeded towards Zeus. The leader opened his arms and they hugged firmly, like the two old friends finally meeting after so many years.

“I’m third generation Pantheon member Jeff Haven, at your service my commander!”

His voice was firm, powerful, that was definitely an enhancement of the noble man he’s always been – Jeff went through the most dramatic interaction process of the newly recruited agents, from his original 5’5” 134 pounds the man formerly known as Kurt Braun now bravely stood at 6’1’ tall, weighing unbelievable 275 pounds of massive muscle, more than doubling his original weight. His luxurious silky, brilliant hair went down past his shoulders, his skin now had a powerful healthy glow, the black fur which covered his body right in the precise parts only accentuated his incredible muscles. Those eyes were so deep blue, so penetrating it seemed that he could directly into your soul, his features got much more manlier, his jaw line became pretty angular, his nose and cheekbones assumed a grave look, his thin lips were clear pink, delicate. The hair on his face grew denser, yet it wasn’t a full beard yet, that was just a dirty appearance which worked pretty well with his now “tall, dark, handsome and massive” new look. The most amazing detail was that although Kurt was a 46 year old man, if you shaved Jeff he wouldn’t look one day older than 25! That was a completely muscle make over which could only be possible thanks to my “osculation coaching” during his interaction, his chips not only rejuvenated his body but increased it up to the point of a Magnus perfect physique.

“Holly crap, Matt, those kisses of yours are getting to fucking powerful!” – I felt Magnus hand slapping my granite hard massive butt – “You changed a scrawny middle aged guy into a massive muscle bear!” Magnus laughter filled the medical room, while Zeus kept silent, admiring his newly transformed pupil. Although he was still by far more muscular and powerful than Jeff, the way Zeus touched his silky dark hair showed how much he appreciated the whole interaction changes.

“You’re welcome, agent Haven” – Zeus managed to regain his authority stance, turning his gargantuan wide back on Jeff, the leader politely went to the computer screens in order to check any other information who could take him from being so close to his former student, even though we all couldn’t help to notice his raging hard one pressing against his special ultra resistant Pantheon suit. Jeff seemed a bit disappointed, looked down at his own crotch, his cock had never been that big or that thick, the new python already tore his way free from the ridiculously weak fabric, but it was getting bigger with the incredible huge men who surrounded him, the increasing lust could override his better judgment any moment now. Anticipating this situation, Magnus approached Haven, patting his wide shoulders.

“Don’t worry, rookie, you’ll have plenty of time to play with good old Zeus, right now we have to find you a suit, and get you ready for whatever plans Matt has.

Jeff faced Magnus, although he was a few inches shorter, he surely had at least 50 pounds on the cunning Magnificent Agent – “Oh the plan, right, Spartan already told me that…” – his grin disarmed the always prepared Magnus.

“Oh come on! Now you can just stick your tongue into us and download whatever crap you want? That’s not fair!” – Magnus protested looking up at my massive figure.

“Shut up and listen here, kid!” – Haven growled as his muscle bear bulk engulfed Magnus muscular smooth frame, attacking his beautiful lips with the same eager I would have done myself. I kept watching as the new agent, gave an always overconfident Magnus a taste of his new capabilities. Magnus moaned loud as Jeff kept kissing him, their hands explored their muscular bodies, there was no time for unimportant things such as breathing, and the only matter was keeping into that powerful interaction between the men and their organic computers. Once that kiss was finally over, Jeff released his grip on Magnus, who couldn’t close his mouth for a few seconds.

“Have I done it right?” – Jeff said looking at me; he had been the first, to use the “Spartan kiss” technique.

“You did it right, but it can only get better with practice, believe me!” – I replied kneeling in front of Magnus, who had still not recomposed from such surprise.

“WOW! That was fucking awesome! I can’t wait to use that on my twins!” – Magnus finally exploded, his mischievous grin returned to his lips. He now knew exactly what I meant to rescue our fellow agents.

“So, you now share this new capability huh? That sure is another improvement for the third generation gang!” – Roger said in his usual excited tone, taking not of everything on his palmtop. I grinned and looked at Haven who got dangerously close to Zeus.

“If you want I can teach you too, professor!” – Kurt’s passion overpowered Haven’s knowledge; Zeus had given up resisting to his own desire. Before it was too late, me and Magnus proceeded with the plan.

“Haven, you and Magnus are undergoing optimization proceedings, now!” – I ordered, my voice filled with such energy that the floor actually shook and the humans felt their stomach vibrating with my tone. Jeff seemed to recover his control, Magnus stood right next to him, but he knew we couldn’t jeopardize the only chance we had.

“You want to optimize now? I don’t have any nutrient mix ready, you gotta give me a few hours…” – Roger complied all of a sudden. He checked the computers to start battering a new mix, but Magnus gently hold his hand.

“We don’t need the mix right now, Roger” – Magnus, checked his the cupboards for a few protein bars, handling one to each agent – “I’m sure the normal food we have in stock will do perfectly fine, now our organisms can increase the protein intake and make it more effective according to our needs, it’s not the quantity that matters anymore, we’ll eat properly once the situation is solved…”

The staff leader looked at us puzzled; as we ate the tiny food we were offered. Quickly, Magnus and Jeff dressed into the Pantheon suits the crew brought them; I gulped the food which was given me, looking intense at my colleagues, focusing my mind to have all my nanos working in the upcoming task.

“Agents, Haven and Magnificent, entering optimization level 7 in three, two, one!” – At the sound of my voice my two partners closed their eyes, feeling their muscles expanding bigger. Their bodies grew more and more muscular at an incredible pace. The sound of their expanding fibers filled the room, while the staff members just sighed in ecstasy.

Soon, I felt my own body feeling their change, we could feel exactly development of the optimization on the other, our chips working in perfect symphony. I felt their growth as it was my one, my muscles responding, my senses increasing, my power augmenting. I looked at them, powerful agents growing bigger, wider, more muscular, muscles expanding every possible direction.

Magnus grinned, his eyes never left my humongous body, he knew I would still be much bigger than him, but yet, he just challenged me, growing incredibly huge, massively powerful. Even Haven enjoyed this new feeling more than anything. His dark hair grew even longer, his muscles expanding in such powerful pace, his pectoral muscles became unbelievably thick, each nipples turned into a powerful sculpture of the hardest material, bigger than most men’s hands. Meanwhile his face grew even younger, soon he looked just as Magnus and I – perfect specimen of manhood associated to vigorous youth.

I felt my own muscles increasing, because we were growing as a team, so if they entered level 7 it meant I would have to add two whole new levels, reaching 15. That could seem little if you counted my current size, however, getting there meant a whole new experience, because as my physique surpassed its previous colossal standards, so my own mind soaked in new power, the interaction developed and evolved inside me, I could feel each individual cell of my body growing stronger, perfecting itself. With each bodily function under my total control, I just inhaled as my muscles expanded massively huge, the fibers on my special suit were challenged beyond their limit. I felt the muscles outgrowing the tiny prison of my so-called ultra resistant suit.

The growth only accelerated after that, Magnus and Haven felt my increasing as an stimulation to their own capabilities, their muscle expanded, increased, enhanced, evolved, grew harder and more striated, the definition was simply impossible at human comprehension. Shoulders so thick and wide, necks to massive, arms so gigantically huge, legs so titanically huge, hands growing so wide. We became such powerful beasts of muscle it was impossible not to cum at our presence, the members simply dropped everything they were doing and jerked their tiny cocks, worshipping our muscles from afar, their orgasms just gave us an extra push to keep on growing.

“Oh shit, those guys are cumming and we barely even flexed! That’s the real power!” – I could feel Haven’s thought all over my body, just as well as Magnus’ laughter – “You ain’t see anything yet, rookie daddy!” That was indeed a powerful union, a bond that brought us together into some kind of muscle symbiosis, the bigger, the stronger one got, the same effect reflected into the group members, perfect and total balance, our systems working like a whole, that was the only way to avoid being deceived by the enemy.

The growth continued as I witnessed my self reaching the unheard level 15, my muscles so huge and hard they looked monstrously freak, something only my dear Andy would appreciate, but judging by the effect they caused, I could be very wrong about that. Even Zeus stroked his massive manhood, trying to avoid his obvious excitement. I felt sorry for him, he was such a noble man, he surely didn’t deserve the betrayal, but I understand the motivation of the enemy. Frustration can drive the weak into the abysm of jealousy.

Rugged new mountains of muscle erupted from my already huge body, creating new areas to get even thicker, stronger, more powerful, beyond imagination, beyond acceptance, beyond definition. The pleasure was almost overwhelming, but the need for serenity was even stronger, we felt each other’s lust building highly, the mutual help from our minds took us ahead, mental worshipping, a telepathic coaching which happened between our powerful beings kept us in the strong concentration, no matter how hard our huge cocks were, no matter how many little guys were touching and climbing us like trees, we would have to keep serene, the control was the key to victory.

Finally, we felt that our hard work paid off, the optimization was complete, now we were ready to put and end to all this wrongful charade.

“I, I need to…” – Roger started but his own body still surfed in the orgasm we gave him –“You don’t need to scan us, Roger, we already know our stats, but I have no problem telling them to you…” – Haven said in soft yet powerful tone.

“I’m 9’8” tall 2408 pounds, biceps 95” chest 129”, 106” legs 0.7 % b.f. – Active DF+ Strength magnification: 3452 times. That’s not bad for a first timer huh, Magnus?” – Haven teased, but my old time friend now was ready.

“Yeah rookie, you did well, however when it comes to optimization I only second to Matt. At the same level 7 I’m 9’11” tall 2475 pounds, biceps 98” chest 134”, 111” legs 0.68 % b.f. – Active DF+ Strength magnification: 3668 times” – Magnus showed his tongue to an impressed Jeff Haven – “Damn! You are good!”

“I should say that from both of you guys! I’m 16’2” tall 5167 pounds, biceps 154”, chest 187”, 163” legs, 0.27% b.f. Active DF+ Strength magnification: 25.789 times. – the announcement of my new stats sent the staff members into a new frenzy state, they all gathered around me, trying to touch my massive stance, they whispered with their tiny weak voices for me to kiss them, or at least to let them touch my muscles, they begged me and the other agents for some kind of attention, we were muscle gods among men, and we were aware of such thing.

“Gentlemen, I’m sure you’ll have time to enjoy their bodies later, now we have a mission to accomplish…” – Zeus’ advise was very wise as always, but unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of the situation, yet. I grinned and grabbed a few of the members in my hug, just as well as Magnus and Jeff, at the touch of our impossibly huge muscle, they came so fiercely their organism simply passed out of such intense pleasure. Putting them to rest was our next stage. All members from the staff team were there, except for Roger.

Zeus watched the whole situation with a puzzled expression in his face. Roger lied there, completely exhausted, his body had felt too many orgasms at once, his breathing was slow, his face showed the satisfaction of a man who just witnessed the fantasies of his most intimate desires coming into reality.

We three walked towards Zeus. The leader was completely spellbound by our massive sizes. The sadness on his look actually made me hate myself for not realizing such obvious facts before.

“Zeus, we need your help now, we know what happened to all the agents…” – Haven started, he might be the youngest to meet Zeus but he knew Sedgwick just as well me or Magnus. – “What do you mean, agent Jeff?”

“What we all mean, commander, we have reached a level of development that our bodies work like a network, we’ve been discussing the whole situation with Spartan, who had been the first to notice the way to solve the mystery.” – Magnus added looking down at our confused leader.

“I found out from your personal data, that the interaction technology implanted in your body, the first generation chips, after a few years, no longer accepted to optimize, they’ve reached a plateau of development where they any attempt of enhancement is simply unacceptable, therefore, your bodies might be big and strong, but they cannot grow any bigger, despite the hoaxes you guys spread over the Pantheon troops…” – I said harshly towering over the whole agents.

“However, the other elders were not pleased with their ongoing situation, they wanted to feel the same power optimization brings us, it’s a natural craving, they felt empty for not being able to do the things they could, they pressured you into creating a solution, but you wanted to preserve Pantheon above everything, the agents still needed to serve the needs of the nations, so you created the second-generation technology…” – I said again, knowing in anticipation that the conclusion would be the only thing in the world capable of hurting the mighty Zeus.

“You’ve been trying to solve this problem, at the same time you wanted to see if the same limitation would occur with second-generation members, but even they hadn’t the time of interaction you had to attest such thing. You’ve always been patient, trying to find a way to help you and the men who firstly entered this new world with you – Poseidon and Hades, the three Elders of the Pantheon troops.” – Magnus completed my sentence.

Zeus watched in disbelief – “You are right about this, agents, and I’m proud of you, but I would never…”

“We know that, master, you were always loyal to the reasons for creating Pantheon, and you dedicated yourself more than ever, and realized that even if the alterations of the second-generation members solved the plateau issues, it did not mean you Elders would obtain the same results, because the two technologies were incompatible. After some time, you found out that your very own organism had after a long evolved again, the seed of the third generation members…” – Haven added, patting Zeus’s head, holding his chin.

“That’s when you had Samson to recruit Spartan, he was the first one to receive the technology from your own body, he was in more than a way, your first born. You bestowed upon the third generation the hope to one day taste the blessing of optimization once more. Nonetheless, Hades and Poseidon were not so patient anymore, they feared that if this solution would actually come from a new generation, it would be incompatible again.” – Magnus had his tone lowered, facing the sadness on our leader’s faces.

“Hades and Poseidon are my friends, they’ve showed me their loyalty too many times…” – Zeus refused to take the facts.

“They were indeed loyal to you, while you still hoped you would develop the cure for your problem, when their fear for another disappointment overwhelmed their obsessed minds, in their twisted logic they were still being faithful to you and the Pantheon…” “You’re saying they betrayed me, but you didn’t explain me how could they be responsible for the shutting down of my agents!” – The voice on that man sounded like a king who had just heard the worst charge against his first knight.

“We can’t…yet” – Haven turned his back and walked through Roger who still felt the incredible rush of our joint optimization, he tried to crawl far from Agent Jeff, but that was useless. He picked the tiny man easily, gently holding him in his bear hug, a powerful threat that, at the same time it was completely unnecessary because we had broken his willpower with the show of our growing muscles, without even having to flex.

“But Roger here is gonna help us with the missing parts of our puzzle, huh?” – Magnus said holding the chin of the staff leader, who just couldn’t believe we had found out the whole scheme. Zeus’ eyes grew wider – “Roger, what do you know about this threat?”

“Yes, he worked as their pawn all the time. They simply had to conquer Roger to their side, he was the staff leader, he had access to all information Pantheon’s agents download to the system. Getting his loyalty was really an easy task.” – Magnus concluded grinning – “A few worship session with those huge guys and our Roger was sold, but yet he is innocent, he didn’t know what they meant”. Roger’s eyes drenched in tears. He was scared; his body still drenched in his cum, the only thing which helped him from peeing in himself was his raging erection, and being held like that by Haven simply overcharged his poor senses. His words were scattered, they had no connection at first, but soon they were perfectly understandable.

“How did you do this Roger?” – Zeus asked in a soft voice, the answer was not necessary; however Zeus simply felt even more guilty for the deception of his fellow Elders.

“I added the crystallized nano chips with a spyware program when I mixed the nutrition liquids of the agents who entered optimization. That was the only way to get them into your organisms, because you could easily taste if I just added that into your water or food, the only way was through the interaction proceedings. But we…They…didn’t mean to harm anyone, the experience went fine at the beginning, each new mission brought a new result, the data was promising” – Roger finally begun to tell his story.

“They said I could find a way to become a Pantheon if I helped them…” – he cried out loud. I brought him into my embrace - “After I got the info on every agents we had, the only ones who didn’t get any result were exactly the third generation ones, they somehow destroyed the spyware program, the first one was Spartan actually but right after that Magnus, and then not even Zion or Onyx could be spied. That’s when…” Roger froze for a minute

“That’s when they asked you to create the virus right?” – Haven concluded, much to Zeus surprise – “Their spyware technique was not working any longer, because the new agents could block their attempts, so the only way to reach their precious cure was neutralizing the defenses of the new technology in order to steal whatever progresses were made”

“The Pandora’s Box was not meant to be a virus, but you have to understand, that was a desperate measure, once they got the information from Matt, everything would be easier, they would come back to their leading roles, they would help Pantheon to prevail over the injustice! – Roger seemed calmer, but still fearing for his punishment.

“I’m aware of your good intention, I’ve always felt that you were actually impressed with the improvements I showed, and you thought I could mean your way into Hades and Poseidon’s graces, they realized I was evolving with such ease I could actually mean the solution for their problem, but they wouldn’t wait for Zeus’ orthodox methods.”

Zeus listened to everything – “Then why Rhodes and Samson? Their mission did not require optimization routine!? Why not just trying to inject into him when Spartan optimized?”

“We did that, during his mission to locate Kwome, Matt received the Pandora’s box first version, but he simply overcome the program, ignoring the threat he incorporated the program into his own system, we never thought he could actually develop to show such fast interaction defenses…” – Roger revealed laying on my massive embrace – being so powerful I could tell he was actually telling the truth, my muscles touching his skin was definitely the best incentive for a full confession.

“Hades and Poseidon got despaired when their first plan failed, they decided to use a second version of the virus, but that was too risky to be inserted during his optimization, they said that a battle would perfectly decoy…” – Roger felt ashamed for his actions, but that little man just got played by our massive muscles, he’s weak and he’s not capable of overcoming his lust.

“Since Spartan was recruited by Samson, who by his turn had been searched by Rhodes, that’s why, Hades, Rhodes’ own locating agent, needed to enter in action. He called him at the Academy for a mere talk, taking his best chance to introduce the new virus program into him. However, using the information they had from other second generation agents, the new version of Pandora’s Box had the power to overcome their conscious control, allowing Hades and Poseidon to program their chips according to their own will. They would control every agent until they could reach Matt and the third generation members, so they would finally get their optimization back.”

“I can see what went wrong with their plan. Rhodes was caught by his trust in Hades, however, when Samson noticed something strange about his colleague, Rhodes had to act quickly, he must have been capable of introducing the virus, but Samson was the one of the few second-generation members that could involuntarily optimize…” – I added knowing that my conclusions would be shared by my group members.

“Optimization not only enhances physical characters, but overall defense, the Pandora’s box program malfunctioned, Samson could not think straight, but he wasn’t being controlled by Hades and Poseidon, he just wanted to escape before he destroyed that city filled with weakling innocents!” – Jeff expressed his concern; finally understanding the trauma those valiant agents went through.

“That also explains the problem with the twins, Rhodes managed to infect them, but since they were already optimized, the same malfunction occurred, their senses went crazy…” – Magnus’ voice clearly showed his emotion, but he managed to control pretty quickly.

“Poseidon infected Cromwell and Yamamoto to increase their forces, while Hades’ excuse to leave in order to investigate Poseidon’s “alleged” disappearance is incredibly smart, he had Roger to alert me about a random hydroplane, while Rhodes escaped through another complete different way, and he’s probably with them at their rendezvous, although he’s just incapable of reacting.” I concluded taking Rogers to the ground.

“Roger you need to tell us, everything you know now, please we don’t want to punish you, please show us we can trust you again! Hades and Poseidon will not come to help you, they never wanted to…” – Haven approached him, nesting the young man on his dark fur.

“Do you have a vaccine for the virus Roger?” – The new agent asked soothing the small guy. Roger sobbed heavily – “Yes, but when I arrived, Hades had taken it with him, I’m sorry, I had no idea they would infect other agents…”

“We know their plan failed, they must be getting ready for their final blow, there’s no turning back now…” – Magnus concluded scratching his chin – “There must be something we left out…” his thoughts flooding through my mind and vice-versa.

I thought about the latest events in my life as a Pantheon agent, every detail quickly answered by my brilliant mind, but the words of Andy still echoed in my mind – “Wisdom lies not in the answers given, but in the questions to be made…”

I gently picked Roger up, looking for his precious palmtop on his pocket. I simply checked the destination of the latest e-mails, “All that time you had been e-mailing Hades about my developments, did you ever get to conclusion about my extraordinary evolution?” – I asked following the hunch of my intuition.

Roger’s eyes widened, he waved his head violently – “No, not at all, Spartan, I just kept describing all the situations with as much details I could, there was no way I could have guessed what makes you different from them…”

I remembered my sudden “exaggerated” optimization, the “crash-course” Kwome received during his first optimization, the extraordinary post-stabilization gains we all had. Immediately, I tried to contact Onyx and Zion at the Academy, but the lack of response, actually gave me the answer I feared so much – “They decided to go with the younger Agents, according to Roger’s entries Kwome knows everything about me, and he got trained with just one kiss, they feel that he’s got their solution…” Magnus nodded pretty sad as well – “You mean the virus would work on them if they were non-optimized. After all that was their original intent, Zion and Onyx are still very new, they didn’t learn who are Poseidon and Hades like we do…”

At this moment, Winston invaded the medical room carried by the guards; he had been thrown at the entrance of the secret base a few seconds, his body completely bruised, his lips swollen like a grapefruit. He moved his head, his eyes were red, drenched in tears – “I’m sorry sir, I tried, but I had no chance against him…” I felt my legs weakening, even though I knew it was impossible for me to get any physically weaker.

My heart simply couldn’t stop accelerating, just then Roger’s palmtop vibrated indicating an incoming message. Given my obvious nervous breakdown, Magnus acted fast, taking the gadget of my huge paw before I crushed it – “Sons of bitches!” - His voice was grave when he read the e-mail.

“We’ve got your boyfriend and the rookies, you’ll give us the cure or we’ll destroy Andy and all the other agents!” •

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