Muscle Twins

By John Bowling

"God damn, he was right! It's huge!" I looked over at the guy the was speaking, at the urinal two down from me. He raised his eyes up from my crotch to my face. "I never seen a dick so immense!" He had long curly blond hair around his shoulders and down to his waist. He smiled, making his cute face look even more handsome, with dimples in his cheeks. He was wearing a shirt that was fancy enough to be a blouse, especially the way his big pecs stretched out the front, and more jewelry than I had ever seen before. He also wore designer jeans that he appeared to be poured into, showing every buldging inch of his thick, short (5' 4") body. I got the impression that his muscles were damm huge under his shirt. He looked a lot like Gary, the huge muscled wrestler I loved to watch practice. There were only the two of us in the restroom at the time, so I said: "It's even bigger when it's hard, and the right guy can make it hard all the time." "Gary said you keep it hard around him!" "Damn right! His beautiful, flexing muscles turn me on!" Just thinking about him I was getting hard now. In fact, this guy, except for the long hair, and his feminine demeaner and dress, looked almost identical to Gary. Gary's hair was a crew-cut, to keep guys from pulling on it for leverage while they wrestled. He was also as masculine as I could imagine a guy getting. He stepped over to me, placed his hands under my arms, and lifted me up. I gripped his arms, and felt hard, thick triceps buldging. He placed his lips over the head of my huge, hard dick and began to suck on it. At first he was having trouble getting the large head of my thick dick into his mouth, but he worked on it, and finally, with lots of flexing of his thick neck muscles, got it in and he began to suck it fast and furious. This was the first time I had ever been sucked, most guys complaining that my dick's to thick to suck, and the combination of feeling his buldging muscles and his good strong sucking made me cum quickly. Within a minute I was squirting a huge load of cum into his mouth. "Wow, that's one gigantic dick! Bigger than a 16 oz beer can!' "Yea, you really turned me on! You're just as well built as Gary! Why don't you wrestle?" "And damage my nails, and probably my hair!" I looked at his hands, and even though they were thick, they were not calloused and had well kept, manaquered and lacquered nails. "Please, dearie, come over and fuck me tonight with that super dick? I need it bad!" "Will you flex those big muscles?" "What do you take me for, some kind of muscle man? Gary's the one with the muscles, not me!" I ran my hands over his shoulders and chest. "You're just as big and probably as strong as he is! Take off your shirt and flex them and I'll fuck you here!" "Do I have to flex? What about my feminine image? How many women flex big muscles while the're getting fucked?" "Women don't turn me on. I don't care about your long hair or your pansy image. It's your muscles that turn me on, and if you don't want to flex I'll go watch Gary wrestle and jack off." "And waste that huge dick on some guy who doesn't care, who doesn't want to get fucked!" "He flexes, huge and hard! He loves to flex! He also likes the feel of a hard flexing body pressed hard up his. I've seen him come away from a match with his small dick as hard as steel several times. And sometimes there's even a cum spot in his shorts. He goes into the restroom afterwards and jacks off, flexing hard as he does it. I've watched him several times from an adjacent stall. Lately, he's even let me in the same stall with him, letting me feel him flex as we both jerk off!" "Allright, I guess if he can flex his puny body for you, I can too. But I want my ass rammed full of that enormous dick, and you'ld better ream me out like a batting ram." He carefully began to undo the shirt's buttons. "Why don't you rip it off with those super muscles?" "And ruin a good, expensive shirt? It's real hard getting a shirt that looks this great and fits me." As he peeled it back, his chest looked like an ad for supplements in a muscle magazine. His pecs were huge, and deeply corded. His abs, even when not flexed, were well defined. I ran my hands over his beautifull chest, feeling each solid muscle rippling as he took the shirt off completely and hung it up. "God, you're gorgeous! Maybe even better than Gary! I'll bet you could whip the shit out of him!" "In order to whip him, I'd have to flex, and pretend I'm a man!" "Dam it, you are a man, one of the best built I've ever seen. Now flex those gorgeous muscle!" "Then why have I got this damn puny dick?" He asked as he dropped his jeans. "Sure makes it hard to attract a good gay man when you've only got three inches." "It's almost identical to Gary's! You are either Gary's twin brother, or Gary in drag." "He's my twin brother! But the resemblence is only physical! I should have been female, and let him be the real man!" "But you're both georgous males, and I'm about to fuck your muscle bound ass so quit yapping and flex!" I stepped around behind him, pressed my ten inch hard dick against his right buttock, reached around and gripped his pecs and squeezed. "Make them as hard as steel! All of them!" I ground my dick against that hard, corded buttock until it was rock hard, then slid it down, over and touched the head against his ass. I pressed up and didn't get anywhere. His ass was flexed as hard as all his other muscles. "Relax you ass, but keep the rest flexed!" He did, and I pressed it in, slowly. With a dick as thick as mine, and an ass so well muscled it was virgin tight, I was pressing as hard as I could but not getting very far in. "Shove it up me! Deeper! God, it hurts like hell allready!" I kept pressing, using all my strength yet I couldn't get it into him. As I struggled, I felt a hard hand on my ass, lifting, then a muscular body press against my back with his other arm around me and the super man I was trying to fuck. I saw the fingers over his shoulder, pressing deep into the hard flexed muscle. The pressure below, lifting me up increased as the guy behind me flexed his bicep. Slowly my dick entered into the hard ass of the super man in front of me. "God, yes, your monster dick hurts like hell, but ram the fuck out of me anyway, all the fucking way with that huge thing!" The hand below me lifted even harder and my dick popped into the super tight ass. I was ready to come now! A flexing muscle man in front of me, holding tight onto my trobbing dick with his super muscled ass, and a flexing super man behind me, squeezing me between two hard flexed layers of muscle bound steel. "I'm going to cum!" I said, just as I began to spirt. "What a turn on, feeling hard flexed muscles everywhere!" Behind me, I felt a small hard dick press against my buttock and squirt. In front of me, the small dick in my hand was allready steel hard and shooting it's load. After a few minutes, we separated, and: "Gary, I didn't know you liked guys." The feminine one said. "Terry, we're twins! What did you expect! You're strong like me and I'm gay like you! I'm just not some pansy fem, but a real man who's gay." "I think I just died and went to heaven. Two beautiful muscle bodies and they both love my dick. I would love to watch you two super men wrestling, with your huge, hard, gorgeous muscles buldging, with me standing over you and jacking off my huge dick and fucking who ever's on top at the moment." Gary was standing there flexing hard, showing off his big, defined muscles. "Terry, why can't you flex and turn me on like Gary does!" "Like some big macho man? A man who's so narcissistic that all he has to do to cum is to stand in front of a mirror and admire his hard muscles?" "Yea, and what do you do? Play with that long flowing blond hair and gold chains. Primping in front of the mirror like you're God's gift to tops." "I sure the hell am baby, and my ass is hurting like hell now to prove it." "Hell, I've gotten more big dicks from macho flexing than you'll ever get with you're pansy primping!" "You don't have any idea of how many men I fuck every week. While you're out flexing and chasing after a few guys in the gym, hoping to get it on, I'm out doing a dozen every night." "Both of you! Quit the damn bitching and pretending to be the best male whore in the city! I like both of you, and I want to fuck both of you." "At the same time?" "Yea, will not exactly at the same time, but both together in the same bed on the same night for an all nighter. You guy's think you can be friends long enough to do that?" "I'ld love to, and if Terry causes any problem, I'll beat him up." "Beat my dick, you mean. I'ld love it to, just let macho here be the muscle flexer, and I'll take your dick up my ass all night." "So I do all the hard work flexing and turning him on, and you get all the pleasure!" "I said, 'QUIT BITCHING'. You will both flex, and wrestle each other, and screw any damn broken nails. And we're going to get Gary some new clothes and make him more feminine!" Needless to say, they continued to bitch all night, but both flexed admirably all night. And both got fucked lots of times. And I was in heaven! •

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