By Muscl4life

“Magnus? Where’s Kwome? Anything happened to him?” I asked already feeling butterflies in my stomach.

“Yeah, something definitely happened to him, Spartan!” – Zion’s voice called my attention – he pointed to my left side, and then I noticed this beautiful sight. Dressed in his own Pantheon special suit, a beautiful sight stood up really proud.

“Third-generation Pantheon member Luther Onyx reporting sir!” – Said the man who we had just saved, a scared young man, now stood bravely in front of me – At 6’4 and ½” tall, weighing 185 pounds of lean muscles (which meant he gained a total of 10 pounds with his interaction, although it is much more than I gained, he had entered his first optimization at the same time, so it really had stronger effects), his face got even manlier, more handsome, his body now stood a bit taller, much broader and muscular, even the few zits marks he had were gone, his skin now soft, even and just beautiful. The teenager I once knew by the name of Kwome had changed into this incredibly specimen of manhood. His sensual dreadlock hairdo looked even better, though I felt the urge to fuck him right now, fortunately my mind regained control before it was too late.

“At ease, Onyx – nice name you picked by the way” I said blinking at his dazzling figure. Luther just smiled along – “Thanks, it took me whole day, but I finally made up my mind…” Just as he finished this sentence, he noticed my expression – “a whole day? For how long was I out?”

“According to our records, you had required the longest stabilization period ever registered for a Pantheon members sir!” Roger said in a mix of proud and excitement, Magnus just rolled his eyes – “Yeah, yeah, we all heard that at least three times staff boy! Now just give us some space okay?” Roger and the rest of the staff cleared out of the aircraft. I noticed we had landed already, which meant we should have stabilized by many hours in a row…

Magnus hugged me – “Matt, we all needed much more time than anticipated for our complete stabilization, even the new guy needed more time and he was still at level 1, both me and Zion required 15 hours to fully stabilize, and I don’t think we were able to do it without your help, man you really know how to use that butt of yours!” He tried to ease the conversation, but my look clearly showed I was worried. He sighed – “You on the other hand, needed quite some more – 27 hours to be precise.”

“27 hours? That’s insane! I never been into level 5 before but I’m sure it wouldn’t require that long for stabilization! I mean, how come we kept fucking for such long time? Our bodies would just have burnt out!” I exclaimed at once.

“You just kept going and going sir, when we noticed we were all back into our post-stabilization sizes and you were still at a humongous level 4 optimized state. It took us 12 hours and 6 extra non-optimized members to “entertain” you, while you reverted to stabilized condition. A total of 9 super strong enhanced men relaying themselves into shifts to fully please you, so you could reverse to your condition. – Zion added trying to comfort me, but he still sounded too shocked with such display of raw power.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry! I wanted to apologize to those guys…”

“Too late dude, after you finally collapsed you’ve been sleeping for another 10 hours, they were all sent home and re-assigned to other missions, but don’t worry, they all FELT how much appreciation you showed for them” Magnus smile changed – he wasn’t mocking of me, he was just being my friend.

I hugged him tightly – “I haven’t hurt any of you have I?” – They just sneered – “Dude, we know you were at level five, but we could still handle you, it just felt roughly pleasing, nothing else!” Both Zion and Luther looked at me once more – “Now let’s get you back at home!” they said as we got off the airplane. When we finally got to the shower room, I noticed they didn’t want to make me excited, so they just gave me privacy while I washed my post-stabilized body, feeling the extreme hardness and definition.

Like I said before, I’m used on being optimized, but it really affects our perception sometimes, I thanked the heavens above me that, albeit all the trouble, they still managed to bring me back to my former size (although I know that every time we undergo optimization, even after stabilization proceedings our bodies will show considerable increment, which is a result of the interaction process). I dried myself, and was about to change into my clothes when something that usually would just make me happy, scared the hell out of me. There I stood, naked in all the glory of my new size.

“Post-stabilization size” – it meant that from now on, that would be my stats until I undergo a new optimization proceeding – normally a member gained between 3 to 5 pounds in muscle mass, and even an occasional ¼ of inch in height – but that was simply ridiculous! I looked into the mirror – “That can’t be true, I’m not fully stabilized” – I heard myself exclaiming. “Yeah, buddy, we all noticed that too!” – Zion and Magnus entered the restroom with severe looks on his faces – “I’m up to 5’10 and ½” and 170 pounds, that’s 12 pounds heavier than my former weight – these gains are 100% over the average post-stabilization process!”

“Well, rookie, I’m 6’3” 215 pounds now, but you don’t see me complaining, do you?’ – Magnus quickly replied at him, as he approached my still perplexed figure – “But I must admit I never seen something like THAT before!” He said pointing to the mirror.

“H-how much have I grown?” I managed to ask.

“I’m sure you didn’t notice when you were looking down at Kwome when he hugged you, you read on the briefing he was taller than you at post-stabilization size, but you are according to the final readings indeed fully stabilized, this is gonna be your normal size for the time being” – Magnus paused, leaning his arm on my shoulder and feeling my massive new figure supporting his own thick muscular frame” – “6’6 and ¾” 247 fucking ripped pounds!”

For a moment I had no reaction, but then my mind flooded with technical information which rested in my powerful brain – “That can’t be happening! I can’t get almost 5 inches taller and gain 60 pounds with just one optimization! The reports on former higher proceedings never mentioned such massive gain!”

“Well, dude, it is true, but it was the first time third-generation members enter such optimization level before, their data is still obsolete when it comes to our case!” – Magnus adjusted his stance, looking directly at my eyes – “Whatever reason caused such dramatic augment in stabilization period, also interfered with your anabolic system, the staff told us you had an overall increase which made your interaction process develop much faster than they anticipated, and it also can be applied to the rest of us…”

Zion appeared at my side, suddenly the wall sized mirror did not seem that big – “Spartan, while you were reverting, Zeus contacted us, he told that my readings indicate my training completion, I’m a fully invested Pantheon member now, but also…” He stopped for one moment, when Onyx also entered the room – “Although he may not vividly experienced not even one day studying such subjects, Onyx proved to possess fully knowledge and domain of the protocol and directives regarding the Pantheon rules, as well as the special tactics and strategic field training with profound specialization, which only indicates…”

“I somehow downloaded the information of my own training directly into his nano network, which incorporated it as its own database – Shit! I completely trained you with just a fucking kiss!” I added dumb folded.

“Well, I would say we had a bit more contact than just one kiss, but you are absolutely right” – Onyx commented, for the first time I noticed that even his strong accent had disappeared, his pronounce sounded completely pure, such clearness and perfection could perfectly be heard at the best university English literature courses.

“The main fact is that you just started some revolutionary “crash-course” training, and it freaked out the guys up there, even though Kwome will still have to get some formal training, the time needed to reach completion might be reduced to only a few days, instead of the usual year and a half!” – Magnus added, I didn’t notice but he was toweling my enormous muscles while the young guys let me in the whole details.

The whole world swirled in my mind, I looked at my fellow members, Zion kept babbling about the excitement of his unexpected graduation. I paid special attention to Onyx, who until less than 2 days before was just a young athlete now behaved like an experienced field specialist, even Magnus who started this mission being much thicker and muscular than me, now stood under the shadow of my newly grown muscles, but what really got me nervous was not the new developments we had achieved in this mission, but something that meant a whole lot to me.

“How am I gonna explain to Andy that I grew 5” taller and gained 60 pounds in three days?” – I exploded, sitting heavily on the bench behind us.

Suddenly, everybody went quiet – not even Pantheon members have the answer to all the questions – I brought my head into my knees, covering my ears with my big hands, trying to get calm again. It felt really amazing to be that powerful, but I just couldn’t begin to imagine what my life would be without my Andy. I got so lost in my desperation, everything seemed distant, somehow Magnus made me stand up, he and the boys helped dressing up in some new clothes (since my suit would never fit a massive body like mine now).

After a few minutes, I managed to regain some control, since the agent inside me once more assumed my functions. Zion and Onyx were expected at the Pantheon Headquarters, we said goodbye in a very awkward way, I didn’t want the rookies to see their Team Leader, the first third-generation member freaking out, but still they proved to be great partners above everything.

“It was an honor working with you, Spartan; I’m looking forward to our next mission!” Zion said as he warmly hugged me. I just nodded and watched him getting inside the huge black SUV. Then it was Onyx who just overlooked the non-stabilization protocol rules (he assumedly already knew thanks to me) just kissing my lips.

“Don’t worry, Matt, I’m sure Andy can understand you, you just have to remember how much you can truly trust him, he loves you just as much as shows!” – Those words caught me off guard once more, my jaw dropped as I noticed that we shared not only my technical knowledge but also my whole love life now was part of his memories. Onyx grinned a little embarrassed, and proceeded into the same car. Magnus stood right beside me, looking up at my astonished face.

“Damn, Matt! That was on hell of a kiss! The fucking rookie now has your know-how and yet he also kept your deepest secrets!” – Magnus slapped my granite-hard butt as we watched the Pantheon vehicle leaving the base. I simply looked back at Magnus with a puzzled face – “Dude, you have no idea, I just realized, I know everything he knew up to the point he was recruited! If he knows my secrets, his feelings are also mine now!”

Magnus and I were soon dismissed ( I guess HQ still needed to decide about my newly found capabilities, so they let us go for the time being) I could have contacted Winston to pick me up, but Magnus already anticipated me, he told my butler I would take a ride with him. Soon, we were riding his potent brand-new sports car, enjoying the beauty of night of New York and its lights – we headed to his loft – an old industrial neighborhood which had recently been transformed into a new point for young rich people.

I’ve never been into Magnus’ house before, but his designing taste matches his personality perfectly, a mix of modern furniture with classic architectural traces of the old building, everything just may seem classic and distinct, but some details that can almost pass unnoticed clearly show his clever mockery – everything to Magnus might become a joke, even if the fact that he is a Pantheon member.

He offered me a scotch, but I just wasn’t in the mood for drinking. “You really fell for that weakling dude haven’t you?” – He finally asked sitting right next to me in the comfortable leather couch. I just sighed and nodded – “I know it is stupid, that I should never have an intimate relationship with a mere human, but I couldn’t help it! Andy is…”

“Everything you want to protect?” Magnus completed my phrase, once more shocking me – “Don’t worry Matt, I didn’t drain your data like Onyx, but you said that over and over back when we were stabilizing!” He took a sip on his drink with his clever grin on his lips.

“What else did I say?” I asked terrified.

“Nothing that a guy having the biggest orgasm rush wouldn’t say, you just voiced your wish to have this Andy guy next to you when you are optimized – what agent never dreamed to show his enormous size to his partner?” Magnus sharp sense once more showed me things clear – “You’re just feeling guilty that you can’t tell him the truth about you, and once he finds out about it, he’ll run away, it’s understandable, Matt!”

“I can’t help cheating on him either, so it’s just a dead end!” I concluded dropping my considerable weight over back. Magnus just put his glass on the coaster and he quickly got up on my massive muscles – “Would you fuck me right now?” he asked me kissing my neck the way it always give me Goosebumps.

“Yeah…” – my own lustful tone surprised me, but not Magnus – “But would you love me instead of Andy just because I can give you all the pleasure you need? Just because I’m as strong as you are, would you give up your life with him? Only because you would have to keep this secret from me you think I would make you happier than he does?” – His question sounded like an enormous gong, rescuing me from my ongoing lust trance. I stood up as he hugged my waist with his strong legs.

“Andy can’t possibly give you everything that you need, but no living being can completely fulfill another, not even if we consider the beloved ones. You just have to accept that he is a weakling human, he may not be able to deal with your situation, but you keep saying he is everything you want to protect in this world, so this is the way you’re protecting him – it may even sound terrible if you keep cheating on him, but if you don’t surrender to your own passions you know you might end up hurting Andy…” I listened to these words a bit perplexed – “So you mean I should keep the secret?”

Magnus just nodded – “Matt, you think I would give you that so easy? You’ll have to figure it out by yourself!” His mockery smile made me want to unscrew the head from his neck. – “Whatever you decide, it will come from your own volition, but you have to face your problem, Andy is clearly your main priority at personal life, but you’re not just a diplomat, you’re highly ranked Pantheon member whose responsibilities to the Free World are really big, and let’s not forget that your sex drive is enough to please a whole basketball team each night!” he grinned kissing me gently. No other words were needed between us – How come he be so sensible and yet so light headed? I kept asking myself this question as he drove me back home.

When he dropped me, I realized why I had Magnus as my best friend, because he simply seemed to make everything clearer, we were fucking buddies but also he knew that if my soul belonged to Andy for the time being, he was happy with sharing the incredible sexual and other physical experiences with me – and I felt that somehow he also had that special person for himself. I looked at my beautiful house, the lights were out but I knew Winston was at home but, I didn’t ring the bell because I was afraid Andy didn’t keep his promise.

The hall was just as dark as the rest of the house (not to me of course), I just rested my key and proceeded into the living room. Although I could spot him all squeezed in the corner, I didn’t make any sign that he was caught, just to feel my tiny beloved trying to surprise me by jumping on my massive muscular back – “GOTCHA!” – he shouted as I easily supported him. My long arms reached for him and I held him firmly – “And I got you babe!”

We looked at each other in the dark for a little, although Andy didn’t notice my obvious change because of the (convenient) darkness of the room, I could perfectly his happiness, he looked so vivid, so alive, so energetic! I said nothing else; I just needed to have him, not even for one last time – while it was still dark, and while he didn’t notice my size augmentation.

“Anything wrong here?” – Winston’s yell voice me from the trance. He turned the lights and my little Andy snapped to notice my new figure – my muscles visibly vibrating, the veins popping out and thickening, my muscles so much harder and tighter around my bones, my own body had been enlarged into a state no one could overlook, especially the man who dedicates hours worshipping each crevice of this rugged physique – I couldn’t say anything just now so scared that I would finally scare him away of my life, but before I could think on any plausible excuse, this weak figure standing up, his face wasn’t scared, quite the contrary it showed a real fascination, Although he was still very confused from everything I just made him feel, Andy’s eyes were opened, they were alert, they were sure what they saw was the truth.

“Sir, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…” – Winston tried to apologize, but I could never been more grateful to anyone – he just made everything possible, he brought me to the point of no return – I looked at him with a smile – “It’s okay good man, he was soon to find out” – I commented showing my obvious changes. I felt his warm tiny hands exploring my body, I gently looked down at him.

“That’s what you’ve been hiding from me all that time?”

“ I’m sorry if it made you feel neglected, I never wanted to fool you, but there lots of things about me you still don’t know, sweetie, things that can change your life!” I replied in a sad tone.

“My life changed the exact moment you entered it, now there’s no turning back, Matt” I just noticed Andy wasn’t freaking out, he was scared of me, he was just receptive, open minded and to me Andy never looked so gracious, so deliciously tiny and weak, he meant the world to me, I knew that now – But I wasn’t in the mood to give another lecture on Pantheon members, not now, I just wanted to savor this man of mine.

“I promise you I’ll tell you everything later, I swear you won’t be kept in the dark, not anymore!” – I held his chin gently, my eyes were intense, but I wasn’t sad, I just couldn’t believe I would have Andy without any further deception (at least about my powers). I looked at Winston who just nodded – “You belong to him, that’s for sure!” he said retreating to his own room.

I lied on the thick Persian rug and quickly got rid of my pants; Andy also had got rid of his clothes, he missed my enormous cock just as I missed his delicious cherry. I tried to be as gentle as I could, but even so, his anus never felt so tight (even though my cock was indeed bigger). I kissed him deeply as pumped him slowly, to savor each convulse on his tender tiny body, completely overwhelmed by my humongous manhood. I wanted to fuck him hard, but not just that, I would show him the pleasure I could actually give to him. Suddenly, it wasn’t enough to me – Fucking him just once or twice, having to hide from him to jerk off many more times to finally get some decent release. I wanted him to know what I really am, what I do for him and the other little people, I wanted Andy to be proud of me, I wanted to be the Superman for his Lois Lane – Magnus said no one can fully complete his other half, but damn if I couldn’t complete my little Andy I wanted to fill him as most as I could. I wanted him to feel just as hot as he made me.

I fucked him until he came for the first time – He moaned deeply, but to me it felt completely different, being with him was a continuous orgasmic feeling, and I needed to show it for him! Once wasn’t just t enough anymore. I kept going as he tried to rest on my chest, he just smiled when I insisted, so he let me play with his little body over and over, making his dripping wet cock hard once more, his second orgasm happened not much longer after. He just hugged my neck and collapsed on my enormous body, but I was still hard inside him. He looked at me with a shocked face – “Matt, what have come on to you? You’re just insatiable tonight!” it was all he could mutter as I stood up and started fucking him once more, making sure my cock gave him all the pleasure he could never imagine.

My hands played with his lean built, I kissed his back, and talked dirty on his ear, he just moaned surrendering to my incredible lust, for the third time that night he came for me, and yet I still felt empty. The cum flowing constantly from my enormous cock kept lubing both of us, as I pumped into his tiny ass with an increasing tempo. Something came on to me, and suddenly I kissed Andy the exact same way I changed Kwome into Onyx, I wanted him so bad right now, I sent him all the intensity I could mutter, because he so needed it, he so needed to feel what I felt when I was with him.

Andy could barely breathe when I finished kissing him, his trembling little muscles couldn’t keep up with my rhythm, but I didn’t care for that right now – I just grinned and sucked his ear lobes, massaging his butt in order to pound his ass once more, my fingers working their way into his anus, he just didn’t have the energy to verbally protest anymore – he just held my hand, staring at my face with his puzzled look. I grinned, and I once more entered his ass, feeling how delightful his lean built felt around my enormous manhood. Andrew may had not enough energy to protest, but he found it right when he came for the fourth time, he screamed at the top of his lungs –

“MATT! OH YEAH! I NEVER FELT IT BEFORE! YOU’RE AMAZING!” I could see his smile even in the darkness of the living room, his pretty teeth shining to my perfect vision – There was no way out of that living dream, it wasn’t a fake orgasm – I truly had reached Andy now, I could feel he no longer questioned, he just resigned the control of his own body to let me please his ignorant little figure, he understood how strong I was and how much I needed to show it to him – I heard the exhaustion on his squeaky voice giving the strength to keep fucking him, I watched his smile through my mind’s eye- “a smile that makes my life go on, a smile that makes my heart and soul come alive!” – The triumph of his first true deep orgasm sent me into profound ecstasy. I roared, grabbing his tiny body and plunging even deeper into him. I flexed all my muscles and I felt his little body going limp in my strong grip. His voice sounded so low even to me – “Matt… You are growing love!”

I stood up, still too shocked to speak; he just noticed my much bigger and ever growing figure before him. His own legs were not strong enough to support his light weight – he just smiled and hugged – Andy just grinned and kissed me – “Don’t stop, please don’t stop! Thank you for showing me this, thanks for trusting me!” It was all he could mutter I felt guilty for spending his weak energies like that, but the beauty of his angelical blessed stare, admiring my growing muscles, savoring the strong grip in my enormous arms just made me so happy!.

I kept growing more and more muscular, gently carrying my precious Andy in my arms, he was so weak he could barely smile, but I helped him, I flexed my growing muscles so hard they seemed enormous stone pieces compressed by the movement of two colliding tectonic plates. The sound of my enlarging figure filled the room – Andy watched mesmerized as I changed before his very own eyes, the growth increased by the seconds – I lifted him so he could look at my growing body from every possible angle. When we kissed he just spewed his cum over my glistening physique – he just smiled at me, his passion for my body had evolved beyond words now, he just touched me and I knew he could spontaneously enter in combustion. I held him next to my enormous chest carefully flexing my abs against his tiny body, growing around him so fast, he just hissed – I knew that he now felt the way I always wanted to feel, his orgasm has surpassed ejaculation, I meant pure orgasmic feelings to him, my growing muscles, sent him into such a rush, he would never forget what I made him feel that night.

I just moaned as my optimization soon took me to the former Level 5 that took me 27 hours to revert from, soon I was looking at the top of my 8’6” frame down to my beloved who rested comfortably at the perfect protection of my gargantuan chest. The width of my arms now clearly many times thicker than Andy, the power on my thighs and shoulders made me look unearthed. My blond petite lover just closed his eyes and once more he came without even touching himself – “I love you, Matt, I want to know everything you couldn’t tell me about your life, for you are the miracle in my life” – he said after passing out of exhaustion, embracing the peak of my humongous biceps like it was the biggest teddy bear he could ever find.

I held him gently, my own cock spewing a torrent of cum into the expensive carpet but I couldn’t care less – for the first time in years of being a Pantheon member I truly knew the meaning of comfort. Being with Andy for so many times, growing for him, and hearing that declaration of true love, was the completion I’ve been looking for all these years.

Andy, in the other hand, was in absolute bliss – He jus held me with his tiny little hands like he could actually help me from going away, his heartbeat was so accelerated, I could sense his organism working really hard to keep him awake, I had completely overwhelmed my little lover, spent every ounce of strength his body had, but yet I felt I could just start all over again. Although, seeing the grace printed in his stare, the way his inquiring look captured the images of my divine muscular gargantuan body; felt like an even deeper orgasm, a spiritual fulfillment that made me so proud of being so huge for my Andy.

I held him gently noticing that he refused to surrender to his exhaustion, my muscles made him so horny, his little cock was hard again, but he just couldn’t keep going – “Don’t change when I’m away, I wanna look more to this size of you!” – He cutely commanded me when his body finally collapsed on my grip – he was sleeping profoundly in just a few seconds – “Don’t worry little man, I’ll be here for you, when you wake up!” I said carrying him into the bed, the staircase almost breaking each step I took up, my enormous weight could cause serious damages to my property, but my Andy needed me in that size for him, so I wouldn’t try to stabilize.

A few hours had passed, it was still dark but I never needed to sleep that night – though my cock got hard all the time, there was no desire to stabilize, I just had Andy completely naked sleeping in my bed while I looked at him from the ground (no way I would destroy my antique mahogany king size bed with my massive weight) – his sleep was precious, I heard his heart beating so calmly now, he looked peaceful, he felt peaceful in my arms when I put him in the bed. I looked at my engorged member – there was no way I could ever stop desiring that little man, I can fuck all Pantheon members and loved each orgasm I felt, but that little guy had caught me really bad – I just hope he’s okay with my apparent promiscuity – it is just impossible for a man like me to be with just one man – I need all the pleasure I can get, it’s the price to pay for my power, and there’s no way I’m gonna deny the feeling of being so tremendously potent.

Winston came knocked at my open door – “Your optimization had been noticed by their computers, they are very surprised with such fact, but it seems that your services are needed right now! Briefing will be held in 43 minutes”

“Tell them I won’t go! I’ve just arrived and Andy needs me” – I said feeling that the bravery to contest the superior orders came from the small body that rested next to my massive figure. Winston’s eyes widened – “You can’t do it, sir! Zeus himself solicited this mission!”

“I don’t fucking care for Zeus, he has other members!”– My voice thundered around the room, and my personal assistant felt the fear my enormous size can cause to any normal men, he proceeded to contact the base and explain my decision. I looked back at Andy who opened the cutest smile for me – his eyes were focused on my colossal size. I said nothing, stood up and lifted him and the enormous piece of furniture with just one hand, facing him from the end of the mattress –“Welcome back little man!”

“You kept the promise! You are still humongous!” –Andy quickly reached the side of the bed, looking at my body easily supporting the considerable weight of that bed (that required three big men to carry it upstairs). He looked back at me with an angelical grin – “Are you gonna tell me everything? About you and how you can do this?” – he asked still shocked to see an undermost fraction of my strength, I just obliged and lowered the bed opening my enormous arms to him. He just crawled and jumped into my humongous muscles, I held him against my chest – the favorite spot to hold his fragile figure next to my monumental bulk – “I’ll tell you the real deal, Andy…”

Suddenly Winston invaded the room once more, forgetting all the rules he had enforced, his look was nervous he no longer sounded polite, he just begged me – “Sir, you need to come, it’s really important!” – Winston’s gaze was indeed worried.

“Tell them to get another member, Winston! Not everything is about third-generation members! He’ll have to deal with his former agents!” I said at once taking care not to frighten my beloved Andy, but when he was next to me nothing could frighten that little man, not even my own power, because he knew deep inside that I was there to protect him above everything.

“Matt, don’t worry, now that I know you will tell me I can wait a year if it takes…” He said in a low tone. I looked back at him – this man was clearly gifted, he had the altruism of a saint, but I wasn’t giving up that easily. Only when Winston held my hand I truly understood his consternation

“It’s Samson, sir – something happened to him, the team he leaded never returned home, headquarters informed that they can’t locate his signal anywhere – his tone was grave and I almost dropped Andy down. The man of my life resting on my arms just begged me not to let him, but the man who changed my life forever was missing, I had no other choice. Andy just sighed and got to get down from my grip, but I moved faster than him.

“Tell them I’m on my way” – Winston didn’t have the courage to ask me why I was taking Andy along with me… •

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