By Muscl4life

I could feel Andy’s eyes over my immense physique, he couldn’t get enough of this enormous muscle stud, but I had to be more focused than ever, for I had just broken the most rigorous Pantheon rules – bringing an outsider into a classified facility. Winston had tried to warn me many times as we drove the van to the base, but he was solemnly ignored – most of Pantheon collaborators were indeed normal weakling humans, and yet the organization intentions were always preserved – Andy would be no exception to this case, mostly because I completely trusted him – like they trust me to find out what happened to my dear Samson.

“So, you work at the UN and also serve to this Pantheon?” He finally managed to ask me, his voice was still a bit weak, his mind was mostly lost at my humongous muscles.

“Well, I do serve both, because Pantheon is under UN services, but most of my colleagues don’t have a clue about my mainly occupation” – I didn’t need to look down my massive chest to know he was trying to rest on top of me, since Andy refused to ride on the front with Winston and I pretty much occupied the whole back part of the car, so I just nested him on my warm naked body – I didn’t have anything that could fit on my humongous thighs, so what better option than going bare naked until they give me my special ultra stretching suit?

“This Samson they want you to find, for how long do you know him?”

“Samson was the one who brought me into this organization.” I looked deeply at his brown eyes – “There’s so much you don’t know, but I won’t be able to explain so fast…”

“I can fill him into your story while you’re out sir” – Winston’s polite tone gently warned me that we were almost there, I looked at Andy and smelled the baby shampoo fragrance in his blond hair – “You may ask Winston about the technical details, but I’m gonna tell you everything you wanna know after I’m done with this mission!”

Andy nodded – “Cool, I guess you two really know each other very well huh?” Andy asked apparently in an innocent tone, but I was more than experienced with his behavior to predict his true meaning.

“Winston has been my special and personal assistant for 2 and half years now, we are also very intimate to each other, before we two got together I fucked him at least five times a night, but afterwards I only fuck him twice when you were sleeping…” I noticed my cool tone – I finally understand what I truly meant with such statement.

Andrew’s gaze seemed to freeze, his tiny hand closed around my hard muscles, he was shocked indeed, but then he managed to ask – “You must have fucked all guys that work with you, but you fought for one whole year to be with me, so this means that you love me right?”

I didn’t need words to answer that – an everlasting stare, and my hand cupped his little chest, I nodded very slowly, we kissed and I felt this tidal wave flowing through my body, as our tongues danced together I could hear him moan, his body going limp with the kiss of mine. I wanted to kiss him until he was inside me forever, so we would never have part again. In his struggle for air, Andrew involuntarily tried to punch me, but he gave up soon, when his tiny little body convulsed heavily as he came fiercely over me again. I’ve been growing fond of making Andy cum with every simple touch of mine, because that’s what I truly aim with this whole revelation – to be able to give him everything that only a Pantheon member can.

Winston got us into the facility restricted entrance, when Andy regained control of his own breathing and feelings I was already getting out of the tiny van, my enormous butt crack literally a few inches from his face (I couldn’t help but laugh when he just kissed my right cheek in a tender sign of affection). As I stood tall aside my personal assistant, Andrew noticed just how powerful my current state meant, because Winston is a 6’5” 220 pounds of solid muscle – his lean cut physique has impeccable definition and proportion for a non-member, yet compared to me he was just a “weakling guy” – my arms were almost twice the size of his chest, my pecs stood so thick and powerful it made Winston seem puny.

As soon as someone at security noticed that Andy had entered the complex, a few guards were sent to meet us – “I’m sorry Agent Spartan, but this civilian cannot proceed” – one of them said looking up at my face. I simply bent over and spoke slowly.

“This is a direct order from a Pantheon member, officer, I’m taking this man along with me anywhere I want, and not you nor any other staff technicians have any valid opinion regarding this subject, do you understand it?” – I usually don’t like to use my authority as an argument, but in this case it was imperative.

I didn’t wait for the little soldier’s answer, for I knew he had been more than convinced by the sheer force of my figure, so I just proceeded into the corridors with Andy right behind me and Winston finishing our little party – The way to the briefing room never seemed so cramped, not just by my current state, but all the staff personnel seemed to be contacted at the last hour, all of them seemed very excited about the situation – judging by the comments my augmented senses could gather, they never experienced such thing before (Though the fact of my massive naked figure walking into such tiny corridors caused some accidental bumps, lots of guys dropping whatever they were carrying and an incredible number of times the word “Damn!” had been said)

Andy tried to ask Winston if all these guys were like me, but I just reached for his tiny hand – “Baby, only members like myself have the same prerogatives and capabilities, these you see provide support when are out there in missions, and they do not grow like myself – although I had fucked a considerable amount of these tiny guys, they are just work mates!” – I blinked at his astonished figure – Andy has the right to feel jealousy but truth is I can’t live just with the pleasure he is capable of giving me, I need that man much more, but I am also committed to the idea of pleasing every second of his life.

Finally, we got into the briefing room door – that was my turn to be surprised. I simply stared at the figure in front of me. The 6’10” tall massively muscular physique dressed in Pantheon suit, impeccable stance, flawless skin and mind blowing features, humongous arms and chest impossibly big for anyone but members – “Hades? What are you doing here?”

The grin on that man could possibly make the most experienced spy to give away all his secrets, his face was completely smooth, no one single hair – head, face, eyebrows, even eye lashes were completely clean. Hades had pink complexion in a perfect tan which made him look a very clean, self-controlled kind of guy (although he was in fact the least popular Original, precisely because of his temper) – “Agent Spartan, I see you’ve brought some company” – He paused looking down at Andy – “Although you perfectly know that you are strictly forbidden to do such thing!”. I felt my anger building inside of me, my answer was just ready to come out of my mouth when I heard Andrew’s voice.

“Since UN itself and therefore none of its several divisions are not structured based on military standards, your disclosure policy may only indicates civil sanctions to those which eventually break it, however, I’m sure that your precious protocol has some escape clauses that may be enforced in cases like that” – My little man never made me so proud – after all he was seriously considering entering Law School.

Hades just nodded – “I’m sure you will accept the terms of your exceptional acceptance into this facility at the right time – For now I just want to establish that everything you hear and see inside these walls are classified information, no other government authorities are aware of our exact proceedings and we are not intending to let them find out.” – His tone was so cold, I felt Andy’s gulp, so I just stood tall behind him – “Sir, this is a citizen and deserves to be treated respectfully, we should worry more about our current situation and simple details such as his presence.”

His cold stance didn’t change at all; he just looked up at my face – “Agent Spartan, since one Pantheon member is missing, Hades’ intervention is mandatory, therefore, you’ll report directly to me.” – He turned around and showed me the screen.

“57 hours ago, 2nd generation Pantheon members Nicola Samson and Andre Rhodes had been assigned to guarantee security of the UN’s deputies who were sent to attend the electoral process in Venezuela. That was considered a simple mission which did not require optimization proceedings nor support team at the local, they were supposed to contact main control room precisely 12 hours ago – the UN deputies reported that Agent Rhodes felt really sick and Samson had to take him to be treated” – Hades paused and showed me another sets of pictures – “We checked all the hospitals in Caracas and there was not one single report of any Pantheon agent checking in, our satellites cannot track their nanos sign which only means that they are in a shielded area, or unconscious.” The look on his face indicated that he was prepared for the worst, but to me it still sounded impossible.

“Rhodes felt sick? Is this possible for a member to feel any kind of illness?” – I asked already knowing from my own databank that any human disease sign is immediately identified and treated at cellular level, giving every member perfect and permanent health. Winston looked at both of us Pantheon members.

“Even if he got really sick, agent Samson knew better than anyone that no human hospital is prepared to take care of a member, he should have aborted mission, took their vehicle and return to the base as soon as possible…” – he considered for a moment but Hades already anticipated such thing – “Their aircraft also can’t be located, and given the circumstances – we are forced to believe something much more sinister happened…”

I watched as my superior walked around me – “We had reports of sudden attacks of terrorist nature happening all over Central America, that area has been secure for quite a long time, no new terrorist cell had installed there…”

“Exactly, how could those weaklings escape our satellite surveillance system? Besides, I can see those are not attacks per se. Look at the places – they’re all storage buildings, docks, old condemned areas – if one terrorist cell was supposed to attack it wouldn’t chose such locations – they’re almost deserted!” – I concluded with a puzzled tone – “We have two agents running lose, and less than 12 hours later we got all those reports…” – I felt my spine freezing as I looked down at Hades who just nodded.

“Now you are aware of the seriousness of this situation Matthew, your presence is really necessary, we have no time to show the place around for little weaklings, we have urgent business to attend!” He says with a sudden loud tone in his voice, but I kept my coolness, especially to make my Andy calmer, he didn’t expect Hades to have such a sudden change of mood. I simply held my beloved in my arms, addressing to my superior.

“This mission surely requires optimization and a staff team to be present, so, Andy can perfectly join this group while I go in mission, and there’s no negotiation about this point Hades, you may be 1st generation just like Zeus, but I am a full invested member with certain privileges that state that I can select any one to be my personal advisor in my support team – So Andy is my personal advisor!” I said kissing his forehead, Hades eyes filled with anger, mostly because he knew I was right.

“If you actually care for this man, you wouldn’t risk his life in field!” Hades tried to break my confidence – “You have any idea how dangerous it is for the staff team to be at the same time Pantheon members work?”

“Yes, sir, a really hard job, monitoring our fucking signs, watching our prowess and enjoy themselves while we take care of the danger – I’m not ditching our staff team, I’m just assuring you that we are capable of protecting our weakling staff, so an extra guy waiting at the basis won’t be that much trouble!” – I confronted him one last time convinced that he couldn’t do anything but giving me a look of disapproval.

“You seem to have a strong opinion about this subject so I can’t actually force any wisdom inside this big head of yours! The rest of the mission team is waiting for you!” He conducted me through the optimization room, where the other agents checked everything before starting the proceedings.

Andy watched the whole scenario with extreme attention – the machinery and the liquids bubbling, the look on the agents faces as they noticed an outsider about to witness their optimization, but what I really knew Andy had figured is that every Pantheon member is a perfect specimen of manhood and physique perfection. I held him tighter at my incredible thick and wide torso.

I looked at my colleagues for this mission, greeting them as warmly as the situation allowed. The selection for this mission was indeed a very wise choice, since my partners are no others than Anatoli Castor and Alexei Polux – who were the first recruitment ever made by Samson – which means they’re like my “older brothers” – although you wouldn’t say this if you met those two.

“Oh my lord, you guys recruit teenagers? Isn’t it illegal?” – Andy asked really disturbed by the first impression he had of my mission partners.

Anatoli and Alexei were two Romanian kids who had been monitored ever since they were born, because their peculiar condition – they were two identical twin carriers. Belonging to a tradition of performers, they earned their living as young trapeze artists working in their small family circus, but after they were caught in a terrible train accident (which victimized the rest of their family) their interaction proved to be the only way to avoid a certain death – Samson was the one who convinced their father to give his 14 year old sons a new life, even though it would mean they would never meet again.

Anyway, since Pantheon units rejuvenate and upgrade themselves, Andrew was looking at two 6’4” 235 pounds muscular, brown eyed, short dark haired identical twins – each one with the cutest face of pubescent 14 year-old teenager who were actually 36 years old adult and mature men – their early interaction only attested that Pantheon members are much superior than normal humans – since those two have matured very well in every single aspect but their juvenile youth, their organism never “learned” how to get older, everything just got much bigger, stronger (including their impressive endowments) they were simply two oversized super muscular teenagers, with the same energy, and the peculiar glow in the eyes.

“Tell me about it! Every time I try to enter a night club they keep asking me for my fucking ID! Yeah, like a teenager would have 23” guns!” – Polux’ deep voice tone made Andy realize that those were only teenagers in the outside, because despite their obvious physical excellence, they also had full, complete mental and emotional development, since they are Pantheon members they are indeed more intelligent and experienced in every single aspect than any of the weakling adults at their current age range.

I shook hands with Polux, taking my time to introduce Andrew to him and his brother Castor, who seemed to be just as enthusiastic as his twin brother – “So you’re the hottie, Spartan brought to meet the place huh?” – he said shaking Andy’s hand – “Fuck, Spartan, you have nice taste, this guy is really cute and I can see he digs your optimized size!” Castor pointed at Andy’s boner causing all of us to laugh.

“Well guys, what else can be said? This little weakling digs some big muscle, and I’m giving him a taste of the real deal – I don’t fucking care for protocols anymore, this is not just a booty call, this is the tiny man of my life!” I gently nuzzled my face on Andy’s chest and he simply held my head – “Matt, you know I feel embarrassed…”

Hades’ fake coughing snapped the four of us from the jokes, the man who helped us was missing and we needed to get him and our other colleague back home as soon as possible – Anatoli and Alexei proceeded into the optimization devices, while I noticed Roger approaching with my suit – “I believe you’ll need it Agent Spartan, though no one in here will mind if you remain naked!” He said blinking at Andrew who just grinned back at him. I gently got Andy at the floor and put on my suit. Even if that was an ultra stretchy fiber it was much easier to let it adapt to my growing body than trying to put it on already optimized – I ended up tearing three suits until I finally managed to squeeze my enormous size into one, which barely contained my bulk, but once I finally got it to fit my muscles, they felt just as comfortable as always.

“Roger, you wouldn’t have something to eat, would you? I know I’m optimized but I’ve left home before I could have a decent meal…” – I said looking at Winston who just sneered – Soon, the staff manager handled me a 5 gallon bucket of protein shake. I noticed the gaze of my tiny lover admiring my massive Adam’s pommel and my impossibly thick neck as I easily gulped the content of the bucket. Somehow I still felt very hungry. Roger looked at me with a stupefied face – “Well, you have entered optimization without taking proper nutrition, maybe your organism is trying to compensate this unbalance, and you’d better get some of the nutrient mix for the optimizer cylinders, since your organism won’t be connected to the device I think you’ll just get enough food to your optimized cells.” – Roger looked at Hades waiting for his approval, the Original kept watching with his distant gaze, slowly nodding his clean head while the others got ready to be optimized.

“But make sure he only gets what he should have taken if he was optimized to level 5, since he’s not leading this mission, his current size is more than enough to meet the objectives” – Hades faced me with a blossoming smile – “Like you, Spartan, I also have certain prerogatives both as a fully invested Pantheon member and an Original, which state that when Hades’ level is activated I can personally choose who’s leading the mission team, and I’ve chosen to establish a joint-leadership this time – Castor and Polux are entering optimization level 6!” My superior tried to find a reasonable explanation for his choice.

“Since you involuntarily and yet unexplainably entered optimization level 5, we can’t trust this very important mission to someone who wasn’t monitored during optimization, your size could be unstable and then it would ruin the mission if you were leading them” – This could be a decent explanation but I knew Hades, and he knew I would look less impressive to my lover if those guys were both bigger than me, but I couldn’t care for his little power-play right now, I needed to rescue my friends.

“Whatever you decide, sir – I’m not less of a member because I’m not in leading position” I looked down at Andy, who was holding my hand – “It means they’re getting bigger than you doesn’t it?” he tried to whisper but all of us members could hear him perfectly – “Yes, Andy, they’ll be team leaders, and they’re supposed to enter an optimization level higher than their subordinates!” I said kneeling down and looking at his face – “But you don’t have to worry, we are all colleagues, and partners, they’re gonna look after me just as I would look after them!” I stood up facing Anatoli and Alexei while they were being connected to the optimizer. They both greeted me from there, showing their thumbs up in synch (Castor and Polux were famous for acting in synch most of the time, they were identical twins to the point that only members and our super developed senses could actually tell them apart, for the rest of mankind they were exact the same and it worked really well for undercover missions).

I smiled back at them, while my share of nutrients was given to me. I held my breath gulping it down as fast I could (frankly, it is much better when they inject it directly into our veins, because it tastes like dirt). Andy still fascinated by the voracity of my appetite, because even though it tasted horrible I kept licking my own lips and fingers to catch the last drops of nutrient mix.

“Entering optimization in …3, 2, 1!” – Roger’s voice announced. We all looked at Anatoli and Alexei – they both had their arms aside their bodies in semi-relaxed pose, looking down when the process started. I don’t know if they were showing off to my tiny boyfriend but they seemed to be putting on quite a spectacular act – When the growth began spreading all over the bodies, their heads suddenly looked up at their short numbered yet dedicated audience – the look in each face was absolutely calm and confident, they were perfect twin statues of muscular beauty.

Andy gulped down as he noticed that those two were really growing not only bigger but much more muscular – their fair skin stretched as the muscle fibers underneath it grew bigger, thicker, denser, longer and stronger. They kept that stance for a few moments, then little by little each twin lifted and arm in perfect harmony, and symmetry with each other, like we were watching only one muscular man growing even bigger and his reflected image at the mirror – Anatoli and Polux flexed their arms very slowly, looking at each other in such a sexy way, they had no smile over their lips, but their eyes were very meaningful, they expressed such a joyful, energetic sensation spreading over their bodies, like one could actually feel the growth increasing on the his brother’s organism. The big mounds of hard muscle increased their size at each passing second, the brothers just smiled as they felt their power increasing exponentially, those muscles were not growing huge they were actually growing incredibly strong, stronger than an entire army, stronger than anything weakling mankind could create.

The expanding muscles seemed to grow in synch just as their improvised choreography went further – Castor’s legs grew thicker as he gently shook them casually flexing the ultra ripped muscle thighs, causing his legs to grow so fast and thick the suit looked that it would simply tear off. Polux had his other leg flexed as well in perfect harmony. Each brother looked down and their massive hands reached for his counterparts’ immense muscle pillars – as they touched, a loud moaning filled the room. The twins smiled as they realized their muscles grew faster; their hands left their thighs and went a bit higher, as the impressive abdominal muscles grew even thicker, deeper, developing even further as their height increased, allowing more muscles to pump harder, and increasing the enormity of their ab-packs. The massive muscles pumped bigger and more veined as the numbers at the screen indicated the progress of the optimization.

Polux brought his hands into his brother’s uncannily wide shoulders, massaging the huge boulders as they grew even bigger, meanwhile Castor turned to face his twin brother, he reached for Castor’s thin waist and went all the way up his incredibly thick traps, their bodies were mere inches away, but they were so comfortable being so close to each other, it really looked like they were the same person reflected in the mirror – both of the brothers lifted their arms and held their hands tenderly up their heads. The gargantuan twin bodies, for a period, only touched at chest level, because their massive pecs kept growing thicker and wider, such mass added to their frames, the growing muscles on the brothers kept pushing them apart, except for their gargantuan cocks which kept growing thicker and bigger, up to the moment that their moment the entire bodies were much so augmented that even though their muscles kept growing, they got each time closer, entwining the phenomenal muscle duo, their foreheads touched while they hugged so sensually, so tenderly, and so brotherly at the same time it was not just hot but also beautiful, their faces were perfectly matched

Their growth increased its pace, muscles expanding faster as their heat built up. Castor worshipped Polux’ uncanny wide back while the other brother admired his own growing biceps. They slowly moved around each other, like two immense felines studying the opponent before unleashing their deadly attack. The grins on each face showed grace, power and agility, two identical inhumanly big and still growing muscle behemoths moving with such sensuality, you could almost hear the music they were pretending to be dancing in this very peculiar muscle growth show.

Castor moved first – bringing head forward, he hits a most muscular pose at the exact same time that Polux flexes his enormous pectoral muscles in a side-chest pose, they grinned at each other, holding their stance and their growing muscles seemed to balloon even bigger, exchanging their flexing poses in perfect synchrony. Their muscles growing really fast now (those guys must have undergone optimization so many times they know by heart the exact timing the growth spurts bring them into higher optimization levels, which made their little show even more impressive). Then they both spread their immense lats to symmetrical sides, looking at us with a confident smile, the muscle growth on them flowed so naturally.

I heard Winston moaning, feeling his own manhood through his tight crotch, every single guy in staff also enjoyed the incredible display of muscle sensuality, including my beloved Andy – he’d been hard at my side all along, but now I knew he was looking at those two, enjoying and worshipping their muscles from afar – even though he loved me, I couldn’t be comfortable seeing him admiring those guys’ muscles – they were hot I admit it, but I wanted to be the biggest guy in Andy’s world, (and I was until I brought him to the Pantheon base, what if he fell in love by a bigger guy? What if he was just into my massive size? If he saw me dwarfed by those hot twins would he like less of me?) – I glanced at the monitors which indicated the twins were almost reaching level 5, in a few moments they would be as big as I was, and soon they would be even bigger…

I held Andy’s hand, and then I felt something weird – All I could think was Andy worshipping their muscles instead of mine, because they were bigger, and that set me in a wild fire – I heard myself snarling. Everything seemed to glow brighter and sound louder, my senses went alarmed – I looked at Andy who kept distracted by Anatoli and Alexei, that simply made me furious for one second – all the images of our relationship flooded my head, I couldn’t focus on anything else but being with Andy.

Roger’s voice checked the development on the twins – “Reaching level six now, Anatoli and Alexei should be done in a few moments” (This comment just made me so angry, but at the same time I couldn’t blame Castor and Polux, they were just following orders, they were team leaders, they were supposed to be bigger than me, but Andy couldn’t see me dwarfed, Andy had me for his hero, he always called me his superhero when we were fucking, I couldn’t let him see me being outgrown!)

“Holly crap! Spartan is optimizing AGAIN!” – Castor’s new deep voice tone broke me from my jealousy thoughts about Andy – Their look was of shock and awe – they were still growing at immensely inhuman size, and still they broke from their mini-show to pay attention at my own growth – mostly because they’ve never seen a member growing without optimization proceedings, and I must say that I was getting quite familiar with that feeling, but this time the growth filled me with an unexplainable territorial feeling – as the twins finished their humongous growth, even before they could have their stats scanned, they walked towards Andy and me – I just grabbed my tiny guy and held him in my arms – “HE’S MINE! YOU DON’T MESS WITH HIM!” – I heard myself yelling at my two partners, who were caught in surprise – I stood as a massive beast defending its limits, each one of my growing muscles looked even more ripped, I was hitting a most muscular pose, trying to show them how bigger I would be in a few moments, their current sizes were impressive even to me, but soon my own muscles would be much bigger.

“Spartan, dude, chill out! We were just coming to check on you man! You are growing out of thin air! I’ve always heard agents can involuntarily optimize but you are the first one who can actually do it!” – Polux replied trying to calm my nerves. I gazed at Andy’s surprised look.

“Matt, it’s okay, you don’t need to be jealousy of me. I’m here only because of you, those guys are hot I’d been dying to worship their muscles, but you are the only one I love1” – He said gently caressing my pecs, I moaned and suddenly my growth increased even more – muscles growing so fast they were actually shaking, the friction between my growing muscle fibbers caused my body temperature to raise several degrees, my sweat pouring even faster now, I felt my muscles enlarging so fast they felt like they were sliding from my body, getting thicker and wider, my own bones becoming longer, stronger and thicker, allowing my muscles to expand even further.

Andy felt my muscles growing around him, my heart beat accelerating, my pectoral muscle involving him as they grew deeper and thicker, he managed to slip between my enormous sweaty arms, reaching up to my impossibly thick neck – “Matt, you’re growing so huge, you’re dwarfing those twin guys, love! You’re already much taller and wider, your muscles are freaking awesome – I’ve never dreamt with such power before!” – These words whispered in my ear made me lose it once for all; I just surrendered to the intense flow of energy which flooded my body and mind, allowing the muscle to build even faster, even bigger, my body entering in such growth pace even the experienced Castor and Polux’ eyes were wide opened.

“This guy can’t be real, he’s gonna explode, that’s too much muscle!” – Two nearly 9’ tall close to 2000 pounds muscle behemoths said in unison – Their muscles were already done growing, but mine had surpassed their current status long time ago, still pushing into higher optimizing levels, growing stronger and more powerful as seconds passed, turning me from an already inhuman muscle guy into something that can only be called “golitahic”. Muscles expanding faster, arms reaching impossible thick measurements, legs getting as thick as cars, they looked like they would simply de-attach from my body, abs growing bigger and wider, shoulders widening beyond human comprehension, my deltoids grew much higher than my ears, my head seemed to shrink as my whole body enlarged.

Roger quickly put some sensors in my body – “Spartan is getting the nutrients I gave him, and instead of feeding the previous growth he had managed to use them to sponsor a new involuntary optimization!” – Hades, for his turn, just nodded – “I don’t believe it was involuntary at all – you’ve heard what he said to the weakling, he just couldn’t accept being outgrown by the mission leaders – he just disrespected a direct order from a superior, and he must be punished!”

I just growled – “Look, Hades, I don’t give a damn to your leading rules, I just don’t know how this happened, if it was because of my jealous for Andy or not, who gives a damn? I’m just showing you guy the wonders of my improvements and you can only see this as a personal offense to you?” – My growing muscles kept enlarging faster as I turned to face my towered superior – “If you want me to quit the mission, I will, but I cannot help the developments I’m passing through, sir! Zeus would never treat such subject like that!”

“Zeus is not in charge here, Spartan, I’m your superior and I’m telling you to revert to your previous size now!” – He said in a harsh tone that I couldn’t care less right now.

“ZEUS IS ALWAYS IN CHARGE, NO MATTER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES!” – We heard the thundering voice tone coming from behind us – All of us turned around to see the very person of Zeus entering the room. His stance was magnificent, even though there were three optimized guys, we all seemed to be looking up at him even though he was under the 8’tall mark – but his muscles really made him look imperative – the salty and pepper long hair tied in pony tail, his flawless goatee. Zeus’ Pantheon suit is the only one made in dark blue color with golden and white details (since Zeus does not wear any weakling clothing for a long time now, he simply gave up for the fibers couldn’t resist to the sheer size and strength of his muscles) – the massive commander’s eyes were filled with the authority of the one who first envisioned this whole scenario, he walked among us, for a second we forgot that my body kept growing at an incredible rhythm.

Hades motioned to speak in his defense, however Zeus was not in the mood for arguing – “You are my second-in-command but it doesn’t give you the right to run over my authority, the moment this agent entered a second unsupervised growth process I should have been contacted! I did well when decided to follow this disappearance closely, otherwise...” – For the first time I’ve actually seen fear in Hades’ eyes, he just stepped out of Zeus way towards my still growing figure – Andy was lost in a tidal wave of ecstasy flooding his weak senses, his moan got Zeus attention, but he never even noticed the presence of my superior.

“I’m aware of your disobedience, Spartan, but your remarkable background clearly indicates that this is a very important matter for you, so I’ll give you a waving to bring this partner of yours in field with you.” – The look in Zeus’ face changed – “How much has he optimized?”

Roger checked his readings – “Oh sir, I can’t tell you precisely because his stats are completely out of our standards, I can only tell you that Agent Spartan has surpassed level 6 a long time ago, his capabilities seem to be improving at intensified rate…” – Zeus grinned, I saw his impressive muscles approaching my expanding figure.

“When I discovered that the nano chips implanted in my own organism have developed in such a level they had created a new kind of interaction nano technology, I knew Pantheon would enter a new era, but I never imagined it could happen so fast!” – That was an awkward hug – for Zeus could barely reach my lower chest, and I had Andy moaning in my chest (not to mention I was pretty much lost in a torrent of blissful, growth at that moment, everything sounded distant and all my visions were so brilliant, I just kept moaning as the founder of Pantheon showed his admiration towards me).

My body enlarged faster, each fiber growing thicker and stronger, I could feel the power increasing inside me, and my own senses explored the tiny world around me – each new pounds of muscle gave me such power I just wanted to burst free from everything and enjoy the capabilities of this humongous and ever growing physique. The images in my mind seemed to run faster as my muscles increased their uncanny size. Zeus words became a lot clearer.

“You were my “firstborn”, Spartan – While Hades, Poseidon and I had the original nanochips, those we call “second generation” got the same technology with revised and reinforced structures to compensate some of the few inconvenient experiences we had gone through, but it was still the same basic structure – however the third generation technology evolved from my own interacted cells, a new different kind of nano chip created from my own organism, much stronger and complex than the original, and the first one ever interacted was you Matthew Spartan!” – Those were the words of a proud father to his growing son – I never realized how important I was to Pantheon’s future until that moment, I had made Zeus come from his hideout to see me, I had him wave my blatant disobedience, I had him humiliate Hades just because my massive size!

My muscles expanded faster, increased by my incredibly pleasure – I had my beloved worshipping me with his tiny cute body while my mentor simply declared his adulation towards my superior condition, Zeus, the first Pantheon, our leader and commander, he was there looking up at my ever expanding figure, trying to guess how much bigger I would still get, and yet, I would surely grow even bigger just to surprise him, I felt in every single part of my enormous being, that my muscles were so much bigger, so much more powerful, the pressure was intense, and the more pressure I felt the faster I grew.

“And you my dear son, because you, Spartan, the Pantheon member is indeed my son, because the weakling human in you previous life is no longer, I had made you my image, giving you my own contribution to become one of the most powerful beings ever, you carry the same condition I carry, but in your cells I put the own evolution of my body – I made you reborn into Matthew Spartan, Pantheon agent – and I’m proud of you, my noble son!” – I felt Zeus hugging my still growing muscles (he seldom showed any sign of physical affection, only in stabilization proceedings), his strength was noticed but still incredibly light to my new expanding standards, my legs thickened, my balls grew even longer. The ultra stretch fibers on the suit were put to the very proof as my muscles kept growing bigger.

“This can’t be happening; he simply had a few of nutrient mix! He couldn’t even advance to level 6, his standards are out of measurement!” – Hades kept repeating analyzing the data showed at the screen, but I couldn’t care less for him, I had Andy, and I had Zeus now, my muscles kept growing, when Andy gathered strength to whisper in my ear once more (I had the poor guy cumming for the second time in a row since I started growing)

“Matt, I’m always with you, no matter how hard your battle, I’ll be waiting for you at home, I’ll be waiting for you to come back huge and super strong to me, lover!” – those words sent me in a new wave of pleasure – I felt my body augmented in such violent spasms, I was afraid I could hurt my beloved Andy, but somehow he slipped through my arms and Zeus got him back on the floor, from where they both stood admiring my humongous glory.

“Soon, my noble son, your brothers-in-generation will join your stupendous development, because they already showed such thing! Zion and even Onyx are perfect agents with such little training and Magnus joins you in excellence and potential, soon you’ll bring my Pantheon into something even more powerful!” – I could tell that verbal worship had just as effect as the touch of my Andy, and my muscles kept on growing while I simply felt the unexplainable bliss of ultimate strength.

Muscle growing atop of previous grown muscle, bones cracking to accommodate more muscle, my anatomy changing, turning me into some kind of muscle machine, so powerful and strong that nothing humans or even Pantheon could face, the strongest, deadliest, most perfect and precise combat machine – muscles that had the power of innumerous atomic devices, a brain that was faster than a thousand of supercomputers connected, senses that couldn’t be mistaken, fooled or persuaded.

“SPARTAN YOU’RE THE MAN!” – Both Castor and Polux said as they approached me by the sides, each one of them now stood much shorter and narrower than my stupendous stance, but I knew that they were inhumanly big and strong, only seconding to my own gargantuan standards – “Dude, if you don’t stop growing, I don’t think we’ll manage to hold until the end of this mission to fuck you, but please don’t bother with my raging had on!” – Polux caressed my humongous thighs. I looked down at him and petted his head. I could feel that my power to grow hadn’t subsided – but I was able to overcome the bliss, the pleasure, the flow.

I opened my eyes and faced the room around me, much smaller than when I last noticed it – down there stood all of them – Hades, Polux, Roger, Castor, Zeus and my dear Andy. I grinned – “I guess I’m done for surprise growth for the time being guys!”

Roger typed a few keys in his board, the laser scanned the bodies of the twins.

“Castor and Polux 2nd generation active members – OP status #6 – 9’2” tall 1475 pounds, biceps 75” chest 109”, 86” legs 0.8 % b.f. – Active DF+ Strength magnification: 2507 times” – Those results, if announced earlier would mean a lot, but now they were just initial comparison standards.

“I don’t know if I can measure everything right sir, eventually all those numbers could be a lot bigger, but I’ve ran some modifications on the program while Spartan grew, I hope it can fit his new optimization performance!” – Roger concluded while the laser scanned my humongous body (I actually felt for Roger having so much trouble to find out how bigger I’ve grew)

“3rd generation member Spartan – OP # (estimating) – 13’7” tall, 3254 pounds, biceps 104”, chest 137”, 113” legs, 0.4% b.f. Active DF+ Strength magnification: 10.178 times, approximated OP level: 13” I felt their little eyes all over me, the twins’, Hades’, Zeus’, Roger’s and especially Andy’s, and I welcomed everybody, simply kneeling and hugging all of them – holding all those men, including two original members, and two level 6 optimized agents could be done only by my hulking physique – “You guys are right to be proud of me, but I’m proud of all of you, thanks for understanding and helping me!” – (I tried not to squeeze them, for Andy and Roger’s own sake, but even so, I felt that my poor weaklings had creamed their pants again)

I put them down – “We have to rescue Samson, and at my current size, I’m sure nothing is capable of surprising us!” – I said blinking at Andy, who just looked at Zeus with glowing eyes – “That’s my boyfriend you know?” he said poking my superior with his elbow. •

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