By Muscl4life

Winston drove the huge car among the many other ones in New York traffic like he was born there, I kept trying to focus on my upcoming briefing, but I couldn’t help thinking about Andy alone at my huge townhouse, feeling miserable for something he simply didn’t know. I remembered his innocent smile captivated me ever since we first met.

I was the UN representative invited to make a speech in the International Law forum at his university while he worked as photographer for the institution’s journal, but since he had mistaken me as fellow student (we are just three years apart anyway), and had actually started a nice casual conversation towards me, he lost the chance to take a picture of mine before I started my speech. He looked so embarrassed, and so precious when he politely asked me if I would let him take my picture, otherwise his boss would be furious. What started with an innocent picture developed into an unexpected romance, each day that I managed to see this 5’7” tall strawberry blond cute college student felt really like a special day (even though those were by far the most mundane activities of my days).

Next thing I noticed, we were seeing each other almost every weekend (it was so much easier hiding things from him back then), I enjoyed the fact that he actually took the initiative to ask me on a date, taking me to very interesting photography expositions, I loved when he seemed so lost on the art pieces that he just held on my hand, gently placed it over the protective glass – “You see this?” – Then; he explained with a lot of technicalities what the author meant (which I, unfortunately, memorized instantly so I became “expert” at the next opportunity).

At first, I let him take me to the places, but I really wanted to give that young man some quality time, soon, we were having dinner at the hippest and most expensive places in New York, going to the most exclusive nightclubs, partying out like we were actually celebrities.

In bed we connected every since the first time. I had accidentally broke the door knob to his dorm room in many pieces (In fact, I was so excited I forgot that I can break most of things if I’m not properly focused), he just smiled and hugged me tight – “I have a thing for strong men!” he moaned as I easily lifted him behind his knees, carrying his 145 lean and delicate pounds to the bed. When we fucked that night I made sure that he felt more strength than my (then) 173 pound frame seemed to have, the steadiness of my pumping movements, the control I showed over our combined weights, allowing him to relax while I handled the pumping motion, the times I held him firmly against my muscles, flexing their stone like hardness for long periods of time, while his desiring tongue savored the cervices of my body. Fucking him twice clearly made me look special for him, he just laid atop of me, trying to recover his breath – “Wow! You’re ready again? I feel like I’m fucking the man of steel!” he whispered at my ears, which sent me on fire again (I had to orgasm at least 7 extra times after I left).

Our passion always built very quickly, each time I “accidentally broke” something using my “uncanny hidden strength”, Andy jumped inside his pants, his smile lit when I showed him a few “tricks” like tearing the whole phone book, “bending” old pipes, among other minor things that set his small body on fire so easily (as it was so easy for me to do the same with much heavier and thicker objects). Being with Andy proved to be a phase of completion in my turbulent life – even though sometimes we couldn’t be together for I had an upcoming assignment, the whole mission never seemed so interesting as listening at him telling me how had been his week at the university.

Most of the times we were together, Andy always asked about how I managed to be such in tremendous shape if I were always abroad, but he always seemed to like noticing the improvements on my muscles, especially when he pointed out that I was outgrowing another very expensive jacket (I just smiled and told him it was probably his imagination, though I knew that the improvements were not so slight anymore).

The first time he ever said “I love you” to me is just as fresh as the day when I took him on a trip upstate, it was the beginning of the autumn and we were riding horses for quite sometime, so I got off mine to enjoy the fresh water from the lake. Andy was about to do the same, but his horse got scared by something, rushed furiously back into the road. Andy tried to make it stop but he wasn’t very used to horseback riding –

Anyway, before he noticed I was right at his side, pulling the horse by its reins, it was a big stallion; clearly it had tremendous strength (but nothing that could even begin to compete with mine), that animal was evidently struggling, but fortunately it came to an end, the horse actually stopped, not because a sudden reacquisition of calm but only because it got completely exhausted, it looked at me with its wide opened eyes, the teeth were out, the breathing was heavy, the muscles on the poor creature shook violently, it had been completely overpowered, it still tried to pull the reins out of my hand, but it simply wouldn’t happen. The animal finally got down in his two frontal knees, desperately asking for my mercy.

I simply let go of the reins, holding him by the neck, gently caressing the poor animal “Whoa, whoa, big guy!” Andy watched in awe as I tried to calm him, He was still sat on the horses back, I came to his rescue and took him in my arms, I caught his light weighted body easily, his hair flying around his face, his eyes were scared, his heart beat so fast, his skin already had that reddish tone, his cheeks were all warm.

He looked up at me; the little guy was indeed scared! I hugged him tightly, trying to pass a bit of comfort to him. “Andy, it was nothing, don’t worry, you’re safe now!” I felt his shaking hands caressing my arms as I held him, then I brought him closer to the water, where he could wash up – But he gently turned my head so I could see his expression:

“Matt, thank you, oh man! You’re always so ready, so sure, so strong! I… love you Matt! You make me feel so protected and safe when I’m with you…” – I felt those words making my heart melting down. The taste of his kiss never felt better, we laid on the ground together and I may have fucked him only three times, but I could do this for the rest of my life, nobody ever admired such details on me (even if I have to keep them low profile), I just felt that this man belonged to me, and I belonged to such noble, delicate, gentle little man with the cutest face I’ve ever seen in my life.

That’s why I invited him to move in with me when he started his sophomore year at college, we were going out for almost a year, he had spent the night many times with me, so he should have no concern about moving in, since it would just be “a natural evolution” of our relationship (I understand now that I couldn’t expect him so much so soon), but I was madly in love by someone who just appreciated being with me (especially with all the special circumstances he never seemed to notice).

“Excuse sir, we had arrived.” – Winston opened held the door to me, I smiled because it’s not usual for someone like me to be caught daydreaming, but Andy has that effect over me. I got out of the car and walked down the pier – That was not a place where a man dressed like me should be thought to have a meeting, but then this is the least strange detail about me. As I reach Hangar #56, this enormous truck passes over me, covering me completely as I take out a small keycard, slide through the lock, typing a few numbers and entering the building so fast that once the truck is out, no one ever noticed I had been there.

The very long corridor with white tile walls never been appealing to me, I proceeded towards 2 men dressed in blue uniform carrying massive guns at the end of the hallway. They checked my keycard, my iris code and finally let me pass – “Agent Spartan reporting” they say over the intercom. I greeted them and proceed into the way they point me – a bunch of minor rooms with glass walls, lots of men sitting in front of computer screens, then another series of hallways, this time its cozy with redwood flooring.

“Well, Spartan the great, we meet again my friend!” I hear the thundering voice and couldn’t help my smirk – “Well at least I don’t call myself Magnus the Magnificent!” – I replied turning around to meet him – That was also another flawless specimen of man, the light brown hair and the icy blue eyes, his smile was corky, deviant, he had this mocking tone in his face, wearing light brown pants, light grey dress shirt which barely failed to contain his bulging muscles. Carrying his notebook bag on his shoulder, Magnus pretends to walk furiously towards me, but as soon as we shake hands, we both bust into laughter, the friendly hug indicates we are not just work buddies, we are friends indeed, one of the few friends that can actually understand what I’m going through right now.

“I thought you were on Europe!” Magnus tapped my back, he was only one inch shorter than me, but ever since we last met he had gained some serious weight, everything in muscle of course – “Well, only for a week, I came back yesterday, but you know how the guys are jealous of our breaks” I hugged his shoulder, not worrying if he could feel any sore. We reassumed our formal stance, Magnus showed me his watch – “We only have 33 seconds left from the 27 minutes they gave us” – he grinned as we proceeded into hallway.

The briefing room was actually a video conference room – the huge screen at the wall, the long wooden table, with comfortable chairs for the participants, there were three at total, and one was already occupied by this handsome red haired guy – he was about 5’9” much shorter than an average agent, his built was lean, but the muscles were tight underneath his clothing, this should be a new guy, for he still wore his glasses (which is a very common habit of the rookies, they’re not used to their more than perfect new vision). We were shaking hands with the new guy just when the screen at the wall started the conference.

“Good morning members – Spartan and Magnus I would like you to meet Steven Zion, he’s been located and recruited in the past months, though his training isn’t formally complete, his extraordinary performance combined with the guidance of my two previous third generation carriers will test the capabilities of our new technology.” The man at the screen had no time for introductions, he was simply in charge – the Head of Pantheon Members, he was not just our leader, but he was the one thinking ahead, always worried with the reflects of our accomplishments over the future.

“Zion, are you really familiar to the mission parameters? It’s not like hitting the gym at the training facilities!” – Magnus’ usual mockery tone always seemed to break the ice whenever we met another member – Zion just opened a true smile – “Well, Zeus personally choose me to this assignment, he said I would learn a lot from you guys!”

I took the opportunity to look back at Zeus – we had only physically met a couple of times ever since I entered the Pantheon, but I could see his development still continued – after so many years he still amaze me even more than the day he located me – son of a Grecian woman and a native American, he carried the best of these two legendary nations, his hair was straight and thick dark brown with grey spots, tied down in a classic pony tail, his jaw was square, the eyes had this beautiful almond shape, his perfected trimmed goatee framed his thick lips. The physique on Zeus made any Pantheon member shiver – no one had been in personal touch with him for three years now – but according to the estimations he should be over 7’5” tall weighing close to 500 pounds (in his non-optimized state), but his mind always seemed to overwhelm us, for he always had this timeless reason – he calculates his actions over the course of the years, ever since he made his discovery back in the end of the last century, he’s been projecting the implications of our actions not just over governments or groups of interest, but over mankind as a whole.

“I’m sure you three won’t disappoint me, members, though this mission will require from you a highly-coordinated action” – The screen at the center of the meeting table showed us a satellite map of Atlantic Coast of Africa, and a picture of a young man – “His name is Kwome Tugandi, he is 19 years old living in Angola. Our previous actions may have put an end to the civil war which last for over 30 years, but the tribal intolerance still is the cause of confrontation in that area, Kwome is the son of an important political leader of that region, who had just been assassinated to stop him from assuming his rightful place as the country’s congress man, since his own son was his replacement in case of his death, he is also in danger…”

Zion watched as Magnus already worked on a strategy – “So do we know his location?”

Zeus waved his head – “He’s missing for 12 hours now, but we are sure he’s still alive, we found out that a mercenary group has been hired to kidnap him, the group had been paid by Tugandi senior’s political enemies, according to our sources he’ll be held hostage in a small fort until the rest of the payment is done”

“Zeus, if this is just a rescue mission, why three of us? Any member would be able to overcome a small mercenary group.” I asked already feeling there was something else.

“Spartan, your observation is precise, because this is not any mercenary group, they have biological weapons bought from terrorist cells, they forced their own hirers to elevate their original deal tenfold or they’ll use their destructive weapons against the population which will cause a tremendous destruction not only in Angola but in many countries as well…”

“But there’s more, of course…” Magnus gaze met mine and we seemed to be thinking in unison, which made Zion very surprised.

Zeus grinned – “According to our estimations, Kwome Tugandi is DF+”

“Another carrier? We have to do something before he is killed!” – Zion exclaimed, standing up in alarmed position, and I comforted him – “Don’t worry, man, well get him, no one can deal with three Pantheon members, but we must think before we act, for Kwome’s own sake…”

“Precisely, members, this mission is very important for this is a prospective member, we must act before it is too late. We have already located the place where they’re keeping him, but you three will have to think and act like one, that’s why I wanted you to take part Zion, Magnus and Spartan are the only other third generation members, I want you to go rescue the fourth son of mine.” – Zeus’ tone was serious; we knew that our briefing was finished.

The screen went black and the wall behind it opened in half, revealing the main laboratory, where a lot of people worked, although they were not exactly members (only 1 among 700 collaborators is actually a member), they are very important in logistic, support and other essential services (such as Winston provides me back at home for each member is designed a special assistant to help with our very special needs) without which Pantheon would never be able to function so well. As we walked through the main lab, Roger came in our encounter

“Spartan and Magnus, nice to see you two again. You must be Zion the new member, welcome; I’m Roger, head researcher of this facility. Your suits are prepared here, we’ll be ready for supporting you during optimization” – Roger grinned and showed us the preparation room, where three dark grey suits were neatly placed.

“So, who’s gonna be Team Leader this time?” – Magnus asked me taking off his clothes. I looked back at him and grinned – “You were team leader last time we worked together, plus you must be leading many missions in a row, your new size indicates that” – he laughed flexing his chest muscles looking at the mirror – “Every time I tell them I’m third generation they say I should lead, any problem with that?” I put on my suit – it looked like those “shark skin” equipment Olympic swimmers wear, although it felt really tight, this ultra stretchy fiber tissue can hold our serious change during the optimization process and especially after we are optimized, the breathing is perfect so we feel no heat even under extreme condition, plus it is made out a variation of the Kevlar material, only it is complete flexible and weighs less than cotton fabric. The nano sensors in the fabric network allowed us to have computer access with the central that cannot be tracked by anyone other than Pantheon.

The look on me now is very different from when I left Andy – each one of my muscles can be perfectly devised through the brilliant suit, which seemed to be painted on my glorious body, even my noticeable bulge is obscenely pressed against the fiber. Zion got dressed just after Magnus stood next to me – “DAMN!” he exclaimed as his own cock went hard inside the suit. We both knew the newbie was having trouble interacting with other members so soon.

Magnus looked back at him – dressed in Pantheon suit with the symbol at his chest, standing at 6’1” 200 pounds he was sure a sight Zion wasn’t used so far – “Don’t worry rookie, we’ll do it very quickly, try to focus in the mission, you know stabilizing process is the funniest part!”

I looked at these two, normally I would agree would that, almost every single member does anything to undergo optimization and stabilization proceedings, but ever since I met Andy, this wasn’t just as fun as it used to be (to be honest with myself, now I feel guilty by having so much fun) – “Gentlemen, I’m assuming Leading position. Thanks for trusting me!”

“You’re welcome Spartan, don’t worry with me, I’ll be ordering your tight ass next time!” Magnus tapped my shoulder, Zion nodded along – “I’m just honored to be with you two, living legends at the academy!” We proceeded to this other room where Roger and his assistants had our nutrition tanks ready for us.

I reported as Team Leader to them and Roger nodded – “The other members are expected to enter optimization status 2!” Roger said as he prepared me, by inserting the needles into my muscular tissue.

“Status 2? But doesn’t it mean…” – Zion asked already knowing the answer.

“You lucky bastard, you’re gonna have some BIG fun!” Magnus laughed out loud, he knew that Team Leaders were supposed to enter an optimization status at least one degree superior to the sum of other team members, which in our case meant I would be status 5 – Normally, I would be thrilling to be such size, but entering this status also had other consequences that I was not expecting to deal so soon. I nodded along and prepared myself.

Magnus and Zion were each one connected to a 20 gallon cylinder filled with a special amino acid compound that would allow our organism to instantly enter anabolic process, allowing us to optimize our already enhanced capabilities. Although optimization is possible via any protein intake such as normal food, this compound was especially designed to provide us the best nutrition in the fastest time, because no digestion is necessary, the protein is broken on its smallest molecules. The compound is then pumped into our bloodstream, the more we are fed the bigger our bodies grow, and that’s why while team members are being fed a total of 40 gallons I’m connected to a much larger container, they’ll feed me with enough nutrients to allow me achieve status bigger than their combined result, although it is not a precise amount, for each member reacts on his own way (third-generation members respond better than the previous ones, but in general there’s an average response to the nutrition feeding), so they make sure team leader is indeed bigger, especially when different generations are mixed during the missions.

Roger assumed his position – “Entering Optimization proceedings in 3. 2. 1!”

The machinery hummed, I could feel the liquid entering my veins, it is always uncomfortable at the very beginning, but as soon as it starts the whole proceeding becomes extremely pleasurable, I could tell Zion was already feeling this. He moans loudly as his body begins to tighten and growing inside the expandable suit.

The growth on our muscles is always so fast, you can hear the fibers stretching, forcing the muscles and the bones to grow thicker, longer, wider, allowing more space for the new mass to be added to our incredible bodies. Watching Magnus’ growth is really a hot experience, because this guy keeps his eyes opened all the time, focusing on you like he knew you looking only at him, he just grins, and teases you during the while time his body is growing, he arches his eyebrows, as he flexes his already enormous and still growing muscles, knowing that you are too horny to laugh, Magnus really knows how to keep your attention. There’s no denial we’re gonna have hot time fucking each other senseless after this mission is over (sorry Andy, but you would forgive me if you ever know what a sex with another Pantheon member feels like).

“Holly shit, you are massive!” – Zion gasps pointing at me – his own muscles are much bigger than any human bodybuilder can ever dream, but yet mine status indicates much bigger possibilities. I look back at him grinning – “Soon you’ll be Team Leader too, you’ll have the chance to tower over your pals!” they both walked closer to my growing body, already being over two heads taller than Magnus, my arms are thicker than their legs, I couldn’t help but showing off to them, striking bodybuilding poses with mind-blowing effects, each new pose made my body expand faster, flexing muscles helps the blood to run faster inside my veins, and then it makes the absorption process a whole lot faster. Magnus looked me from head to toe – “Damn! This size fits you perfectly!”

“Well, I’m about to get even bigger!” I say hitting a most muscular pose. Although we are indeed aware of the seriousness of the situation, undergoing optimization is such an intensive feeling that sometimes we have to surrender to more basic feelings, the urge to compare our growing sizes, and teasing each other is a common behavior. I flex my biceps as hard as I can, the veins popping out thickly thought my flimsy suit, I kiss the peak of my incredible mountainous arms, feeling its incredible hardness. Magnus and Zion copycat, and even though their own muscles aren’t nearly as big as mine, I can’t help to notice how massive those two are, they would make any strong man look small in comparison, muscles that surpass any human standard (unless we consider active carriers level).

The growth continues as we drain the contents of our tanks. Magnus looks at Zion’s growing muscles and feels his gargantuan pecs – “Rookie, you’re gonna be just fine among Pantheon members!” he says applying his own hot lips into Zion’s opened mouth, kissing him roughly. As team leader I had to intervene (for if we surrender to passion we’ll never be able to accomplish one single mission), I inserted my enormous hands between their powerful chests and gently broke their kiss apart – “We don’t have time for this now, boys, we’ll have stabilizing process to have fun!” – My own voice tone scared me, because it was so much powerful and intense. Magnus snapped out of his muscle growth trance – “Sorry, big guy, I just got carried away by this phenomenal rookie!” – Magnus held my index finger with his own enormous hand. I looked at our newbie member and he seemed to be coming to his own senses too – “WOW! They told me I should keep focused during the whole optimization but I never knew it would be so difficult when doing this with other members!”

Just then Roger announced, his own voice was weak (we knew that normal humans were not able to witness optimization period without climaxing even involuntarily (which means they simply cream their pants, even if they don’t actually touch themselves) – “O-o-optimization proceeding finished”. Preparing for electronic measuring.

Zion knew this routine, he grinned as he stood still as the scanner read him – “Zion – 3rd generation Pantheon member, OP status #2 – 7’2” tall 650 pounds, 32” biceps, 75” chest, 48” legs, 2.3% b.f. –Active DF+ Strength magnification 152 times.” The red haired member smiled – “WHOA! I never achieved such huge stats! Man I’m 152 times stronger than I normally am! Fuck this is awesome!” – This sounded like a mega pumped teenager who had just broke his personal bench press record, but such reaction is expected for a new member.

Magnus just remained quiet and did just as Zion, the scanner read his size and announced his status – “Magnus – 3rd generation Pantheon Member, OP status #2 – 7’6’ tall 689 pounds, biceps 35” chest 79”, 52” legs 1.8 % b.f. – Active DF+ Strength magnification: 207 times” – the icy blue eyes on Magnus seemed to pierce through any armor – “Oh I think that’ll do huh newbie?” he flexed his muscles just to emphasize to the new guy that the more times you undergo optimization the better it works on you.

I simply walked to the spot while Magnus kept flexing for his massive and yet impressed audience, the scanner read my stats, but it took it more than usual to announce them – “Spartan 3rd generation Pantheon Member, OP status #5 – 8’6” tall 1389 pounds, biceps 55” chest 102”, 84” legs 0.8 % b.f. – Active DF+ Strength magnification: 1570 times (the display then indicated ERRO! ERROR! ERROR! Total magnification is not correspondent OP status #5!)

“Great going, “HULK” – you just broke the scanner!” Magnus laughed out loud and even Zion had to join him – “I knew you were into growing, but this is ridiculous!” I looked down at him, my massive muscles towered over his laughing figure – “They’ll fix it when we come back! Now we gotta head to our destination!”

At the sound of my voice, they stood still and proceeded to the elevator which would take us to the submarine Pantheon port working just underneath New York docks, we would go onboard of Pantheon’s special camouflaged ships, head to a safe location where our supersonic aircraft was ready to take us to our final destination.

We had to squeeze our massive figures into the “tiny” adapted mine elevator – “Sometimes it would be easier if they just optimize us right before we departure!” Magnus said as he tried to push my huge nipple from his eye, Zion felt really crushed between us, but he would never want to leave that spot – “Well, maybe they’ll get a bigger elevator next time”

Although I could hear their conversation, I was completely absent, my optimized mind (an effect of this process) worked in solving possible obstacles in our way, we would face hours of supersonic flight, then dealing with a small army unit with biohazard menace at their sides, although none of us can be harmed by any kind of weapons not even biological ones, I’m still afraid about Kwome, he’s a prospective member, his integrity has to preserved, as well the other normal people, so we’ll have to act very quickly, which means the kidnappers will never know what hit them. Next thing they’ll notice is being held by UN forces in Angola. •

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