New Place, New Friends, New Life


By rockhardmuscle1

It had been about a month since David and his dad had mived into their new home. His dad was constantly trying to find jobs but he never managed to get ine. While that search went on David was hanging out with Mark and Ray. He was either eating sleeping lifting weights or helping around the farm. Over the past month he became much larger and stonger like Ray and Mark. Both f them were getting big too. At the end of each week, they would all meausure there muscles to see how big they were. David's bicep's were now about fifteen inches and his chest was about 40. He now was getting a six pac to go along with his other muscles. Ray was getting bigger evry day. After David's first week, Ray had eighteen inch biceps and a 45 inch chest. Since then, he had grown fifteen inches in both categories. He already had a six pac and now was starting to get ab eight pac. His legs were also very big and powerful. They had mass yet he could run at unbelieveable speed for someone with such a huge frame. David also noticed a bulge coming out of his pants that grew bigger every two weeks or so. Mark was begging to go away from ameture body builder to pro bodybuilder. 25 inch biceps and a 70 inch chest were his weapons of mass (pun intended) destruction. His legs were tree trunks and his back had a sexy and ripped V-shape. His shoulders were like two pads of armor with skin grown over it. And the best part was that bearly every motion he made made his mucles flex. He had to get a lot of new clothes because he began tearing them.

Ray and Mark shared the same room while David was across the hall. He would ocassionally hear banging or some kind of motion from the other room. He occasionally wondered if they were boneing each other but he doubted it and tryed to think of something else. One night he heard the door open and a loud crash. He ran over and opened the door. A huge shadow figure moved through the dark. David lost track of it but didn't sleep the rest of the night. That morning he asked ray if he had heard anything. Ray paused any said :No why" David replied "That crash and that huge figure, how didn't you wake up?!" Ray said "Atre you sure it wasn't a dream?" "Yes i'm sure I couldn't sleep the rest of the night!!!" Ray turned red and began studdering "W-well. (gulp) It was nothing might have been just your imagination." David looked frustrated and then said "You're right. i can't believe i though I saw something like that, that was fucked up." Ray turned back to his normal color. "Alright, then lets go eat something and then pump iron" David smiled and hurried down stairs. As usual, Mark was up and wearing overalls with no shirt to be a show off. He again seemed even larger than the previous day.

"Hey its saturday guess what we do." He said. "Meausre up" David replied. They ate breakefast and then they each gt a turn with the tape measure. "Awesome, I'm now 20 inch on my biceps and 43 on my chest." David said. He handed the tape measure to ray. " I am 65 on my chest on 37 on my biceps" He said as he handed it to mark. "I am 84 on my chest and 30 on my biceps." "How do you grow so much in one week?" David asked. "Hard work." Mark replied. "I work hard I can't grow 5 inches a week." "Well, I don't know then" Mark and ray turned cherry red. "You guys, i know your lying, your redder than George Bush an anti war protest" "They stared at each other and began sweatibg." they looked really nervous and sprinted towards the door. But David was lighter and quicker and got ahead of them. It was useless though the ran right through him and knocked him down without stoping or looking back. david jumped up and followed.

They ran through a field but eventually split. David followed Ray. As he caught up he was able to get close enough to tackle him. He got a little closer and jumped on Ray. They both tumbled to the ground and David pinned ray. David was on the wrestling team in Junior and High School so he knew how to take down someone two to three times his size and strength. Ray was helpless. "What are you hiding from me?" David asked. "If I tell you you won't understand." He replied. "TELL ME!!!" David shouted. Mark heard it and began running in Ray's direction. "No." Ray said. "C'mon, as a friend." "No you won't get it!" Ray yelled. "YES I WILL" David shouted back. Ray sighed and said "Alright, you might as well know. About eight years ago Mark and I found an old abandoned truck way out at the end of our property. It was carrying some liquid shit and we looked inside. There were barrels upon barrels of some weird black stuff. We were having fun and making up ideas about what it was. We started playing tag when Mark ran into a crate and knocked it onto the floor. It spilt all over us. At the time we knew we were both gay even though we didn't really get the meaning of it yet. I would see Mark get boners when ever the dtrongest man in the world competition came on or a bodybuilding contest. We soon both became obssed with muscle. And then this happened and we didn't know what it did until we were able to figure it out about two years later. A week after this happened Both of our bodies just became huge. I looked like Richard Sandrak just a little bit bigger and stronger. We used our dads old weight set to pump up even more. We were just massive for little kids. After our mom died and my dad got fired we had to get pulled from school and work here 24/7. We eventually got helpers and we dedicated more time to getting big. Every month or so we go back to the truck so we can get bigger. Some side effects are wanting sex more badly. That the bumps at night. We also discovered that our cum is converted to raw energy thus explaining the huge figure." David was in awe. Mark came through a hedge and Ray told him what he had done. This was going to be very interesting. •

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