By John Bowling

They walked down the corridor, carrying the new kid with them, fingers squeezing hard on the gigantic biceps. As they approached a spot lit by a skylight, the kid said: "Wait, stop here. I want to flex here, where you can really see my muscles!" "Kid, just feeling them has got me about ready to pop again as it is. If I watch you flex, I'll cum." The Muscle Fairy said, and the kid just grinned and flexed them. "That goes for me too." said the Muscle Godling. "So, you can shoot your cum all over me! Shower me with it!" "Ok" "Yea" They released him in the center of the light area, and he raised his hands up over his head. His muscles rippled, buldging, casting destinct shadows with the overhead light. Slowly he tightened them, and they swelled larger. He tilted his head back, and began to lower his arms down, bending them slowly. The muscles were deeply corded, and buldging out immensely as he bent his arms, the biceps thickening. The Fairy and the Godling watched, both with rock hard dicks throbbing with the pleasure of seeing this incredible show of muscle. He dropped his upper arms down below a straight line with his shoulders, his arms bent at close to 90 degrees. At that point, his forearms were tight against the biceps, and they would not bend any further. Even so, the biceps continued to strain harder, cords buldging out with the strain. He lifted his arms up some, his wrists bent partially so that his fists were tight aganst the top of his high peaked biceps. He opened up his fists, bent his wrists more, and laid his palms on the top of those immense biceps. Wrapping his fingers around the huge mountain of muscle, he flexed his forarms, bringing his fingers into a vice grip about his own biceps. The forarm muscle cords thicked, writhing like snakes as he squeezed down on the muscle. The other guys were pumping like mad, their cocks throbbing with with sight of his huge muscles so hard and defined. Before they could cum, the kid's dick, without being touched, was throbbing, and began to shoot, randomly hitting both of them with huge wads of come. Seconds later, both of them showered him with cum. He didn't stop flexing there, but continued with a most muscular pose that revealed gigantic, deeply corded pecs. He powered into it, held it for a few seconds, backed off, powered it up again, and again backed off and flexed deeply again. Every muscle in his entire upper body was steel hard, buldging giganticly, and corded like steel cables under intense stress. He relaxed, reached over to an unfinished cell, and grabbed a new 3" thick steel bar. Going back to his most muscular pose, he bent the bar. "Too easy!" And he dropped the bent one, grabbed two more, and held them the same way, behind his back as he held them with his arms out in a T. His muscles buldged as the strain showed on his face and on his deeply corded muscles rippled. Slowly, he increased the pressure, and his massive muscles bent the thick bars. Both the Fairy and the Godling were feeling, squeezing, crushing his massive pecs as he bent it. He was straining so much against the bars he ignored the vice grips of both of the strong men. -=*=- The Flexin' Freak flexed his 25" bi's, his fingers wrapped around the bar, and slowly lifted it. The Butch Babe had wrapped a chain made with steel links of 3/8" wire around his relaxed bicep and fastened it securely. The bar had 1500 lbs on it, and as the Freak lifted it, his bicep stretched the chain. With his arm bent around three quarters, the bicep straining with the huge weight, with the chain links embedded into the hard muscle, he held the heavy bar up for a full 60 seconds. His face was reflecting the pain as he held it there, his bicep tortured beyond any flex he had ever done before. After the 60 seconds, Stevie said "Go!", and the Freak bent his arm even more, making the straining and bruised bicep even larger, and snapped the chain. He set the weight down, and massaged his bicep. "Your turn now, Babe, and none of your pansy flexing this time. You're lifting a ton, and your chain uses 1/2" wire. And you'd better break it this time!" "Or what? You gonna beat me up? Or have this puny Freak do it? Hell, I've been whipping him with one hand, and there ain't no else stronger here!" "We'll put you up against the Godling and see how strong you really are." "That puny baby? I'll whup him and the Fairy both at the same time." "Sure you will, but we gotta test you first!" The chain was wrapped around, snugged and attached. The one ton barbell was brought over, and the Babe wrapped his fingers around it. He repeated that actions the Freak had done just minutes before, his huge muscle straining as he held the heavy weight. Slowly, the seconds ticked past, and his bicep felt like it was being hammered by huge sledge hammers. Stevie said "Go!". The Babe held the weight for another ten seconds, and then slowly raised it, shattering the chain with his swelling bicep. Deep indentations and bruises marked where the chain had been. They massaged each other's sore biceps, grinning when their dicks snapped to rock hard attention. "Want to go get us some Fairy and Godling ass?" "Hell, yea. It's been several months since the Fairy made me fuck him, now it's my turn for force it up his ass. Lets go see if he likes it rammed hard as well as he likes to control it." "I know he loves it even more. It's just that there never used to be anyone here who could force him, and the Godling has such tiny cock I'll bet the Fairy is really dying for a big dick right now!" "Then we're obligated to go give him a couple of huge ones! With enough muscle behind them to ram the hell out of him!" As they walked away from the exercize yard, Stevie was finishing putting the Grizzley through his paces, and both were pumped and sweating. Now that their exercize was over, the Grizzley took over control, and grabbed Stevie by the balls and lifted him up with one buldging arm. He held him up, swung him around until his legs were straight up, then shoved Stevie's throbbing cock in his mouth. Stevie was hanging there, and lift his arms up and slugged the Grizzley in the abs a half dozen times with each bare fist. He then moved lower and grabbed his rock hard cock with both hands and twisted it into a pretzel, squeezing hard on it. His own balls were being crushed by the vice grip the Grizzley held him in. And his dick was being mashed by the toothless gums of the Grizzley, who had left both sets of false teeth back in his cell. He released the dick and started slugging his balls with both fists. The Grizzley placed his free hand up against Stevie's ass and shoved down on it. Not only were his balls being crushed and stretched by his own weight, but now the pressure required to force a huge fist up his ass added to his ball torture. -=*=- The humongous new kid had finally gotten the bars bent after several minutes of intense flexing, and he relaxed, exausted. As the Freak and the Babe walked in, the Fairy and the Godling we standing there horny as hell. The sight of five hard dicks, with all the pumped muscle buldging would have made the Warden cum in his trousers, which is exactly what he was doing with most of his guards crowded around the video monitors. A dozen dicks were throbbing, and two had cum already, the rest ready to burst anytime. "Fairy, that muscle bound ass of yours is mine! And this big dick of mine is going to ram the hell out of it. And you'ld better use those huge muscles to try and stop me, cause this super Flexin' Freak ain't stopping for nothing till I've fucked and beat you to a scared hunk of jello." "And you, so-called Godling, I'm whipping your puny ass. So you'll know what a real Butch Babe is. Making you beg for mercy!" The guys who just walked in grabbed their intended victims, and muscles in all four bodies swelled hugely, deep set, taut, thick steel cables bunched up as they strained against each other. The new kid reached between the pairs of flexing men and gripped a pair of hard dicks with each hand. He then lifted them up, his own giant muscles hardly noticing the weight, and held them above his head. "You guys want to fight each other, go ahead, but I ain't letting any of you down till you're ready to co-operate." They continued to beat on each other, fists driven by powerfull muscles slamming into hard flexed shoulders, pecs and abs like jack hammers, and bouncing off. The new kid got pissed and bent the throbbing dicks he was crushing in his fingers towards his face, placing all four shiny, fist sized heads in front of this lips and flicked his tongue out to slap all four of them. He continued to flip his powerfull tongue from dick head to dick head, bringing all four close to orgasm. He was feeling lots of fingers gripping his buldging arms, and he tensed them hard. He felt the fingers tighten like vices as the forearms of all four writhed like thousands of pythons. He reached around the four cock heads with his tongue and began to squeeze on them with it. Tighter and tighter he flexed his tongue muscles and felt the fingers almost crushing his gigantic biceps. Suddenly, all five of the them were squirting, the bright red tongue turning white from the coating, and his own coming all over his chest and spraying them in the balls. "Now, are we going to finish what I came here for? Or do I have to let some of the best regular muscle men rot in this joint?" "What?" "I'm taking you guys out of here!" he whispered. "To a place you'll love, where huge muscle is normal, where I am still small and weak. Freak, go get Stevie and Grizzley. When you get back, follow us down this way." First, he set up a couple of teams, the Godling lifting the Babe, and he lifted the Fairy up, and the guys on top smashed the TV cameras and most of the lights. They went down the hall of the new wing, past the cell the Fairy and Godling were in, knocking out cameras along the way. Because this section was not used yet, they didn't encounter guards. About the time the Freak returned, they encountered a couple of the warden's pretty boys checking the damage. The quickly tied the boys up and took them along as hostages. When they got down to the end of the hall and turned down the next one, they could hear what sounded like explosions. They ran the rest of the way, and discovered the Godling was holding up a steel beam with his feet, his back to the wall, and his awesome thighs were buldging bigger than the rocky mountains as he forced the beam against the far wall. His quadraceps were humongous, and every gigantic muscle peak had deep cross strirations as well as thick bands hard as titatium steel running the length of the muscle. The new kid was kneeling beside him, keeping him from sliding, and worshiping his tremendous legs as well as stroking the Godling's throbbing penis. Slowly, very slowly his legs straightened, muscles flexing bigger than any could imagine them, and the wall collapsed. The new guy caught him and he fell down, did a final stroke, and his cum was spirting like he had never cum before. The new kid picked up the exausted Godling and carried him out to the waiting van. The had left the hostages tied inside, and the all climbed in. The van took off, rammed through the fence, and a few miles down the road they swapped for another van. They swapped six times that first day. Reaching Chicago they got out at a subway station, boarded, and got off, transferred to another van. They let themselves be seen in half a dozen cities to confuse the issue. Some of their jaunts were by private jet. The last leg was in several totally different cars that each took one of them off in different directions. They merged two days later, after a convoluted route, as a rather rural spot in Northern Arizona that bordered the mountains. •

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