New Place, New Friends, New Life


By rockhardmuscle1

David was your average 14 year old boy. He played basketball and was a great guitarist. He did well in school and had a good life. What he never knew was that his mom had been cheating on his dad with another man. One day he heard them fighting in the kitchen. Davids mom stomped out in a fury and threw her wedding ring to the ground. David was shocked, he didn't cry but he felt empty inside for the next couple of weeks. His mom got custody of his brother and his dad got him. After a while his dad decided to move far away to forget all the bad times. "we're moving to the country. I have an old college friend with two sons one your age and we're going to live with him for a month or two until we find a home" He said. David was excited but stressed at the same time. He had lived in that house for 14 years and now he was ditching it. But at the same time he was happy to leave it and to see new places. The drive was long, almost two hours. David fell asleep half way through, but about five minuets before he got there he woke up and looked out the window. There were huge fields of grass and plants. He saw a house near by. As the car rolled up he could see that the house was in fair shape and needed some work. He got out with his dad and walked up to the door. A very tall thin man opened it. "Hey Johhny!" He yelled. "Come on in and meet my kids." He yelled up stairs and both of the kids came down. They were both bare chested and ripped. "This is my younger son Ray and my older son Mark." They shook hands. David fetl how strong they each were. They both said hi and went upstairs. David's dad motioned him to follow. David jogged upstairs and saw them both enter a room. David followed them in. Inside was a small set of weights and a chin up and pull up bar. Ray was on the bench press benching what seemed to be a lot. David got closer and saw that it was about 200 pounds. David could see Rays chest move. His pecs flexed every time he lowered and raised the bar. "You wanna try" He asked. David had just started lifting weights and had made some progress. "Okay" He said. "But lower the weight" "Alright, how much?" Ray asked. "I'll start with 100 and work my way up." he replied. David took off his shirt exposing a well devoloped but not a ripped body that Ray and mark had. He pumped the weight easily. "Put on 20 more pounds" He said. Ray obeyed and added ten to each side. David pumped it 30 times then said. "Another 20" He pumped it 30 times then said. "Just go to 200" He was only able to pump that ten times. "That was hard." He said. His body glistened with sweat. "You did it almost 50 times." "Practice makes perfect i've been doing this for seven years. When did you start?" "About a year ago. " "Wow your pretty damn good." Ray said. "How much can you do?" David asked. "About 450." Ray replied. "Your way better than me." "I couldn't do 200 after one year." "You only would've been eight years old." "Oh, good point, but your still really good." Ray went over and added another 100 pounds and did 50 more reps while david did bicep curls. He could curl about 60 pounds in each hand. After about another 25 minuets Ray got up and said. "C'mon, I want to show you my favorite room" He ran in the hall and pulled a string that released a set of stairs that led to what David thought was an attic. It turned out to be a room full of mirrors. Ray took off his pants so that he was noly wearing boxers. "This is the flexing room." Ray began making poses and showing off his body. He grunted as he changed poses. His biceps were huge and his back was so defined it was unbelieveable that a 14 year old could look so hot. David knew he was bisexual and his cock sprand up. Ray encouraged David to get into his under wear and flex. Ray was just amazing. David concentrated hard and his boner went away. He took off his shorts and began flexing. Mark came up soon and did the same. It was so incredible. The two brothers we smooth and elegant. David had no clue what to do or what to flex in which position. But he still looked very good. After awhile David noticed that the brothers movements were almost matching they soon became the same and they went into some routine. There mass was the only thing David could look at as his cock sprang up again. He noticed that they too were sporting hard ons while looking at david and each other. Soon all the flexing stoped and David was just in awe. Both brothers were horny and weren'y embarassed at all they just did one final flex and sliped there pants on, still with a boner. david did the same but tried to hide his cock. Ray said. "It's okay to show that your horny were both gay we don't think its weird." David let his boner show. "Good because I'm bisexual." David knew this would be great new life. •

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