Prison Guard, The

By hairyman101

Mark had murdered his wife and had been found guilty. Life in prison. he was chained and his clothes smelled of sweat as he and the others were sent in the van to the prison. The guy next to him tried to feel his leg....mark enraged started to choke him...the chains rattling. all the men yelling "fight...fight" the huge guard walked to them and mark felt a hand on his shoulder....a strong hand that was now breaking his bones. he stopped. looked up at man 6'8 with a chest bigger than any human he had seen. "YOU FUCKER.....SIT DOWN....BE QUIET.....OR I WILL KILL YOU" the guard's eyes empty and black. mark sat back and watched as the guy licked his lips and whispered..."i want your cock" mark did nothing. the guard went back to the front and locked the cage that separated the inmates. the van made its way onward to the main gate. each man was counted. they prceeded on to the where they stopped and was told to get out....."welcome to your new home" the huge guard said. they walked in a line to the recieving door. it was unlocked. "alright.....line up!!" the next guard stated. the door slammed shut and locked with a loud bang. the chains were taken off of all the men. "now strip.....naked" mark took off his sweaty clothes as did all....he had a tight body but nothing to write about....some guys were hairy and two had nice muscles. there cocks hanged. a doctor in a white coat came around bending each man over and sticking his finger way up their ass. some men got hard. the guard smiled. they were taken to a room with tile and the water poured down.....the soap was next to them...."get clean....and no fucking each other or jacking" the guard motioned with his hands in a jacking motion. to mark this felt good to finally get clean....but in a rotton prison. the water stopped wether they were finished or not. "line up!!!" dripping wet the men lined back up. "now for your shots" mark thought....why shots...what shots. the needle prick stung as the liquid was forced into each man. mark felt a rush of power.....a feeling of greatness. the guard looked as each man had a the same feeling. "i guess you want to lift weights" all the guys were begging as if they would die if they could not lift . mark watched this and had the same need. a door opened into a very nice and huge weight room. the naked men ran into it and started to lift. each found that the weight that lifted was to easy....more weights were added. mark felt his biceps explode into vieny arms of steel....he added more weight as the he did curls. the warden watched from above on a perch of stone. "it works....give them more" the guard returned..."line up" "more shots are needed" they guys lined up and the liquid was forced into their arms. they went back to lifing heavy weights. mark was now bench pressing 400 pounds...his arms growing...wanting more. he then felt a pleasureable feeling..... that guy was sucking his dick...deep...deeper....he laid the weight down....but he didnt want to choke him he wanted to cum in his mouth. he took his huge arms and pushed the guys head toward his cock....back and forth....the rest of the guys stopped to watch and then getting excited also started in licking mark's nipples...mark laid back as he saw cocks hanging down in his face. the ripped bodies flexed and waiting for a mouth. he took the long cock down his throat....he tasted the sweet precum.....he felt his cum shoot into the guy's mouth.....this orgy went on for what seemed hours. the warden nodded his head. the guards came in and pulled each man away. the needles plunged into the inmates arms. thier hearts beating faster. mark saw his legs expand and the others blew up with little or no excerise. "what are you forcing us to take" mark staring at the warden above. "steriods.....pure.....and you will be forced to take them until you either die or become the monster i think you will be" the warden took off his shirt showing his thick furry chest....his arms were at least 20 inches. we all went back to sucking and lifting weights....we could not stop ourselves. the shots were given every hour now. the muscle growth was overwhemling. what seemed like days were only hours....the cum in our balls dried and our hearts beating faster than they should.....the hairy warden snaped his fingers and we stopped has if zombies. we had all gained around 2 inches of muscle in that one day. what next??? mark watched the warden walk into the weight room.....his bear type body and huge arms just aching for mark to fuck him. "take them to thier cells" i passed by him and got to run my fingers in his chest hair. "im mark" the warden smiled and put me into a bear hug. my air was cut off.....he let go..."later....mark" as we went out we were forced to take more steriods.

Some of the inmates started to show signs of to much steriods....there heart beat was to fast and they were irriate. fighting in the cells started. Mark had just finished licking the last drop of cum from his cellmates dick when he noticed in the cell across the guard had started the shots of steriods again. The guy was huge....but he was crying like a baby....his 20 inch arms flexed has he wiped his eyes..."NO MORE.....I.....DONT..." crying more "WANT.....ANTMORE....PLEASE...." he was now on his knees....begging....."please.....i cant....take....any more.....i will EXPLODE!!!" the guard called the massive guard we had seen at the main gate.....they held him down.....he was screaming and begging....the shot went deep into his arm and the liquid was forced into his body. he yelled more....and then he pushed the guards away like paper and got to his feet and looked like a frankenstein monster.....breathing heavy....his mammoth chest going in and out.....he gritted his teeth as if in pain....his viens were throbbing with juice.....he screamed...."IM DYING!!!!!" he clutched the metal bars and they began to bend. his flexed body turning red as his blood pressure rose to high levels. the bars finally bent back and with one last surge of energy he broke the bars and fell to the floor....his cliched fists hitting the floor. this show of force had made mark"s dick hard....the guards were jacking there uncut cocks. one guard reached down and pulled the mass of muscle back to his knees...opened his mouth and forced his cock in...face fucking it. mark had to jack to this. the cum dripping out of the mans mouth. his eyes opened and he grabbed the guard. they fought. each as strong as the other. hitting each other fists of steel ....blood flying as the other guard came from behind and shot the man with more juice!! his eyes were like fire....he pushed the guard into the bars of mark's cell and they broke backwards into the cell from the force and weight of these two men. the man was on top of the guard now just bare fist hitting him into a bloody pulp. his shirt was tore from the fighting and the muscle growth. mark could see his heart beating against his well formed chest. the other guard gave him another shot this time in the base of the neck. the man arched back ...his flexed body tearing at the flesh from the viens popping and with one last look he fell on top of the bloody guard....dead. "we cant keep you here anymore" the guard holding the needle said..."so you and your cell mate come with me" mark and his mate stepped over the bodies as the chains were locked on there wrists. as they walked past the other inmates mark could see all had seen the fight or were just not interested because they had a massive cock up there ass or down there throat. Going down a dim lit hall they came to a lab. the chains were taken off and the guard tore what clothes they had the warden was there and soon came up to mark. "do you want to be a ....superman???" mark thought of when he was a kid how superman had always made him hard. he nodded yes. "lay on the table" his mate was taken to another table. mark obeyed. the warden played with mark's hairy pubic hair and pushed back his forskin. he reached down and lick his dick like a cat. the hard cock responded with precum. the warden took the cock all the way down...and stayed on it licking around the base. mark was humping his cock into the warden's warm mouth. the warden came back up off the cock. "there is more if you keep trusting me" mark nodded yes...wanting more. he felt a prick in his leg as the needle gave him more steriods. the rush through his body was unreal. his muscles reacted with bulging power.......he wanted to run but he looked at the wardens blue eyes and calmed to them. "we have done these steriod experments for years on the crimal people of life" mark wanted the warm mouth to finish. "but we need to go further into it" mark was humping into the air....his hard cock wanting...waiting.....finally the warden grabbed it and jacked it off....the cum flew all over!!! sweet cum.....but his cock wanted more...."we will implant a small device into your arm" mark looked as the device was shot into his arm. "what does it do??" mark said. no answer....just a hand on his balls and now fingering his ass. "the same has been done to your cellmate" the finger in his ass made him hard again. then the guard with a nice thick 10 incher plunged into mark's hot ass. mark almost swallowed his tongue has the pain of the thick dick plowed its way into his prostate. the pain turned to pleasure as he felt the action of the cum dripping down his hard cock. the guard came inside his ass and pulled out. the cum dripped onto the floor. the warden kissed mark on his lips. "now you will know pleasure and pain" him and his mate were taken to another cell away from the others. "im steven" the low voice man stated. "your mark" they shook hands.....even though mark had licked the mans cum juice he never asked his name. "so steven why do you think we are the chosen ones?" stevens's vieny arms and uncut cock waited for mark...."i dont know.....we will find out ....soon" mark took the cock into his mouth and sucked on it like it was rubber toy for teething. steven embraced him....muscles to muscles.

Clark kent had the assignment to cover the story of the murder and mark. arriving at the prison and putting his PRESS pass on his shirt he was patted down for any weapons. he did notice that most of the men he saw were very musclar. "you must have an excellent workout program here" clark asked....the guard nodded yes but no smile. the warden soon came to meet the reporter. "ahhhhh....yes...the daily planet's star reporter" calrk smiled...."well i do have alot good stories" "now about this mark......and the murder of the young man he was with that night" the warden patted clark on the back and showed him his office.

Steven and mark had fallen asleep after the oral sex.....but now the devices that were planted in there arms caused great pain. there bodies arched in waves torment. the viens came to the suface of there bodies showing the muscles. then the pain was shut off. collecting themselves they felt a new urge to find more power. "where is the shots!!!" "more juice!!!" the noise caught the guards ear...."what are you guys crying about now" marks viened face shoved into the bars of the door..."we need more"

The warden and clark made there way to the cells. "this is where we keep the most dangerous" clark looked at cell after cell of "muscle" men. "why do they all look almost alike??" "there muscles are so define and huge" the warden smiled as he slipped the steriod shot from his coat and plunged it into clark's back. clark noticed a slight pain....but did let anyone know of his super powers as superman. he fell to the floor as an actor would playing the part of a needle going in his back. "what di you do??" the steriods had no affect on his massive strenght but he went on with the acting. "you will feel better than you ever have" the warden lifted clark up as the prisoners rubbed there cocks and some licked others and most just were jacking off. he was led to where mark and steven were. "meet mark...clark" the door opened and he was grabbed into the cell. his clothes were ripped off and the men's hands rubbed his massive body. "you have been juiced before??" mark asked. steven was playing with clark's hanging balls. clark shoved them away as if they were kids. "ahhhhh.....very strong....." steven eyed the naked body of clark's. the devices came on again in there arms....."we need more power!!!!" clark felt his strenght slowly going......and the two men felt an increase in there strenght. "what is this?? who are you???" mark asked. "i feel like i have the strenght of ten men!!!" steven felt another burst of power coming from the guard outside. the power drain was great.....clark fell to the corner as the guard fell to the floor. "we are feeding off these two....sucking the life from them" mark and steven loved the feeling of strenght as there bodies turned to super bodies. the guard was lifeless as he died from the drain into steven.....mark was still getting a feed from clark..."mmmmmmmm.....this man is not human.....he would be dead.....he!!! SUPERMAN!!!!!" mark threw himself onto clark....naked man against naked man.....the feed was so great that steven could see bolts of light going into mark. his chest now at 60 inches...his arms almost 20 inches....."leave some for me" steven begged. mark's eyes looked crazied.....but soon got up....flexing his 20 inchers...steven feeling them..."wow...great man....fucking great....we have our own energy to feed off" mark looked him in the eyes "yes and now you will drain and then me....we will jack some and suck some.....and no one knows about it but us!!!" they laughed as clark's strenght came back but was soon being eaten buy steven and the device that was to destroy superman???

The warden saw the dead guard at the door. dragging him into closet..he walked to the door and opened the small small door to look in. he saw the inmates mark and steven hugging clark kent as if they were welcoming good friends....but clark did not look happy....he welched in pain. the inmates had grow bigger than any human he had seen...."this is not steriods....this must be the devices we did not know what they would do to a human" there bodies were so huge he knew they would not fit through the door. the flex in there arms was at least 26 or 27 inches!! there cocks swollen and vieny slapping against each others bodies. "why has clark kent not died ?" he wondered. Inside the two felt better than any human male could feel. "hey man....this power drain has me cumming without stroking" mark looked at steven's uncut cock dripping white juice. It ran down his leg . the bolts of power were very strong as the two ate at clark's strenght......."yeah well my arms are bigger than yours" mark flexed...his arms huge with blood flowing and vieny. there pecs very defined and there chest's were so big it was hard to breathe. "mark...dont you think we are getting to much juice?? " mark could feel clark's body sinking in and then redoing itself...."superman has come to an end" "but you are right....the human body can only become so big" they let go of clark and stood up....muscles on muscles....cock to cock. closing the small door the warden went into the dark hall....the big door was pushed down by the massive men. "but we need superman to feed off of" clark was gaining most of his strenght back. they turned and taking the bars they wrapped him up as a spider does its prey. "he will break out of that" mark snapped. the warden came out of the darkness holding his hands up...."you need my help" the two looked at him....mark thought of when he got there how the hairy warden was really he was just a man. "what can you do for us" the warden opened a box on the wall and took the key out. "this will let you out of prison" steven smiled....."we could suck your strenght out in one careful and no funny stuff" the warden stayed his distance. the two men picked up the man of steel in his bared cage and nodded they would take the wardens offer. the warden showed them the back way out. turning the key the door opened to light .....they stepped outside and just as they did both men fell over. the warden holding the main control in his hand. "you fools!!! the smart men always win over muscles!!" he screamed. the guards picked the huge bodies up. "take them to the hole" he looked at clark in prisoned in the bars wrapped around him. "now i want your body........superman" he laughed loudly as he tore his shirt off to show his hairy chest. superman pushed the bars away and was about to fly when the warden pushed the red button. "we ....uhhhh.....put a device into you also" superman looked at his arm as it glowed. he felt a tingle and then his body started to go toward the warden as if a magnet. "what luck!!! i found me a body!!!!" superman tried to stop but the pull was strong.......the body swap happened . the warden was now inside superman's body. the guards came back. the warden's voice talked now from the super body of steel....."did you burn the bodies!!!" they nodded yes...."GOOD!!!! now take that body and do the same!!!" his old body was limp but fought but was no match for the guards. he felt the power of his new body...." all paid off" "now i can do anything i WANT!!!" the door opened and all the inmates he had given steriods to were lose. "what the HELL!!!" one guy stepped forward..."we the inmates are taking over" the new superman laughed.."YOU ARE NOTHING!!!!!" "yeah?? well us guys say diffent" the men rushed him and fell on him. a bolt of power was released as the men fed off the new superman. "NO NO.....IT cant BE!!!!" the PRISON GUARD looked on as he was the one that planted all the inmates with the draining devices. the men's clothes began to tear off there bodies as large amounts of strenght beamed through them. "YOU will KILL ME" the men wrapped there bodies as an orgy aroud the new superman...draining much more than mark and steven had ever known. three of them forced there cocks into the mouth of the screaming superman. cum filled his throat....gaggng....more cum....he swallowed the salty fuilds. more they face fucked him...draining more power....there muscles gleemed from the sweat....more cumming....he swallowed. around the corner the wardens body looked on as superman felt the new human body. "some one always wanting part of me" he said....he felt the hairy chest and liked what he saw. "maybe this is the time to leave that body there to be drained.....and for me to have a human body" superman thought....."but it will die someday" "i must save the old body." he walked toward the orgy of cum and power. the prison guard handed him the box. he pressed the button....he felt the force of kpytonite as the two bodies became one. superman and the warden inside a body of steel. there thoughts became ONE. with one last force of power they pushed the men off. superman flew just above them...."to bad want to much....later" he flew out of view. the men still hungery for strenght began to feed on the guards.....even sinking there teeth into the flesh....the guards dicks were sucked and there asses fucked hard!! superman could feel the warden wanting out..."you almost fucked my life and the earths up" he thought to the man inside him. "i must teach you not to fuck with superman" he flew to the hole where mark and steven's bodies lay charred and burned. taking a huge breathe he blew the soul of the warden into the body of mark. As the warden 's soul revived the body he could feel the pain of burnt flesh and the body screamed!!! superman knew this would be enough HELL for one human. the wardens screaming body of black fell over dead. superman knew the men in the prison would feed until all were dead.

More inmates arrived but there was no one to meet them at the gate. the guard on the bus went to the guard post. ringing the bell a huge man ran out screaming and grabbed him by the balls...taking him down.....draining him as his eyes bulged out of his head. the inmates on the bus were chained. They tried to free themselves.....the others that had survived came out....massive bodies tearing at the huge doors...ripping them off. Up in the wardens office a bursted needle lay....steriods dripping out.....


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