By John Bowling

The Warden's horny muscle teen personal guards have taken the Muscle Fairy and the Muscle Godling. Not by force, there's no way in hell they could! But, while under forced unconciousness. We will find out where soon enough, but for now, we join the Flexin' Freak and the Butch Babe, who we find in their cell. They have been working out hard for the last three months, just as the Fairy and Godling had done, and the results are a spectacular increase in their muscular size and definite improvements in definition. They are flexing for each other, awesome biceps with at least 3" of growth since our last glimpse, rippling and buldging as big as mountains and cuts as sharp as newly broken rock. The reach over, grap, and squeeze each other's upper arms, tightening their fingers down on hard flexed muscle with enough pressure to cruch rock. Indeed, they had both built their thick, writhing forearm muscles by crushing actual rocks. Now they crushed down on huge, steel hard biceps. The thick, hard forearms had at least a dozen thick snake like cords running their length, all intent on smashing anything in their grasp. The biceps in their grasp buldged harder, and yet fingers sank into the huge mounds of muscle. Both gasped with the pain, yet neither gave in. Both of these super men had throbbing, hard dicks, which were dancing together, slapping each other. A few minutes later, both were nearing orgasm, and their entire bodies flexed to maximum. No matter where you looked at them, there were thick, super hard muscles looking like they were ready to jump off their bodies. Their pecs met, only because they were so tremendously thick, and the cords on each pec swelled to become thick steel cables. Their dicks touched again, and cum flew from the Babe's dick, and then the Fairy's dick spewed out cum. As the muscle flex intensified, their dicks eruped with large wads of thick, white jizm, flying high and falling back on awesumely flexed arms and shoulders. Just then Stevie walked in. "Well, look at the muscle punies! You guys want to grow some real muscle? Enough to whip the Fairy with just one hand?" They almost sneered at him. Here was a skinny guy, though he did have well defined muscles, but both of his arms together were smaller and weaker than the weakest of their arms. He flexed his right bicep, and the arm that looked tiny swelled up to almost three times it's original size, and the definition was intense, with cords rippling in both heads of the bicep. The Fairy reached up and gripped the hard muscle, squeezing it. "Damn, Babe this muscle is harder than yours, a lot harder! Why don't you pull on his wrist and unflex it?" "Sure, should be easy as small as it is!" He reached up and pulled, flexing his own gigantic muscle. Slowly, straining, he forced the arm to straighten out. Stevie's small bicep was hard as steel with awesome cords rippling as is fought against the Babe's huge muscle. "God, that's one damn tough little muscle! Stevie, what the fuck did you do to get so fucking strong? I'd love to have that kind on power to size ratio in my muscles!" "Fuck, you could lift an entire truck with one hand, as huge as your muscles are. You will get that strong, just let me control your workouts for a month, and promise to do everything I tell you to do. Everything!" "Just what do you mean by everything?" "For now, I'm not telling you everything. I will tell you that your methods of working out will change." "Hell, we have both gained 75 lbs of solid, huge muscle in the last three months. There's nothing wrong with our method!" "So why is a bicep half your size almost as strong as yours? If you had my stength to size ratio, with your size, you could whip either the Muscle Fairy or the Muscle Godling easily. Either one of you! Right now you are both puny wimps!" "Fuck! I'ld love to whup the Fairy. Ok, we'll do it, everything." "We'll start tomorrow morning. Right now you should rest up, cause tomorrow's going to be hell. And no sex!" "No sex. Why not." "Just don't it!" -=*=- Where ever the guards have taken the Fairy and the Godling, it is pitch black. There is not even a faint light under a door or around a window. The Fairy stirs, waking, and finds that his arms are wrapped around a thickly muscled guy. His legs are up almost into a fetal position, and are against the legs of the other guy, also in a fetal position and faced away from him. The guy must be shorter than he is, and only the Godling would fit the impressions he's getting. He has a headace. He moves a little, and notices that his dick is hard and held securely. He assumes that it is between the legs of the Godling. He gives the kid a squeeze. He then notices that the kid is sobbing. He pulls back, pulling his dick partly out, and the kid says "No! Leave it in me!" Damn, is his monster dick actually up the kid's ass? "Godling, I'm sorry I fucked you!" "No, I needed it!" He then began to spill out the story of his life, how his muscular father bagan to fuck him when he was eight years old. He began to lift weights to get stronger to keep his father from doing it. He kept lifting and growing, and at thirteen pushed his father off of him and held him down and fucked him. For anther year they fucked each other, until his dad was killed in a car accident. He had loved his father deeply, even with the abuse, and losing him was very painfull. To hide the pain, he started fucking other strong men but never let them fuck him. Now, he realized that he wanted the Muscle Fairy to be his new father. When he awoke fifteen minutes ago, he had played with the Fairy's dick until it was throbbing, then pressed his ass against it and forced it up his ass. He was lying there getting used to it's size, crying for the memory of his father and the pain of that huge dick stretching him out, when the Fairy awoke. "But I would be a better mother than a father!" "With your super muscled, he-man body? You are more of a man than any other man I've met." "What about that guard?" "He's just a big asswipe prick! And I don't mean literally." "Ok, but I don't want to hurt you. And even when I am fucking you, I'm going to love you like you more like your mother would than you father." He kissed the Godling, slowly and gently pushed his dick back in, and gently squeezed down on the super built kid, who flexed hard back. They both fell back asleep. -=*=- "Both of you! Assume the position!" "What is this, the Army?" "Worse than that, the Marines! Now get down there and give me a thousand push ups!" "A thousand? You trying to kill us?" Stevie slapped the Babe hard across the face! Instantly, his right cheek turned bright red. "No back talk. You want to get fucking strong! You want me to make you fucking strong! You do what I tell you! NOW, boy!" The Flexin' Freak was allready in the position, and the Butch Babe joined him. Stevie signaled for the two large, muscular men to take their place over the two muscle bound men, adding a couple of hundred pounds to the weight of their own bodies. The weight men reached around and gripped massive pecs with their hands, and slipped their hard dicks up the ready assholes just for added holding power. "Now, you two are going to give me a thousand push ups with these guys on your backs. You're flexing muscles will make them cum. Now, I don't want to see either of you cum. In fact, I don't want to see either of you with a heart on? You got that? Now start pumping! And keep pumping until I tell you to stop!" They began, their huge pecs and triceps hardly noticing the weight. About 200 pushups later, they had slowed down, their muscles now agonizing and straining. The were pumped thickly, and the deeply corded muscles were buldging from the strain. Both of the two men on their backs had allready cum twice, their hards cocks throbbing up their asses. Still, they continued. "Freak, what the fuck are you doing with a hard dick? Didn't I tell you not to get hard? And you too Babe. Grizzley, get over here!" A guy walked up who was the classic bear. Almost all of his body was covered with reddish blond fur, but not enough to prevent someone from seeing the massive muscles on his short body. He was two inches shorter than the Godling, at 5'2", and weighed over 400 lbs, with very little fat. He reached down, grabbed them by the balls and lifted them up, hoisting their legs into the air. As they hung their by the balls, Stevie grabbed a dick in each hand. He squeezed on their dicks and the bear squeezed down on their balls. The grips became tighter, crushing, and intensly painfull. Within a few seconds both of them were squirting huge bursts of cum all over the floor. The bear lowered them down, and Stevie said: "Now continue. And we're starting the count from zero! You guys think life is just flex and sex? Well, we're going to flex here, and you better put sex out of your minds. What the Grizzley just did was a playfull carress. Each time he has to do something again, it will get more painfull, and will last longer! You got that, you puny pansies? "And, Grizzley, why don't you give them a bit more weight to push. Yea, like that, put those lumber jack boots down on their heads. Here, I'll hold you to keep you balanced! "Now, punies, pump out those reps, and be quick about it, you've got a lot more exercizes to do today." Stevie was holding the bear by his throbbing dick, licking it and sucking it into his mouth, and soon made him cum. "Hey, down their, keep those heads up. You're neck muscles can use the exercize." -=*=- The Fairy woke up, still in the heavy darkness. He pulled his soft dick out of the Godling, and climbed out of the bed they were in. Feeling along the wall, he determined that they were in a narrow cell with solid concrete walls. One end had very thick bars running the full length, probably a door. He gripped the bars, not able to stretch his fingers around them, even with his huge hands. He flexed, enjoying the feeling of his awesome muscle straining. He felt the cords buldge hard as he increased the pressure. He had, just as the Godling had, though not as easily, bent the normal 1.5" bars they used in the prison. He estimated that these bars were about 3". He could not budge them, even though he was exerting all of his strength. He felt the kid's hands feeling his muscles flex. "I'm lucky to have a Dad who's a super muscle man!" The kid said. "Flex them hard for me, Daddy." The powerfull fingers dug deep into his steel hard muscles, and he somehow increased the strength he was using, but the bars still didn't move. "Fuck me, Daddy, and I'll bend them!" The kid pushed him away from the bars, even though he was still gripping them hard, and climbed between his arms. He lifted the Fairy's fast hardening, humongous dick and shoved it up his ass. He then gripped the bars. "Hard, Daddy, make it hurt. Ram it up me all the way!" They were both gripping the bars, and the Fairy pushed his dick up. Somehow the kid had managed to loosen up his muscle bound ass to allow the thick dick access. He felt the kids arm muscles flexing along side his own, and heard the bars begin to shriek as they resisted the strain of both strong men. He rammed his dick up hard, and flexed his arms harder. The Godling's muscles felt like they were huge balls of warm steel as he flexed them harder. The Fairy felt his cum building up, and could tell by the pulsations of the kid's flexing ass that he was near ready also. Together, they increased the power they were putting against the bars, and as they both began to squirt, the bars bent quickly and ripped out of their supports. They continued to flex, each thrilled by feeling the other's powerful muscles against his own, as their cumming continued and subsided. The Fairy lifted the short kid up and kissed him. "Son, I could not have found a better boy than you. A lot stronger than even I am, muscles built beyond my wildest dreams, and, while I can't imagine how you can do it, the only man able to take my gigantic dick all the way. I want you to be my lover for ever!" "Me too, and to be growing muscle building fuck partners forever too!" "Yea. Think how awesome we could get!" The Fairy kissed him again, and they stepped out of the cell. In front of them, in the faint light of the corridor, was a guy no taller than the Godling, and just as bulky. He was blocking their way out. "All right, who's the puny wise ass that covered me with gallons of cum!" He reached out and grabbed the Godling, ripped him out of the Fairy's arms and pushed him to the side with one hand. With the other, he shoved the Fairy to the other side. Both of them were backed against the wall with a huge fist pressing on their chests, and the triceps beginning to flex. As their eyes became accustomed to the light, they saw a chest that was humongus, and arms that buldged half again larger than either of them. Right now, his gigantic triceps were flexing, pressing them against the wall. Each of them grabbed a forearm with both hands, and pushed on it. The fist continued to put increasing pressure on their chests, until the huge arms were straight. They flexed harder, approaching the strength they used on the bars, and finally the huge arms began to give. Slowly, they forced the arms back behind him. Holding him, they pushed their throbbing dicks up his ass, the Godling in front and the Fairy in back. They could feel the incredibly awesome strength of the guy as he tried to break free. They had never felt such power, or imagined such incredible size. The size of his muscle was enough to make them both cum, and they held him through sheer will power as they came. The Godling felt the guy's jism squirt out on his chest, covering it. •

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