Experiment, The


By hairyman101

Just as the two teen's bodies were transforming into ripped muscled gods i heard a noise from behind me ,,like a crash!! they have found a way into the lab!!! still having the strenght i had got from my muscled man i quickly broke the chains and had one teen under each arm. carrying them to the darkest part of that room. my muscled friend followed. "how could they have found me?" i whispered. the teens bodies now blowing up into male monsters. they started to hit me with huge punches .....i had enough power to knock one out.....the other tried to get away but my friend got him by the balls....he stopped. i heard voices and then men everywhere....cops....fbi agents.....searching for me. the need for strenght was great and the cum in my balls was greater. my friend had gone back into his robotic state and was sitting there .......i put down the knocked out teen onto his body....making my way up to the lit room.

before i knew what to do all the lights came on. there i stood naked and dripping precum....my muscled bodies in a corner. the cops stopped dead in thier tracks. "HES HERE!!!!" one shouted. there must have been 10 guys staring at me....i had my arms up like i had done something. "so now what?" i asked. one agent came up to me..."what in the fuck are you doing??" i stared at his eyes black and cold. "we were just having some fun....a couple of gay men....and little s&m" i smiled. the agent was not smiling. "you are under arrest for the killing of john thomas" i shook my head as my dick sprang to life. "who?" i asked. the agent turned me around and cuffed me...."mr thomas is the male nurse ." i remembered that i had absorbed him. "you have no body?" he read me my rights and theni noticed he started to slur his words. "are you alright?" i felt that certain pleasure like cumming as i was taking his body into mine.....the cuffs must have been the link just like the shot from the doc. his body finally came into mine as the others dropped thier guns and stepped back. i felt lhis power linking with my genes and my body grew ....."he must have had a strong body." i snapped the cuffs off my hands.

Looking at the others as they got weaker.....i absorbed two more of the more muscled big men i saw. just by touching them with the metal cuffs i had thier strenght and then thier bodies. "HMMMMMM.....now i feel like i am as strong as old superman!!!!" i looked at the clothes that once had 10 men in them laying without bodies on the floor. i could not flex my bicep because my forearms were so huge they would not bend. the cum dripped from my cock like i was peeing. i then felt a pleasure from behind as the two teens saw what happened and was now on thier knees licking my balls and ass. i opened my ass wide for thier eager tongues. "yes....yes..... adore me as your new king!!!" their hands all over me as i lend back and let them have my body. one sucked me as the other licked my body. there was nothing more beautiful than two teen muscle guys!!! i moved to the table and lay back....rasing my legs in the air.....the teens cock slowly found its way into my tight ass. he fucked me slowly as the other licked my nipples on my well defined pecs.....he then kissed me and his power connected with mine. i felt the hard cock cumming in my ass as waves of pleasure gripped me.

The cum flow was great from these young men as we finished the orgy of flesh and muscle. they had that dazed look also. i was sure that soon the men that had been fbi agents would be missed and finally they would just drop a bomb on the underground lab. "we must move from here" getting up i put one teen on each shoulder like sacks of potatoes. i thought of the last two tubes that i must have. carrying them i went back for the tubes not knowing that my friend was waiting for us. "i show you the bodies and you kill more men" his body getting weaker. he held the two tubes out.....i watched as he let go of each tube and they splashed to the floor. "you dont know how to make more.....you will DIE!!!" "damn!!!! we were having so much fun and now you have fucked it up!!" i shouted. the muscled friend laughed..."and to think i was a pastor when the doctor found me and shot me up with so much steriods i had to follow him here" my heart was beating to fast as i stood in one place. i threw the teens bodies at him!!! i had to get away......my body had to much power and i was not using it. i knocked at the rock walls with my fists and they crumbled. deeper i went until i hit earth. the only way out of here was UP. i ran to the door that had brought me here and pryed them open with little energy. i found the button and pushed it. the doors closed. the room began its upward acsent. "good....let them rot down there" the room stopped. i needed clothes.....but nothing would fit over this massive body.

the flash of light was like lightening. the bolt striking me in my chest. i felt weaker and weaker as the bright streak of power was draining me!!!! i fell back. my beautiful body going down....i wanted to run but i had no strenght left.....i looked up and saw the spirit of the doctor i had come to a couple of days ago. was i dead?? his smoky face came to mine as his body came back to him. "you poor fool.....dont you know i used you to see if the shots work" i was dying......he opened the door and flung my body out into the hall. i knew he was going back down to the lab and would have 3 servants to work on,,,,maybe more as his twisited mind would create more monster men and they would wrestle and play football......massive men that could not be stopped. THE END •

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