Experiment, The


By hairyman101

I turned to see the man's cock....thick and dripping. he lay there as if a robot...but yet human. the lab was all mine and the police would never find me. i ran my hands across my hairy chest and felt more like a man than ever before. my cock was hard and i watched his spring up....hard and long. my lips were on it before my mind could think. i sucked it slowly as he moaned...my tongue licking it and worshipping it . the precum was sweet. i went all the way down on it and let hit my throat and then down my throat...i gagged. i came off it and his eyes looked at me as lovers do. i walked over to his head....his tongue licking as i thrust my cock into his mouth....the warm hole was like a pussy but much more slimy. i fucked his mouth until i knew i had to cum. thrusting all the way in i came a load as he swallowed it. he sucked it as wanting more. i reached for his dick and jacking it he gushed a huge creamy load ...running down my hand. deep inside my soul i wanted to drain him more of his massive strenght....but i was falling in love with this man. "if you unchain me i swear i will be your slave" i watched as his warm wet lips spoke. there was no where for him to go........but....."what if you know more about this room ??" i could tell he had been here before with the doctor. "you have hid here before?" i stroked his cum trenched cock slowly as if i wanted to lick it clean...."yes....but you are not the doctor" i shook my head no....."some strange thing happened and i was absorbed by his body ....but he didnt go into mine" the muscled man watched as ran my hands over his tight body. he was hard and vieny. we were cock to cock as i went to kiss him...."NO..." i wanted more power......"wait.....i can tell you where the other bodies are" his blue eyes bright and clear. more bodies? what was this doc into? "tell me all about it"

He told me the story...."i came to know the doctor when i had a groin muscle pull and he got way to close to my cock. he took me right there in the office and i came in his mouth......he then told me of an experiment he was working on to make men more stronger....a steriod but with some chemical change to make the effects more lasting" i licked his balls as he went on talking.."soon after the first shot i found that i could lift more weigh at the gym.....so my gains were unreal in just one week. i became a superhuman" his balls tasted nice and i soon made my way to his nipples as i worshipped his muscled body. "soon he wanted what i had. he had changed the formula again to where now he could share my power as i gained it" "my heart began to beat to fast as i was pumped with shots so he knew he must find more men" i had his cock in my mouth and was slowly going down on the head as he finished... "soon he had a 18 year old and a 20 year old locked in with me and he shot them with more steriods than he gave me. he would drain us as you did me each night...his body growing huge and he would tear out of his clothes every time....his biceps got to be so big they would not go down and his nurses would notice....but he told them of the gym he joined" i listened but also was making love to his body. "i need more power" the man knew it and opened his mouth. this time i kissed him and the full force of power went into my body....my body and his shaking and naked ,,,,, together as one as my body became massive and grew into a muscled hairy body. i almost didnt stop and he would have died. the need for the drain was great. i got up from him and flexed my traps and pecs and my arms were throbbing with blood...strong and ready for another feeding. he raised his head..."the shot.....i need ....the shot..." he was clinging to life. i was GOD now and i could let him die.

"where are the other bodies??" he was turning pale...."the...shot...steriods....first" my chest was going in and out fast as my heart beat was pumping new blood to my new muscled body. i looked around. nothing. on the lab table was a stand with slots filled with tubes....a milky liquid in each. i found the a needle....it looked used but would do. sticking it into the fluid i pulled the plunger back half way......the mikly subtance was ready. but was that enough or to much? i would find out. i stuck the needle into his bicep and he lay there like before.....a robot glance. i watched as his body redid itself...like someone punching out from the inside of his body. in minutes his muscled body was like it was...but his viens were more defined and his balls bigger as if the sperm had increased also. "now tell me." "let me go and i will SHOW you instead" he smiled. the need for a feeding was like a vampire wanting blood....i pulled on the chains....they popped. my strenght was great enough to break chains!!! i broke them all as if they were nothing. he rose a little from the table and flexed his muscles....cracking his knucles. "thank you." i went to kiss him..."Not now....i will show you more than you will know what to do with"

Getting off the table he pointed to me to follow. I was strong now and could face anything. inside i was still ME.....and a little scared. we went away from the light and another dim lit light came on as i saw two naked bodies...chained. both looked like teens...there bodies skinny and pale. "are they dead?" the muscled man went to them and touched them. "you can make them alive again.....there body yours forever" i ran back to the slots with the fluid....just 4 more tubes and then what....i took two and the needle i had used on the other. filling the needle i gave each body the steriods. •

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