Experiment, The


By hairyman101

I saw another door maybe a back way out. it was locked.....the noise of the talking people in the other hallway made my heart beat faster. i had to get out. i searched my pockets to find a small black book and some keys. no time to read so i used the first key on the door....nothing....it must be the other.....it opened. i rushed in and locked it back. from behind me i heard a deep voice "Please.....dont come near me!!!!" i turned to find a man.....a naked white man...strapped to a table. he had no fat....his muscles well defined. he had a monster body . his massive arms were chained behind him and his hairy legs were chained too. he tried his best to get out....but the restraints were to tight. "Please....DONT...." i heard the noise outside but somewhere in the doctors mind i wanted to find out about this male. "why are you here??" i asked. the freaky muscle guy shooked his head and still fought to escape......"dont come near me!!!!" the black book i had found with the keys i now opened...thumbing through the pages i came to what looked like the male i saw. below the the picture was written THE EXPERIMENT" under that was this : "i have done it. the formula worked and now i will have a man to myself. " i thought the doctor looked gay....but i had just fucked his stupid nurse. reading on ....."to gain what you want you have to go to the body and come close to his mouth." i walked toward him. "NO....NO!!!" he begged. i was right beside him and leaning down i gasped his head and his mouth was close to mine. a weird thing happened....a smoky light came for his mouth into mine. i could feel a desire for more as his life force was going into me. i was not absorbing him like the doc or the male nurse...i was drawing raw energy from him and his body was not getting smaller. i could feel my body growing stronger and more pumped. my lab coat was expanding and i heard a tear as the seams burst open around my biceps. i stopped for some reason....maybe to see if he was alive. he was looking at me as if in a daze. i had taken alot of his power. i read more..."after the power goes into you .....you must inject him with the formula shot. i thought back to when the doc and the shot and my hand all cam together. "that must be what happened....." the man's blue eyes looked at me in horror. i looked for the shot.

His balls were beautiful and his thick cock was nestled in a bush of blondish hair. i reached for the book again but saw his eyes go toward the desk. "the shot??" he nodded yes. going to the desk i opened the drawers until i found wrapped in a cloth ..a shot. reading more....."the shot is more like a steroid but it has a few more elements in it" so the body wants steroids.....i reached back into the doc's mind to find more....his remembering of the first time it worked and the muscle guy he had to kidnap at the local gym. i shot the fluid into the bodies arm. his daze when away and he was like a normal man. "you took from me....?" i told him i had . "the shot was what is written in the book?" i looked into his blue eyes.....he was like pulling me in to him. a BANG on the door and i stepped back. "this is the police....open the door or we will break it down" i didnt think i was strong enough to bust a wall open or carry a muscle guy down the road on my shoulders. i paniced. another BANG and then the banging of the ram aganist the door. i had to think fast. i went back to the desk to look for a gun but found a button instead. i pressed it and the whole room began to fall ...going down.....down.....down.....until it slowed to a stop. the door opened and i readied the gun....but no one was there but a lab and some dim lights. "this doctor must have been mad.....but he thought of eveything.....well except for my fat ass to come to his office that day" i smiled and wanted more of the white light that came from the muscle man. i wanted to feed off of him....i had a need to fill my body with his.....to be one. i wheeled the body into the lab. the door closed. my hairy doctors' body felt firm. i tore off my lab coat and felt so much like a man...i tore my shirt off too. the forest of black hair running down my chest and stomach. it felt good. the muscled body watched as i growled like a man beast. •

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