By John Bowling

The Muscle Fairy was looking at the Muscle Godling, his eyes glazed over with incredible lust, a sheepish grin covering his whole face, and his humongous cock throbbing. His head had been shaved completely, and he was wearing his new leathers with heavy steel chains. One chain was around his neck, fastened tight over his thick neck muscles. He was standing, and beside him standing on a table was the Godling. Both of these stupendously muscled men had been been working out with giant weights, and both had achieved about 2" more muscle on their arms over the last three months. "Please, sir, super boy Godling, rape me." The Godling slapped the Fairy hard. The sound of the impact was louder than a fire cracker. The power of it drove the Fairy's head over to the side, and left a bright red handprint. "Shit, you want ME to fuck YOU, a puny femme, and you aren't even flexing the little muscles you do have! Fairy's a good name for you! Where the Muscle part comes in I can't imagine. Now get those tiny muscles flexed!" The Fairy raised his arms and his biceps swelled immensly until all 27" of both of them was humongous and steel hard. His thick neck muscles, three inches wider than his head on both sides throbbed, and the Godling's hand came across the other side of his face and impacted. Even with the neck muscles flexed, the chain stretched taughtly, his head was driven to the side, and now he had matching hand prints on both cheeks. The Godling's hands moved out to cup the huge biceps, and couldn't grip more than a quarter of those gigantic mounds of steel. Steel cables writhed in the forearms of the Godling, and his fingers sunk deep into the muscle. The Fairy was in intense pain, and his throbbing dick was threating to shoot. He had allready dribbled a cup of pre-cum. "You cum ONLY when I give you permission, slave, and then you cum until I tell you to quit! I told you to FLEX, not to bend your arms and wimp out on me! Now get them FLEXED!" The huge biceps thicked more as cords of muscle buldged. The muscles drove the fingers back out. "That's better, but still not good enough!" And the pressure from those fingers seemed to double as strations appeared on the kid's forearms. Slowly the fingers compressed this muscle, until they were again inches deep. The Fairy's face was contorted with agony, and he moaned loudly. His lust was growing, and his dick twitched, hardened, and stayed that way. The Godling slapped the Fairy's face with his hard dick, twisting his hips to make the dick repeately smack against one side then the other. He stopped, and rammed it deep into the panting mouth. The Fairy took it all and wished that this stupendously strong teen had a full grown man's dick instead of a being just a half developed boy. The Godling released the biceps and grabbed the man's head. The Fairy moved his hands over to the narrow hips of the kid, and pushed back. Huge muscles buldged on both of them and the Godling drove his dick into the mouth, out flexing the Fairy's 3000 lb bench press strength with his curl capability, and then relaxed slightly and allowed the Fairy's flexed muscles to push it back out. Again, he had the Fairy's telephone pole between his legs, and was squeezing it gently. Again and again he drove his dick into the man's face, his own biceps immense and corded steel hard and he flexed them with enough strength to overcome the Fairy's power. The fairy's thick dick was pressing up against the Godling's ass, who was concentrating so hard of fucking face that he ignored it. His dick grew longer with each stroke. The Fairy gripped his shoulders, then, when the kid was about to cum, flexed his supurbly developed abdominals and drove his dick into the kid's ass. He regretted doing it, for a few seconds, as the kid reacted to it, and drove his dick all the way and down his throat, and began to cum. The ass muscles tightened, and the Fairy's dick felt like it was in a vice, the pain was more than anything he had ever felt before, and his huge dick began to spurt. They both stood there, huge muscles flexed, definition beyond the best achieved by body builders with massive cords of muscle looking like thick steel cables straining. They both pumped out the cum for several minutes. The Godling reached down and gripped the Fairy's dick with one hand, pulling hard on it to yank it out of between the flexing theighs and crushing ass. He then slapped him again twice on each cheek, then lifted him up by the dick and easily tossed him against the bars. "Don't you ever put that thing anywhere near my ass! I don't get fucked!" "Yes, Sir. I won't, Sir. Punish me, please!" "Grab those bars." The Godling jumped down and walked over next to him. "I didn't give you permission to fuck me, or to cum!" He slugged him in the abs, driving him back against the bars hard. The Fairy winced as the fist buried itself an inch deep into his steel hard rippling ags. Then the other fist hit, and the first again. "I'm going to keep slugging you like this until you bend those bars!" The Fairy's biceps buldged, defined like mountains, with deep purple marks where they had been crushed by small hands. The fists continued to pummel his abs, each one sounding like a fire cracker as it hit, and rattling the bars of the cell. Each strike brough a wince of pain and a deep sigh from him. The biceps continued to swell as the the Fairy demanded more and more strength from them, and the bars slowly bent. The Fairy's dick was throbbing and let loose a burst all over the Godling. "Dammit, I told you to cum ONLY when I gave you permission! That's twice now, and you also fucked me! NO ONE fucks me! Not even a super muscle bound faggot with a giant dick!" Both of the kid's fists hit him again, driving deeper this time. "Now, turn around and face the bars!" The Godling grabbed him, twisted him around, and rammed him face first against the bars. "It's rape time, Fairy! My dick may be a lot smaller than you're used to, but no one knows how to punish muscle men as well as I do, and this is going to be the worst fuck you've ever had!" The Godling's dick sunk all the way in in one stroke, with no lubrication. He grabbed bars on either side of the Fairy and pulled, pressing the huge man into the bars as he began stroking. He began to ram it in at angles, shoving the ramrod hard dick head against the side of the asshole. If the Fairy's ass had been any less muscular, or not flexed like steel, he would have had several tears in his ass. To develop his ass, he had squeezed hard for years on a wide assortment of butt plugs, smashing many of them, and had even got to the point that he could bend a 2" steel bar with just the strength of his ass. He used that muscle power now on the dick of the Godling, which had allready swelled to twice it's normal hard length and width. Briefly, the incoming dick stopped as it penetrated the tube of enormously strong muscles crushing down on it. Then the Godling increased the power he put into it, and continued his rape of the super man. As he increased the pressure, he pulled harder against the bars, bending them back. At the same time, the Fairy was driven into the bars, his massive pecs pressed against the bars, and they began to bend out. Deep indentations into the muscle occured where each bar crossed it. The Fairy was flexing as hard as he could to prevent damage from the bars, yet he knew he would have marks across his chest for a month. Neither man noticed someone walking up to them, outside the cell. A man in a guards uniform who stood six inches taller than the Fairy, and was a good 200 lbs heavier. From the way buldges stretched his shirt and pants, his muscles were substantually larger than the Fairy's. He gripped the Fairy's rock hard, throbbing dick, and began to stroke it. The Godling was pushing him harder and harder with each stroke, the bars bending more each time. The Fairy's dick suddenly let loose with a torrent of heavy cum wads all over the uniform and face of the guard, who grabbed the bars and easily ripped them open. He pushed the Fairy out of the way, and as he did so, the Godling's dick popped out, aimed back at the guard, and shot several heavy loads of cum at him. He backhanded the kid, and drove him against the far wall. He stripped off his clothes, revealing a body that had enourmous, gigantic muscles. "Damn, is that the kind of puny men they have in this pen? An overgrown boy with delusions of godhood and a muscle bound, puny cunt? My boy scout troup has a dozen boys each strong enough along to take on both of you together!" The Godling walked back and stood in front of the guard. "Hell if they are! I'm the strongest kid alive! Watch!" He began to flex, and struck a double bicep pose. The muscles were humongous and as the flex reached maximum density, the cords popped out, thick, writhing like snakes benath his thin skin, and taut as steel cables stretched to their limit. The guard reached down and gripped his wrists and began to flex his triceps. The kid's arms didn't move. His triceps swelled even more as he pressed harder against the arms. The kid's biceps became even more dense as he resisted the man. "Can't do it, can you? Ain't no man as strong as me!" The guard grinned. "You are one tough kid, but you aren't that strong!" He put more force into it, and pushed the super kid's arms slowly out. The Fairy had grabbed ahold of the kid's left bicep and the guard's right tricep, and his forearms were buldging, moving like snakes and the huge muscles pressed his tough fingers into the steel hard flexing muscles with a crushing grip. No matter how hard he squeezed on them, the muscles resisted him. The feel of those huge, super flexed muscles gripped in his huge fingers, immune to his crushing grip, made him hard and throbbing again, and his dick quickly went into overdrive as it spurted his huge load of cum repeatly. The guard forced the kid's arms out to his sides, and then behind his back, lifting him up. The Godling may have been outflexed, but he didn't quit. He contined to flex every muscle as hard as he could, forcing the guard to also flex to his maximum. The kid had never before been beaten, and now he couldn't move, using all of his incredable strength, in the grip of this superman. Tears began to flow down the kid's cheeks. "Fairy, shove that huge dick up this boy's ass. He's been waiting for someone to rape the shit out of him this way, and now's the best time to do it." "No, please!" The Muscle Fairy's dick was still hard, and looked incredably long next to the Muscle Godling's ass. "Ram it up him!" The Fairy touched the fist sized head of his dick to th kid's ass and pushed slightly. "No, I can't take it. It's too fucking huge!" The kid's muscle bound ass flexed hard and closed his spincter as tight as possible. "Shove it in, hard!" "I have never raped anyone with my humongous dick. Even male whores who took huge dicks several times a day, and who volunteered to try me, could not take even half of it." He didn't force it in. The guard pushed the kid back against the Fairy until they reached the wall and then pressed the kid down on the massive dick. "He's going to take it now!" Slowly, the horse shaming, gigantic dick entered the kid's ass. The kid was now almost bawling. About one-third of the way in, it stopped. The Godling's ass could not take any more without tearing muscles, and the kid's muscles were far stonger than the Fairy's dick. For a few minutes the dick throbbed in the ass of the kid, who was still flexing hard. The Fairy had his arms wrapped around the humongus chest of the kid, and, feeling the muscles buldging, he again came. With his dick in it's hardest possible condition, and the ass lubricated, it sank in another eight inches, still leaving much of it yet to enter. The kid was now screaming from the pain of penetration, and his muscles seemed to strengthen with the pain. The guard's arms were forced back, and he flexed harder trying to keep the kid's super-strength from crushing him as the buldging arms tightened around his chest. It didn't help. Feeling the immense strength of the flexing muscles, the Fairy's dick pressed in deeper and he continued to cum. The kid was cuming again also, and flexing harder that he ever had before. The guard's strength was failing him, and just before his ribs cracked he came. As he finished, the pain was gone. They had all quit flexing. Exausted from the exertion, all three of them fell asleep in each other's arms. Half an hour later, eight of the warden's person guards stepped into the room and placed a cloth over the faces of both the Muscle Fairy and Muscle Godling. The cloths were soaked with ether. Before they soaked them in ether, the muscle boy guards had jacked off onto the cloths and had soaked them with their cum while watching the previous fuck scene. Making sure they were both unconcious, they picked them up and carried them away. •

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