Amulet of the Four Gales, The


By xythan_shadow

I looked down at myself, drinking in the wonder and beauty I was now. I felt so powerful, so masculine right now. I had muscles everywhere. I could feel separation in my abs, veins in my arms, strength in my chest and striations in my legs. I now had a cock that women would jump at the chance to have in them and a body that could have sex all night long.

And damn did it feel good. Finally, I was the fucking man. I was the biggest and baddest guy in the area for once and I knew I couldn’t give this up.

“Yes, I think this is a perfect arrangement.”

“As you wish Keeper, the scales have been balanced. I hope you enjoy.”

The specter closed its empty eyes and a bright flash engulfed the room. When the flash cleared, I was standing looking down at Donald, our positions reversed since when we entered the bathroom. I stood there with one massive hand on my engorged cock and another rubbing my thick arm. Donald was now a chubby little guy, plump and balding and scared like a small animal. I turned to my left to look in the bathroom mirrors and was awestruck.

I stood at least 6’5’’ and I had to be near 250 lbs. But instead of it being fat, I could tell it was all thick muscle. I wore a black pinstripe suit with a silk shirt and the fabric looked like it was almost painted on me. I flexed my arm a few times and saw the suit stretch as it conformed to my new biceps. I glanced down to see my hard cock, almost a foot in length, twitch appreciatively in my hand. I then looked at Donald’s reflection. He was over a foot shorter than me and fat. I could see him sweating as he looked up and down my new physique. A smile crept across my face and I reached over and locked the bathroom door.

“Wha..wha…what are yo…yo…you go…go…going to do?”

I chuckled aloud. God this was going to be great. He even stuttered now. I slowly peeled off my new suit jacket, then rubbed my muscles through the silk shirt. “Well, Donny, I think I’m going to start by taking this body, and especially this cock, out for a test run.”

Donald’s eyes widened as he glanced at my awakened beast and panicked, reaching for the door. I swiftly grabbed him with one arm and lifted him up, marveling in how utterly light he was. “Look here you little prick, you’re going to stand there and be a good little bitch while I experiment. In fact, I think you need to suck this huge meat.”

I tossed him onto the floor and walked up to him. He began to whimper and cry, but I wasn’t going to have any of it. I wanted to fuck his mouth hard and rough. I wanted him to feel the despair and sadness I’ve felt for years. I grabbed his head, pulling him by some of the hair he still had and I thrust my cock into his face. “Suck it bitch,” I growled, “and suck it like you mean it.”

Donald hesitated and I gripped him tighter and shoved my thick cock into his mouth. I could feel his jaw stretching to accommodate my now amazing dick. His mouth felt warm around my cock and it hit all sides of his mouth at once. I moaned slightly as I looked down and saw Donald’s eyes watering. I smiled and thrust my cock a bit deeper into his throat, eliciting a gag from my former tormentor. I then ran my left hand up to the top of my chest and slowly unbuttoned it, sensually and slowly, drinking in the sensations of the smooth fabric caressing my skin. I used my right hand to guide Donald in his sucking, apply pressure to the back of his head when he tried to slide further off it.

I finished unbuttoning the shirt and started rubbing my swollen pecs and my new chiseled abs. The muscle felt so good against my calloused hands and I could feel a load building in my balls. I held off the explosion a bit longer so I could flex and explore a bit more. I released Donald’s head and grunted, “Keep sucking that cock little man.”

I raised my right arm up and flexed a bit. I could see the muscle bulge under the shirt and I ran my left hand up the sleeve to feel the muscle. I moaned aloud, never knowing feeling muscle like this or having this kind of muscle could feel so fucking good. I looked into the mirror and saw how perfect I was. Raising both my arms up, I did a double biceps pose. Damn I was too sexy. I could feel myself about to shoot and I shoved my cock down Donald’s throat and unleashed a torrent of cum that was larger than all my orgasms before. I could hear Donald choking on my manhood and I kept shooting down his throat before pulling my cock out and spraying his face with my milky liquid.

He started to stand up but I placed my hand on his shoulder and kept him on his knees. “Swallow it all now,” I commanded as he looked up at me. He did, with great trepidation, swallow the load that I had left him. I glanced back at the mirror and smiled. This is how it was going to be from now on. Donald, the former big man on campus, on his knees, face to face with my huge cock and covered in jizz. “Yeah, I think this is a great start,” I said as I stuffed my softening meat back into my trousers and buttoned up my shirt. “Now clean yourself up and get back to work.”

Donald remained on the floor, muttering to himself as I placed my jacket back on. I unlocked the bathroom and chuckled as I went back to the main floor. I walked to where my desk used to be and noticed that it had changed too. Instead of having the various decorations that I possessed, now it was completely different. Scattered about were mugs and pictures and other items, all depicting Donald’s new life. I smirked as I continued about the floor, greeting and being greeted by the artists. Seems that everyone loved me now just as much as they did when before. I strolled up to the corner office and peered in, gazing at the various trinkets and items that were strewn about.

Each picture and item depicted a smart jock, which I had become. There were bodybuilding medals and pictures of me at the gym. My gym bag sat in the chair on the right side of my office. There were sports posters and bodybuilding items scatter about and my artist easel had a promotion for the latest bodybuilding supplement that I was working on. The whole area had an aura of manliness that I knew came from me. I sat down at my desk and picked up the phone to answer my voice mail. One message was from the guys at the gym, inviting me out for brews after we got finished working out. Another was from a hot chick thanking me for last night. The third was from a guy who saw me in the gym and was offering me 300 dollars to pose for him and let him worship my muscles.

I leaned back in my chair and looked around my office, absorbing the details about my new life. I would’ve been crazy to give this up. My life is full of fun and friends, I have a body to die for and best of all, I can make Donald suck my cock whenever I feel like it. I flexed my arm a few more times and said to myself, “Yeah, I do like how the scales have been balanced.” •

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