Tables Turned

By rawr

I’m just your average guy… brown hair, hazel eyes, 5’11 160lbs. Nothing special here. I don’t even go to the gym. At 25 I was unhappy with my body. I was a good looking guy, by most peoples standards, but I had no definition whatsoever. No muscle. I wasn’t even lean. My butt was saggy, my arms thin as rails. There was no definition in my stomach and my chest… well I really had no chest to speak of. Traveling south I had a smaller than average tool…about 5 inches and fairly thin. Surprisingly I had been lucky enough to have a few sexual partners in my time… none of them long term, but I had had a fair bit of fun in my day. Now I was looking for a drastic change. I wanted to be different. Better. I wanted to have a body that gay men dreamt about. Thought about. The kind of body that popped woodies wherever it went. I wanted to be a sex god. Ripped, lean, hung. It was a Monday when it happened. I was at work browsing the personal adds of the local paper when I saw one that sparked my interest: 25 y/o. New to town Looking to meet new people and have new experiences. The add was followed by a number for the guy who had left it. Now I had dated, or at least knew most of the guys my age in the city where I lived… so the prospect of fresh meat was tempting to say the least. I gave him a call after work, and we decided to meet up for drinks. At the bar where we had decided to meet, I sat anxiously, hoping that my handsome face would make up for my unimpressive body. I was wearing a loose t-shirt to hide the little pooch that had formed at my belly, and a pair of designer jeans. Rick, the guy who had agreed to meet me, showed up a little late at a quarter to 7. We hit it off right away, and I was attracted to him. He had a nice physique and from the bulge in his crotch, a nice package as well. His face wasn’t that interesting but I didn’t care. I just wanted to have a good time. After drinks we decided to go back to his place on the other side of town. When we got there we talked for a while, and then he asked me if I wanted anything to eat or drink. I said “no” and he said he was going to grab something from the kitchen. A minute later he stepped through the doorway wearing nothing but briefs. I gawked a little at his body. I could tell by the way his clothes had fit that he was well built, but now without any clothes on he looked like a greek statue. His shoulders were well defined, and swelled to where they connected to his bulging, biceps. Down each arm a pencil thick vein ran to his large, masculine hands. I admired his muscular thighs as he walked over to me and straddled my legs. “Why don’t you take your shirt off?” He asked me, pulling at the fabric and removing it for me. At this point, face to face with his swollen chest, each crowned with a nipple the size of a silver dollar. I reached out to touch his pecs, to admire them, and he grabbed my hand and placed it on them. “You like that?” he said, his eyes taking on a menacing look. “I love taking little, flabby guys like you home and giving them a ride they’ll never forget.” He said with a sneer. I made a move to get up, realizing that this had been a mistake, but he easily overpowered me, and flipped me on my stomach. Terrified, I protested, but he had already ripped my pants off and I could feel a massive bulge in his briefs rubbing against my crack. I struggled but his huge, muscular body kept me pinned uncomfortably to the couch. “How do you like it?” He asked. “Rough?” He held me down with one hand while he removed his briefs. I heard a ‘smack’ as his member freed itself and whacked against his six-pack. “I’m gonna fuck you like you wouldn’t believe.” He said, opening what sounded like a bottle of lube. I trembled, unable to see what was coming next, and fearing what it would feel like to have that monster inside me. His hands grabbed my cheeks. “What a fat little ass you have. All the better.” He spread them and plunged in in one swift motion. I screamed at the searing pain…unlike anything I’d ever felt. His cock had to be at least 8 inches long, if not 9 or 10… and it was THICK. I had never felt anything like it… I thought I was going to burst as he began thrusting harder and harder, his muscular arms pinning mine and his massive quads pinning my legs to the couch. I felt his rigid six pack grinding against my back as he fucked me harder and harder, long and deep. My cock was spurting cum before I knew it, and all I could do was groan as his huge cock kept plowing me. Then, it happened. I felt his cock shrink a little inside of me… he kept on fucking away so I knew he hadn’t noticed. At first I wasn’t sure, but then I felt it happen again. His cock was definitely shrinking inside of me! I felt a stirring in my crotch, and realized that my own cock was coming back to life, only it was different somehow—bigger. I felt the same sort of changes surging throughout my body. As Rick continued to tell me how weak and puny I was and how much I must be loving this hate-fuck I felt my ass firm and tighten. This only sped his fucking. My pooch began to deflate and ripple into 6, no 8 well defined abs! The next change almost made me shoot another load out of my now 6 or 7 inch cock… my pecs, which had been non existent a minute ago, swelled suddenly like two melons…. Each one topped by a big, round sensitive nipple. I groaned looking down at my impressive chest. The valley between my pecs was deep and rippled with power I hadn’t ever imagined. The next changed occurred in my shoulders and arms. Rick hadn’t noticed my chest explode, but he definitely noticed my arms and shoulders as they blew out right in front of his eyes. Each one became unimaginably well defined. My triceps were now bigger than his biceps had been. I felt my hands and fingers grow as well, to match my new, manly body. Rick squealed a little as I threw him off me, and as I turned to face him I realized he was no longer the man he had been. In front of my sat a pale, slightly overweight 25 year old with a smaller-than-average cock and a poochy belly. I laughed as he gawked at my physique, which had become even more impressive than his was. I sauntered to him, my cock (which had continued to grow) swung heavily between my legs as I approached. Each of my balls felt like a big lemon between my legs, and my hose was at least 12 inches long, thick, and covered in veins. Rick began to crawl away from me… “please, please… I-i-i-I don’t know what happened! Please don’t hurt me!” I laughed, flexing my biceps into two massive peaks. I looked at them, and then at Rick. “how would you like to be plowed by this monster, Rick?” I said, hefting my massive, throbbing boner. “Please, no one could take a cock like that… please just let me go. I’m sorry about what happened earlier… please…” I just laughed. The tables had turned, and now I was going to show Rick what if felt like to be belittled by a real man. I grabbed him and easily lifting him with one arm. He hung limp in my grasp. “Nice cock.” I sneered, as his 4 inch boner swelled at the sight of my massive pecs. I buried his face in my chest and flexed, enveloping his head in my muscle. Then I swung him around and shoved him onto the couch. He whimpered as I lubed up, fearing what was coming next. I simply grinned, knowing this was going to feel better than anything I’d ever felt. With one massive hand I sepperated his cheeks and poked a finger deep into his hole. He groaned with pleasure as my large, square digit searched his ass, stretching him out. I rubbed him like that for a while until I decided he was ready for something bigger. Something massive. The head of my cock looked like a full grown plum at the rim of his puckering hole, and I slowly pushed it inside him. At first he screamed at the size of it, just the head, as it throbbed at his sphincter, but soon he was begging for the rest of it. Slowly, I inched inside him. Inch after aganizing inch. I got about halfway in before he was begging me to stop. I didn’t. I pushed my huge cock all the way inside him and began to thrust as my hormones took over. I couldn’t control myself as I fucked his brains out. He came about 5 times while I fucked him, nearly passing out each time. Finally I reached my climax and came for nearly a minute… my cum oozing out his hole and onto the couch as I thrusted myself deep inside him one last time. As I had fucked him I had grown even bigger, and realized that the sex was what was making me a muscle god. I grinned thinking about all the sex I was going to be having, and how much bigger I could get…. •

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