Tansley Prep School


By dpmaxx15

Jared pushed the door to his room open and went to lie down on the bed. He was exhausted after his intense but wonderful session with the doctor, and wanted to get some sleep to sort it all out. As he got onto the bed, he thought �You know, it�s strange that this is a school and I�ve been here for almost two days, and haven�t heard a word about classes.� He lay down.

Fifteen minutes later, he got up. He couldn�t get to sleep. He just couldn�t. He needed some questions answered, he needed new clothes, he needed�he needed, he realized, as he saw himself in the mirror, to jack off.

Jared put his hand down his pants and started stroking his little five inch boner. It felt good. He felt his penis getting harder, and pulled down his pants in preparation. He could almost feel the pleasure of coming, which made him even more excited. He stroked faster and faster, and grew harder and harder.

Jared opened his eyes for a moment to stare down at himself. To his surprise, his penis was still growing larger and larger, still swelling. He knew that his penis was five inches erect, tops, but this penis looked to be almost six and half. He kept on stroking, turned on by whatever was happening.

His penis kept on growing, getting harder and harder and longer and longer, not to mention thicker. It looked better, too, he noticed�veinier, almost more muscular. The entire time, the sexual tension was growing, and Jared was feeling stronger and stronger waves of pleasure over his entire body.

Finally, when his erect cock reached nine and a half inches, Jared came. He came like he had never come before, ejaculating over and over again, each time more pleasurable than the last, instead of less. He let out a moan of pleasure, breathing deeply and finally feeling relaxed. He looked down at his now flaccid cock, and saw that it was still enormous�eight inches, and still veiny and thick.

He stood up and glanced in the mirror to get a view of how his new cock looked on his scrawny, fourteen-year-old body. It looked heavy, he noticed, and would probably fill out his tighty whities very nicely. He had a nice pair of balls to match as well, each one significantly larger than a golf ball.

As he stared at his cock in the mirror, he noticed something strange. He was growing taller. He had been very short before�not even five foot four. He was now almost six feet tall�no, taller. He reached what looked like six foot two before he felt himself stop growing.

The next thing he noticed was his hair. It looked like it was getting shorter, and darker. It started standing up, like it was gelled, and the tips took on a golden tinge. It was the same haircut as so many jocks in the outside world had, but with Jared�s still scrawny body, it looked strange.

More changes occurred, and Jared just stared at himself in the mirror. His eyes became blue and grew larger, his nose reshaped itself into a perfect ski jump, and his lips filled out, becoming more sensual, less distasteful. His ears shrunk a bit, and he felt light stubble popping out on his chin and sideburns.

His skin changed color, going from almost albino pale to a deep golden tan, almost as dark and sexually charged as the doctor�s. His acne cleared up, leaving his skin smooth and perfect.

The best changes, however, happened next.

His chest grew, going from less than thirty inches to over forty. His shoulders became striated cannonballs, his traps growing up out of his neck.

He watched as his biceps swelled, going from non-existent to seventeen inches. His forearms became meatier, and his hands stronger as veins popped out all over. His pecs began forming, making a beautiful crevice down the middle of his chest, with two nipples pointing down on either side.

Abs began forming in his stomach, at first unclear and asymmetrical, but they soon became a perfect cobbled road of eight brick-shaped muscles, with deep crevices in between them.

His waist shrunk, going from thirty to twenty eight, accentuating the v-curve of his body even more.

His legs grew, his thighs becoming vascular and ripped, his calves becoming cannonballs of their own. Light brown hair sprung up all over his calves and thighs, accentuating the striations in his gorgeous new muscles. His feet grew too, swelling to match his beautiful new body.

When the growing stopped, Jared looked in the mirror. He started feeling himself all over to make sure that it was real, that he really was this beautiful, lean model that he saw in the mirror.

He was.

He groaned with pleasure, becoming instantly erect at the sight of himself in the mirror, his once out-of-place huge cock looking perfect on his beautiful new body. He continued feeling himself all over, one hand on his dick.

The door opened. •

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