Tansley Prep School


By dpmaxx15

After his roommates had left the room, Jared wandered got up from the bed he was sitting on and started looking around. He opened cabinets, drawers, and chests, finding nothing but a profusion of jockstraps, tight t-shirts, tank tops, workout shorts, cargo shorts, and polos. Every once in a while, he came across the occasional g-string. Most of the jockstraps were slightly stained with cum, and Jared held them up to his nose to take in the manly scent of sex and sweat that they gave off. He had never felt this way before, but now that he did, he was in heaven.

Jared sat on his bed and closed his eyes. He tried to bring up a mental image of each roommate, recalling the exact size of their crotches, the width of their backs, and the way their calves tensed as they walked. When he thought that he would be spending the rest of the year with them, he climaxed so violently in his shorts that he blacked out.

When Jared came to, he noticed an enormous cum stain down the front of his pants. Embarrassed that he’d have to go to dinner like that since he didn’t have a change of clothes, Jared glanced at the clock. 6:55. He’d better run if he wanted to make it on time.

Jared arrived at Tansley Hall right as the big oak doors were opening. He lost himself in the crowd of freshman, following them into the enormous, wood paneled dining room. There was one long table, with place cards at each setting. Jared found his and sat down.

Looking around, Jared noticed that all the other freshmen were exactly like him—skinny, unattractive, and almost all sporting large cum stains down the front of their pants.

Seated next to his right was a boy named Mason who seemed to be deep in conversation with the boy on his other side. Jared turned to his left and introduced himself to Dylan, a tall boy with short, mousy brown hair and a horrible case of acne.

“Do you know what any of this is about?” asked Jared.

“Not really…,” said Dylan. “I met my roommates this afternoon, though. They seemed nice.” Jared wondered if Dylan had had the same roommate experience that he had. He glanced down at his faded corduroys. It seemed that he had.

Dylan caught him looking, and his face flushed with embarrassment. “I didn’t bring any extra clothes…I don’t really know how it happened….”

“Your roommates were just that hot?” said Jared, with a grin on his face. “Don’t worry, mine were too.” Their conversation was cut short by a loud voice booming from the front of the hall.

“Welcome, boys, to the Tansley Preparatory School, specializing in excellence since 1778.” The speaker was a young, tall, handsome man whose bodybuilder’s physique was barely concealed by his tight-fitting, impeccably tailored Italian suit. “I am Gregory Barnes, the headmaster. I hope to soon see you grow into the wonderful young men that I know this school is capable of making you. Remember, the door to my office is always open should any of you need any help. I look forward to a fantastic year.” As soon as he finished speaking and took his seat, servers came from double doors on either side of the hall and started bringing food to the tables.

It was a fantastic dinner. Jared talked with Dylan the entire time, and when he finished, knew that he had at least one fast friend. At 9:00, after dessert, the boys were dismissed, and Jared went back to his room.

His room was empty—he guessed that his roommates were hanging out with friends. He stripped down to his underwear and got in bed, setting his alarm clock to 7:30 so that he wouldn’t miss his doctor’s appointment.

Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep.

Jared woke up. His roommates’ beds were empty, but bore signs of having been slept in. He sighed. He would have liked to have asked them about this mysterious “doctor’s appointment.”

He put on the same clothes that he had been wearing the day before, cum stain and all. He headed to Tansley Hall for breakfast, but found that it didn’t open until 8:00. He sighed and headed the doctor’s office that was marked on his map.

When he walked in, he was asked by a very buff surfer-looking receptionist to sign in. Jared wrote his name down, and watched with envy as the muscles in the receptionist’s arm bunched and corded as he took the clipboard. “Just walk right in, kid,” said the receptionist. “The doctor’s ready.”

No matter how many hot guys Jared had already seen, nothing could prepare him for the doctor. His tiny three-inch dick shot up to its full length of five inches, erect. The doctor was unbelievable.

He had deeply tanned skin, the color gained by someone who actually spent time outside, and not in a tanning salon. He had dark brown hair highlighted with blond tips, spiky and sexy. His eyes were a deep blue, his nose perfect and aquiline, his lips thin, but sexy. He was wearing a suit, but from the veins of his neck and the size of his hands, Jared knew that he would have a body to rival that of everyone he had seen so far.

“Hi, Jared. I’m Doctor Smith, the resident campus doctor. I’m really only for emergencies and start-of-year checkups—everything else is normally handed by nurse Ferguson, who you met on your way in.” His voice was pure sex, making Jared even harder.

“Things work a little differently at Tansley Prep than they do at most schools. I’d explain it, but I have to give you some medicine first. Is that okay?” Jared nodded, still drunk on the sight of this amazing man.

“Good. You’ll have to strip for me, Jared. I need to examine you as well.” Still in a haze, Jared started removing his clothing, not even embarrassed by his tiny boner.

Doctor Smith glanced at the boner, chuckling. “We should be able to fix that soon enough,” he said.

Once Jared was naked, Doctor Smith took out a syringe filled with a clear liquid. “I’m afraid this isn’t the medicine itself, but the serum that makes you receptive to the medicine. Hold your breath!” Almost before he had said the last word, Doctor Smith plunged the syringe into Jared’s erect penis. Jared started to cry out in pain, but it ended as a moan of pleasure. He had never felt anything so wonderful in his life.

He felt different, somehow—more open. As if anything was capable of happening to him. Which it did.

“Okay, Jared, this is going to sound strange—but I’m the medicine.”


“The medicine is in my bodily fluids. You have to try and get as much as you can before the serum wears off. Like this.” He pulled Jared to him, and shoved his tongue down his throat. Jared gave a quick shout of surprise, but quickly succumbed to the kiss. This man was so beautiful, Jared decided, that he hoped to do much more than kiss him.

That hope was not in vain.

“How long do we have, Doc?” asked Jared once the kiss was done.

“About an hour,” said Doctor Smith. “But unfortunately, the medicine isn’t very strong, and you need to gather as much of it as possible.”

Jared saw no problem with that. He started kissing the doctor again but this time, as he was kissing him, he started to unbutton the doctor’s shirt.

“There you go,” said the doctor. “Most kids don’t get it that quickly.”

Jared slowly removed the doctor’s jacket, then his shirt. He was wearing a tight white undershirt that seemed to be drenched in sweat. Rather than break the kiss, Jared pulled on the shirt until it ripped, peeling it off of the doctor’s godlike body.

What a godlike body it was. His skin was the same deep tan everywhere, and his chest must have been almost sixty inches. His pecs were so large that Jared had to bend over them to reach the doctor’s face. His arms were probably thirty inches, with tattoos around each bicep. His forearms were thick and sinewy.

Jared broke the kiss and started licking up the sweat on the doctor’s chest. He worked his tongue to pick up every bit of fluid on the doctor’s body, spending a little bit of extra time on his nipples, just for fun. He worked his way down to the amazing ten-pack set of abs, lapping up every bit of sweat in the crevices between the brick-sized abdominals.

Jared licked every vein on the doctor’s arms, slowly working his way down the biceps. When the arms were done, he got to work on Doctor Smith’s back, taking huge slurps of sweat.

After fifteen minutes, the doctor’s torso was drenched in fluid, but this time, instead of sweat, it was Jared’s saliva.

Jared got to work on the doctor’s lower body.

He removed the doctor’s shoes and socks, moving his tongue all across his feet. He started up the doctor’s legs, but when the cloth of his slacks wouldn’t push up any more, Jared slowly undid the doctor’s belt, removing his pants but leaving his boxers on. He gave the doctor’s crotch a quick look—it looked promising.

He worked his way up the legs, first the left, then the right. He straightened up then, and kissed the doctor again, this time trying to drink in as much saliva as possible. He could not get enough of this. The entire time, Doctor Smith moved according to Jared’s will, smiling, moaning every once in a while.

Finally, he removed the doctor’s boxers.

The boxers did an excellent job of hiding the doctor’s ten-inch flaccid dick. It was longer flaccid than almost any erect penis Jared had seen, not that he has seen a lot. However, he knew this one was big. He got to work on the tops of the doctor’s thighs.

When Jared moved to the back of the doctor and started licking his ass, he heard the doctor gasp. He took no notice. He moved closer and closer to the doctor’s anus, slowly licking all the sweat he could out of the doctor’s ass. When he inserted his tongue into Doctor Smith’s asshole, the doctor gave a small shout. Jared moved back to the front. He noticed with a grin that the doctor’s penis was now semi-erect.

He got to work on it, slowly licking the doctor’s balls and shaft. His penis grew and grew, until it reached an amazing fifteen inches. Jared put the tip in his mouth, and started sucking Doctor Smith’s dick.

The amazing penis just got harder and harder. Jared reached a hand out to fondle Doctor Smith’s balls, and another to feel his chest and playfully tweak his nipples.

After ten minutes of drinking precum and fondling, the doctor came.

And what an orgasm it was.

Jared had to hold onto the doctor’s waist for dear life, knowing that he had to swallow every bit of cum that came his way. The force of the orgasm was so strong, however, that he almost flew off the doctor’s penis.

The doctor kept on cumming, with Jared swallowing all of his cum. Doctor Smith couldn’t keep himself from yelling—it seemed that it had been years since he’d had so pleasurable an orgasm.

Finally, it was done. The hour was up, the doctor was done cumming, and Jared was spent. He put his clothes back on as he watched the doctor do the same, sighing. Jared still had his tiny boner, and was ready to whack it off.

Doctor Smith shook his hand. “You performed admirably—I don’t think any of my patients has ever been so thorough. You may return to your room—I see you need a bit of time to yourself.” He chuckled, saying “This is why I love my job.”

Jared turned around, walked past the hot nurse receptionist, and went back to his room. He was exhausted. •

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