Subject 91



By Tict

Dr. Uriel Langstrom watched his subject over the rims of his overly expensive glasses as he was prepped for the procedure. The man was young, no older than eighteen or nineteen, Langstrom couldn't recall nor did he care. He was just another number in a long line of illegal human tests that fueled his research and payed for the helicopters and private planes of his independent fortune. Now, the young man would be latest in over three hundred state delinquents who would recieve his experimental treatment.

A technician looked up from his console that detailed the subject's vitals. Heart rate, brain activity, etc. it also recorded his physical characteristics. "Dr. Langstrom, the subject is ready. Shall I begin?" he asked?

Dr. Langstrom nodded briefly. This treatment, once perfected, would increase his wealth several times over. Already, the subject was handsome. Certainly the most beautiful man they'd administered the treatment to. The doctor felt a stirring in his groin as he watched the subject struggle against the bonds that held him flat and prone against the administering table. An IV filled with clear liquid hung high above his head. A tube connected the IV bag to a container filled with blue liquid. As the technician pressed the commands beginning the treatment, the container hissed, releasing the liquid into the bag.

The man continued to struggle, screaming obscenities, causing his muscles to stand out in sharp relief. Langstrom leaned forward and pressed a button. "Someone shut the boy up," he drawled in his eastern European accent. The blue liquid mixed with the clear fluids as two white clad assistants rushed into the room to gag the subject.

Dr. Langstrom looked down at the screen as the fluid entered the subject's bloodstream. He noted the measurements. He was on the high end of normal. "Subject 91 is being administered the treatment. All vitals are green." Approximately 180 pounds, 6'. His was athletic but smooth. His abs, a glimmer of a 6 pack. His arms, strong and capable, but lacking the definition of a true sports man... but still.

"Preliminary responses, Doctor," the technician intoned as he typed quickly. Dr. Langstrom looked up in time to see the subject's penis reaching full erection. The field that measured the subject's penis filled in: 7 inches. Again, Dr. Langstrom found himself hardening along with the patient. The two assistants finally finished gagging the subject and stood at the door, watching. The technician frowned and leaned forward, pressing the intercom.

"Jones, Williams, what the hell are you doing in there?" There was no answer. The two men watched, entranced as the man on the table began moaning, straining against his bindings. His hips rolled suggestively, causing his cock to sway. The assistants stared and followed the glistening tool as it rocked back and forth. They moved closer to the subject and tentatively raised their hands to touch him.

"What the hell are they doing? Get them out of there!" Langstrom said quickly. The technician called again, but gave up after one of the men, Jones a happily engaged man, grabbed the subjects's cock and swallowed it to the hilt. The subject moaned loudly as Williams, married with two children, climbed onto the table, removed the subject's gag and fed him his cock.

Langstrom reached down and squeezed his erection through outrageously expensive fabric.

"Doctor, detecting an anomaly." The technician said sharply as Williams cried out, shooting down the subject's throat and into his belly. "You think?" At the same time, the subject arched his back as best he could as an orgasm ripped through his body as he'd never experienced before. Jones fell back, wiping his mouth while Williams readjusted his pants. As they seemed to come to their senses, Jones cried out in pain and fell to the ground, clutching his abdomen.

The subject roared on the table as his muscles began to flex violently of their own accord. "Dr. Langstrom!"

"I know, I see it." The bindings snapped as the subject's muscles expanded quickly. Fueled by whatever treatment he'd been administered, his muscles grew. The round, barely defined biceps solidified and bulged. The forearms expanded, shredding themselves into ripped, corded muscle. His thighs expanded and sharpened and his calves hardened into diamonds. His abdominals tightened, revealing eight distinct sections. His pecs swelled and ballooned.

"Doctor..." the technician said weakly. Even through the separating glass, he could feel whatever had drawn Jones and Williams to do what they did. It didn't help that the subject's cock had grown some ten inches. The doctor had already passed through the separating doors and soon found himself on his knees worshiping his subjects erection.

"Doctor..." The technician pushed himself away from the console, which promptly shorted out. He resisted the pull of the subject's presence... until he met his eyes. Through a tangle of matted raven black hair, crystal clear blue eyes pierced into his own and he felt something reach deep within him and pull him forward, towards the subject.

The Langstrom Research Institute fell silent. •

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