By John Bowling

"All right," The Muscle Fairy said "It's time to find out where we're at in the muscle department. Have we gained enough muscle to control this kid? I want you all to do max lifts." They all followed him out to the exercize yard, everyone of them checking out the rolling buldge and thick cords of his massively muscular buttocks as he walked. As he walked, he tensed them hard at the end of each step so that buttocks, thigh bicep, and calf were all flexed into steel hard cord. "Fairy, I'ld love to have my dick pressed between those massive cheeks of yours right now!" He turned to the Flexin' Freak and said: "Not as much as I would! But let's save as much energy as you can for the kid this afternoon. We're all gonna need it." Entering the exercize yard, they proceeded to put heavy weights on the bars, and the Muscle Fairy laid under a 2000 lb barbell. He placed his hands on the bar and flexed his huge pecs. The bar went up easily. The Fairy and the Babe each grabbed an end of the bar and pushed down on it. It stayed up, even when they lifted their feet off the ground. The cords in his pecs thickened and held. Stevie put his hands on the center of the bar, and pushed down. As he lifted his feet off the ground, the bar sank down slowly. "Stay on, I'm gonna shove it up again." Slowly, the incredibly developed gigantic pecs and triceps raised roughly 3000 pound up, but couldn't hold it at the top. With the weight back on the stand, he stood up and flexed his medicine ball sized pecs. Cords rippled and thickened, looking like thick steel cables stretched to their limit. The Fairy and the Babe each grabbed both hands full of pec muscle and squeezed. The the Babe's super grip couldn't dent them. "If that kid can beat these super muscles, we're all in trouble." The Freak got under the bar and flexed, lifted it about a foot, and couldn't hold it. Next, the Babe tried, and slowly pressed and held it until Stevie pressed down on it. "Freak, get over here and lets test my bi's verses your quad's." "I've gained an inch and half on my thighs since we did this last." "My bi's are bigger also." The Freak stood with his back to the Fairy, who reached down and grabbed his boots. He lifted him up to his shoulder and pulled the boots and socks off, grabbing his feet. The Freak bent his legs and slid his buttocks down to sit on the huge man's pecs. Once he got situated, firmly in the grip of the Fairy, he flexed his thighs, pushing against the flexed biceps. Thighs and biceps swelled huge, as both men tried to overpower the other. The Freak would push the arms out a few inches and the Fairy would pull them back. The muscles buldged, steel hard cords straining and rippling beneath the skin as they fought each other. The Freak strained as hard as he could, and pressed the arms out a foot, his quads buldging like mountain ranges, with definition as sharp as rock. The Fairy was straining his biceps against those big thighs. He grunted, and his biceps seemed to thicken obscenely as the balls of muscle swelled to the size of bowling balls. Slowly, with difficulty, he was pulling the legs back, forcing against the huge quads, and managed to get them back and held them. The Flexin Freak's massive, super defined thighs were not strong enough to overpower the gigantic biceps of the Muscle Fairy. "Shit, how fucking strong does someone have to be to take you?" "Stronger than you'll ever be! But you can take my ass right now!" "'Bout time. My dick's been straining to ram up you all morning." "Quit playing around and get to it!" He stepped around behind, and placed his rock hard dick against the tight asshole, and shoved. The ass was too tight, and all he did was lift the Fairy up, who lifted his legs so that his entire weight was being help up by the big dick and his tight spincter and then relaxed his ass. Suddenly, it sank all the way in as the Fairy's heavy body dropped, and the hard shaft rammed in all the way. The Flexin' Freak gripped the Muscle Fairy's monster dick with his right hand, squeezed hard on it and, flexing his bicep, pulled up on the dick. He stroked it a few times until it was rock hard, and adjusting his grip until he was lifting the Fairy's heavy body up and getting a decently long stroke on his dick. He moved his left hand over the granite like muscle of the hard flexing Muscle Fairy, squeezing them as he did so. He felt the pressure on his ass as a dick almost as big as the one in his hand pressed up and sank deeply into him. The Babe was hard up his ass, and kept pushing until he was lifting both of the men. He began to pump his hips up and down, in rhythm to the Freak's stroking, his own powerfull quads bulding and rippling with the pressure of each lift. The Freak had to place his free hand on the Fairy's abdominals and pull down to keep him from flying off his dick. Cords popped up even thicker and harder in the Fairy's muscles, though allready flexed beyond belief, and his cock began to spew long, heavy streams of cum everywhere. The Freak lifted him up by the cock, still gripped in his right hand, off of his own throbbing cock. They all heard a thunderous pop as the hard flexed ass snapped shut. The Freak was spirting heavy wads of cum up to cover his back. Another pop, not quite as loud, sounded as the Babe lifted both of them, pulling the Freak off of his dick, and added his more than sufficient share of hot jizm to the mess everywhere around them. They all lay there for a few minutes, and then got up. The Fairy said: "I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna go sleep until that kid gets here. After that workout, I need to rest for a week." "He'll be here in just a few hours, and you have to handle him first!" "Well, I hope the odds are wrong. Louie's got the odds at 100 to 1 against either of you, 20 to 1 against both of you, and 25 to one against me. He's even started a new one in the last couple of days at 10 to 1 against the three of us together!" "Shit! Do you know how fuckin strong he would have to be to take on all three of us. Hell, look at the size of the Fairy's humongous biceps." He flexed his biceps, and they peaked like mountains, definition like cut glass, yet round, full and as hard as steel. "Some damn boy is stronger than that? Look at it! It's huge and as hard as a muscle can get! No way, man!" -=*=- They all gathered around the main entry door, a small circle of supurbly muscled men, with the warden's personnal guards standing behind them. Somehow he had found another dozen well muscled, big dicked teens to add to his personnal guard band (or harem as every one else called them). Beyond that was over two dozen even better build men who were part of the Muscle Fairy's harem. Against the far walls were several hundred other prisoners. The series of heavy metal doors began to clang open and shut, beginning as a faint sound and getting louder with each door. The final door was bars and in line with the solid metal opening onto the long corridor leading to the outside. As the last solid door opened, they saw the kid in the dim light, surrounded by twenty large guards, all with stun guns and two were pressed continuously against the kids bare back. His shirt and pants were ripped, as was his jockey shorts, and most of his visable skin was bruised. Six of the guards were in bad shape, limping, with one or both arms in slings. Most of the others were bruised and cut. The kid was heavily manicled, doubly so, on both his wrists and legs, and he hefted a huge steel ball in each hand. The barred door slid open, and they pushed him in but stayed outside. As it was closing he turned around and said: "I've got something for you assholes.", and his cock sprung up. He lifted the steel balls up, his huge biceps almost as big and certainly as hard, snapping the chains. He hoisted them over his head, his muscles buldging hard, and his cock began to spirt cum all over them. Two of them reached out and pressed the stun guns against his chest and fired them into his pecs. The balls dropped, luckily not hitting him, and his allready hard flexed pecs swelled, the cords buldging to make his pecs look like balls made from thick steel cables. His hands somehow gripped the heavy duty bars of the door, and two of them bent to touch the next pair almost instantly, as those intensely throbbing pecs pulled his arms in. The second pair bent also, and third pair gave some before the battery power of the stun guns was gone and his body relaxed. All the while, his steel hard throbbing cock was squirting. He fell away from the door, and the Fairy reached down and caught him before he hit the floor. He lifted him up and held him against his chest. Even though they were pec to pec, the Fairy looked down and saw the top of the kid's head. His legs hung down, yet his dirty boots brushed against the base of the Fairy's hard cock. The kid was relaxed, almost unconsious, yet the size of his muscles and their solidity (even relaxed) was turning the Fairy on hard. He pressed the kid to him, flexing his own pecs. His dick head as pressed between the kid's thighs. He felt the kid's dick harden up against his abs, trying to force itself up against the hard muscles. He moved one hand down and cupped one of the kid's massive ass muscles and pulled him closer to him. The hardening dick pressed back, then forced hard and lifted itself up. It felt like it was ripping a chunk out of each of his ab muscles as it lifted up past them to stand straight up. The kid's legs squeezed down on his dick, and he lifted his face up to meet the lips of the Muscle Fairy. For a few seconds, they embraced, their flexing muscles squeezing harder and harder. The sight of those two super muscled men flexing, thin skin stretch tight over giganticly massive muscles with deeply defined cords threating to burst through that skin, was too much for everyone in the room. Even the straight guys were throbbing hard and ready to cum as the gay men were allready. They loved the strain of those deeply defined, massively buldging muscles. The wrestlers themselves had cum once, and were building up for a second load, the first dripping down on the floor, allready a spot nearly a foot in diamater. Now, their arms were stretched out to the side, and the kid had his legs wrapped and locked around the Fairy's waist. For several minutes they strained, the cords seeming to be thickening continuously as their intensely flexed muscles fought the other's. The strain began to swing one way and then the other, each time their muscles pumped larger, and the swing stretching further. Muscles could never be this huge, yet the Fairy appeared to have upper arms pumped to 30" and the kid was just slightly smaller. What was even more eye popping was the intensity of the definition of the cords in their muscles. Muscles where top winners of body building contest had yet to display any significant cording were showing cords here, and striations popped out of almost every muscle. This was the ultimate in flexing, two super strong men trying to outflex the other. Suddenly, the kid smiled even though the strain was very evident on his face, and said, forcing out each word : "Is .. that .. all .. the .. strength .. you .. have ... big .. man? uh... Flex .. as .. hard .. as .. you .. can!" The kid gave him a few seconds to power up his flex, but the Fairy was allready staining at maximum power. He didn't dare waste any strength talking, and his face was contorted with the agony of the strain on his super muscle. The kid's face grimaced, and put what he had left into it, his allready deeply corded, humongously pumped, and sharp edge ultra defined muscle writhed, swelling slightly, and the Fairy's arms were driven back slowly until the kid held his arms behind him, holding his thick chest in his buldging arms with enough pressure to crush a weaker man's chest. The Fairy was cumming furiously. Finally, a male had overpowered him. Outflexed HIM! A superman beaten by a superboy. Incredably huge and strong muscles unable to resist the greater strengh of a kid! Even so, he continued to flex with all the strength he had. Everywhere in the room, men were cuming, some stroking themselves, some were stroking each other in groups. The warden's teens had grabbed the inner circle of muscle men, six on the Flexin' Freak, eight on the Butch Babe, and four on Stevie, and all three of them were being held down and raped by teens with large dicks who took turns gang banging them. The kid released him, dropped to the floor and grabbed his leg, lifting him up and tossed him down on his face. He griped the man's foot and forced it back until the toe was below his ass and began to press it forward. Yanking off the boot, he shoved the big toe in the asshole. He reached under him, grabbing him by the cock and holding his foot with the other. He lifted the man up and forced down on the foot, cramming as much of that foot as possible in the ass. The Fairy wimpered. "Are you ready for you're fuckin?" the kid asked him. "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes .. uh.. Sir" "That's better." He put him down on his back, placed a foot on each of the man's gigantic pecs and said: "Lick them clean, puny!" He then ripped off what remained of his clothes, lifted up his arms and flexed showing everyone how huge his biceps were and who proud he was of them. They were larger than the Fairy's at 28". His chest was also a humongous 62", primarily from massive slabs of pec muscle, narrowing down to a tiny waist of 28". His hips were narrow yet his buttocks were large rounded mounds of pure muscle, and his thighs were an incredible 39" with 29" calves. Each muscle was tremendously huge, buldging out from a small, short, frame. There was no fat anywhere on his body, and his definition was suppurb, with huge rock hard muscles displaying thick, knarled, cords. As he flexed the Fairy licked the dirt from his boots. He turned and did a side chest so that everyone could see the stupendous expance of his huge pecs narrow down sharply to the tiny waist. Crys of awe when up from the crowd, and cum began to fly. Then then showed his back, and the intricate display of hundreds of individual muscles and muscle cords rippling hard with every slight movement. A half dozen cords on each of his deltoids were each about two inches thick, tightened like compressed coiled springs and tremedously defined under the thin skin. A final side chest so the Fairy could finish his boots, and then he dropped down on the Fairy, grabbed his wrists and pushed them up above his head. "Flex those muscle, man!" The Fairy did so and pushed the kid down his body. The kid began to flex and he slowly forced the Fairy's flexed arms down and behind him. He was positioned so that his mouth was near the Fairy's nipples, and his dick was ready to ram up his ass. He shoved it up in one hard stroke. He relaxed his pecs sufficiently so that the Fairy's dick could slide between his pecs, and then flexed them again, squeezing the dick hard. He moved his head from nipple to dick head to nipple and back again, kissing them at first, and beggining to nibble on them lightly. The Fairy was straining against his muscles, yet he had brought his legs up against the kid's buttocks and was pushing him in deeper. The nibbling became harder, and the kid seemed to draw on some reserve strength and began to squeeze on the Fairy, who by now was in heaven with his ultimate fantasy coming true. Where the manicles were around the wrists of the kid and the remains of the broken chains dug into the flesh of the Fairy as the kid squeezed hard on him. The kid's dick seemed to be getting bigger as he rammed it in and out. The kid bit down on each nipple enough to draw blood, and then move his mouth to the head of the Fairy's dick, ready to bite it when it began to gush jizm in torrents. His face was covered in seconds, even with most of it flying past to land several feet away. The kid moved down and capped the gusher with his mouth and began to drink it as he withdrew his own dick and it began spewing humongus gobs of thick, white cum all over the floor. They relaxed, exhaused, just laying there on the floor for a few minutes. Gradually everybody stirred, got up and began to go back to their cells or the rec room, just someplace to rest for a while. The muscle bound band looked at the Muscle Fairy expectantly, who maintained a shit-eating grin on his face. He cleared his throat, and asked: "Kid, what's your name?" "Ned." "That's no name for a super kid in a place like this! Got a favorite nick name?" The grin continued on his face, and it was obvious from his adoring, looks that he was in total lust of the kid. The kid looked somewhat bored. "Super fFlex, Buff Boy, Dumb Ass, Muscle Brain..." "Those are favorites?" "No! Everyone's ass is dumb, and my brain is more muscular and smarter than most people, so I don't mind them. I graduated from high school at the top of the class at 14. I also fucked every member of the varsity football team that year." "Is that when you began taking on body-builders?" "Yea, it felt great to fuck huge flexing muscle men. And most of them loved it!" "How about 'Muscle Fuck'?" The Freak called out. "Muscle Raper." The other's began to call out names. "Buldgin' Fucker." "Super Ass." "Flexin' Super Butt." "Humougus Pecs." "Smart Ass." "Buldgin' Brain." "Enough, I'm calling him 'Muscle Godling', and he's going to my cell block and staying with me until he wants to go elsewere." The kid smiled at the Muscle Fairy. "Are you the strongest man here? I'm willing to wrestle, fuck, and rape you anytime, but I also want multiple guys so I can see what it's like getting fucked. The've got to be well muscled and strong, though!" "Sure, we have enough well muscled men here to hold you down and rape every hole in you body." "Good." "So, let's go and rest before dinner." "Rest, hell, I want to flex and fuck!" •

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