Spiced Life


By Texzilla

“Spice, did you just come from the gym?”

“Ummm, is there a time when I’m not just coming from the gym?”

“Good point. They don’t have malaria in New Mexico do they?”


“You’re sweatin’ like freaking Buckingham Fountain here. The shaving cream in just sliding down your head. It’s too sweaty for it to get a grip. Getting all over the back of your shirt, you’re going to have to take it off.”

“Hand me the towel and Ah’ll..”

“No, the shirt. Come on, arms up.”

I lifted my arms up, as high as I could, as Barry grabbed the t-shirt I was wearing and pulled it up and over my head. We were in my room, me in a chair and him standing behind me. I had done a pretty good job of avoiding him for a few days while I attempted to settle into this new life but funny things kept happening. While what was left of Henry was still a bit freaked about the whole turning queer bit, Spice obviously needed to be with this guy.

I hadn’t shaved my head for a few days so I used that as an excuse for us to get together. A little intimate head shaving get together in my room so I could figure out my next steps with this.

“Ahh, the shirt got even more shaving cream on it. Well here.” Barry suddenly started using the shirt to wipe off the shaving cream he had just applied to my head. “There, we’ll start over and who knows, maybe one day you’ll do your laundry and it’ll be clean again.”

“There’s always hope.” I said trying to wipe away yet another layer of sweat that had formed on my head.

“Calm down.” He whispered in my ear. “Deep breath. Very good. OK, why did you let your hair grow out? Never known someone who could shave their head and get a 5 o’clock shadow two hours later and yet couldn’t grow a mustache and beard if his life depended on it.”

“Says the man who told me he used his Mom’s mascara to fill his less than manly beard in. I’ve just been busy. School, working out, wrestling team. Had time to shower, for the benefit of all mankind, but didn’t have time to shave.”

“When I was 15 did that mascara bit by the way. Not like it was last week. When you’re blonde and your beard starts coming in there’s not a lot of pigment involved. And I have a razor here. Hey do you mind if I try something?”

“Well you do have that razor so, sure?”

I heard the shaving cream suddenly come out of the can then carefully be applied to the top of my head. It was pushed around and spread over the top, but didn’t go down the sides.

“I just want to see what you look like with the top gone but the sides still there. There’s still enough on top that it keeps you from being totally bald, but enough gone that you can see the pattern.”

He finished spreading the cream and started with the razor. I relied on the new memories of Spice to remember how this felt when I did it in the shower, but it was nothing like this. To have someone else take the razor and slowly scrape the hair off. Barry took quick little stroke at the front but went for longer full sweeps fro the id crown back. He got most of it then worked a few minutes to get the details, taking the few bits from the edge, making it more defined.

“That looks so cool. So hot. MAN, I can’t believe how masculine that makes you look. This body say male,” he said leaning over and grabbing one of my pecs. Which, again, this new body really liked and responded to, “But this” Barry running his finger over the now very smooth top, “says masculine. Turn around and take a look.”

I look over my shoulder to the mirror on the door, and it’s really something, a 19 year old guy with a 40 year old’s hair cut. But it looked good, it looked ….right.

“You don’t think it makes me look old? Like I’m really…. 35 or something?

“Yea right. Let’s clean the rest of you up.” He said while filling his hand with a new batch of shaving cream. After cleaning off the razor in the large bowl we liberated from the cafeteria he again started in on shaving my head. “And here I always thought Indian Braves had long flowing hair down to their waist like on the romance novel covers.”

“Till three years ago, that was me. Then little by little, well, lot by lot, Talltress turned into the smooth prairie. Sorry I’m not perpetuating the stereotype better. I’m off the mark on a lot of those.”

“Well you’re living up to the closet case who’s beginning to come to terms with his own sexuality but is afraid of how other will react stereotype real good.”

I was quite for a few minutes while he went to work on my head with the razor. He pushed my head forward a little to start at the back and took short swipes. After clearing off a spot he’d rub the newly shaved area with his fingers to catch the stubble and reshave anything he caught.

“If you have any idea how many new things I’m going through lately…..”

“OK. OK. Not going to push. Not just yet.”

“That feels really good by the way?”

“Oh yea? Well, maybe we should make this a regular thing? Cause I got to say, it’s lot of fun to do.”

“Want to make it a double.” I said reaching over to the table a picking up the eclectic beard and mustache cutter Barry brought with him incase the hair on my head had grown too long to shave with just a razor. I flipped it on and let the buzz fill the room.

“No, I don’t think so. Whiter than white guys with shaved heads…I’m afraid the reflection off my head might blind some driver and cause a car accident. Plus there’s that whole ‘Is he a neo-Nazi?’ question people will start asking themselves.”

‘So it’s not OK for me to be concerned what other’s think but for you it’s OK?”

“Let’s not go there big guy.” He said rinsing off the razor again and then toweling my head. “All done and not a nick I might add. Take a look and let me know how I did.”

I get up from the chair and lean down a bit so I can see my whole head in the mirror. Looks really good, real fine. There’s a bit of a shadow but so smooth. The smooth head, the smooth face, the smooth body. Damn. And that smile on my face. I don’t ever remember Henry having a smile like that. From behind me I hear something being shook up in a bottle. I turn around to find Barry shaking up my body cream after shave. Sure it’s meant for women to use on their legs but, shaved skin is shaved shin. And the aloe smells great. Not too perfume strong, but natural.

He poured a handful, much more than he needed and reached up to spread it on top of my head. While he did do a great job, the coolness of the cream helped take down some of the razor burn that happens in my hair is just a bit longer than usual when shaved. With the extra he smeared some on to my chest and rubbed it in. The giant pecs now glowed a bit for the cream, and the aloe smell took on a strange musky scent.

“I’m thinking” Barry said stating to unsnap the fly on my 501s, “that this stuff would work for making everything nice and slick.” His hand, still moist with after shave cream, reached into my pants. “Do you only wear jock straps?”

I lowered my pants all the way and stepped out. “Dude, when the results look like this? Why would I wear anything else.”

“Shit.” Barry said leaning in for another kiss. Unlike our kiss the other night, there were no cartwheels in my head going off, just fireworks. With our lips connected like they never were going to part, I reached behind him and started lifting up his shirt. We broke for only a moment so I cold get the shirt off over his head.

Barry had a good body, not too defined but in shape. Light dusting of hair on his chest, hell someone in our relationship had to have gone through puberty and gotten hair. A nice, very nice bunny trial from the navel down into his pants. His beard was almost cute. Kind of shaggy at the chin, a light yellow with even a few red highlights. The moustache needed trimming but, again, it was cute. Made kissing a big rough. He had a sliver chain around his neck, with a small cross at the end. He had told e that his parents missionaries of some kind in Africa for a while, but that they were basically cool with his sexuality. Wondered how they would feel that their son is making out with the descendant of a long line of heathen medicine men.

“You ready to take this to the next step?” He asked pushing me back so I was sitting at the edge of my bed.

“I don’t have anything… we should be safe..”

“Like I didn’t plan this.” He said reaching into his jeans and pulling out some condoms. “I hope these are big enough for you.” Barry pulled down the front of my jock strap letting my now fully erect cock to spring up. If there had been anything left of Henry’s heterosexuality, it was well gone with that. “On second thought, I hope I’m big enough for this.”

Barry lube my cock up one more tie with the left over cream before rolling the condom down my shaft. It was a tight fit, but that tightness felt good. I played with myself as he shucked off his jeans and boxerbriefs. Everything below the belt was OK on Barry too. Nice pink cock, not too big. Cute, there was no other word for it, bush of wiry yellow hair above it. Hairy legs, nice. Even a faint tan line. Hard to believe that he’s even paler than he is now. He grabbed my cock and matched my strokes while going in for another kiss.

“I think you better lay back on the bed and I’ll, like, sit down on it. Let gravity do some of the work.”

Barry was on top of me almost as soon as my back hit the mattress. I reached behind me briefly to prop my head up more on the pillows for a better angle. With a leg on each side of my chest he sat down briefly on my stomach. I reached forward a bit and played with his ass some. It felt clean and smooth, and like the rest of him, just a little bit hairy. Barry moved his body forward a bit more so I could stick my fingers up his ass. Never done anything like that before, neither Henry nor Spice. Not even warm but hot. Almost felt like I was touching a hot stove or something. After a few minutes he got this look in his eyes and scooted back some. My fingers could no longer reach his as, but I felt it press up against my dick, which hadn’t lost any of his size or hardness in the meantime. Reaching behind hi he gently took hold and raised himself up, obviously found the center and started lowering himself down.

“Take it slow.” Was about all I could get out. The feeling of his ass slowing surrounding my dick was insane. Never felt a pussy this tight. Never wanted to feel a pussy again.

“Have I mentioned never having really done this before?” Barry whispered as he drew himself up and then lowered himself again.


“Dude, I don’t want to just lose my cherry today, I want it dead.”

With that he slowly but forcefully lowered himself all the way down till he once again was sitting on my lap. His lips said ‘Oh my god.’ A few times without the words coming out. All this time his own cock had gone up to full mast and was pointing right at me. As he started to rhythmically fuck himself on my shaft, I reached up and started stroking off his cock.

Barry leaned forward and let out a groan that I’m sure they heard and could not have mistaken in the next room, or county. But as he let the groan out, I swear his voice started to drop. And there was this sudden charge though my hand into his cock.

Quickly, almost as quickly as it happened to me a few days before, Barry started to change.

At first it was his musculature, his legs started filling out, getting think and defined. The nicely toned runner’s legs he had originally were becoming solid logs of muscle. The changes worked its way up to his torso, where a faint 6 pack became a thick 8 pack. His chest and arms also filled out, becoming bigger. His chest not the giant slabs like mine had become, but fuller, rounder. The cleavage much deeper than mine. What had been a fairly well built guy before was becoming a muscle stud while riding my cock. I could feel the size of his ass shift fro pert to melon size in must a few strokes up and down. The heat up his ass was getting incredible too. Over and over I kept finding myself thinking that he was looking like a football player. Strong and muscular but without the complete devotion to definition that bodybuilder’s like myself go for. But this allowed his arms to be huge, maybe bigger than mine. And the back must have been incredible. That cock of his that was sort of facing in my direction as now resting fully in the cleft of my pecs. Talk about heat. While Barry’s dick was originally still kind of pink when it was hard, now it was a full on purple.

Suddenly Barry leaned forward, placing a hand of each side of my head and got an inch away from my face. This incredible grin came over is mouth and he went in for a kiss. What had been a great experience before went cosmic now. And again another charge went through me. Barry sat back up, still impaled on me, still smiling. How neither one of us had kept fro coming was beyond me. But as he leaned back I saw that the slight tan line he had before was disappearing. For what had been the pale skin of a white slim runner, was becoming the dark brown skin of an African American football player. Like a chameleon changing the wave of color swept the body. Pale skin with a slight freckle became dark and earthy, with no blemish to be seen. The hair on his legs, chest and arms fell out, almost like the body was rejecting their blondness. Speaking of that, for a few second I had a blonde black man sitting on my cock. But quickly his medium length blonde hair turned black and started getting curly and kinky. Soon a full afro sat on his head, swaying slightly when as he continued to fuck himself. His beard then turned short and curly. Tight against his face but noticeably softer than the old hair.

Barry’s face changed next. Just as angular and square as mine had. The forehead not quite so back, giving him a still intelligent appearance. But while my nose had grown out, his grew across, wide nostrils that flared when they breather in deep. And my lip growth was nothing like his. Despite the growth though, the smile never left his face.

I have no idea why I did this. How I thought of it. But I reached over off the bed and without looking suddenly the beard clipper Barry had brought into the room was in my hands.

“Bend down. NOW you’re ready to join the club.”

Barry didn’t hesitate to bent forward and present his head to me. The clippers were smaller than you might usually use on a head, but they were sharp and I was going for a total buzz like my own. I snapped off the removable styling guide and clicked it on again. Unlike how Barry had shaved my head, I didn’t go front to back but made different paths through the hair. Leaving curly black bike paths looking down to brown skin. The hair fell in light clumps and matted in the sweat on my chest. At least I got to see what this body would have looked like with chest hair. We both started laughing as I made quick use of the clippers to bring him into being bald headed god. Sitting back up and laughing, his chest heaved up and down. Those giant arms he now had reached up and felt the relative smoothness of his scape. More stray cut hairs fell and covered us. Not totally smooth yet, but it was just a quick razor shave away for being there.

The final part of the transformation was his cock. It has been getting thicker and longer, inching, and I do mean inching its way up my cleavage. Darker and darker till it was a deep black with brown highlights showing the thick veins crisscrossing it. With a final push a foreskin snaked to the end, reaching the base of the head, as his dick exploded in my face. And I could feel my dick buried deep inside him also explode.

“Like the man said.” His voice was soft and purred but low “if I was going to lose my cherry, I was going to make sure it never grew back.”

For some reason I knew he hadn’t noticed the change. For some reason I knew this was a different version of the same man who I had started fucking just minutes before.

He removed himself from my dick and stood panting by the side of the bed for a minute while I tried to brush the buzzed hair off me. My cock went down the condom slid off, my cum oozing in with his buzzed hair When he said, “Let’s see the damage.” I knew didn’t mean the overall change he had just been through, just to his hair. He walked over to the mirror and started checking out my clip job. With his back to me now I could see in all his glory the most magnificent ass ever created. He hadn’t gained much is height, if anything, but he was a good foot or two broader. The back was magnificent. Spreading out from the shoulder down to the thick waist. It protruded a bit ore in front, giving it a slight outward bend, but it was that cool stomach that real athletes get fro ours of strenuous workouts.

His color had evened out to a dark brown, with darker accents on the ass and shoulders. A lot of the body hair that I liked on the old Barry was now gone, but still some spots here and there, like on his chest and underarms. Like real men have, not bodybuilding freaks like me. The silver chain and cross still around his neck. But where it had hung down to mid chest before, now it was almost like a choker.

He obviously didn’t see anything that had happened, not like me. He knows who he is, he had always been this black dude in the mirror. No questions or doubt. The background started filling in my head too. This wasn’t Barry Hardy, but De’Andre Hardy. There never was a Barry, for in this new reality the people who had been Barry’s parents couldn’t have their own children. So on one of their missionary trips to Africa they came across the orphan that was De’Andre, adopted him and raised him like their own son. Everything else about his life had been the same, except instead of coming to college on an academic scholarship, De’Andre was here on a football scholarship. For while Northwestern never really had that great of a football team De’ was the best player they had this year. My head became to swim at all this. It seemed so insane yet so… normal. Like I just didn’t fuck a white guy into becoming a black stud.

“Technique I give a 2, results get a 10.”

“The cutting or the fucking?”

“Oh the fucking was a 10 Bro” He said sauntering back over to me and sitting on the edge of the bed. “You OK? You look a little weirded out. You’re not having another episode like the other night are you?”

‘No, no. I’m fine. Sort of…. My first time too.”

“YA' THINK!” De said starting to laugh. It was a great laugh. Deep and loving. “You know what happens now don’t you?” He said with that nice happy smile of his turning a bit naughty. “We’ve got to get cleaned up. You can’t walk around with all this ‘fro and gizz stuck to you. And I’ve got to shave this down so we’re bald bookends. Which means you and I are going to walk down the hall to the showers, in front of everyone, and get cleaned up. ”

“You did think of everything didn’t you?”

“Out and proud…. and bald… is the way to go my Brother.”

With that he slipped on his now much larger boxerbriefs and pants, handed mine to me and grabbed a couple of towels. We raised a few eyebrows on the way to the showers but, no one seemed that shocked. Most surprisingly was the thumbs up Rachel gave us. Maybe our relationship wasn’t as big a secret as I thought.

“And you know” De’ said sliding his hand onto my ass as we went, “We’re going to be breaking this in soon enough.” The slap Barry gave me a couple of nights ago was nothing to the one the giant hand of De’Andre gave me. I could feel my ass shake for at least two steps.

“Yea,” I thought to myself “but I think finding that no more changes come up on either one of us first when that happens would be a good idea. Will everyone I fuck turn into a stocky black football player? And why did Barry have to change into De’Andre is I’m the one that needs to be hidden. Oh man, what has my Grandfather done?” •

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