Spiced Days


By Texzilla

“Ah can’t believe this. It’s just devastating. After all the shit we’ve gone though on this vacation already to have this happen.”

“Spice I really didn’t think you’d take it this bad.”

“Are you kidding? Do you know how much this meant to me?”

“Spice, come on, we’ve been close to seeing the end of the world and this ain’t that. It was just a stage show version of Tarzan. Tarzan Rocks is closed. We can’t bring it back. But we’ll still have fun at the Animal Kingdom Park today.”

“Bet they don’t even have him signing autographs.”

“Awww. Look, eat your Mickey Waffle and cheer up. Maybe when we get back from the park Stoney can find a video of the show on line you can watch.”

“Not the same. Waffles are stupid.”

“I think someone is still a little cranky from not getting enough sleep.”

“I don’t know. Childish, goofy, obsessive… sounds like Spice to me.”

“Well Ah think someone is asking to turn into a 90 pound, inbreed ass scratcher for this afternoon’s game. And maybe ya’ll who laughed wants to be his wifey.”

“OK, OK. So we’re still on?”

We’d all slept through the next day, really frustrating housecleaning. Probably weren’t too thrilled with the shower either after De’ and I got all that mud off of us. But things had become very quite. No more talk of mummified bodies in the news. No strange things happening. Not even anything about the mountain of upturned earth we left in that grove. There had been a buzz in the air before that was now missing. Still hadn’t gotten in touch with my Grandfather but, that’s happened before.

Someone, probably Tak, had come up with a twist on the game of tag. We’re going in teams of two. Tak and de’ were heading back to the room, which would signal the spell I cast earlier to change them, but I don’t know how. A few safeguards, like, making sure they’d have a skeleton and… well making them over into different hot guys as was my forte, but beyond that I would have no idea. When they were done they’d chirp me on my cell phone and hit the park. Then Stoney and I would hit the room and change. Ok, I had a little more say our two changes in this but, it’s my powers. Then we’d take the bus to the park.

It was then a game of tag. If we could track each other down, find some way to figure out who in all these people is who, we’d tag them. Anyway, the spell would break at 3 whether we were tag or not and we’d met up for a late lunch.

“Everything set but you sure you want to yell TAG? We’re going to be in the midst of the Gayday crowds, it might sound like we’re screaming Fag and hitting each other.”

“Eh, we’ll make new friends or lose some old teeth, part of the adventure. I’m done, want to roll?” Tak asked De’. They cleaned off their tray and, in front of a food court full of families and Caterpillar tractor hats, gave me on hell of a kiss.

“You guys have a talk yet? About his reaction the other night?” Stoney asked after they’d left the room.

“Oh yea. It’s cool. Pretty much. He thought Ah was dead when Ah didn’t respond at first and it freaked him out. Ah think he’s more embarrassed about it than anything else.”

“Comes with the territory though. Still, if what we found out is true…what you have planned might negate all that anyway.”

“Yep. Ah can’t deal with things if they’re going like Ah think they are. We were put in too much danger the other night.” My phone went off in my pocket. “That was quick. Let’s mosey.”

We headed back to the room, making sure we didn’t look the way of the parking lot in case we’d catch the ‘new’ Tak and De’ driving off. The room was clear except for some clothes that had been thrown around. Kind of hard not being able to change our clothing along with out bodies. And being big guys, it might be hard to find something that fit depending on how we wind up.

“You ready.” I asked Stoney while dropping my shorts.


I grabbed my casting stick and let her go to work. Immediately we both shrank a little, down to just under 6 feet, and started losing some of our mass. Not too much, but we were becoming more toned healthy than our regular obscenely muscled healthy. Arms were strong but not carved out of steel. Legs solid but not tree trunks. Then our skin started to lighten, we both had a long way to go to reach the goal shade.

“White guys? Don’t usually do white guys”

“Eh, thought it was time for a change, like this.” I said as the hair started growing in. From the neck down it looked like I was wearing a fur coat. Nicely groomed, not a total bear like the first night we were here, but furrier than I’d ever though someone could be. Then the color went light, light blonde, with some gold and red tints here and there.

Stoney too went blonde, but a more rugged blonde to match his more rugged features. His was a stronger jaw and a larger brow. His natural brown eyes seemed to glow from their new home. His body hair was not as pronounced as mine, but a good dusting on the chest and pubes.

“You don’t think I look too Brokeback guy who lived?” Stoney said checking himself out in the mirror.

“Nah, you look great. Check this out.” I started shaking my head back and forth, left to right. And with each shake the curly blonde mass on my head grew out. Further and further. Tight curls of white blonde hair almost reached my ass.

“Holy shit. You look like you’ve got a poodle on your head.”

“If Ah was going to go blonde, Ah was going for it. There’s a person Ah’m sending a message out too. Just want to make sure they get it.”

Clothes weren’t too hard to find, just looked a little big on us. Had to remember that we were going to be changing back while wearing these outfits so, they had to fit out normal bodies too. At least I got to wear my Sleeping Beauty pink shirt. Looked really hot on this body. My white shorts and some sandals showed off the hairy blonde legs to the ax quite well too. Had to wrap my favorite white jock around my waist twice to make it fit though. Have to remember to adjust that for the change back.

We were heading out the door when I remembered something I bought for this. I came back out of the hotel room with several gold chains along with a few charms on them. Figured they’d go good with the blonde fur.

The park was insanely crowded, it was the official unofficial Gayday for this one. And hot. I know this place is suppose to be partly like Africa but the heat was incredible. Making these new hairy legs kind of matted with sweat at times. We kept an eye out for people who could be the other guys, but didn’t hit any triggers. Lots of guys paired up so that wasn’t something to look for. And just because Stoney and I stuck together doesn’t mean Tak and De’ did.

The water ride, Kali River Rapids seemed like a good idea to get wet and cool off. Event though the people coming off the ride looked really more than wet. Oh well, it was hot enough that we should dry off quickly.

Seated in the round boat like ride vehicle I couldn’t help notice a hunky Latino watching us fro a bridge that spanned the ride at one point. It couldn’t be? The clothes didn’t look familiar, a pair of cut off overalls and a red Gaydays shirt. The boots…those do look like a pair that De’ has but I don’t remember if they were in the room or not.

The whole boat full of people got more than drenched on the trip. Insanely wet. Which can be a good feeling but today, for some reason, it felt like of oily. The Latino hunk was no where to be found when we exited the ride. Making our way back into the rest of the park, Stoney excused himself to run to the washroom to wring out his undies. Which I didn’t think he wore but, eh, good habits sometimes take longer to get.

Almost as soon as the men’s room door closed I felt someone tap the side of my head and say “Tag.” I turned to find the Latino stud smiling at me big time.

“So who won?”

“Like you could hide from Chocolate Perfection. This is incredible. That hair is too much.” He said running his hands through my blonde curls.

“This hair is too wet. Ah should join Stoney and wring it out in the john.”

“Hey, come one. I found something earlier. Follow me.” The Latino stud leads me through the crowd to a small side path, which lead to another and another, till we were at a bathroom marked, Castmemebers only. “I used this earlier. It’s got two things going for it. No one knows about it and there’s a lock on the door.” We fell into the room and embraced for some new body discovery making out. After a couple of minutes he started laughing and suddenly pushed me back, so I tripped and hit the floor.

“Stupid Talltrees bastard. Can’t even tell one shadow illusion from another.” The Latino started growing, hugely giant of a man like creature with skin that wasn’t black as in how someone from Africa might have black skin, but like someone’s who’s body was in shadow. The eyes stayed on me, glowing yellow with hate and energy.

“Awh crap. Ah’m guessing you’re the… person behind the twinks and his Mother? And the person who imitated my Grandfather?”

“Idiot. There was no one ‘behind’ them. A left over whore from a long dead age on her last days. I just maneuvered you and your assistants into their path to see how you would fair. Those creatures would have died that night had you known of them or not.”

“They’re not my assistants, their my friends.”

“No they’ll be assistants to my slave. You like these transformation powers don’t you? Did you think they were free? Did your joke of a Grandfather not tell you of the cost?”

“He told me they were from the coyote god, but it’s not like Ah believed him.”

“You really are a stupid one aren’t you? I am the Coyote God, the Wandering lord of the plains, Trickster god and the Shadow artist. Your powers must come through me first. I’ve let you enjoy your toys, have fun with your friends, but now it’s time to start earning your way.”

“Ah am the Shaman of the people, you can’t do this. You have no…”

“I have every right.” He screamed at me as the room shook. “You will do as I say, you will follow where I point. I will decide when you use my powers.” He said snapping his claw like fingers, instantly returning me to my normal self. “And when you don’t.”

“And if Ah refuse?” I said standing and shucking my shorts. That jock strap was picking the wrong time to be doubled up around my waist.

“There is no refuse. You do what I say and when you’re not doing my will, there are no powers.”

“Fucking shit, Ah can’t believe this.”

“Fucking indeed. You’ve convenient strip show has given me an idea. I’ve watched you these past months and your ass is spread for the black loser constantly. I think I shall see what the attraction is. Sort of sealing our new business arrangement with a good fuck. That’s the real reason you dropped your pants in front of me, you want this fuck.” He started moving towards me, those long animal like arms reaching out and pushing me against the wall.

‘Look, look, don’t do this. It’s just wrong, it’s not what Ah wanted. You shouldn’t touch me. We can work something out. We can come to a more humane agreement…” That was responded to with my face being pushed into the wall. Shit that hurt.

‘Now and forever, you will do what I say. I take you as mine.”

I felt a cock bigger than the one De’ fucked me with at the pool the other night ram into my ass. As much as I tried to prepare myself for the assault, nothing could have totally done it. Like barbs on the side when he pulled out, and the smell was putrid. He brought his head in close to mine and started sniffing me. Lowering his head hesitated for a second over my shoulder before sinking his teeth is, breaking the skin and causing me to scream out. I had tried not to make a noise during all this, to keep him from getting any satisfaction, but that was too much. I could feel the blood trickle down and run off my chest. His breath became short and quick, turning more animalistic all the time. His breath. Thank god I was right and he was breathing.

“Yea, you having some performance issues there, fuck head? Most real guys would have cum by now.” I said turning around and spitting the words out through my teeth.

“Oh, you mean like this?” He said leaning into me full weight and shooting. I grabbed the ‘charm’ around my neck and said the spell Stoney and I had found.

“Now who’s the stupid one?” I whispered, giving him a hint as to how much he just fucked up.

“Why can’t I stop? Shit what’s going on? What are you doing? I…. I can’t pull out…..!!!!!”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, feels real good now.” I said as I held my breath taking it all in. I could feel the flow pick up and then like a flood just pour into me. I think my eyes rolled back into my head at that point. Better not tell De’ about the sweat I broke out in, or the couple of moans I couldn’t help giving off. Meanwhile my fuck buddy was slowing down. Was I drooling too?

With the last bit siphoned off and inside me now the Coyote being fell back on his now very human ass. I took a minute to collect myself and stood back up, hiking my shorts up too.

“You know the great part about being stupid? How you can play it even dumber than you are, and people still buy it. How’s that floor feeling, pretty cold? Pretty hard?”

“Again boy, what have you done?”

“Again boy….arrrrrr, me hearty! You ought to see if you can get a job over at the Pirates ride. You’ll be needing one now that you’re human.” I said swinging my foot back and kicking him in the nuts. I love having size 15 feet. His cry of pain alone was almost worth all but being raped. “Ya see, Ah figured out a few things all on my little lonesome. Who was behind this, a vague idea why and started reasoning out where all this was going. Ah knew it was one of you ‘spirits’ were dusting off your testicles to see if you could how gullible the new guy is. How they hanging now??”

“I was only testing you.”

“Bullshit. You see, my Grandfather mentioned several time that the Shaman as much has these powers as they channel them from their original sources. ah was just waiting for the day one of you pulled the ‘if you want these powers you must do my bidding’ shit. Ah knew it was coming and from what Grandpa told me, Ah knew it would be you doing it. Selfish shit who no one believes in anymore”

“I didn’t mean it.” he whispered as he scooted across the bathroom floor into the corner.

“Cut the Dr. Smith crap. You impersonated my Grandfather, almost got my friends and me killed doing your shit work and tried to bluff your way into making me your puppet. Worst of all….. you made my boyfriend cry. If you’re keeping score, the kick in the nuts was for that.”

“Don’t kick me again.”

“You have no idea how much you’ve been kicked. You know the interesting part of illusions? Most times they’re not 100% false. Pull a rabbit out of the hat, the rabbit doesn’t seem to be there, but it really is, just hidden. Take the form of a human to fuck around your ‘pawn’, you’ve got to become a bit human for it to work. That contact was all I needed, that and you being just human enough for there to be something left when Ah was done draining everything else BUT that humanity out of you. Ah warned you not to touch me. Understand BOY? AH HAVE STOLEN ALL YOUR POWERS” I shouted making the room shake as he did for effect. “Like taking the car keys away from Dad, Ah’m behind the wheel now.”

“You won’t be able to control them. The others will stop you.”

“If there were ‘others’ that could stop me, they would have by now. They know you did this to yourself as much as Ah did it to you. And that Ah’d do it to them too given even the lamest reason just to be safe. As for control, let’s find out.” I took the charm off my necklace and started stroking it. “One of the things you’ll find enjoyable now that you’re a human is to take your stick, start rubbing it and see how big it gets.”

In a few seconds my casting stick had reformed to full size. I could tell from the look on his face he was not happy to see it. He knew what was coming next. “Your arrogance will be your undoing.”

“My arrogance is the only thing keeping me from killing you. Arrogant enough to see this work. And to see far behind your eyes those flicker of your old consciousness Ah’m leaving in there. So that it continually screams out to your buddies. Best endorsement I can have to not fuck with Spice Talltress or those he loves.”

I thrust the staff into his forehead and gave it a twist.

“Even happier with what I’ve done with the speech since it’s GOT to end those Galactus riffs of yours...”

The odd beast man he was stuck in started to shake. Being on the floor was a good place for him since the convulsions were pretty severe. While my spells to change the guys and myself into others usually went fairly smoothly, this was far beyond that. Beyond what my Grandfather and the ‘other’ had done to hide us years ago.

It was my first shot at something this permanent but despite all my bragging about arrogance, I didn’t want to hurt him more than I had. Just leave him as a warning card. So I kept it simple but let’s face it, we do have a theme going on here.

His height shrank down form that theatrical, what was he, 6’7’’? 6’8”? Not that intimidating when you’re bumping you head on the bathroom ceiling. The age was 18, just legal enough to work in the parks for what I had in mind. Skin turned fair but a bit brown from all the Florida sun. Even tan without any blemishes though. Hair was cut short but would have been a curly black if it was grown out. Long enough that he could still attach his Yakama for services without it falling off. Yea, going to make a nice Jewish boy out of the shit head. A handsome face with just enough character to keep him from being pretty. I think Jewish guys are kind of hot, too bad we don’t have one in the group. Since he wasn’t going to be part of the group, I just took away his prereque, there would be two big differences. Well not big. His cock went down to human levels, and then got cut, and then got smaller. A lot smaller. Small cocks are also cool and three inches is plenty. Then again, ferrets are cool but I wouldn’t want one down my pants either. He’ll do fine. Just hope Gramps doesn’t find out I made him both gay and sterile after my giving him shit for thinking if we were all gay we wouldn’t have kids. I just didn’t want any residual Coyote being DNA getting back into the food chain. The build was coming in nice too. Good solid pecs with pinkish nipples. Good size too. Strong arms and great legs. If I do say so I create great legs. It’s one of the things I love abound De’ so, don’t mind seeing it on other guys. The ass though, masterpiece time. Round, big, solid yet perky. Not so much dimpled as they were crevassed. Big indent there. Yea, if he was going to have a dick that would make it hard to fuck other guys now, he might as well have an ass in need of constant plowing. The body hair sort of grew out, you could see a shadow from head to toe but it was shaved off. Guessing that ass was shaved too. He’d have to be smooth for his new job though. Not a total muscles stud but good enough for… say… dressing up in a loin cloth and signing autographs as Tarzan all day.

The physical changes wrapped up so I helped him to his feet as the mental took over. Never did mental before. Hope I don’t drive him crazy instead.

“How’s that mirror doing there, oh wandering god?” I asked him all but smashing his face into the glass. “Who’s that cutie in there? Do you feel it yet? Do you feel the years…. how old are you... all the years being stripped away? Well, you’re 18 now, time to live it all again. Until, you die that is. Has it sunk in how mortal you are yet?”

“You’re not done changing him yet are you? I’m not too late am I?” I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around to see my Grandfather standing there. Some how, what with the added powers I now had, I knew it was really him this time. No illusion, but I wasn’t in the mood to take shit from him on this either.

“You can’t stop me Gramps.”

“Stop you?” He said moving foreword, swinging his left foot up between the guy’s legs and connecting with his dick twice as hard as I did. Beginning to wish I had given the guy more to kick. “I’m telling your folks to raise your allowance. See you when you get back. Done good.” And he was gone.

“Still there? Still there?” I asked as he came up from his latest groin kick and adjusting the loin cloth part of his costume which appeared. Maybe I could do clothes now. His hands all over his face and body like he had never seen anything like it before. His head twitching once in a while as it was down loaded with a new history. Erasing the old. “Notice how good you look, how healthy? Ah could have made you a homeless guy, or a sick old man in a nursing home. Due to your looks your life will be slightly more interesting than most. But that’s the point.” He lowered his head and began to cry.

“On quite nights, when you reflect on your life, how much better it is than some others, than some lesser humans, you’ll suddenly remember what had been, what miracles you saw, you created, and just how far you are from that now. You will have a family that loves you, you will search for men to fuck you, and you’ll have tourists ask for Tarzan’s autograph…. but you will never be worshipped again.”

He bent his head down and started trying to catch his breath.

“Last message to the ethereal plane. AH WILL NOT BE FUCKED WITH.”

Yea, I’m taunted out, we’re done.

“Excuses me, Ah don’t know if I’m suppose to come back her but Ah saw you drop this. Thought you might need it.” I said handing out a bad wig that mimicked the cartoon Tarzan’s rasta-esque hairdo.


Ahhh, the stutter worked. “You dropped this? Some house wives were fighting over it to post of EBay”

“Oh my gg-gg-god, thank you. If I l -l-l-lost this I would be in s-s-so much trouble.” He said taking it and returning it to his head. He spent a couple of second adjusting it in the mirror, then grabbed the sides of the sink as if he was ready to faint.

“You OK?”

“J-j-just the Fl- orida heat. Not used to it yet. Too much a Bb-b-b-b-bronx boy.”

“At least you’re dressed for it. Well, nice meeting you Tarzan.” I said reaching out my hand.

“T-t-there’s a guy named Lev who looks like me out of c-c-costume who thanks you.” He took my hand and shook it. In an instant there was a look of fear and shock, then returned to the general sweet boy he was now.

I left him in the bathroom and made my way back down the path. Not sure this was the best idea, but the only other alternative was to give up the powers, but that would still leave us all open to attack. I always found that the best way to deal with bullies was to either ignore then, or take their toys away. In this case, I got a very cool toy to play with now.

Eventually I caught up with the guys. They weren’t thrilled that the spell was broken before the due time. And I think De’ was surprised at how tightly I held him. We needed a quite placed to have lunch. Needed to explain things. There was more magic in the air than ever before. And it had nothing to do with the theme parks. •

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