By John Bowling

A few hours later, the Flexin' Freak woke up and found both the Muscle Fairy and the Butch Babe both lying almost on top of him. They were lying on their sides, on either side of him and leaning towards him. What kept them proped up in the center was three huge, hard dicks all pressing against each other, and their massive mounds of pec muscle. They had their arms around each other's shoulders. He flexed his dick, and felt a returning flex from the Babe, and shortly afterward's the Fairy's dick shoved hard back at them. He raised his arms and wrapped them around the huge shoulders of these humongous men, and pulled them closer. His pecs hardened, cords popping out, as he did so. The each pulled the other closer, and their pecs pressed against his, cords harder than his own pressing into his. The Babe began to move his dick in and out and then the Fairy did also. The Freak couldn't move in response with so much muscle forcing him down. The three dicks were pressed hard together, two of them moving in and out with different stroke length and freqency, and the Babe wispered "I'm cuming again!" He rammed his dick hard against the other two, then the Fairy began to cum, followed soon after by the Freak. They lay their together for a few minutes until all dicks were softened, and then they got up off of him. There wasn't a square inch of his massive chest that wasn't covered with cum. It was still dribbling out of those huge dicks. After they had all gotten up and cleaned up, the Flexin' Freak started to go back to his cell block when the Muscle Fairy blocked his way with a humoungously muscled arm. "I want you to take the Babe with you." "Hun?" "Yea, you'll need the extra muscle when that rapist boy arrives, and I want you to train him for a few months. I've been training him for about six months, with obvious results --" "Damn good results!" "-- but I think he needs a change in training methods to keep him growing huge quickly. He's going to be taking my place in a year when I get out! And he isn't ready yet!" "Damn, you want me to train a boy who's allready stronger than I am?" "Yea. And you can bring him back here every few days to show off how huge his super muscled body has grown." "And to see if he's strong enough to force rape you!" "Yea.." The Fairy's eyes glazed over with that thought, and he grinned. "Ohhh.. Yea.... Damn, fuckin' a YES!! I want the hell fucked out of me by a guy I can't stop with these huge muscles. A guy so big he makes me look skinny. So strong both of my arms can't hold one of his. Just the thought of it makes me horny as hell!" The Fairy lay back down on the bed and gripped his huge dick with both hands. Every muscle in his body was flexed rock hard, thick cords popping out. He began to stroke his cock, and the flexing muscles seemed to grow thicker as he did so. The cords of his forearms were so deeply defined I thought he must be crushing his cock. His triceps were deeply striated as they resisted the huge ball of bicep. Each slab of muscle in his abs were thicker than beer cans, and they were flexing hard, relaxing some, and then flexing again. His theighs looked like the rocky mountains. In his hand, his stiff dick reached above the of his rib cage, and it's head was flopping from from one side to the other with each stroke, slapping his nipples. "Babe, can you imaging being strong enough to beat that massively muscled body? Look at those huge muscles flex." "Hell, I'm going to be twice that size! And I'll whip his ass so hard he'll beg the warden to let him stay when his time is up." The Fairy stiffened and arched his back as every muscle went from hard flexed to an intense crunch, cords even more predominate, and his cock began to squirt. His body jerked with the intense flexing and cuming all over the wall above his head. "Hell, Fairy, when you're flexin like that, their ain't no guy gonna beat you!" He smiled. "Yea, Fairy, I can get big enough to whup your ass. And you're gonna be in real pain when I do. I'm going to beat you before you have to leave." The Babe said with a huge smile. "It was the though of that very thing which make me jerk off! Hurry, please!" The Freak and Babe left and went back to the Freak's cell block. They passed Louie, and he stopped them to say: "Hey, guys, going against the new kid, I'm giving 5 to 1 on each of you guys individually, 3 to 1 for both, and 2 to 1 on the Muscle Fairy, all in favor of the new kid. Want to place a bet?" "Damn right. I'll bet a C note against the new kid on all bets." "Thanks, suckers!" "Looks like we need to get strong quick! Louie is usually right on in his predictions!" "Two weeks! I'll add an inch to these arms by them!" "I'll work the hell out of your muscles to make it happen!" They arrived, just as Stevie was coming back from his daily run. He was slightly flushed, but was not breathing hard. Stevie was Phillepino, 5' 10" and 195 lbs of lean muscle. Even fully relaxed, his muscles were defined as well as the big men when they flexed. And now, with the pump of the long run swelling them, he really looked hot. "How many miles this time, Stevie?" "Twenty five in five hours. Who's the big boy?" He said, admiring the build on the Babe. "He's the Butch Babe. One of the Muscle Fairy's new boys. I'm going to be training him for a while." "He's not that new kid the worden's been talking about is he?" "No." "I didn't think so, he looks a fem with muscles, just like the Fairy." "He is!" "Yea, I like being a bottom getting the fuck rammed out of me, but I can ram a rod harder and deeper than most tops I've met. And most of them love it. Want to try me out?" "Hell yea! I've been the lady of the house long enough. And while I'm drilling you, you can flex those huge muscles and rape hell out of the Freak here!" "Watch it Babe. Stevie may have just finished a long hard run, but he's still able to fuck for hours. He'll wear you out in no time, especially after all the times we've gone at it today. I'm going to get some sleep." "I can handle more fucks!" "Ok. Don't say I didn't warn you!" As he lay down they were standing by the open cell door and the Babe allready had backed his thickly muscled ass up to Stevie's hard dick, and took it in without any hesitation. A couple of hours later, he woke up, and Stevie was holding the Babe up and still screwing him. The Babe looked exausted, his dick and muscles limp, and a pained look on his face. He had come dried on him all over his body and bruises everywhere. "Damn it, flex! What good are all those muscles soft?" Stevie was slapping his ass hard. "Uhhh..." was all that the Babe could say. He tried to flex and couldn't make his muscle even half hard or maintain even a slight flex. There were red marks all over his body, where Stevie had squeezed, slapped, and punched his muscles. He wimpered from the pain. The Freak got up and held the Babe's body. Stevie continued to fuck him for ten minutes, then spasmed as his dick squirted another load over his back. The Babe had fallen asleep 5 minutes before and the Freak laid him on the bunk. He pressed Stevie against the bars and began to fuck him. He must have fallen asleep himself, for he woke up with Stevie fucking him, big hard dick ramming up his tight ass. He felt like Stevie had done the same to him as he did to the Babe. He hurt allover. Stevie pulled it out, and spurted cum in his face. He moved his hand over to wipe it off. "Shit!" He said as he discovered his arms were tied to the bars and so were his legs. "What the fuck are you doing?" "What I should have done to you long ago. You can't imagine how much you enjoyed being tied up while puny little ole me fucked the hell out of you. I sure enjoyed it!" "Damn! Babe!" He hollered, and looked over by the bed. The Babe wasn't there. He glanced around quickly, and found him tied in the same way across the cell. He was awake, but still looked exausted. "Steve, what's got into you? I never treated you bad." "You were always nice to me. But you always went running everytime that Muscle Fairy called, and you always came home to exausted to fuck. And now you bring him home with you!" "I though you liked guys with lots of muscle!" "I do. And now I've got two of them begging me to release them! Yea. Why don't you guy's flex and break those ropes. I made sure that you could break them if you use all of your strength. And I'll just jack off watching those muscles buldge." He sat on the bunk and gripped his hard dick, beginning to stroke. His lean, tough muscles rippled like steel cables as he began to stroke. "Come on, flex and break loose!" The two big guys tightened their huge muscles, and the ropes stretched. "Harder! Break them!" Stevie own muscles thicked as he flexed harder. "Flex!" They both flexed harder, but still couldn't break the ropes. Stevie walked over to the Babe and squeezed his huge flexing biceps. "For a well muscled kid, you really are a puny fem aren't you. They may be big, but they're weak as hell." "Like hell!" "Then flex that muscle so I can feel it. Break that rope, baby!" The muscle buldged, straining, and slowly the rope began to give then held. He crunched his muscles, his hard dick beginning to throb. Slowly they flexed harder, and just before the ropes gave, he began to shoot. "That's more like it!" Stevie said as the jerking dick slapped his face with three thick gobs of cum. Stevies own dick squirted a half dozen gobs on the chest of the Babe. "Now you, Freak. Show me why you deserve your name! If you do deserve it!" He turned to face him and was slammed down on the buck. The Flexin' Freak had broken loose while he was watching the Babe, and now held him down and rammed a fist thick cock 9 inches up the ass. He rammed it in and out a half dozen times, then pressed it hard all the way in. Stevie face was buried in the pillow, and even though he was flexing his body hard, the strength of the Freak was just too much for him. He flexed his ass hard, squeezing down on the big dick. The Freak was loving it. His little Stevie had changed from a total bottom into a small but strong man who could be both bottom and a dominate top. All three of them slept well that night, and the intensive training program for the Butch Babe's muscles began the next day. The Flexin' Freak increased his own training. As they lifted huge weights, Stevie was circling the exercize area, running faster and longer than before. For two weeks, they exercized, muscles growing stronger. Every few days the Muscle Fairy joined them. Then, the warden called all four of them up two his office. "The kid will be here this afternoon. I know you have all been preparing for him. Louie could really make a killing later today. I hear the odds are even greater now!" •

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