Spiced Days


By Texzilla

We got back to the hotel by 3:15, it was right down the street. Took the spell off of Tak and Stoney but was too ‘tired’ to do De’ and myself just yet. Everyone crashed and those who could sleep while Tak snored his ass off we’re out by a quarter to 4. I wasn’t one of them. I carefully got out of bed without waking De’, squeezed this giant ass and cock into one of my swim suits and headed out to relax in the pool. No one was there, no one to see the giant black muscle freak I turned myself into strut around the pool, dipping my foot in along the way to make a splash. The moon was a small crescent and the lights from the theme parks were low enough not to wipe out all the stars. Got in the shallow end, leaned back against the side of the pool and looked up at the stars to reflect over the last couple of days. But I didn’t see the stars.

“Excuse me, I was looking for my idiot Grandson and not every closeted white NASCAR dad’s secret wet dream.”

“Oh I so need this now.” I took a deep breath and sank down into the water. This is a giant body. It must have big lungs. I can stay down here for minutes. Do I know a spell to give me gills? He’s not going to leave is he? I came up for air and my spanking.

“Brilliant tactic. What was plan B, scream ‘LOOK BEHIND YOU’ then swim off?”

“So is this the ‘Here’s what you’re doing wrong’ speech or the ‘I’m going to hint to you what’s going on but only through vague innuendo’ speech?”

“Vague innuendo, yes, I’m so known for my subtlety. As much as I’d like to get all Sage on your ass is it alright if I just tell you that you’re ruining your friends’ vacations and I have no idea why you’re getting so obsessed with this?”

“Wha... Ah… and” I stood up in the water totally flustered. “What do you mean why am Ah?!?!? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? People are dying. There’s some weird shit going on.”

“People are dying all over the world as we speak and weird shit has been happening since day one. There are people in an apartment fire in New York and the 911 system isn’t getting their cell phone call, you going to go save them? There’s a bridge in Louisiana that people think survived the hurricanes last year but it’s close to collapse. You going to go hold it up till it’s repaired?”

“If I was there Ah would!!”

“Since you’re not, who’s going to have to take care of it?”

“The police and firemen Ah guess. But they’re only...”

“Don’t they have police and firemen here?”

“Yessss, got it. So you’re saying Ah should stop?”

“Stop taking everything so seriously, that’s not my Spice. Being a Shaman isn’t a duty, it just….. is. You don’t punch a time clock but you’re not on duty 24/7. Were your friends all set and ready for battle before you went out last night? Were they taking it this doom and gloom this seriously? ”

“No when Ah got up from my nap Tak and Stoney were watching De’ and me have sex.”

“When you got up from your nap? Then was De’ having sex with you while you slept?”

“No, no. Tak filmed us and they were watching the DVD.”

“Oh that’s SO much better, yes. Look, if someone was being killed in front of you, then yea, I’d like you to stop them. I’d want that from you whether you were a Shaman or a train conductor. But if you were a cop we wouldn’t expect you to stand on a street corner stressing out over pedestrians trying to cross the street when there’s a drunk driver out there. Relax, have a $5.00 Coke and a smile and if I catch you smoking again I’ll rip you balls off no matter how big you make them, got it?”

“Ah think so, well, the whole ball ripping off part came in loud and clear. Still confused about everything else.”

“And that’s the Spice I know and love. Speaking of those emotional connections, we got company.”

Through my Grandfather’s form I could see De’ walking to the pool, also dressed in a way to tight swimsuit. Like me he was still in the form of a gigantic bodybuilder. His whole for took up the path he was walking on, and blocked the light from behind him. Only one other man in the state had the build I saw coming towards me, and it was DeAndre Hardy in the body I cast for him. While the proportions for both of us were unbelievably huge, and I had added a lot of race changed to become black like De’, I left De’s original facial appearance as much as I could. What can I say, as much fun as it is fucking each other as different people, I still love this one man.

“Watch out De’. He’s in a ball yanking mood. So ours might not be hanging that much longer.”

“Or lower” De’ said grabbing his crotch. “You out here kicking his ass, sir?” De’ said slipping into the water and kissing me.

“Not you too. Is it that bad? I didn’t mean to...”

“Spice, calm down. About everything. We love you too much to let you handle this alone but we love you too much to see you do this to yourself. We’re more worried about how you’re taking this rather than what going on. I’m looking at your Grandfather and he looks like he was pretty old when he died, right sir?”

“Really better be going somewhere with this...” Grandpa said.

“You Grandfather was the Shaman for many, many years before he handed it off to you less than 6 months ago. But if you keep stressing out, you keep putting this pressure on yourself, you’re going to burn out, crash and the only thing we’ll have left is a younger ghost than this old man."

“That sounded as suspiciously supportive as it was an insult to me.” Grandpa said stroking his chin

“And they do that all the time, Gramps!!!!”

“We know how to push the Talltrees boys’ buttons. So you cool now?”

“Yea, Ah guess. Less Buffy and more Buff-y” I said shooting into a double biceps pose.

“You have my complete permission to take him to the deep end and drown him. By the way I’m trying to say goodbye so could you stop making out while I’m talking?”


“You boys have been a lovely audience tonight so here’s your parting gift.” Grandpa snapped his fingers and large digital clock readout appeared next to him. “You have 20 minutes in this pool alone. No one will come along, look out their windows and the surveillance cameras have shown an empty pool since I got here. Count down begins now, enjoy.”

A strong gust of wind kicked up and Gramps disappeared with it.

“Can’t believe you’ve been able to keep us under the spell this long.”

“Ah had some motivation.” I said reaching into the front of his Speedo. Good thing these suits have a lot of stretch in them, we both needed the extra giving room.

“So….. would you like to feel what I’ve been going though these months?” De’ said lowering my suit.

“Ah think Ah’ll be getting a bit more than Ah’ve been giving, but then that’s been the plan.”

I turned around, put my hands on the side of the pool and arched my back a bit so my ass was in better position for De’. He gave me a few kisses on the back of my neck and worked his way down my back some. Unbelievably I was able to feel each and every touch of his lips on my skin. These giant muscles did nothing to lessen the sensitivity. If anything, it was more electric. When he got to my ass he moved my legs a part a bit and parted my cheeks. I was expecting him to start fingering me when I felt his lips go to work on my asshole. Holy shit he was rimming me. He’s never done this before, never even talked about it. And having never felt it before, holy shit. His fingers weren’t idle during this, he was using them to stroke my t’aint, the area between my cock and hole, never did that before either. This was unreal. Using his fingers alone, De’ is a superior ass player but, this combo of his mouth and tongue…we’re doing this again.

I was in such ecstasy from this I just about didn’t feel him stop and the head of his cock start pushing against my hole. Shit how could he have gotten this big. Oh yea, I willed it into being. Slowly but firmly he continued to push until he stretched me wide enough to get the head to pop in. With the race change came some heavier lips, which I needed to bit down on to get through that. I leaned into the side of the pool for some more support when he started pushing in. Due to the size of the width, he hit all the buttons after the first inch of length, but there were many more inches to go.

I had to shift my feet a bit more size my own cock had gotten incredibly large and hard during this. Wasn’t quite in position where I could let it sit on the pool side so I had to force it down, which led to another level of pleasure right there. De’ waited a full beat before starting to pump my ass with that cock. I’ll have to thank him later for not increasing his speed when fucking me, it was all I could do to keep my eyes in my head. Pulling out of my ass had its positive pleasure triggers but let’s admit it, despite the pain involved, we were here for the fuck thrust in. Only because my abs were so extended due to this roided out body was I not able to see his head of his prick press against the inside. De’ positioned on hand on my shoulder and picked up the pace a bit only to shoot is load deep within me. I followed at the same time, giving the pool filters something to filter.

As he pulled out I could feel the spell break. Just too hard to hold it any longer. We panted like dogs while reverting to our original selves. We had three minutes left on the clock Grandpa left which were spent first hiking up our swimsuits, which fit much better now, and some heavy kissing.

“Where’d you pick up the mouth action from?”

“Would you be mad if I told you that Tak recommended it to me a while back but I’ve been hesitant to try?”

“Tak’s a freak, and Ah don’t think we appreciate that from him enough sometimes.”

The clock turned to ’00:00’ and disappeared. We started to leave the pool when someone walked up to the edge and pushed De’ back down into the water.

“Time to go.” One of the two guys we had been looking for said before tossing the frayed end of an extension cord into the water. The couple of sparks that went off just as it hit let me know it was plugged in on the other end. Everything went white, then black.

Why is my dentist standing in the middle of all these iguanas screaming my name and telling me I have to wake up? It’s Saturday and I don’t have classes or have to get to work today. Oh wait…..

As I started to come to I started to feel the hits from someone kicking me on the side, along with coming to the realization that it was De’ calling my name. These lousy eyes of mine did nothing to come into focus any better than the usual blur I got and with the dim light in the room, it wasn’t good. Felling came back in and I realized I was sitting on the floor but somehow connected to the wall. Not chained but not able to move. The floor was wet and slippery, smelled familiar. Like my pottery room, like wet clay. Were we in a cave? Maybe if I can get De’ to stop screaming he can tell me.

‘De’ alright, alright, Ah’m awake now. Where are you?”

“Right above you!!” De’ yelled, still panicked. I thought I felt something moving in back of me, just didn’t want to think about it. De’ had been connected to the wall standing up, while I was sat on the floor in front of him, with my arm stretched out, across his legs and connected at the wrists to the wall. What I had felt was De’s legs in back of me. My head kept bumping into his crotch. Since our swimsuits were missing, well normally I’m all for this but, didn’t seem like the right time and place to have a dick hit me in the back of my head.

“What have ah missed?”

“Haven’t seen anyone, really. But there’s that….. thing in the wall. Is that what I think that is?”

My eyes tried to focus in the dim light. The ambient light didn’t help much. Across the cave floor I could make out an opening in the wall, about 5 maybe 6 feet tall but not very wide. Like a long slit in the wall. The long sides had ridges from top to bottom and that familiar stream oozed out at the bottom. Thankfully as it moved across the floor it did not reach me. The area around the slit was smooth for several feet before becoming a regular cave wall again. On the floor, just at the base were several of the containers I saw those guys fill up with cum the day before. Two were filled, one empty and on it’s side.

“Were you thinking vagina, ‘cause that’s what Ah’m thinking. Like a giant clay vagina.” I said trying to see if I could break free, or squeeze my hands out of what ever is restraining them.

“They don’t usually get that big do they?”

“Just how gay are you?”

“Seeing that pretty much upped the percentage to 101. Hey, I’m not the one who was a straight guy in our previous fake lives, how am I supposed to know what they look like? ”

I tried moving my arms, forcing them against the restraint. “Any luck in getting loose?”

“Not yet. But I think it’s only clay. It only looks like clay. Hard clay though. You work in clay, are you used to this hard of clay?”

“Can you say clay a few more times?”


“OK, OK De’ sweetie calm down, Ah’m sorry. Ah thought we were going for the making light of the situation to ease the tension bit. Didn’t work but flipping out won’t help either. Let’s try to work though this. Ah don’t know about your hands but mine are pretty well covered so Ah’m having some trouble getting a grip or some leverage. How about you?”

“I’ve got a finger or two free but yea, not enough to do anything.”

“Feel like the wall grew around us. Since that takes some times, they must have a way to do it quicker. Which means there a way to remove it quicker. We’ll just have to…” I stopped talking when I heard something rustle off to our right, but we were soon joined by the two left over twinks from the left. They even carried a burning torch which filled the room with needed light. Who carries torches these days? Where do you even get them?

Three things, well two really, things became clearer as the light from the torches filled the room. First was that the two guys weren’t do so well. They were thinner than when I last saw them in the bathroom. Their hair was falling out, like how it might on someone who was undergoing chemo. Their skin was thin, pale and in some places, beginning to look like it was melting off them. The placed the torches in an area on the wall to hold them up, opened one of the cum containers each and started drinking. They only took a little but it did help them return to.. well normal as such.

The other thing we saw was that the vagina was connected to more than just the far wall of the cave. As the cave we were in got clearer we saw that there was a whole woman in the walls. Some places, like the breasts and the head were open and clear, but others, like a lot of the arms and waist were overgrown with rocks and stone. I worked in clay all my life, I’ve studied sculpture back to the earliest known examples, and this wasn’t a sculpture. This was a woman who had been made out of clay and earth. Something told me that, in some way, this creature had been alive, something in me knew, it was now dead. I think the look on its face was the main telling point. No one would sculpt a look of death like that. No one could know death like that, unless they were experiencing it.

“We’re so glad you came home” one of the guys said. “We’ve been so worried. Mommy’s been sick” he said motioning up to the large clay female. “But now that you’re back, Mommy, everything will be better.” He said looking at me.

“Are you crazy? I am not you Mommy.”


“Or we could try screaming at them.”

“But we feel the power in you, it brought us to you. And you have the seed in you. You have Daddy’s seed.” He said motioning to De’.


“DE’ calm down some. When you scream you’re like peeing some on ma head here. Don’t know if it’s helping either.”

The two twinks looked very confused, almost like they were going to cry. They were acting really different than before. All this Mommy and Daddy talk wasn’t slang but sounded more like how a child might talk. They weren’t faking it either, this was the best they could do.

“Look, look. Think about it. Can you think? How can Ah be your Mommy when your Mommy is right there? Isn’t that your Mommy? Plus…. Ah have a penis. You can’t miss it, it’s pretty big. Do you know what a penis is?”

“Mommy’s been sick. She made Daddy to go get food. But it wasn’t enough. So they made us so we could get more. But Mommy’s been sick. And quite for so long. Daddy said she needed more food, different food, that why we got her this.” They said holding out one of the jars of cum. “but now Daddy gone. So we went looking for Daddy and found you. Mommy and Daddy.”

“I seem to remember them being more together when we saw them before.” De’ said in a quieter tone but with an odd edge to his voice.

“Yea. Ah’m getting an idea what’s going on. So, for a long time there was only Mommy, right? And she was OK on her own. But when she got sick she created Daddy so Daddy could go get more food. Right?”

“She was so hungry.”

“De’ Ah think, AH think this is some type of elemental creature. Ah think she literally lived off the land. Fed from the earth just by being here. There are legends in just about every culture. She might even be the basis for Mother Earth.”

“If she fed off the earth I’m not surprised she’s dead.”

“And that this Daddy is the guy we offed earlier tonight. He was like an off shoot of her, or a drone. And they’re like… drones of the drone. All they were built for was to serve Mommy and Daddy. With them gone, they found some new ones.”

“I’m sorry for your loss but I AM NOT YOUR DADDY. I’m HIS.”

“Man Ah don’t think they’re held together quite as well as when we’ve seen them before. So modern slang might not be in their vocab right now. That might be confusing them.”


Holy shit either he was trying to scare these guys into letting us go, or Holy Shit was he losing it. Wait, he’s screaming at me more than them so I think this is De’ freaking out. Guess I let loose the flood gate when I said we should take a more aggressive stand against these guys. But this is a bit more than that. For a guy who liked being dominated by the fat old Italian guy I turned myself into the night before, was that really only the night before… Anyway, got to work on this.

“Boys, if Ah’m your new Mommy then you have to listen to me. It's waht good boys do, and you're good boys, right? And Ah’m telling you to let me go. Do you understand, let me go.”

“No, you are our Mommy and we need to feed you.” One of the said coming towards me with one of the jars of cum.

“You keep that shit away from me, NO. DON’T!!!” Shit I saw what it did to those guys which, while impressive, I don’t need to find out what happens when a normal person drinks it.

As much as I was trying to free my legs, De’ had gone into a crazed overdrive. They were getting closer when suddenly one of Stoney’s charms flew across the room and landed on my lap. Accompanying it was one of Tak lighting burst which took out the jar. They both rushed out of the darkness on our right, that must have been the sound I heard earlier.

“Few times an Indian is happy to see the Calvary.”

My legs had been freed almost immediately but it took a couple seconds more for my hands. Stoney saw to De’ and quickly freed him, not that this quieted him down any. Tak stood between us and the twinks. We got to our feet, got our bearings, but it had been a long day and night. It gave the twinks time to open the second and last bottle and start drinking it down. It was having the effects as the last time they drank some down, only more so.

They didn’t even grow in the proper proportions this time. One arm gigantic and hanging to the floor, the other small like a child. Upper legs too large on one, the calf bigger than the chest on the other. And all the time, screaming, till one of their head’s disappeared into the body cavity. The one left with its head did a good job on its own though.

“Tak, Ah hope you’re building a charge!”

“Just about got it!”

They lunged foreword and Tak gave them what he got, which was a lot. With the ground being we and soggy we all felt a bit of the back flow charge but it was nothing like what De’ and I got hit with in the pool. The twinks burst into several large pieces, all smoldering and decomposing.

“Are they dead, are they dead” De’ kept saying over and over again.

“Yea, De’ it’s OK, they’re dead.” I said trying to calm him down. This must have hit some hell of a nerve with him.

“Not so fast with the dead.” Tak said drawing our attention to the large bits of twink chunks that were making their way back into Mommy’s baby maker. “Don’t they know that’s only for things to come out of and not into?”

“Says the man with ‘Deliveries in the rear’ stamped on his ass. Ah think we need you to show us how you got in here before...” My sentence was cut short by Mommy coming to and doing her own bit of screaming. While the cavern we were in was large, it still echoed and reverbed off the walls from hell. Walls that started crashing in on us.

The parts of the passage ways that weren’t crumbling as we ran though them started to close up, like a wound healing. The screams of Mommy were getting farther and farther behind us. We made it out of the last tunnel and into the country side just as the walls closed in. It was still night out and strangely quite given all we just went through.

“No more parachutes Dr. Jones.”

“Tak….. do you ever get any movie reference correct?” I asked as I tried to catch my breath. Might be easier if De’ didn’t have his arms wrapped about me in a protective grasp that was quickly becoming a death grip. “De’ come on. We’re OK. De’ let up.”

“No, not till we’re safe not till it’s over.” He forcibly turned me away and all but started dragging me from the site.

“DEANDRE!” I screamed at him’ grabbing him by the sides of his head and looking him directly in the eyes. “IT”S OK. It’s OK.”

Like a big chocolate perfection balloon had some of its air let out, De’ relaxed and hugged me for all he was worth. In my ear he whispered. “I can’t lose you. I thought you were dead till you woke up. It was like with my parents again...”

“De’ it’s over.”

Which is when Mommy tore out from under of the countryside and made a grab at us. She’s gained some mass on her move to the surface and what was above ground was at least 40 to 50 feet of pissed earth made woman. We made for the trees and she tried to free herself more. Screaming all the time. Some local flora and fauna took a hit right behind us as she made another sweep with her hands.

“Anyone got anything?” Stoney asked as we ran.

“Can't stand still enough to get a charge.” Tak said as a tree just missed his head.

“Ah need my casting stick for anything this big. Woulden't be watiing in the car for me, would it?”

“It gave us a shock when we tried to touch it.” Stoney said.

Suddenly Mommy’s screams started to change. Instead of wails of anger they became what sounded like crying. She also stopped trying to kill us. We carefully traced our steps back through the woods to the clearing she had made. The giant woman was now falling apart into large sections of earth. One of her arms had already fallen off and most of her left side with it. She was looking up at the stars when she stopped crying. Odd how something like this, which should never have been alive, could so pitifully die. Like a sandcastle that’s been knocked over, the rest of her body crumbled away into rock and dirt. All that was left was a giant mound of unturned earth and 4 very tired, and very confused teenagers.

“Someone else want to say ‘It’s over’, stuff gets fucked up when Ah do it.”

We were pretty quite on the way back to where Tak and Stoney had parked the car. It was right next to another car on this deserted side road. I guess that’s what the twinks used to get us here. Like Mommy it was quickly becoming a pile of dirt and rocks.

“Stoney, take off you shirt and give it to the guys to wear around their waists.”

“Good idea” I said taking Stoney’s “The sun’s coming up and someone might take a peek in the car as we go back to the hotel.”

“Well yea that and, you’re both muddy as hell and this IS a rental.”


De’ and I got into the back seat. It finally got his arms off from encircling me like muscled air bags, but he didn’t let go of my hand. We’re going to have a lot to talk about when we wake up. Since I felt like I could sleep for three days, we wouldn’t be taking soon, but we’d be talking.

“How are you here? How did you know what happened?” De’ asked like he was coming out of a fog.

“Spice’s Grandfather woke Tak up and told him we needed to get outside and watch what you two were doing.” Stoney said as Tak pulled away and headed back to the hotel.

“I asked him if I needed the DVD camera and he called me a dumb ass freak.”

“Grandpa Talltress knows the when he sees them” De’ said returning a bit to his old self. “That’s how I got out there. He woke me up, told me to give him 5 minutes and come on out.”

“That’s the problem. He only woke Tak and De’ up? Not you Stoney?”

“No, would have liked to have met him”

“Ah don’t remember seeing you, when did you join us? What were we doing when you came out? ”

“Technically it was anal sex. Unofficially it was incredible. We hung back in the bushes to give you guys some room. Then the two freaks showed up and shocked you.”

“Yea, we were like… I don’t know, we didn’t have time to stop the from shocking you, and we could have stopped them fro dragging you off but figured if we followed them we could find out what was going on.”

“I don’t think we could call what happened ‘knowing what’s going on’ but it’s over, they’re dead and we can relax...”

“Ah hope so, but Ah’m not totally sure.” I said thinking.

“What do you mean?”

“My Grandfather told me not to follow this up, getting my guard down, then lay the ground work for us to be trapped in the middle of this nightmare. He told us no one would come out to see us fucking around, yet he woke up Tak ONLY and got you out to the pool. He never met Stoney so he couldn’t let Stoney see him. And on top of them, the twinks came up and found us just as we were done, using the Magic in the air to track us. We weren’t left in the pool fucking for fucking sake, it was so they could find us. There's only one reason my Grandfather would do that”

“Do you think he was behind all this?"

“I think that wasn't my Grandfather.” •

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