Sons of Hercules Vs. Prometheus

The Original Frankenstein


Five minutes earlier, down the hall…

Polloux found the whole demigod bit annoying. Annoyed with the near immortality. Annoyed with the near invulnerability. Annoyed with being an outcast from both humanity and divinity.

He liked fucking his monkeyboys though. Just something about the primal release he was able to give his guys. Even being able to tap into it a bit himself to enjoy the experience. Not completely, not as deeply. Someone still needed to be left in charge. And Polloux liked being in charge of his boys even more. Ordering men around was on of the real perks of being in charge in the arena. Ordering men around because they were more animal than human, that was something else.

On occasions Polloux would get a guy who couldn’t handle the change. They’d go off in a corner and whimper some, like the little animal they partly were. Tonight’s guys were great through. Polloux had originally taken them down the evolutionary ladder just a few rungs, just so they could fight the creatures that attacked the party. Since closing themselves off in the private room down the hall from Castor, the Queen and her brother Price Ajax, Polloux had taken the guys down a few rungs more. Usually he stopped just as the guys began to grow tails but tonight he had to move a couple of stubby, slightly prehensile tails out of the way so he could continue fucking his boys. Just had to make sure he stopped before their asses got a red and puffy. That was one of the animal upgrades that Polloux could do without.

The cleaning staff, well, the cleaning slaves Polloux had to begrudgingly admit to himself, were going to have a time with these sheets. The bed in the room was gigantic. Large enough for the 4 men and still give each person plenty of room. The sheets and pillows were luxurious, but at the same time, thanks to the evening’s doings so far, they were also unusable ever again. Polloux pulled his hard dick out of one of the guy’s asses, he thinks it’s Tomas’s but, with the night being what it is and the room being dark, he wasn’t even 100% sure it wasn’t a real ape’s ass he just fucked. Polloux pulled himself off the bed for another drink, only to find all the bottles they were given were now empty. Shit, well, maybe his brother would still have some. No way could those three be matching them drink for drink this night. He checked on the guys, who were huddled around each other, sniffing certain parts, and made his way down the hall. Polloux also gave himself a quick sniff, being careful he didn’t drop the empty bottle he took with him to make sure he brought back the right stuff. Kind of hard to walk, sniff and not drop things when you were this drunk and out of it from sex. And Polloux reeked of sex. As if the sheets of sweat rolling down his nude, hairy body and his semi hard dick dangling from his crotch wasn’t enough. He still carefully padded down the hall, trying not to make too much noise. Bare feet again an advantage even over shoes.

Polloux pulled the thin curtains that hung in the doorway to the Queen’s bed chambers. In the dim light, barely reflected in the dwindling torches about to go out, Polloux found a mountain of a nude muscle man standing over his brother, sword about to be plunged into his heart.

Going from drowsy drunk to cold sober in an instant Polloux flipped the wine bottle in his hand so his grip was on the next and gave it a full force toss at the assassin. The bottle struck the assassin’s hand, shattering it into a thousand pieces of glass and making him drop the sword too. Through the darkness Polloux could see the assassin turn to face him, eyes burning bright red with hate. More animal than the men Polloux left down the hall.

They didn’t shine long as Castor reared back in his seat and kicked the assassin on the side of his face, sending his reeling. It didn’t take long for Castor to get his bearing and understand what was going on, almost as quickly as the assassin gathered his wits and started over across the room to the dropped sword. Castor soon caught up and the two men threw each other across the room. Amazingly every move that Castor has was met by the assassin, as if he had been programmed to respond as such. Polloux ran down the hall and got his men but did not interfere in the battle, he knew better than to come between his brother and a knock down fight. Castor was even doing one of his favorite moves, the tricking the opponent onto the small rug then yanking it out from under them so they fall back. The assassin was momentarily stunned from hitting his head on the marble floor which gave Castor an opportunity to grab his leg to keep him off balance. Strangely though, almost was quickly as Castor grabbed the leg and the ankle, he let go.

“Polloux!!!” He yelled across the room to his brother. “While I distract him, get a torch and burn him in the small of his back.”

Polloux also knew to rarely question his brother about thinks such as this. So when Castor allowed the assassin to grab his wrists and force him against the wall, Polloux saw this was the perfect time to follow his brother’s instruction. He took one of the still burning torches from the corridor, leapt across the wreck of a bedroom and pressed the burning torch into the assassin’s back. He let out a scream that began to rise to a higher octave near the end, and collapsed on the floor.

“Thanks. Had to stop that before it got any worse.” Castor said then bending down and helping the large man to his feet. “Your highness are you alright? Do you know what happened to you?”

“Highness? This is Ajax?”

“It’s Lydia.”

“What’s going on? Why are you all so much shorter…and my voice…what’s wrong with my…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” The muscle giant screamed as he got a good look at his hands and arms. He started moving backwards, faster and faster as if to run away from himself. He flew back till he hit the bed which he fell back on. This did not help. It allowed him to see his chest, and in sitting up to get a better look at it, he discovered his new penis. He grabbed it, and finding it was real, started screaming again if both panic and pain as he tried to pull it off.

“That’s almost too comical for words.”

“Not helping.” Castor rushed over to the former Queen and broke his grip on his penis, which had gotten much larger thanks to all the attention is was getting. “Your Highness calm down. Please. Deep breathes. You’re under a spell…”

“A SPELL!!!! Like those dancers tonight? Will I burn up!?!?!?!”

“She’s going to give herself a coronary before we can get any answers.” Polloux said joining his brother in trying to calm the man down.

“You highness please, you must calm down. I know this is a shock but…. would you allow me to show you a relaxing trick use by men for decades? I think it would help.”

“All…all right. It won’t hurt?”

“Not at all. Watch.” Castor spat in his hand and grabbed onto the massive dick at the base. He didn’t let his grip get too strong, letting the warmth of his hand add to the heat coming from the cock, which was considerable. After he was sure the spit has spread enough between hand and cock he slowly pulled it up, letting his hand run over every vein and muscle, till he reached the head, and then just as slow, he took the hand down again. The look on the newly minted man’s face was incredible. Like the most amazing magic trick in the world was suddenly taking place on his groin. A few more strokes and Castor picked up speed. The smile on the man receiving the attention grew proportionately. He had propped himself up on his elbows to get a better look at what was going on, never taking his eyes off of Castor or his cock. Polloux slightly surprised him when he appeared on the other side of the bed, reached over and took one of his nipples in his fingertips.

“Bet these are just as big and just as sensitive as before. Am I right.” He said giving it a slight flick. With that the former Queen threw his head back and shot his load all over his chest and stomach. Castor could barely hold onto the cock as it exploded. The whole bed shook from the experience.

“That was amazing. It’s like….before you touched it I wasn’t sure if I wanted you too. Then the second you touched me, I never wanted it to stop. The whole world opened to me, and got better the faster you went. But now…now that I’m…done…..I want nothing to do with you and just want to roll over and go to sleep.”

“Welcome to the many wonders of penis ownership.”

“Is it safe to taste this liquid?”

“Let’s see.” Castor ran his finger down the man’s chest, down his stomach and swirled it around a bit in the small pool that had gathered in his belly button. Making sure he had a good amount, he placed his finger in his mouth. “Yes it’s fine. If you’ll excuse us, I need to talk to my brother for a moment.”

“Yes…yes.” He said tasting the cum himself. “Can I do that again while I wait for you to talk?”

“Ummmm, going to have to wait a little bit. Excuse us.”

The two brothers walk not too far away, but hopefully far enough that they wouldn’t be overheard.

“He is so very fuckable now.” Polloux whispered.

“Tell me. We’re going to let who did this live long enough to tell us how they pulled it off, and then we’ll kill them.”

“Don’t you think we should get a cure for her first? I mean, as much as it would be fun to have a fuck mate like him around… not really fair.” Polloux said looking over at the bed to find the monkey men he brought into the room carefully reaching over and tasting the cum themselves. “HEY!” he shouted which sent them scurrying. “And how did you know did you know he was Lydia?”

“Scar on his foot, inner leg just above the ankle. She hurt herself in a riding accident when she was a child. Left this nasty scar. It’s why her sandals always strap up so high, to cover it. I saw the scar and figured there couldn’t be two like that. As for a cure, problem is, there might not be a cure that we can deal with. I think the idea was to have her….him attack me, we kill him in self defense, but once he’s dead, he’d switch back to she. Making it look like we killed off the Queen.”

“Wow, that’s really ingenious. You sure you’re not behind this?”

“……What? What did you?!?! Why would you ask??!?!!”

“Well you knew to check for the hearts, you knew he was her, you know WHY she was turned into a he, the transformations close enough to what you cal pull off, and it’s just seems that all the answers are coming out...”

“You hairy little shit!!!! I should have left you in the zoo to fuck chimps.”

“I only fuck the men I turn into chimps or into chimp like beings.”

“And when you’re drunk?”

“We’re Demigods, Oh Righteous One! Humans/ Chimps – chimps/human? We stoop so far down the DNA strand when we fuck one, what does a chromosome less here or there matter when we fuck the other? Look all I’m saying is that one of us has to be the evil twin and I know it’s not me.”

“If fucking dumb animals don’t make you evil I don’t know what does. Oh when this is over I’m so going to pound your ass. And not in the good way.” Castor said trying to get his bearing again. “Look…look…OK… the risk of GIVING AWAY MY WHOLE EVIL PLAN have you noticed that Ajax is missing?”

“I was wondering about that. You didn’t send him away?”

“Last thing I remember was he was sleeping next to me. We were having too much fun for him to have left on his own. You uh, you think your ape guys can do some tracking? Or do you need to fuck them into being dog boys.”

“No they should be able to get a scent. Be more fearless this way. Dog boys? What’s up with that?”

Polloux walked over to the ape men and started communicating with them. Castor looked for the male Queen and found him off to the side searching through her former wardrobe.

“Are you alright Lydia?”

“Yes Castor, but I’m naked. This form might require fewer cloths, it still needs to be covered. Very little here that would fit both this body and my old body. Wait, Father bought me some clothes back from Persia he thought I might grow into. Far too large. He had no idea how a young woman grows. Or perhaps he thought I’d grow to be a fat old hag.” He found a chest, opened in and pulled some clothes out. “This might work.” He steps into what looked like some shimmering white shorts and pulled them up his thick legs, positioned his cock to rest in the pouch and squatted down briefly to pull up his ass the strap of the g-string underwear he was now barely wearing.

“A bit tight but do you think it will do?”

“You father bought you that?”

“I thought it was odd but Father gave so much attention to Ajax in those days, I was hungry for any attention he’d give me. Guess he’d be pleased to have a son like me now?”

“Well, we need to get this resolved. We can’t find Ajax and fear he’s been taken. We’re going to use Polloux’s men to track him. I afraid to say your highness, you’re going to have to come with us. This happened to you while we were in the room, which I apologize for. Can’t take any chances on something happening to you while we’re gone. Do you think you’re up to it?”

“I think I can be some help.” Lydia said flexing a bicep that rose off his arm like Vesuvius about to blow again.

“Don’t get overly confident Lydia. You did a good job in our fight but that might have only been part of the spell. With you back to your senses, we don’t know if you retain that. So, stay behind Polloux and myself and don’t interfere unless you feel you can contribute. Is that clear.”

“Will you kiss me before we enter this battle? For good luck?”

Castor placed a hand on the back on the man’s head and pulled him in for a kiss. It wasn’t the lips of a woman his mouth met. But a real man. Slightly rough. Full but solid. The kiss was met back, in a way that Castor was sure the female Lydia never had the courage to show such aggression.

“Was this penis what was needed to get a kiss from you?”

“Your highness, please. We need to leave.”

They found Polloux and his men at the far side of the room, searching a blank wall.

“Dead end almost immediately. Trail didn’t lead out the door or the window, but to this wall. Secret passage way?”

“Not that I know of. But it is an old palace.” Lydia said making sure, as Castor told him, to stay behind the brothers.

“Might be a secret trigger to open the door on this side. We’ve been checking and haven’t found anything so far.”

“You sure it’s right here?” Castor asked.

“No doubt that it leads right to here.”

“Fuck it then.” Castor strode up to the wall, raised his right leg and kicked the wall in. The stone and plaster shattered as if it had exploded. Dust filled the air but it was clear that the collapse of the wall did lead to a pathway. A dark passage that looked like it had been carved out of the ground, leading down into an even darker reality.

“Can you teach me to do that?” Lydia said in complete awe as the dust began to settle.

“Hopefully we’ll have those shapely legs of yours back in place before too long, so you won’t have to learn.” Castor said gathering some torches.

“Oh I don’t know. I think his legs might do just fine. The certainly feel solid enough.” Polloux said beginning to feel up Lydia’s legs, working up to his groin area. “What really drives a kick like that is a solid glutte muscle. Yes, yours is certainly strong and solid enough.”

“Will you stop copping a feel and send your guys ahead. Think they need a torch?”

“They’ll see better in the dark without. OK men, you have the powers of the gods and now we must put them to use!! Villains have taken our Prince Ajax. You know he’s down there, go find him. We will follow.” The ape men ran off into the darkness, able to see in the dark but blindly following Polloux’s orders. “We let them get much of a head start we’ll never catch up.”

“Just getting us some better swords.” Castor said returning with three large silver weapons that looked like they could cut down a tree with one slash. “Lydia, this is for you to protect yourself, not to join in. Is that understood?”

“Very well.”

“Polloux you take the lead since you can track your men and we can follow you.”

The men entered the passages way and took a moment to let their eyes adjust to the even dimmer light of only the torches they carried. While the path leading down could not exactly be described at steps, they certainly were man made. But ancient. An occasional skeletal bone could be found along the path, some part that was clearly an arm or a rib. The rest of the body was missing but this did not mean it was never there to begin with, but had either been carried off, or eaten on the spot long ago. The sounds of Polloux’s men were still off in the distance but not too far ahead.

“This place smells worse than the zoo.”

“Well you would quite LITTERALLY know. They’re not getting too far ahead?”

“No they should be fine...” Polloux was interrupted by sudden silence, then shouts from his men and the return of silence. The three men had paused on the passage momentarily but picked up their pace to find out what had happened. The path twisted and turned as it headed down but eventually reached a small open area. The small room like place had two other passages at the far end. In the middle of the room though, were the men, obviously pierced time and time again through their bodies with the metal spears that came out of the wall. The men hung there impaled like strange marionettes. The only sound the fair dripping of blood on the stone floor.

“This guy is so dead when I find him.” Polloux said entering the room.

“Careful! There could be more.”

“No, no room for any others to come out of the walls. Damn these were good men.”

“Could any still be alive?” Lydia said joining them

“Your Highness no, don’t leave the...” With that a stone door smaller down, blocking their way back. Quickly joined by the other two entrances being blocked off. “Not good. Get ready.”

“For what?” Lydia asked trying to hold his sword like he knew how.

The metal bars impaling the men shook for a moment then retracted back, leaving the room free to move in. And also leaving the men still standing. They took shook for a moment before beginning to move. Their animal – human forms did not change, but their skin cleared, turning pale and while. Muscles that were once taunt and firm moved, although they appeared more like gelatin than muscles. Their eyes clouded to dull milk like color, tinted a sick blue. Their mouths widened, back farther, like the skin being pulled tight on the drying body of a corpse. Leaving the mist twisted smiles the men had even seen, and the longest teeth the glistened in the torch light.

“Zombie Ape Men?!?! We’re busy, we don’t have time for this!!! Taking it that any control you might have had ended when they died?”

“Not getting any response so far.”

“Stay back Your Highness.”

“Like hell.” Lydia said jumping past them and starting to slice into the zombies.

“Is it me or is she really getting into being a guy?”

“Must be the testosterone. He’s not going to have all the fun though.”

The three men fought like the mighty warriors they were in the confined space. Almost like a ballet of steel and blood. One would move out of the way just in time for another to take the space up with their own fight. The undead gladiators they were battling were quick and moved without fear of pain or danger, making the battle all the harder. Not even removing both arms would stop them, for they still had their legs to kick and trip and mouths to bite. They soon started to lose their intensity. The attacks lessened in the strength being used, and their eyes dulled over to a clean white. As their bodies collapsed on the floors, the men thinking they would have a breather were quickly engulfed by a blue cloud of gas that sprayed out of the walls where the spikes had come through. Quickly knocking the men out, the torches soon followed.

It had to be hours later that Castor felt himself coming too. The groggy feeling was lifting slowly till he recognized the shouting far off in the background to be that of his brother’s voice. This brought his to his sense all the quicker, only for the shouts not to be the screams of pain he thought they would be at first.

“Stupid ass son of a bitch you bet you’re awake and fucking ass hole if you’re not dead when I get free I don’t know who is!!!!” Castor’s eyes cleared to see that his brother was hanging spread eagle on a wooden X far above from him. Castor too was chained to a wooden X but on the ground level of the laboratory they were now trapped in. Heavy chains wrapped so tightly around each wrist and ankle that there was no give to try to break free. And still Polloux yelled. “Hey smart guy, awake enough yet? See who’s puttering around down there behind all this fucking shit like I TOLD YOU HE WOULD BE!!!”

“Hello” Comodous happily chimed in from far beneath them.

“Shut up!”

Getting a better look at the room, now that his eyes were clearing, Castor saw they were in a large stone laboratory filled with wooden tables and shelves which were in turned filled with bottles and jugs of strange liquids. The room was larger than most palace throne rooms with a high ceiling, Polloux being about half way up. Out of harms way Castor imagined. His eyes clearing more he could see Ajax standing off to the side, in a trance like state. His tunic had been removed but he didn’t look any worse than before. Lydia was chained next to him, not to a wooden X like Polloux and himself, but heavy chains on his neck, keeping his hands together and his feet all leading to a large connection into the ground. Either from the length of the chains connecting him or the weight, he could not stand up straight. A gag in his mouth kept him from crying out in the volumes his pleading eyes spoke. In the far corner of the room…. something, about 15 feet tall, was covered by a large sheet, stained with blood and other fluids. For all the chemicals in the room, nothing gave off a stronger odor.

“I’ll be ready for you in just a minute.” Comodus said continuing to work around his lab.

“Ready for what you old toads wart?” Castor asked hoping that insulting the old man would start to throw him off his game.

“I’m in need of a heart. The heart of a hero. The heart of a god. So, I’m in need of your heart.”

“I’m a demi god too you little shit.” Polloux yelled down.

“Can you just give me a minute here before we deal with your odd need for sibling rivalry?” Castor called up hoping his brother would get the clue. “So you need my heart do you toad? What for? Some youth serum so you can take over the Kingdom from these two?”

“Oh hardly. I need it for my creation. Once he is alive none can challenge me. Then I will become ruler of this land. Although the youth serum was a good idea, hadn’t thought of that.”

“What creation do you speak of?”

Comodus walked over to the tarp and, as best as his old withered body could do, removed it from his ‘creation’. Revealed underneath was a creature from the nightmare world. In some ways it resembled a man since it did have two arms, two legs…. But it was clearly not a real man. At least 15 feet tall inhuman creature made up of any part of many other men. Sown together in a meticulous yet crude fashion. Instead of just one huge pec, his cheat was obviously made up of 5 or 6 pecs sown together on each side. The same went for other muscle groups, like those in his legs and arms. The skin color was almost a rainbow of the human condition, pink, brown, black, and most appeared to be rotting too. Its face was a mass of skin and muscle. A series of lips sown together to make one long lip that barely concealed the several dozen teeth the huge makeshift jaw held. And in the center of the chest, a gaping hole rigged in metal ready for a new heart.

“Lovely. And you think my heart can bring this…thing to life?”

“I know it will. Just need to cut it out and sow it in. Then my years of waiting and planning will be over. Hiding in the back ground till these two weaklings took the throne. Perfect time to create a situation where they would both die in the attack, leaving me as the perfect ruler. Of course you could have helped by killing off the Queen here. But we can make due. My creature will be hungry when it awakens…”

“Have you though of one thing you old fool. I’m a demi god. There isn’t a sword in the land that can piece my flesh. You won’t be getting to my heart any time soon.”

“Oh that’s where you’re wrong.” Comodous said walking across the laboratory to a large chain hanging from the ceiling. With a pull that almost threw him off his feet, Comodous yanked the chain down, setting in motion a series of pulleys and weights. Far above them all, even Polloux, a skylight opened in the ceiling flooding the room with sunlight. Comodous then pulled another level releasing a series of mirrors from the wall, which settled into the sunbeams path. Reflecting fro one to another the beam narrowed more and more until it reach one last mirror. The last bean created an almost crude laser point that struck the wall next to Castor, and began melting the stone.

“As you can see I have brought the fire fro the heavens down to Earth. I control the flames of the gods. I AM PROMETHIUS!!!!”

“You are not you old fool” Polloux yelled down. “We met Prometheus weeks ago. Nice guy. Red hair, silver armor and carries a lot of silver arrows.”

“Polloux…that was Athena, goddess of the hunt.” Castor said correcting his brother while studying the beam.

“No way…. He had a beard, a thick red beard.”

“Yea well, there are certain women just like you and I are certain guy….do the math. Umm crazy old man, this won’t work. I urge you to release us and face your fate in the courts of this land and not our wrath.”

“You don’t fool me you muscle bound idiot. I know you’re scared. I know this will be the one thing I need for POWER. You cannot get away from the flames of OLYMPIUS!!!” Comodous said taking the edge of the mirror and suddenly pointing it as Castor’s chest.

While Castor did flinch for a second, the beam obviously was having no effect. Thinking it needed to be more concentrated, Comodous moved the mirror closer.

“Thank you.” Castor said suddenly flexing his pec. The beam suddenly reflected off his chest and went shooting across the room. “Don’t fuck with someone who’s nigh invulnerable.” The beam continued to cut across the room, slicing thought support beams and work tables, till Castor was able to crudely aim it towards his brother. The beam cut through his shackles but not his skin, freeing him.

Comodous panicked and hit the mirror in front of him, sending the beam on a more random path shooting across the room. After breaking his last restraint, Polloux jumped to the floor and quickly freed his brother.

“How’d you know that would work?”

“Didn’t. Just counted on us being the heroes to pull it off.”

“I’ll get the mad scientist, you free the kids.”

The chaos that would ensue over the next few minutes would only gather momentum as the second passed. Polloux’s mad dash to capture Comodous was met with the old man proving to be more spy than he looked. As they played an insane version of Hide and Go Seek across the lab, mirrors where pushed aside and moved, making the laser flash across the area with a deadly randomness. Meanwhile Castor made his way across the lab, ducking the pulsing laser to the two young rulers.

“I’ve been trying to free myself but even as a man I’m not strong enough to break these chains.” Lydia said as he again struggled against the metal chain holding him to the floor.

“A valiant effort but don’t despair.” Castor said taking one end of the huge chain and started to pull up on it. Slowly, very slowly the metal started to give. A great moan came from the metal as the chain broke freeing the muscle man fro his capture. After that it was an easy more to snap the cuffs around his wrists and ankles.

Meanwhile Polloux had caught up with Comodous, grabbing him around his neck and holding him off the floor in a mighty grip.

“Look you old fart, you killed my men, you’ve tried to frame us for murder, you’ve tried to dethrone a kingdom…… there’s just one thing I want to know. How come we walked down a dark passageway into the heart of the castle yet your secret lab has skylights? How does that work out?”

Comodous merely smiled and pulled a long knife out of the folds of his tunic.

“Idiot, like I said, I’m just as invulnerable as my brother.”

Comodous’s smile did not leave his face as he threw the knife, not at Polloux or Castor but at one last mirror. The ricochet effect was amazing as the laser gave one last revolution around the room, ending with its beam heading deep within the opening on the creature’s chest.

“If my creature will not come to life with the heart of a bastard god, then it will need the fire of heaven instead.”

After a brief second for the twins to mouth Oh Shit the creature came to life with an unholy scream. Series of vocal cords twisted and flex giving a chorus of pain and despair as its eyes opened. Eyes they held a dozen pupils in each milky white orb. With unbelievable swiftness the creature moved off the table and started into the room. Great billows of smoke and fire leaking out of its chest cavity.

Polloux seeing the perfect opportunity took Comodous and threw him at his creation. With a struggle to stand upright the creature caught the old man, held him for just a second before lifting its other great arm up and tearing him in half. And still the creature screamed.

“We have to get out of here. Too confined a space to fight this thing.” Polloux said reaching Castor. With the death of Comodous the trance holding Ajax had begun to lift.

“Everyone make it over to the far wall. Lydia help your brother.”

“Lydia.” Ajax said trying to focus his eyes on the muscle man that now towered over him.

As the creature destroyed the far end of the room, the four men made their way to the opposite wall of the lab. Castor being the last to join them since he stopped off to pick up one of the fallen, broken mirrors.

“Hope my aim is good.” Castor said taking a moment to get his bearing and then launch the mirror across the room. It flew with a high pitched shriek till it found its target, the right side of the creature’s head. “Bingo.”

In a blind fury the creature started for the group, smashing anything and everything in it’s path as it lunged across the room.

“Steady.” Castor said holding everyone still. And just as the creature was upon them. “Now.” He yelled pushing the two young rulers out of the way and hoping Polloux got the idea.

Momentum alone caused the creature to crash through the far wall. Bursting out of the lab into a courtyard on the side off the palace that unfortunately was filled with towns’ people doing their daily shopping and trading.

The creature stopped for a second then roared again. The people in the square screamed and began to run off. It swiped at a few but was obviously on its last moments. Suddenly its cries were quieter, more of a morning than a scream of anger and pain. It slowly stood to its full heights and looks at it’s arms and hands. It looked down at its body and then at the people who were running away. As if in it’s last moments it understood where it had come from, and what it was now. As if it needed nothing more to give it a reason to die. It collapsed under its own great weight, many of the sutures and stitches breaking, causing it to start to unravel in the square.

“Splat.” Polloux said as the four left the ruined laboratory.

“Thanks for the sound effect. Your Highnesses, trust me on this, go and stand on the creature’s back and act like you were the ones who brought it down.”

“Why do you call this person ‘Your Highness’ who is he, what’s happened and where is my sister.” Ajax said more in confusion than anger.

“All will be explained Puppy, just do this.”

The two men cautiously moved towards the creature and after taking a tentative step, strode up its back to it highest point and looked out at their people. Who met their rulers with a mighty cheer.

Days later:

“You have to pull them apart some. Be fair.”

“Nope. And you can’t use your hands either. Go on in and kiss away.” Polloux said rising his ass just a little more to meet his brother’s face. Holding his breath Castor pushed forwards, parting the rock hard, hair covered mounds of Polloux’s ass and finding his butt hole, gave it a kiss. “There was that so bad.”

“I can only hope Hades smells better. I’m still going to have your nuts for thinking I was behind this.”

“Eh, like to see you try. How are things with Lydia? She calm down that we can’t find a cure.”

“Pretty much. I think letting her fuck my brains out was a big help. Gave her a taste of the power that comes with being man, and particularly a man who loves men. You think the army and the generals are going to accept her”

“They already do. The whole ‘Was under a spell for the Gods’ bit was all they needed to accept the sex change. Having it looked like they killed that monster certainly sealed it. And Ajax seems to be able to deal with having a brother who’s King rather than a sister who’s Queen.”

“And Lydia…or Lysander as he wants to be called can now teach Ajax the ways of decorum and statesmanship while Ajax can teach hi the ways of being a man.”

“You don’t think those two are going to….you know.”

“You are one twisted fuck of a monkey.” Castor mumbled as they joined the two rulers and their people in the throne room. Lysander sitting on the throne, his blonde hair now neater and more controlled under the crown. His muscles in full display through his royal robes so that no one would question the power he now held. Is bread had been left longish and unruly, some said as a tribute to Castor.

“You are leaving us, our heroes? There is nothing I can say to keep you here?”

“With great regret we take our leave of you and your people. There are other battles and other people who need our help. But know that if the need ever arises, we will return at a moments notice.”

With a salute the twins turned, left the palace to find their horses waiting for them. They quickly mounted and rode off into the dusky horizon.

“You got the payment for all that didn’t you?” Polloux asked

“Ah shit…this is going to be awkward.”

On the land and on the seas, where ever there is need, there’ll be SONS OF HERCULES!!!!!! •

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