Sons of Hercules Vs. Prometheus

The Original Frankenstein


“By the way, since these guys were dancing boys up to a few moments ago, and really looked as shocked about their transformations as anyone else, do we go for a knock out or an end game?” Polloux asked as the twins tried to move down to the main dance floor through the heard of panicked guests running towards the exits.

“Try for a knock out, there might be a way to cure them or reverse this. But if it comes down to it…”

The brothers threw themselves into the battle. Taking on the giant man-creatures closest to the guests first, knocking one down then moving onto the next. At first the beasts were slow, but soon learned how to use their newly grown bulk and strength against the demigod twins. The Twins also found that while the creatures were single minded, bent on killing everyone in the room, they were not dumb. They soon found ways to use the marble tables and furniture set up for the party against the heroes.

“Well this sucks.” Castor said as tried to pick himself up off the floor from the bits and pieces of the marble table that had just been broken across his back.

“You notice they’re getting stronger?” Polloux asked helping his brother to his feet.

“You notice they’re getting hotter? Got a feeling I know where this is going but we need some help to keep them contained till then.” Castor said brushing the marble dust off of himself.

“The Prince is certainly getting a few knocks in. And a couple of my guys from the arena have been doing their best.”

“The Prince?” Castor said turning around to see Prince Ajax give one of the smaller man-beasts a sucker punch that sent the monster reeling. “Not bad, but it’s not his job. Your Highness!!” He yelled after Ajax. “Get your sister to safety!!”

Without pausing to even blink, Ajax jumped over the unconscious creature he just punch, made his way through the battle to his sister’s side. She had been cowering against a far wall, unable to move from fear. Ajax put his arm around his sister’s shoulder and lead her from the room.

“Ok, the money is safe but we still need help. Knowing you like I do, you got enough excitement out of all this that you can downgrade your boys into something a little more base?” Castor asked.

“You know me too well. Keep these creatures distracted while I set the guys up.” Polloux said running off in the direction of the few gladiators who had stuck around to join in the battle. “Warriors, gather round!!”

The men stopped what they were doing, as soon as they could and joined Polloux in a small circle off to the side. Castor meanwhile was taking on the remaining creature by himself, and doing a decent job of it.

“Men, these creatures are gathering their strength faster that Apollo can race the heavens. To win this battle I can unleash a hidden strength long dormant in all of you. Are you willing!!!???.” Polloux yelled in a way that none of his warriors could have refused. Reaching into the front of his leather trunks and smearing his fingers with as much of the precum he’d let loose while ‘enjoying’ the battle as he could. He smeared some on the lips of each man, all eager to unleash this power their mentor spoke of. None knowing what would happen next.

For while Castor could adjust a man by will, adding muscle, taking away intelligence, or vice versa, Polloux’s gift ran in one direction, back to the Stone Age. If not even father back than that. Polloux might be mistaken for an ape-man at times, but with a little concentration, he could turn his select ‘victims’ into their own primordial ancestors.

Which was what was happening to the shocked gladiators he’d just given a taste of his power to. While born and bread to be massive warriors in the arena, their current bodies were nothing as to compared with what they were changing into. Before their shocked eyes, arms already bulging with muscles grew thicker still, and then longer. Fingers stretched an extra inch or more, as it they added an extra digit. Legs grew stocker and thicker, but with feel longer than their hands now. Their skin darkened slightly but mainly got thicker. Thicker than any leather they even knew. Faces rearranged as brows got thicker, jaws and lips heavier. They lost none of their mental capacity and were fully away of their changes, but that didn’t mean they weren’t enjoying the rush of power. Not even when the massive amounts of hair sprung out of their bodies, covering them more than Polloux was even covered did the men truly show the fear that quietly lingered in the back of their minds. They were warriors, now more than ever.

Polloux gathered them together, looking the in the eyes. Eyes just a bit duller on the surface but with flames of newly found energy burning deep within. In their new forms the men breathed heavily though great chests that strained their clothing. “All done? Feels good don’t it? Kill.” Polloux said sending his newly created muscle bound ape men off screaming like the half animals they now where.

The creatures that Castor had been trying his best to subdue had little of their original higher mental resources left after their transformation. But they knew danger when they saw it coming. And they knew fear. The ape warriors tore into the creatures with unbridled fury. While as men the gladiators had tried to use their finest fighting skills to subdue these monsters. But as ape men, they no longer cared for the subtleties of fisticuffs. Bounding on great legs, propelled by leveraging their mighty arms, the ape men lunged at the creatures, jumping onto their back and using their prehensile feet to not let go. Gigantic hands ripped at flesh which, when it didn’t give way immediately, was soon torn from the bodies with canine teeth. They were warriors though, no matter their form, and this was what they lived for.

Castor didn’t exactly take a break fro the fighting, but with a new group engaged, he could take a moment to reevaluate the situation. The guests, those not dead, had long cleared out. Only person left not fighting the creatures was this odd old man Comodus who had appeared just before the action started. The old man stood off to the side, entranced by the situation, obviously scared but too curious to move away. Castor thought about making his way over to him to show him out of the room, when he noticed the creatures had started smoking out of their many open wounds.

“This is it!” Castor yelled at the fighters. “Get back.”

Polloux pulled the last of his men off the creatures as they started smoking even more. Great pain came over the monster’s faces, now contorted with agony never felt by man before. And in the instant before they all burst into flames, what Castor could only identify as reason coming back into their minds. In their last seconds they returned to their old selves, only to die horribly. Their massive bodies went up in flames like so much kindling. The smell that followed was almost unbearable.

“Tore my best party tunic.” Castor said trying to reattach the part of his tunic that covered half his chest to the clasp at the shoulder.

“That’s why I always wear leather. Much more durable, yet still socially acceptable.” Polloux said joining him in looking over the burnt remains of the creatures they had been fighting.

“Yea I think we all know the real reason why you only wear leather there Butch.”

“Well what the hell was all this about anyway?” Polloux said holding is guys back from picking at the ashen corpses. It would be several hours till his men returned to their true forms.

“Hard to say. Assassination attempts are rarely this inept. Too many people around, we were here, your gladiators… And they didn’t seem to be going after Queen Lydia or her brother, just killing who ever they could get their hands on.” Castor said as he bent over one of the bodies, pushing the ashes around with a knife he found on the floor.

“You look like you’re looking for something?” Polloux said kneeing down next to his brother, whispering quietly so the others wouldn’t hear. “An enchanted jewel or a magical token that would have caused the changed?”

“No, I’m looking for their hearts. I’ve attended to many a funeral fire. Hair, skin, fat all goes right away. Even bones once revealed burn down quickly. Muscles are the last to go. And the heart being just one big muscle, always the last. I see no sign of it in this body. Telling me that’s where the fire started. Like they burned themselves out.”

“Still not sure what that tells us.”

“Tells us that they were not meant to stick around. Cause havoc and then die off. Might have been a diversion...” Castor said launching himself upright and out the door. With his brother and the ape men close behind the quickly made their way through the palace to the Queen’s bed chambers.

But inside they were relived to find the Queen lying down on her bed, Prince Ajax trying to comfort her on one side, and surprisingly the old man Comoudous mixing a potion on the other side of her bed.

“Your Highness, are you alright?”

“She’s well, just very upset.” Comodus said removing the stirrer from the potion he was mixing. “Just going to give her something for her nerves. Help her sleep.”

“I’m sorry sir but who are you, we have not been introduced and the Queen’s health and safety is my priority.”

“It’s alright sir.” Ajax said “Comodus is our family physician, wizard, wise man and councilor. He’s more like an Uncle than anything else…”

“Ohhhhhkayyyyyy. Castor…” Polloux said motioning to his brother to join him in a private conversation away from everyone else. “What did I say the last time this happened?”

“We have no way of….”

“What. Did. I. Say?”

“I think the quote was, next time we go on a job and weird shit starts happening, kill the old wizard first because they’re always behind it all.”

“Very good, but not quite. I said, next time we head into a job, we kill the old wizard first THEN see what weird shit is going on. Since they’re always behind it all, why waste time, just get it out of the way. So, this being the case, you’ll excuse me while I got snap his brittle little twig like neck.”

“NO stop...Polloux, no we can’t. We have no proof. If he’s been a family retainer for years, why act now?”

“Cause secretly he’s really a crazy old man like they always are. Snapping his neck.”

“No, it’s been a long day. I’m going to sleep in here to keep an eye on the Queen. You’ve got men to re-evolve. Let’s just keep our eyes on him and see where this is going.”

“Where it’s going is you’re lips kissing my hairy ass when he almost kills us moments after revealing his fiendish plot, OK? And I’m not talking lips to fleshy cheek, its puckering up on my butt hole time Bro.”

Queen Lydia calmed the twin’s fears once they rejoined the group. She assured them that Comodus had given her the same sleeping potion for years at times of stress, like when her parents were killed years before. And only after her brother Prince Ajax also say he would spend the night in the room watching over her did she allow Castor to do so. Comodus excused himself and trotted off mumbling about having to get some work done in his lab before going to bed that night. Polloux took a room down the hall with his men who he said he needed to keep an eye on till the returned to normal. Castor reminded him that the Royal Palace was not the place to have hot monkeyboy love echo off the walls.

The reasoning behind only allowing Castor to staying the Queen’s bedroom if Ajax was there too, was the thought that fewer rumors would leak out if than if it was just Castor and the Queen alone. But it was the young Prince who had the idea of taking advantage of the situation, of a might hero at his disposable while the only witness, a sleeping Queen could not possibly awaken to see.

A strong hand lay down on Castor’s crotch, waking him fro his light sleep. “Ummm, my Prince is something wrong.” He started to get up from the cushioned chair he had chosen to spend the night in.

“Hardly sir. I just wanted to sow my appreciation for your valiant efforts tonight.” He pulled down Castor’s trunks till they were at his knees.

“I’m thankful for your attention, you have no idea how thankful, but this is neither the time nor the place.”

“My sister is fast asleep. I know the potion Comodus gave her well. Nothing will wake her till late morning.” He bent down between Castor’s legs and pushed them apart some. “And this was part of the reason behind this afternoon’s….session. I know I’m different now. Less aggressive, more agreeable. Stronger.” With that he took Castor’s dick in his hand and started stroking it. “But while I know I’m not as…intelligent as I once was, I’m not stupid enough to want to go back so…let’s not have another change in attitude. Agreed?”

“Sex is it, my Prince.”

“And sex it shall be.” Ajax said going in for a mouthful of Castor’s growing dick. In the dark room, lit with only bare candle light, Castor lost most of Ajax’s features while he started going down on him. The light reflected off the young man’s dark hair like lightning dancing across a stormy sky, but without the thunder. Ajax too could not see much in the dim light, but did not need it to find the giant cock he so eagerly wanted a taste of. And taste it he did. As his continued to suck at it, he ran his tongue along the base, taking in the sweat and oils built up from the long day. Normally it was something that might even repulse him, but in the throws of something beyond passion, nothing tasted better. Castor reached his hand out and gently took the side of Ajax’s head. He stroked the Prince’s hair for a moment or two but then, taking a firm yet not forceful grip, held the head down on his cock while he shot down the Prince’s throat. Eventually the Prince came up for air and leaned in to kiss Castor. Slight bits of cum still on his lips.

“Do you not wish me to return the favor Ajax?”

“It’s a long night, sir. We’ll have plenty of time after we rest up a bit more.” he said moving in an laying down, as best he could, next to Castor in the chair. Not the most comfortable a position either man had ever slept in, but more than agreeable to both. They drifted off to the sound of apes howling far back in the palace. Polloux and his men apparently did not go right to sleep either.


An hour or so later, while both men slept soundly, a panel opened along the wall revealing a secret door. The mysterious figure, cloaked in darkness entered and made straight for the Queen. Quietly but with determined motions, they uncorked a bottle and slowly poured a thin stream of the liquid inside down into the Queen’s mouth. In her sleep she licked the last bits of the ruby red liquid before turning over.

The figure now moved over to the two sleeping men. A hand is waved and Prince Ajax’s eyes were open. Yet they did not see. Still in a deep sleep Ajax carefully moved out of Castor’s grip and stood upright and still, like a statute. As the figure waved a hand again right in front of Ajax’s face, the Queen moaned slightly from her bed and began to move the sheets covering her. With an almost panic air the figure got Ajax walking, trance like, through the secret opening and away, just as the Queen rose from bed.

The Queen too moved as if in a trance. Not really aware of what was going on, yet moving as if there was a purpose to what she was doing. A few steps got her standing in the moonlight that fell through the large double window. A quick flip of each hand and her nightgown fell to the floor leaving her naked. Her beauty was so great that not even the most unflattering of clothes could have possibly masked it. And here in the moonlight, the soft curves of the young woman appeared all the more feminine for it.

But that was not to last. From her petite 5’ 5” inch frame her body extended up to over 6’3”. Shoulders widened and etched with muscles. Back flared outward, creating a larger shadow on the floor than should have been possible. A round perfect ass became hard and solid, no longer would it giggle and bounce when walking, although it was much larger than before. Each leg grew so that it was now thicken than her old body used to be. Arms thick and insanely snaked with veins from the watermelon sized biceps down the arms to her hands, large enough now to wrap around a horse’s head. Her large breast grew out, then flattened in some as they became gigantic pectoral muscles. The nipples stayed the same large size, though changed color from pink to warn brown but in no way would these ever nurse a child. Seeing as how she was steadily growing a dick longer and thicker than even Castor’s was, birthing children were out of the questions anyway. Two balls fell down in a sack covered in curly blonde hair, then fell a bit ore, grew then dropped another inch. She was undeniably a he now. Lastly her face changed, becoming more masculine, square jar and thicker eyebrows. Her hair reminded blonde yet shortened into what a man might wear and a thick beard and mustache grew in. If the Queen was even in the slightest bit aware of what had happened to her, not even in the deepest recesses of her eyes did it show. The giant muscle bound male started to move again. For a man this large and this solid, hew as still able to remove one of the ornamental swords on the wall. Before the Queen would have been too short to reach it. Now it was just one of many he had to choose from.

Making his way across the room, the newly created muscle man walked over to the sleeping Castor and raised the sword over his head. •

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