Sons of Hercules Vs. Prometheus

The Original Frankenstein


Through the centuries in olden times there lived the Sons of Hercules. Heroes supreme. They roamed the Earth, righting wrong, helping the weak and oppressed and seeking adventure. They were the mightiest of mortal men. Such as the twins, Castor and Polloux. It is their deeds we tell now, of their struggle with Prometheus: The Original Frankenstein.

Even on market day, when the gates of Arpass were wide open and hundreds of people wandered to and fro, the arrival of Castor of Lacedaemon into the large city-state could not be ignored by those who saw him. Sitting upright on his steed, the large muscular man wearing nothing ore than the traditional skirted brief of the time shone like a tan god in the early morning sun. Had he arrived at noon, his skin would have looked golden. His medium length curly black hair and beard had a slight reddish tone to if from riding in the sun for so many days. And there were those who knew this was the only place hair appeared on the man’s body. His horse was not small by any means, yet somehow Castor’s shoulders stretched out wider than the horse’s flanks. Massive arms held the time reigns that guided the horse though the crowd’s spellbound by is appearance. Those he passed had a moment’s disbelief at seeing the thickness and etched muscles of the legs that were at eye level for them.

And yet while being gawked at by hundreds of eyes at the same time, Castor returned none of their gazes. His eyes stayed clear and steady of the kingdom’s castle that waited at the end of his trail. It was the end of his latest journey and that start of his latest assignment. And where, hopefully, where his brother waits for him.

“Who are you, Stranger?” one of the palace guards asks as Castor rode up to the main steps and dismounted his horse.

“Castor of Lacedaemon. I have business with the Princess.”

“You mean Queen. She has been expecting you for three days now.”

“I sent my brother ahead, has he not arrived?”

“No one comes in your name before you.”

This was a concern to Castor but he put aside his troubled thoughts as his business with the Princess….no Queen, was now all the more urgent.

Led by the guard Castor enters the palace and makes his way through the ornate hallways into the filled throne room. At the far side, high on her throne is the newly crowned Queen Lydia. Still a Princess in the eyes of many of her people, but looking very much a woman. By her side stood her slightly younger brother, Prince Ajax. Castor could already seem a glint of distrust and anger reflected in the young man’s eyes.

“Your Highness.” Castor said making a slight bow at her feet.

“Prince Castor. We are glad you have arrived. My Generals await your guidance and advice. While we have won our recent war….it was not without great losses. We hope you can better prepare us for any…future situations. And our Gladiators are eager to start learning the ways of battle from your brother Prince Polloux. You have come not a moment too soon.”

“Thank you your Highness. I am equally eager to get started. I apologize for my brother not already being here. I am concerned of his lateness. And if you’ll excuse, we are no longer Princes, merely … ready to help.”


“But there has been no message from my brother? No news?”

“We certainly would have remember some one who is your twin arriving. It’s hard enough to believe there is one man as great as you. Better yet another.”

“Yea, we’ll get to that in a minute. But no big bar fights? News of a drunken maniac ravishing the brothels…?”

“No. Would this be something your brother would be known to do?”

“May I ask? In the last few days, has there been news of an insane talking ape...”



Polloux sat at the edge of the pool. It was the only water in this part of the Royal Menagerie he had been caged in for the last three days. Which meant it was the only water the other chimps he had been caged with had for drinking and washing and peeing in. So Polloux had taken to sitting by the edge to not only stare at his own reflection that got him into this mess, but to contemplate if he was ever going to drink from a wild chimps toilet.

While the men were twins, they were not identical in hardly anyway. Polloux was a good half foot shorter than his brother, but then weighted a good 50 pounds more by way of muscles. But it was the body hair that really caused not only most people from believing they were twin brothers, but that Polloux was even human. From his head to his toes, and indeed including his toes, Pollux was covered in a thick mat of dark black body hair. So think that the only real places his skin showed though were the thinning hair on his shoulders, biceps, back and calves. While Castor wore his hair slightly long but well kept above the neckline, Polloux’s mass of curly matted black hair poured down his shoulders to the middle of his back. Often hiding his face, which was usually covered in a thick beard.

Often it only took a little grooming and enough of the hair could be cut away or shaped so that a very hairy but very human looking young man could stride the Earth. But long trips between cities and a need to get as drunk and as laid as he could the instant he entered a new town often caused the young man troubles before he could explain himself. Although few cities has thrown him in with the chimps upon capture.

“You have no idea…” Polloux heard as a grape bounced off his head. “ hard it was...” another grape bounced off his head “…not to laugh my ASS off when they said you were in the zoo.” Polloux looked up and through all the hair that still hung over his face, he could see his brother Castor standing on the other side of the cage bars. Hand full of grapes. Mouth full of smile.

“Are you going to get me out of here?”

“Working on it.” Castor said popping a grape into his mouth.

“How is throwing grapes at my head ‘working on it.’?”

“Had to make sure it’s you. Normally my brother wouldn’t stand having someone...”


“Yea, it’s him. You can let him out.” Castor said to the guard next to him.

Castor followed the guard along the side of the building, into the back where another guard was just letting his brother out of the cage. Polloux stormed through the door and made a move for the guards. In an instant two week kissing the walls and a third was being thrown at the cage door. Two more guards came to the rescue only to find their spears pulled from their hands and the blunt ends used to tenderize their chests and heads. Helmets flew and brave fighting men hit the floor unconscious. Though none were wider than Polloux in the shoulders, most were taller than him, not that it mattered. Not even their armor plates and shields could stand up against a naked demigod’s strength fueled by his extreme anger.

“Eunuchs!! You will all be eunuchs when I am done with you.” the angry furry man yelled as he started kicking the men

“Pollie!!!! That’s not going to solve anything. Getting dressed will.” Castor bent down over one of the passed out guards and pulled off his cape. Handing it to Polloux, it was quickly wrapped around his waist making him decent enough to walk back to the palace. There was nothing he could do for shoes but Polloux was used to going barefoot even in the roughest of conditions. “Going to need some details here. Like how does someone who comes into a town to train Gladiators in the art of battle find himself in a zoo? And smelling like a zoo.”

“Got into town early so…..I went and found some entertainment. For the better part of a week. You know, no time to groom, lost my clothing on day two, change of shifts and I went from the hairy guy with lots of money who liked the bigger boys to ‘By Zeus there’s a gorilla fucking Toby!!”

They strode through the streets accompanied by guards to their right and left. Most of the citizens took a moment to take in the splendor of the two men before scurrying off. “Speaking of that. Whiile we're safe from you being a Poppa from your days and nights at Lucinda's House of Male Whore's, we’re not going to have to hear any paternity stories from back in monkey land are we? ”

“No they were all male chimps.” Polloux said grabbing an apple off a cart they were passing and starting to eat it. Castor hesitated momentarily, pulled a coin out of a small compartment concealed in his belt and tossed it to the shop keeper.

“Ah. You see though, I would have been able to stop asking questions like that had your answer been ‘Why I would NEVR mate with an animal, male or female!’ Sort of wonder if there’s an ignorance is bliss mixed in with the sin of omission going on without a strong denouncement of sex with even the male chimps.”

“We’re going to be able to get me cleaned up before we start work right?”

“Again with the non-answer. Why didn’t you tell them who you were?”

“I DID. Well, OK admittedly I couldn’t at first. I had a lot to drink and even I had to admit I was sounding pretty ape like. But once I sobered up I tried again, but I guess they thought I was just mimicking them.”

“And did you remember how to talk to them so they’ll understand? We’re demigods. We’re smarter than them. They’re still using ‘forsooth’ and we’re like “Hey there.” It’s like a different language to them. Throw in a few “Hark”s and “Verily”s. That they get.”

“I know. Sometimes the concept of talking dumber to sound smarter makes me wish I WAS a chimp.”

“Oh, he’s had a rough couple of days, hasn’t he?” Castor said wrapping his gigantic arm around his brother’s head and giving him a shake. “Let’s take care of that. You there, Guard!! Run ahead and have them prepare a bath for my Brother. And be sure that your finest, largest Nubian males are in attendance. GO!!”

“You know I don’t like slaves, or having slaves taking care of me.”

“Again, barbaric for us, perfectly normal for them. Luckily we’re here to help the rebuild their kingdom and I think we can work ending slavery in as part of the process. Till then though, if it really bothers you, don’t ask them to have sex with you.”

“As if.”


Later that night, many miles away, on the recent field of battle, a small hunched over figure pulled a donkey cart though the mass of dead bodies. Two torches attached to the cart lit his way. Between the two torches a large round mirrored shield was positioned at the top of a pole. With a simple movement of its handle the mirror could be adjusted to send an almost spotlight type beam across the bodies, lighting in greater details the carnage. And the scavengers feasting on the bodies. But it was not till they were directly in the light did the rats and vultures move away from their meal. With the end of a long stick the figure was able to push aside some of the more determined creatures and inspect the bodies. It did not matter if they were from the winning side or not, only how much was left. Not many that could be used but, occasionally, under a few bodies was one usable subject. Or at least they were mostly usable. Their loved ones might still be morning their loss, but no one would notice the corpses removed from the field. With a wave of a hand two guards appeared out of the darkness. Their glassy eyes and stiff movements showed that ‘while their bodies we the figure’s to command, they no longer had minds of their own. The subject was pointed out and the guards dragged the body back to the cart, tossing it on with the rest. They moved through the field, checking as many as they could before the early hours of morning. By the time the first sunlight hit the field, the figures, the donkey cart and its cargo were long gone. While the rats remained, they were not the most deadly of the scavengers to visit that night.


The light of a new day shone through the window openings, warmly lighting Castor and the General he was conferencing with. They were the men who lead, and survived this countries recent battle with its neighbor to the north. The war was brief, but bloody. Arpad won but the swiftness of the insurgence and the close proximity the troupes got to their gates unnerved the entire military. Castor, being not only an army in himself, was also a brilliant strategist. While the men in the room were older, they could not help to be first impressed by the size of their consultant, but also the help he was bringing them.

“Yes, yes I see General” Castor said looking over the large relief map on the table they surrounded. A large model of the area had been created in 3 dimensions, giving the layout of the surrounding land, along with small figures to represent the armies. “ You say that scouts has returned from this area and reported it clear, yet the day after you were attacked by a number of troops that cold not have been missed.”

“That’s right. And yet the scout was one of our best men. He could not possibly have missed them. Yet there were too man for them to cross by land that quickly.”

“Ummm, is there not an inland sea that appears just outside this relief map? I believe I saw it on one of these scrolls.” They moved aside to another table filled with rolled up scrolls. “Yes here. This lake is close.”

“But it’s sealed off on all four sides by the mountain.”

“I’m sure if you search you will find a small passage along the edge of the lake. One that goes deep enough into the mountain that it comes out the other side. That is how they were able to reach the cliff so quickly and go unnoticed. Instead of going over the mountain, they went through.”

“Ahhh, yes. We will…”

A loud eruption from the far side of the room stopped the conversation. In though the door opening Prince Ajax was thrown, with Polloux close behind. Polloux had been cleaned up, hair trimmed and was wearing one of his leather gladiator training uniforms. His long hair pulled back tight across his skull. So while he no longer appeared ape like, there was a certain bear like quality to the man. An angry bear. Quickly stepping up to where Ajax had fallen, Polloux grabbed the young Prince by the back of his tunic and again threw him into the room. He skidded across the polished marble floor and struck the table, knocking the miniature figures across the room.

“Rapscallion!!!” Polloux bellowed, pointing a finger at the shocked Prince.

“Oh good one, I’ll have to remember that. I mean, BROTHER, what is the meaning of this?!?!” Castor said trying again not to laugh. At least his brother was trying to use the language to its best effect.

“I see why the kingdom chose such a young Queen when the only alternative would be a fool of a Prince!!!” Polloux caught up to the cowering Prince, pushed him down and placed his foot on the young man’s throat. “Becoming a Gladiator is not a hobby for children or idle fools. I have no time for…. You know what I really don’t have time, can we cut to the chase?”

“Sure, what he do?”

“He’s being a shit and one of my best guys lost an eye cause of him. Can you…do your thing and take him down a peg or two.”

“Sure, it’s almost lunch. Haven’t had a piece since I got here. I’ll send him back when he’s done. Make sure you hit him in the head as a cover.”

“Will do. BROTHER, I leave the whelp in you care.”

“Be well, my Brother!!” He called after before turning to the still shocked Generals. “Gentlemen, I have new business with the Prince. Let us meet later today. We still have much to plan.”

With polite nods the Generals made their exits and Castor helped Prince Ajax off the floor. The young Prince could not have helped feel the legendary strength that Polloux had as the twin had thrown him about fro the arena to the palace, but in taking Castor’s has he truly felt the strength of a demigod.

“Your brother has pushed things too far…”

“My brother is a very serious man when it comes to the arena. You will not find a better instructor or guide in the art of mortal combat. But….in truth….he does have a very short temper. Here, have some wine.”

Castor held out a goblet of wine fro the Prince who accepted it and drank greedily. It was the first time Castor has to really take in the Prince. He was a bit younger than the twins, early 20’s, dark hair, tan skin, and in much better shape than most mortal born aristocracy. But the arrogance was hard not to miss. When the twins accepted the assignment they had been foretold that the Prince was jealous of his sister ascending the throne, and that he was not shy of keeping his feeling unknown. That was what he was missing Castor realized. While the body was strong, fit and well muscled, it was also too clean. Not scars, no scrapes and bruises. The only calluses on his hands were fro riding his horse, not from holding a sword or spear. Here was a Prince who wanted the respect of a leader without having to go through the proof that he could be one.

“My sister has given you some of our better wine.” Ajax said whipping his mouth with his forearm

“Then here drink some more. What say my Prince that you study with me for the day? Not as dramatic as learning how to carry one’s self in the arena, but knowing how to command men can be just as important.”

“Yes….YES I would like that. To know how to lead the armies. I had so many ideas in the war that NO ONE would listen too.”

“I’m sure. More wine?”

“Yes, I can see the Generals listen to what I have to say once they know I have your backing...”

“Prince, there are, shall we say, other ways for you to assist me...and other things I can instruct you in.”

Castor took the waste to the Prince’s tunic and started running his fingers between the fabric and the very warm skins on his stomach. At first the Prince looked surprised, but not shocked, or upset. A smile that showed that maybe the Prince was not a naïve or as he seemed crossed his lips. When their eyes met, Castor flipped his thumb against the buckle of the tunic, letting it fly free and letting the tunic fall. Their mouth’s met in a firm kiss as Castor wrapped his arm around Ajax’s waist and brought him in closer. When their bodies pressed against each other, Ajax could feel that the strength of the brother who brought him here was nothing as compared to the brother grabbing his ass.

Breathing heavily from the kiss, Ajax broke and whispers “They say you sister is the most beautiful woman in the world, but I can’t see how she could rival your...”

“Now is not the time to mention my sister.” Castor hissed remembering that, despite having a great ass and an excellent kissing style, the kid was a shit after all. It was never a good time to mention Helen. “Turn boy.”

Not even waiting, Castor quickly moved the boy into position, kicked his legs further apart and pushed him forward, so that the maps and scrolls that had been on the table Ajax was now sprawled across flew across the room. Ajax propped himself up grabbing the sides of the table as Castor ran his hands back and forth along the crack of his ass.

With another quick flip of his free hand, Castor’s own tunic was discarded and fell to the floor. Not that it could have stayed in one piece that much longer thanks to his growing cock. He had always found that one of the advantages of Demigod status was the total and complete control over his manhood. While few had the….pleasure of knowing the full girth, the boy was going to get a pretty good helping of it.

After a brief hesitation at the edge of the hole, Castor leaned in and firmly impaled the Prince, for that was the only word for it. More than a surprised shout left the Prince’s mouth. And those in the palace could have helped but hear eat, even though few would have guessed its cause.

The boy was tight but considering how he quickly adjusted himself to the rhythm of the fucking once Castor got going, it was clear this wasn’t his first trip over the map table. After giving the Prince some time to loosen up, Castor started picking up speed and concentrating on the real job at hand.

“Umm….I sort of feel peculiar.” Ajax muttered in deep breaths. e “It’s fine, you need to relax.”

As Castor pumped away he could see Ajax’s ass start to fill in more, his legs become a bit more muscles. His back began to get broader with more definition. The legs, which were slightly hairy before, started growing darker, denser hair. Looking at the arms that were holding the edges of the table, the biceps rounded off more, and the forearms too gained more hair. Nothing incredibly extreme like Castor and his brother, but the gain was there.

Castor pulled the growing Prince up and held him against him body as the fucking started coming to an end. He could feel the pecs filling in, becoming heavier and rounder too.

“I’m really feeling...” Ajax said in a deeper, slower voice.

“Almost done, my Prince.” Castor grunted. He still couldn’t look Ajax in the face and was hoping the changes weren’t going to be too noticeable. With a sudden burst Castor shot into Ajax who, with perfect timing also shot over the few remaining maps left on the table. After a second Castor pushed the Prince off his dick and turned him around.

Even though he had pushed more than he should, Castor was pleased with the results. Before his stood a larger in frame yet obviously simpler in mind Prince Ajax. The face, while still strong, had a more sloping, heavier brow with thicker eye brows. The nose was a bit wider, ore pug like. The jaw just slightly squarer. The mouth used for breathing more than before. But it was the look behind the eyes. No longer was there an arrogant flame behind them, looking for trouble, but a calmness and ease he would need to become a man.

“Do you still feel odd, Prince Ajax?”

“My head feels kind of….light……but I feel wonderful.” The Prince said still sitting on the floor, playing with his softening cock.

“Going to feel like that from now on. Let me help you up.” Castor helped the Prince to his feet and, after another make out session, they began to dress. Ajax had some trouble with his tunic not only due to the increase in mass, but….simply because it was now kind of hard for him to even dress himself. “Might have taken it too far after all. I could have made you the man you wanted to be, but it’s best you be the man you need to be. Just made you a little more pliable in other ways than before.”

“What?” Ajax asked.

“Nothing, Puppy.”

“Puppy.” Ajax giggled.

“Now, do you think you can go back to my brother and be a good boy, listen to what he has to say, and live with the rest of the Gladiators till your training is done?” Castor said making sure he had eye contact with Ajax.

“Oh yes sir.”

“Good puppy. You will make your Sister and your people proud now. Off with you.” He said giving Ajax a slap on the ass that sent his scurrying and giggling again.

Castor has found that since he had been conceived while his father had transformed himself into a swan to fuck his mother, he had acquired some of those transformation talents himself. Polloux too but with different spin. It was not hard for him to fuck a man, take some of the mental energy they had and transfer it to physical mass. Or vise versa. As in Ajax’s case it did take some of their intelligence away, but usually, again like Ajax, left them much happier. The changes even wore off to some degree after a while, but by that time the subject had become so ingrained in their new lives, they rarely noticed.

He had even worked out a system with his brother to minimalize the attention such a change might bring. Ajax will receive a hit to the head later in the day. Not bad but word will get around. That, along with spending the next few weeks with the rest of the Gladiators will be all the explanation anyone who wonders about the changes in the Prince’s build and demeanor will need. It wasn’t a perfect system but, it worked well enough when used judiciously.


That evening there was a great feast given for the brothers. The throne room was redressed for the party, filled with pillows for the guests to sit on and trays of food and drink. It was formal enough that the Queen took her place at the head of the room, yet no one was dissuaded from circulating and enjoying themselves. Soon enough Castor took his places relaxing at the Queen’s feet, observing the room and taking in the spectacle. His brother Polloux though wandered though out, enjoying the many servers and young men in attendance. Being the guest of honor did have its advantages.

“You’re brother is quite the social one.” The Queen commented while taking another glass of wine fro the tray that was offered.

“Don’t misunderstand my brother. Polloux lives for the arena, for the combat one on one. But, one cannot spend all their time with men who would kill each other. He has a love of life. And this is allowing him to partake of it.”

“And you do not mingle?”

“I will. I just don’t feel the need when given such lovely company already at my disposal.” Castor said raising his glass to her. The Queen gave a slightly embarrassed but pleased smile in return. It was decided when the brothers started this venture that if Castor was going to be the face presented to the clients, he could use the lips on that face to kiss the client’s ass too. The money issues were also handled by Castor, but that was a given from the start of their operation.


Behind the scenes of the party, the dancing troupe was preparing to entertain the party guests. The women were adjusting the diaphanous scarves and capes of their costumes, while the male members checked each other out to make sure they were each covered from head to foot in gold paint.

In the dark, where no one could see, a small figure moved from the body paint containers to where the prop manager has stored the smoke bombs. The figure had already added his extra ingredient to the men’s body paint, all that was left was to replace the original smoke bombs for his. These would still smoke, but when its chemicals met the ingredients in the body paint….


It was shortly there after that those near the Queen were interrupted by an older man, late 70’s dressed in a tall hat and well worn gowns. He seemed not to pay any attention to the party, the crowds or the music. While, at first, Castor was alarmed at his manic behavior and his hyper calling out to the Queen, no one in the crowd seemed to think it was strange.

“Oh your Highness….oh dear, your Highness!!!!” He said scurrying part the guards.

“Comodus, please, calm yourself. I’m glad you were able to join in the festivities. Please have some...”

“No time, no time.” He said cutting her off. “My laboratory has been ransacked. So many potions lost, some I fear stolen.”

“Yes. Have you spoken to the Master of the Guards?”

“I report only to you my Queen and besides, no one can find him.”

Castor was half listening to the conversation and half paying attention to the dance troupe who just started their routine. He knew nothing about dance himself, but was sure this was not its primmest example. The movements were barely in time with the music and the music was nothing more than a lute and a fife. The men could barely even lift the women for their part of the number. Perhaps the cheap gold paint on their hands made it too slippery Castor thought. Castor noticed that while he was trying to fake interest in the ‘entertainment’ his brother was still off to the sidelines, making small talk with any number of young warriors and letting his hands roam more than they should. He though to having a talk with Polloux on the virtues of quality over quantity, but didn’t really believe it himself.

A swell in the music brought Castor’s attention back to the dance, as the women of the group circled the large bowl in the middle of the room that had a slight flame underneath it. In a move that Castor was sure was suppose to be so subtle that no one was suppose to notice, but everyone did, a dancer through a smoke bomb into the flame.

Shortly large plumes of smoke rose out of the pot and started filling the dance floor. All the dancers disappeared into the smoke for what seemed to be setting up the number’s climax. The crowd waited in anticipation but surely could not have expected the screams that came from within the smoke, or the muffle of those screams almost immediately after that. From within the cloud figures started to move. Without warning the female dancers were thrown out of the smoke, hitting the floor like rag dolls. Some weakly stood up holding their throats which bore bruises which resembled fingers from a choke hold. But ore of the girls were dead.

From the smoke emerged the male dancers. Slowly, almost like drugged animals, arm heavy to their sides, feet dragging as if they suddenly weighted hundreds of pounds. But those who looked them in the eyes got the greatest shock. The fear in them was unquestionable. Something was happening to the men they could not control, could not understand, could not hope to stop.

They stopped for a moment, and then their bodies started to tremble. Massive seizures overtook them. Muscles quivered, shook and then, exploded outwards. The men might not have been good dancers, they did have good bodies thanks to all the practice. But what was happening to them now made the warriors Polloux trained look like little girls. Muscles surged outwards, grew, retreated a little, then grew out again. Shoulders widened to impossible widths. Chest blew up like balloons, hard and heavy though with nipples suddenly the size of a child’s shield they would use for practice. And if their nipples were the size of a child’s shield, then their dicks could only be described and more than a man’s dick. The costumes they all wore, simple briefs also painted gold, tore and strained to keep the considerable size and length half within. And any back of the outfit soon disappeared into the crevice of their ass. Legs gained more muscle than would normally be considered possible. Heavy calves burst the tops of their sandals that were laced up their lower legs. Which didn’t matter since their shoes could not hope to house the size 18 feet they all not had at the bottom of their 7 foot bodies. All the while every hair on their body had fallen out with the growth.

When they were done, the creatures started at their hands, then each other. The look of fear and terror turned to animal pleasure as their gaze then turned to the crowd. They all started laughing seconds before the crowd started screaming.

“This isn’t your doing is it?” Polloux said running to the side of his brother.

“Why would I do this?” Castor asked getting the Queen out of her chair and against the back wall of the room for her protection.

“Early end to an evening, and another great entry to the resume?”

“Thanks. We’ll talk about your low opinion of my work ethics later. They’re looking more animal than human now anyway unbder all that gold paint. You sure you’ve got Polloux Jr. down there under control?”

“Not saying I haven’t sprung a stiffy what with all the talent in the room tonight, but I’ve kept it all under lock. Then if these golden monsters aren’t on you agenda…”

“Then it’s time to get demigod on thier butts….” •

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