By John Bowling

The Flexin' Freak shoved the door open hard enough to knock down the guard who was standing too close to it, walked into the warden's office without knocking, sat down in the easy chair with one leg over the side, and said "What do you want this time, Warden?" rather sarcasticly. He was wearing the prison's regulation jeans, tight as hell over his thickly muscled legs, but not the shirt, preferring to wear just a tank top to show off his massively muscled, hard body. He glanced at the warden's four thick skulled but superbly muscled, blond beauty bully boys, one picking himself up with a mean look on his face. They looked like the warden had picked them up as cute weight lifting teenaged hustlers with more dick and muscle than brains and force fed them massive overdoses of steroids. Not one of them was over 18. Two of them were massaging hard buldges in each other's crotches while all four proudly and continuously flexed big muscles. The warden looked longingly for several minutes at his pretty flexing boys, and then said: "How long have you been in charge of your cell block, Freakin' Flexer?" "Since I've been here. I don't take shit from anyone! Including your puny pretty boy guards!" He flexed the muscles on his 6' 4", 375 lb body. "That's just why I picked you. We've got a new inmate coming in a few weeks, and you're the only one here who has even the slimmest chance to control him. He was convicted of nine counts of rape, and he claim's that he's done another 20." "So he's a rapist. What am I supposed to do, rape him?" "Not much change of that. The men he raped were all among the world's top bodybuilders and power lifters, all strong as hell, and he forced them down and raped them one a time using only his own strength to hold them. No martial arts, no guns, no knives, no ropes, no chains, nothing but raw muscle power. You got any idea how strong someone has to be to do that?" "Yea, sure, so what am I supposed to do?" "We're putting him in your cell!" "What? You want me to do what all those muscle men couldn't? Why me?" "Cause you're the stongest man here." "Hell!" "Ok, you're the strongest caucasian and the smartest. Also, he's extreamly good looking, exactly your type, built like a brick shit house, huge dick and all, and only 16. And I hope he does to your wise ass what he'd done to the other guys!" "Sounds just like your type. Why not send him over to Muscle Fairy, that super black guy who's so muscle bound he's a super humongous muscle freak, so strong he easily lifts trucks by the front end." "The monsterous muscle bound black fem fag who controls cell block 5?" "Yea. He's so big he makes even me look skinny. His biceps are larger and stronger than my thighs, and he's forced me to fuck his damn hard ass several times." "And you loved every second of it! You're lucky he didn't decide to fuck YOU with that monster dick he's got! I think the kid deserves a chance. Besides, I'm gonna have that freaky muscle bound fag holding the kid until we get him down to your cell. He'll get a real kick out of watchin' you get whupped by a baby face brat!" "Why don't you just have your pretty boys here work him over while you watch on video?" "And deny you the pleasure of getting raped by the kid?" "Ok, so I go for his type, then what? You gonna get your rocks off watching us fuck each other on video?" "I don't give a shit which of you rapes the hell out of the other. It's about time someone did it to you, and that's what will probably happen, and he sure deserves getting it from you." "What about Stevie? He's been my main squeeze for a year now." "He'll enjoy watching the two of you flexing as you try to rape each other. He probably get off on it better than he can with just you alone." "You too. You gonna be watchin', warden? Hell yea, damn right you're gonna be watching. You've probably got the cameras all set up, and you'll be sittin here watchin' us flexin' on those monitors and jerking off, and probably tapin' it too. Want me to flex now while you jerk off, bastard?" He flexed his biceps, then stood up and removed his shirt, dropped his pants, and flexed his whole body. "Come over here and feel my huge, hard muscles!" The biceps swelled massively as he flexed them hard. His entire body was covered thickly with deeply corded steel hard muscles. "Get your hand off your puny dick and feel my muscles with both hands! Now rub your dick off on my rock hard abs. Squeeze my biceps, puny man." The Flexin' Freak was flexing hard, and the warden was feeling him all over. "Boys, come over here and straighten out this asshole's arms. Show him he's not the superman he thinks he is!" All four of them grabbed his wrists and four powerfull teen arms flexed against each of his. Art first Flexin' Freak's arms didn't move, but his muscles rippled into thick steel hard cords, larger than he had ever flexed his before, and his face was contorted with the pain of the flex. The pretty boy's biceps were also hard corded, and they were grimacing with the pain of the unaccustumed super flex. Slowly, Flexin' Freak's arms began to give as the strength of the boys overpowered his monsterous muscle. The warden's fingers squeezed on Flexin' Freak's biceps, and his cum shot out of his small dick, covering the muscle man's chest. He dropped to his knees and sucked hard on the large dick. The super man concentrated hard, and tossed the boys off him like they were babies, then put his hands behind the warden's head. He began to rape his face, forcing the big dick down his throat several times then rammed it hard and held it deep in as it squirted the heavy load. The warden came again, on the floor. The pretty boys were rubbing each other's biceps, massaging out the pain. All of them had enormous rock hard dicks stretching their pants. Typical of the warden to go for horny huge dicked boys with super bodies. "Take out those big dicks and jerk each other off!" The boys whipped out four dicks that were all over 10 inches, the longest almost 14 inches. They began to stroke each other and within 30 seconds all four of them were squirting massive loads of cum all over the room, on the ceiling, walls, floor, and each other's bodies. "Let's do that more often, boys, we could all build our muscles to gigantic size flexing like that! I enjoy being forced to flex beyond my own great but limited strength. Now, Warden, when's this fuckin' super kid arriving?" "In two weeks!" Flexin' Freak left, and went from there to cell block 5, shoving his way past a dozen well muscled black men before a couple of huge ones grabbed him and held him. Huge muscles buldged as he forced against them. "Take me in to see the Muscle Fairy!" "Why, arenít we man enough for you?" A pair of long, thick, hard dicks pressed against the cheeks of his ass. "No!" "Bring him in, boys! It's time the Flexin' Freak and Muscle Fairy had a little talk and some hard buldgin' sex!" The two huge black men held him hard as all three men flexed, muscles buldging. Standing in front of them was 7' 2" and 450 lbs of rock hard and awesomly defined black muscle man. He was wearing one hell of a lot of gold chain and brightly colored leather, all designed to enhance the beauty and impression of strength of his body. The image offered a strange but highly sensual combination of feminine beauty and brutal stength. "Flexin' Freak, your muscles sure grew some! You're still sort of puny though! Those guys together can't hold one of my arms! Watch! Come here boys!" They released Flexin' Freak, and walked over to the monster, and both grabbed one arm that he had already flexed. The bicep was humongous and hard. All four of their biceps flexed hard, cords standing out, as they forced against that single huge muscle, yet he kept it fully flexed. From the back, two other equally big men grabbed his other arm in the same way and he slowly flexed it. His two monstrous biceps, over 27" each, and each stronger than four 23" biceps. "Feel them!" Freak reached up and felt the rock hard immense biceps. "Quit being a damn pansy and squeeze them, hard!" He flexed his forarm muscles, squeezing as hard as he could. It was like trying to squeeze steel. "Better, but still not very hard! Come on muscle man, crush them!" He was grinning, and pressed his hard dick agaist the Freak. Flexin' Freak squeezed with all his might, and didn't feel them give in the least. His cock was throbbing, hard as hell, and about ready to pop as he felt the huge, termendously strong, super hard muscle. "Damn it, puny! I can hardly feel it! Get the Butch Babe in here!" A few seconds later, a huge black teen swaggered in. He was about 6' 8" and close to 400 lbs of buldging muscle. He was dressed in the same manner as the Muscle Fairy, with less gold and more leather, and, if anything, more feminate. "Butch Babe, get over here and show this puny white muscle punk how to crush these humongous steel biceps!" The kid reached up for the biceps and pushed Flexin' Freak's hands away. His supurbly defined forearms muscles corded up thick as he squeezed down on the gigantic biceps. "Yea, boy, that's how it starts, now really flex them!" The forearm muscles writhed, cords like two inch thick steel cables, as he tightened down on the biceps, which were beginning to dent at his fingertips. "Flexin' Freak, why don't you feel the Butch Babe's muscles while he's squeezing mine? Better yet, shove your dick up his ass! The kid can fuck me with his gigantic dick!" The kid was a younger version of the Muscle Fairy. Strong as hell, huge muscles flexed deeply corded and hard as steel. Flexin' Freak's big dick slid up his ass easily. "Is that all the bigger your dick is? I've had 10 year olds with more than that!" He tightened his ass, and squeezed down on it. "It ain't all the way fuckin' hard yet! It takes super hard flexed muscles to harden it up and make it huge!" "Then mine should have it steel hard in seconds!" The Butch Babe flexed, forcing against the immense muscles of the hard flexed Muscle Fairy, his huge dick rammed like a steam piston up the Fairy's muscle bound ass, as the Flexin' Freak forced his big dick up the Babe's. Every muscle in all three bodies were strained to the limit as each reached their full sexual intensity by flexing and feeling the others flex. The feel of those enormous muscles flexed steel hard in such intimate contact, made each of them cum quickly, yet they continued to flex and pump. In the middle, the Babe was straining his powerfull teen body between the two flexing supermen as their combined strength came near to crushing him between them. Around them gathered the Muscle Fairy's contingent of well build black men, over thirty of them, who paired or trioed off, making each other come as the watched and felt the display of enormous, steel hard flexed muscle. Cum began to squirt over the three, landing on their heads, shoulders, and rock hard asses. For fifteen minutes, the trio flexed hard, and as each one began to cum, every muscle in his super body thickened, cords of muscle standing out in even better definition, and he dumped his load, yet he continued to flex and his dick remained throbbing, waiting for the next load to build up. During that time, each came three or more times, and the shower of cum over their bodies never stopped, though it changed in volume in waves. Finally, the Muscle Fairy and the Flexin' Freak broke away from the Butch Babe, totally exausted. The Babe still had a ram hard dick, and the Muscle Fairy said: "Babe, Flex off!" The Babe grinned, and he began a performance with his display of buldging muscle. Cords popped out in extream definition on top of thick muscles. Stupendous strength was obvious from his display, as he moved from one pose to the next, maintaining every huge muscle in a rock hard flex. Every man there stood staring in awe as the supurb display continued. His dick seemed to be getting larger and harder as he flexed. He finally moved into a "most muscular" pose and concentrated on it. The muscles seemed to swell and the definition cuts become deeper, and suddenly his dick spurted and he held the intense flex as cum spewed out in a dozen thick bursts, flying up ten feet in the air and cuming down on the Fairy and the Freak who were leaning against each other for support, still sporting rock hard dicks, but too exausted to do any more. The babe finished cumming, and crumpled, exausted, to the floor. Around them, cum was still flying, but was tapering off and finally stopped. The three of them stumbled over to a bed and lay down together, exausted. •

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