Muscle Mountain


By TeknoDave

As he ran his hands up his deeply cut 8-pack abdominals and massive chest, his cock erupted with the most intense orgasm he had ever experience in his life.

"Awe, FUCK!" he screamed, as his deep voice echoed across the mountain air.

In one of the nearby cabins, another muscular individual poked at someone under the sheets in his bed.

"Hey, Drew, sounds like that new dude had some of the berries."


"What?" Drew moaned, reaching under the sheets and stroking his engorged cock.

Spencer reached under the sheets and pushed his boyfriend's hand away. "That dude Trevor told us he was gonna sell his cabin to. Sounds like he just went through the transformation. He musta really had a good helping of the berries." He then dove under the sheets to suck Drew's 12" cut cock.

"Oh, fuck bitch! Suck my rod. Oh fuckin' shit man!" The 300 pound giant then shot a massive load of white-hot cum in the waiting mouth of his muscle partner of five years.


Noah walked into the cabin naked, energized, rejuvinated ... reborn. What the hell am I gonna do about clothes? he thought to himself. Going upstairs he checked around in the dressers to see if the off-chance that Trevor had bigger clothes that would fit him, since he is definately much bigger than the shorter owner now. To his surprise, there was some clothing neatly folded in the second drawer underneath a piece of paper with his name written on it.

He went back downstairs into the kitchen to toss some wood into the stove, which was hooked up to the water tank, so he would be able to take a hot shower. While he waited for the water to heat up, he went back upstairs to check himself out again in the full-length mirror. He loved the feel of his cock slapping against his gigantic quads, which rippled with power as he walked.

"Damn boy, you're sexy as hell," he cooed to himself. He imitated the moves that professional bodybuilders that he so admired did on stage at competitions, but he found himself doing different variants of a most muscular pose. He watched himself in amazement as he could see heavy chords of muscle rippling across his body and veins criss-crossing all over, engorged with blood as they flow to feed his monster body.

He turned around and looked over his shoulder to admire his massive back. "Damn," he hissed. "Even my ass is ripped!" Going from the neck down, his traps almost overtook his neck and stuck out prominately in the center of his back. Hitting a lat spread, he could definately make out every muscle. Bringing up one arm for a bicep flex, both the medial and posteior deltoids shimmered under his sweat.

Noah reached down and cupped his balls with one hand and pumped his cock with the other. Still on a high from his growth, he shot streams of cum across the room. He let out a low, animalistic growl as he emptied his balls of his juices. "Oh fuck yeah!" he barked.

Once a person who worshipped muscle hunks, he now can be the recipient of the same submissive behavior. He was going to enjoy this every bit. Once the water heated up enough and he got cleaned, he thought about heading into town to get some food to feed his new body -- and to show it off to boot. Being a new guy in town, he would not rise any suspicion as to who he was or how or why he was so huge.

Noah checked the water, it still was not quite warm enough for a shower, so he grabbed some toiletries to prepare. Looking down, his cock was now limp, but a good, fat eight cut inches flaccid. Before, it was barely eight inches erect. Once he jumped in the shower, he decided that he is gonna shave it all off down there.

He went back upstairs again to lay out some clothes to put on after showering and going into town. He found an Under Armour sleeveless top, just like Trevor's, waiting for him to try on. There were also some nylon shorts to wear as well. Thankfully, and even more awesomely, his hips remained narrow, so his waist size is the same, which will help make him even look more monsterous to passers-by.

With that all taken care of, he went downstairs to check on the water. Perfect. He grabbed the razor and shaving lotion to get ready to clean up, shave his balls and around his cock, as well as his armpits. I have to look presentable when I venture outside for the first time in this new body, he thought.


Later that afternoon, as Noah walked down Main Street, two teens at the deli across the road noticed him.

"Holy shit, Brock. Look at that Hulk!"

Brock was 18 years old, brown hair, about 5'10" and 155 pounds. His friend Colton was 17, 5'11", dirty blonde and a thin, but well defined 140. They have been friends forever and recently moved to the small town to try and start their own business. The two were having lunch outside on the patio when they noticed Noah going down the street.

"Damn, that guy has gotta be taking 'roids, for sure," Brock quipped. "Just look at him. There is no way he could have gotten that big naturally without taking something to get him juiced up that huge."

"I don't know, bro," Colton said, shaking his head. "His stomach is way too flat. He don't got a 'roid gut. His looks pretty tight."

The two teens watched as Noah walked into the store. They could not figure it out, but for some reason, they were drawn to the man. They were both very straight, had girlfriends throughout junior high and high school, but since moving out there, they have gotten zero action. But for whatever reason, each silently wanted to find out who he is.

"We have been in this town for a month, dude," Colton said. "I do not know about you, but I have never seen that guy before. Someone like that would not live in the middle of BFE if there was not a reason."

As Noah walked into the store, he caught the two teens observing him out of the corner of his eye. He knew at that point that he may have found his first conquests. He purchased the food that he needed, then went across the street to get a sandwich to munch on from the deli for the drive home. "Hey boys. What's up? Name's Noah, I'm new in town."

"Y-yeah," Colton stammered. "We kinda figured that. If not to-to be too bold, bro," he took a breath. "You are fucking huge."

"I know," Noah replied matter-of-factly. He raised his left arm and gave it a hard flex. Chords of muscle rippled under his skin as veins popped out of nowhere. "Give it a feel if you want. Hard as granite. Probably harder."

Colton looked nervously around and to Brock. His friend shrugged. "No harm in that. I would not mind seeing those guns myself. We have started hitting the weights hard, you sir, are just massive. A perfect model of what we aspire to achieve."

Noah grinned broadly at the BS Brock was throwing around as Colton was rubbing his hand over his sweaty bowling ball of muscle. His cock twiched in his shorts, loving the attention he was getting. It felt like a potent drug, he was drunk with the power he knows he has over these two. The question now is, how far can he push these two? "You want a real show? Follow me to a clearing I know of outside of town, and I will give you boys plenty of inspiration."

"You said it yourself, bro," Colton said over his shoulder. "Maybe the guy can give us some pointers."

I will give you a point alright, Noah thought to himself. A nice thick 12 inch point right up your ass.

The three approached the area just on the edge of town that Noah spoke of. The teens recalled the area, as some college kids tend to come up here for some parties on the weekends. Noah drove up the side road, and checked in his rear-view mirror to see the teens still following him. He licked his lips in anticipation of the fun he was about to have. He really had his eye on Colton. His ass looked nice and tight, just begging to get plowed. Noah noticed a pull-off ahead, so he flipped his blinker on to advise them he was about to pull over, and they flashed their blinker in acknowledgement.

Noah got out of his truck and pulled out a blanket from the utility box, then proceeded to drop the tailgate and lay the blanket in the bed. Before the boys could even get out of their Jeep, Noah took off his shirt. The boys' jaws dropped at the size of Noah's chest and abs. He sat on the back of the truck, as the spings creaked under his weight. He lifted both arms and flexed. "Well, c'mon boys, feel these guns. See what you can achieve, if you are lucky."

He could tell they were nervous. Here he was, a total stranger, hitting on a couple of high-school aged boys, out in the woods, fooling around with them. But the berries have put his hormones into sexual overdrive, and he craved attention, he craved raw, animalistic sex. Colton was the first to drum up enough courage to walk up to him, as he wrapped both his hands around Noah's massive bicep, carressing it gently. "Mmm, yeah, feel that power, kid." Noah looked down and saw Colton was getting aroused. Without asking, he reached down and cupped his buldge though the nylon running shorts. "Feels like someone else likes what is going on," Noah said wryly.

The teen could only moan. Behind him, Brock already had his shorts down to his ankles, beating off to the sight of his friend being molested by a huge bodybuilder. Noah hopped off the truck and dropped his shorts to the ground and kicked them off. The two stared in awe and horror at the sight of the massive rod that sprung to life in the clear wooded air. "You man enough to take this?" Noah said.

Colton gulped and shook uneasily. "Yes, sir," he submitted.

Noah loved this. His massive size has made a tough, straight-acting teen jock into a quivering whimp. He pushed Colton face-first into the back of the truck as he spat in his hand to lube up his cock.

"Please be gentle, sir," Colton wimpered. "I have never been fucked before, but god, I wanna get raped by you. Fuck my brains out, sir, fill me up with your juices."

Noah cooed as the boy begged. It really turned him on. He slowly pushed his cock inward, piercing the boy's virgin ass. Colton bit down on his lip and clutched the blanket in the back of the truck as his ass was being invaded by the foreign object. "Oh, god," he hissed.

"Mmm, yah, nice and tight. Take that cock up your ass, boy." Colton screamed as Noah shoved in the rest of the way. "Yeah, that's it, take it like a man, bitch. Get used to the feeling of a cock up your ass, and I will give you the fucking of your life."

Colton relaxed his ass so that Noah could begin to pound it home. "Mmm, yah, your ass is mine, kid. Feel the power. You're my bitch now."

"Yes, sir," he moaned. His tone of voice was not of pain, but of pure ectasy.

Noah was so into fucking Colton, he forgot that Brock was behind him. "Oh fuck!" the other teen screamed as his cock erputed, spewing cum into the air, hitting Noah's back. The sight of the boy releasing caused him to dump a gallon of cum up the other teen's ass. "Oh fuck yeah!" he whooped. Without touching his cock, Colton pumped out several streams of cum all over the place; in Noah's face, over his own chest, face and head.

"Yeah, you boys are good. Go ahead and clean up and get the fuck outta here. You want more? Meet me here tomorrow at 2pm sharp." With that, Noah jumped into his truck and left the two naked teens alone in the woods.


Later that night, both Brock and Colton were playing GRAW on Brock's Xbox 360 at their place, when Brock noticed his friend sweating alot lately, even after showering when they got back from the wierdest sexual experience they have ever had.

"You okay, man?"

"I dunno. Ever since we hooked up with that dude, I have felt kinda funny."

"Well, duh, it was the first time you had a cock up your ass, bitch."

"Shuddup, faggot," he snapped, throwing a pillow. "You got off just watching me take it. Whatever the fuck happened, I feel like I am burning up. That fuckin' queer probably gave me a damn STD." Colton reached under his shirt and rubbed his stomach. "What the hell?"


Colton lifts up his shirt. "Shit dude, look at that! Look at my abs! They are hella ripped! My chest feels thicker too...what the fuck?"

Brock reaches over and rubs his hands over his friend's stomach. "Damn, what the hell was in that dude's cum?" His crotch started to buldge as he admired his lifelong friend's deep-cut stomach. He tried to shake it off, but couldn't. Colton was also getting aroused as his friend's soft hand caressed his torso. He flexed his arm and his bicep started to strain against the sleeve.

"Dude. What. The. Fuck. We're straight," Colton sneered. "We're getting off on my body." But he found his hand firmly planted on Brock's buldging crotch. He immediately retracted, untied his running shorts, pulled out his aching cock and started beating off. Brock proceeded to do the same thing, kicking his shorts across the living room.

Both teens closed their eyes, visualizing Noah's massive, naked body. They even thought of each other being there, as they worshipped Noah, each taking turns getting rammed up the ass by his huge tool.

"Oh, god," Colton cried as his cock erupted, white-hot jizz shooting all over the place. His friend's cock soon followed suit, shooting cum on the coffee table in front of them.

Brock looked over at Colton. "We have to see him tomorrow. Whatever he did to you, I want it." •

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