Muscle Mountain


By TeknoDave

As Trevor approached his potential buyer, he noted the man's tenting shorts and cum stain on his shorts.

"He is perfect," he said to himself.

The compact Hulk put out his hand to shake with Noah. "Welcome to the cabin!" he smiled, showing off a perfect set of pearl-white teeth. "Hope you did not get too bored on that lonely drive," he added.

"Thanks. Oh no, I actually kinda liked it. Very peaceful, not a lot of people around, makes it real nice," Noah said.

"Yeah, that is one of the charms of this place. The closet cabin from here is about another three-quarters of a mile up the road, with some others scattered about throughout this area. As I stated in the ad, this is private land, so only landowners and their guests are even allowed up here. Since we are so far out of the way, with no cellular service for a good 15-20 miles, people usually do not even attempt to make the jaunt up here. You probably noted the gate down the road, I left it open so you can find your way easier."

"Now that you mention it, I think I did see that, thanks."

"Okay, enough chatting, let me show you the place!" Trevor pivoted on the balls of his feet and made his way into the cabin. Noah was fighting a losing battle hiding his erection as he watched Trevor's tight ass move underneath the nylon fabric of his shorts.

Trevor proceeded to point out everything in the cabin, how the propane worked and whatnot, then led Noah upstairs to the sleeping area. "And out here," he said, "is the balcony to overlook the valley below."

"Wow," Noah gasped. "It is simply beautiful up here." From the balcony, he could see nothing but green trees for miles, and below the raging river, allowing snow pack from the higher altitudes to make its way to the lake, then eventually, the big city. This was the place he had always dreamed about. Now one of his dreams was now becoming a reality. He shifted his weight around again to make his boner less noticeable.

Trevor looked down and smiled. "Bro, don't worry about that, it's cool. I am gay too and love it when I make guys hard." Noah blushed ten shades of red. Trevor walked up to him and grabbed Noah's throbbing crotch and he immediately blew a wad in his shorts. "Damn, you are one horny little devil. I really do think you will like it up here."

Noah chuckled weakly. "I am so embarrassed," he muttered.

Trevor slapped him on the shoulder. "Hey bro, no shame, don't sweat it. Here, lemme take you back down to the kitchen, there is something I want you to try out."

He nodded. "Okay," as he followed Trevor back downstairs to the kitchen. He opened up the fridge, which had a jug of a bright purple sludge.

"This stuff is great. Tons of protein and things like that. It is made from some wild berries that grow up the hill a ways from here, between my, well, your cabin, if you like it, and the neighbor up the road here. Here you always get first dibs when they are blooming. Since there is no electricity up here, I have had to make the stuff by hand, which is not too difficult. Just add some nonfat milk and shaved ice, stir it up real good," he said as he poured a glass for Noah, "and you get the end product. Enjoy."

Noah gave it a good sniff before putting the glass to his lips. It smelled very sweet. He gave it a small sip to try it out. It was delicious. Through an unconscious effort, he just gulped it right down. "That was damn tasty," he grinned.

"Damn, I'll say," the host replied. "Tell ya what. Here are the keys. I trust you. Stay up here for a few days, try the place out, see if you like it. If you do, the place is yours. I will come back and check up on you in about a week." He extended his hand to shake on the agreement.

"Damn, thank you, sir."

As he walked out the door, he turned around and said "If you feel like bringing a trick up here, feel free to do so too. There are some hot boys down in town that are just begging to get their ass tapped."

Noah gave the man a salute. "Will do." With that, the pint-sized Hulk was gone.

Later that evening, after doing some exploring on his own in and around the cabin, he went into the kitchen for another helping of that berry smoothie stuff that Trevor had made. He will have to go into town tomorrow and get some food from the store since he will be roughing it for the next several days. As soon as the sun went down, the temperature seemed to have dropped a good 20 degrees. After getting the propane lights lit up, he decided to change into a long-sleeve flannel shirt and some jeans.

"I could use a fire," he said aloud to himself. He went out to the wood shed and got a few logs to throw onto the fireplace inside and got a good flame going, which warmed the cabin right up. One of the things Noah loved to do was curl up near a fire with a good book, so he did just that for a few hours.

Upon finishing the book, Noah wiped his brow. "Damn, its getting a bit warm, guess I best head for bed," he said to himself. He turned off the propane lights, allowing what little of the fire is left burning for illumination to make it up the stairs to the sleeping area. Unfortunately, sleep would escape him. To put it mildly, he felt like shit. What the hell was in that berry smoothie? he wondered. As he closed his eyes, the image of Trevor would not escape his memory. His huge tree-trunk arms and legs, his massive chest and shoulders...he tried to reach down and jerk off, but his body was in so much pain, he could hardly move.

All he could do was lay there on top of the sheets, his clothes soaking in his own sweat, as he rocked back and forth. Hours went by, and there did not seem to be any relief in sight. His stomach was doing acrobatics inside his body and it felt like he had lava flowing through his veins instead of blood. Finally the pain became so unbearable, he passed out.


A few hours later, the sun began to rise above the ridge, illuminating the upstairs of the cabin. The soft warm glow of dawn's early light woke Noah up. The pain was gone, but he was still burning up like a broiler. His clothes were so sopping wet with his sweat, it clung tightly to his wiry body.

Completely parched, he managed to get downstairs to the fridge and have another glass of the berry smoothie. The things were damn addictive. He filled up the glass and walked outside, in the hopes the cool morning breeze will help him cool off and can change his clothes. He gulped down the drink and took in a deep breath to take in the sweet smell of nature -- no manmade pollutants anywhere in the air. Life was good.

However, his breathing suddenly became faster; heavier. Noah feared he would have another episode of the pain he endured last night. But this was -- different. His entire body began to tingle, kind of like the feeling in your foot when it falls asleep. Soon, he was grunting every time he exhaled. Deep down, he could feel -- something. It was hard to put to words, but he felt powerful. If he could describe it, he could possibly make reference to a volcano ready to explode.

"Ahh, shit!" he screamed.

A surge of raw power ripped through his body, as if hit by a bolt of lightning. Still clung to his sweaty body, his shirt began to tighten as it began to inflate underneath the wet fabric. Noah grunted in pain as his body rapidly expanded, but it felt awesome. He grinned as he heard his expanding lats rip through the back of his flannel shirt as if it were tissue paper. Looking down, his chest ballooned outward, causing the buttons to fly off the balcony, one at a time. On pure instinct, he flexed them, showing massive striations as they just exploded out of the shirt.

"Oh, god, yeah!" he roared, his voice a few clicks lower than what it once had been.

Putting out his arm, he just flexed his forearm and it took little effort to be freed from the confides of the pesky fabric. Begging for air, his biceps slowly tore their way out. Noah could not wait any longer and just ripped the rest of what was left off his torso. The air was then filled with the slow ripping sound of his jeans, as his quads and calves gasped for air. Reaching for the fly, he tore off the denim and grabbed his larger throbbing cock and ran his hands across his new vascular body.

As he ran his hands up his deeply cut 8-pack abdominals and massive chest, his cock erupted with the most intense orgasm he had ever experience in his life.

"Awe, FUCK!" he screamed, as his deep voice echoed across the mountain air.

In one of the nearby cabins, another muscular individual poked at someone under the sheets in his bed.

"Hey, Drew, sounds like that new dude had some of the berries." •

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